All the audio at Practice Piano Radio is of me playing. You'll hear dingers and wrong notes and all the type of stuff you'd expect to hear from someone practicing or just starting to learn a new piece of music. Having that I consider this stuff perfectly listenable. I like, sometimes at least, to hear the imperfections and false starts. My sister, who lives in the house where we grew up, told me that an elderly woman approached her and said that she used to stand outside the house and listen to me practicing. I knew this had happened but for this woman to still be thinking about it 25 years later was a nice connection. These days my neighbors have often commented, positively, on the piano playing they hear coming from this apartment. Everyone who has said anything about it said they loved to hear it, although one guy tried to petition other residents to get me evicted. He must have been pretty bummed when every response he got was that they loved hearing it on their way to or fro.

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