For the first couple of years of LinkNYC the phone calls made from the tablet device could last for as long as 4 hours. This radio stream features a relatively small quantity of calls I made during that time, where I called in to a Skype or other voicemail and simply recorded what sounds were heard around the kiosks. In some cases the sounds on this radio come from just a single kiosk. In other instances I connected dozens of the kiosks into a conference call and recorded the concatenation of sounds that poured into the conference from up and down the Avenue. I don't know how many hours I recorded but this radio stream is a distilled collection of sounds snatched from the streets of New York, mostly on Third Avenue, from April, 2016, through February, 2018. You'll hear scraps of conversation, cars honking, dogs barking, people laughing, etc. I have heard a few full and complete conversations using LinkNYC in this manner but if I made recordings of those I cannot seem to find them among however many hours of this stuff I collected. You can still do this but calls from LinkNYC kiosks now time out after 3 minutes if left unattended. You're welcome for that. Find more on my LinkNYC interests over at The Payphone Project.

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