Payphone Radio is a collection of recordings I made using public pay telephones in New York and occasionally elsewhere. Once in a while I call in from my cell phone but the overwhelming majority of calls here came from coin phones. I started doing this in 2011 but at present the calls on Payphone Radio are from April, 2018 to the present. Some of the audio quality in these calls is pretty rough (welcome to the world of payphones) but calls from most payphones sound a hell of a lot better than anything made through the LinkNYC kiosks that will eventually replace every last outdoor payphone in New York. A favorite motif of mine is the sound of the automated voice saying "Please deposit 25¢ for the next three minutes." Virtually all of these calls are from NYC payphones but a lot of them are programmed to show numbers from the 516 Long Island area code. Find more on my payphone interests over at The Payphone Project. © 1994-2019

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