This blast of photos represent most of what sits in the “My Pictures” folder in a PC backup from 2005. I’ve been rambling through my RAID again, not looking for anything in particular but finding that oceans of detritus and digital effluvia from across the years have accumulated to a point where 12TB of storage is not even enough. Some of this is garbage but I do find the randomness of this pictures collection revealing in its way.

This collection mostly represents pictures that I right-clicked on and saved, as if the posterity of these images needed my approval or recommendation. It’s a lot of news and wire photos, including one memorable (to me) image of Elizabeth Smart after her release from captivity. That story still brings chills to me. If you paid attention to the news in 2005 much of this might look familiar. This also includes comic strips, random pictures of pretty women (because I’m heterosexual like that), funny pictures from before things were said to have gone viral, and so on. Nothing profound but fun to