My goal was to establish the only personally-owned and operated live streaming webcam in Astoria, or even all of Western Queens. I wanted to do this solely via a webcam and router, with no need to keep a PC running 24/7. I arrived at that goal but unfortunately this is how it looks. It’s not super-awful, and in fact to many people it might seem perfectly acceptable. But the hurky-jerky stuttering of the stream is annoying to me, especially since this streams smoothly over VLC and through any means save for a web browser. It’s an RSTP stream via a Wyze2 cam updated with the Wyze RTSP firmware. I never got the Wyze3 cam RTSP firmware update to work, so I use the Wyze 3 for other things.

I looked at Raspberry Pi for this but it became too expensive for what I had in mind, and if I’m going to have a Pi device I wouldn’t want to dedicate it solely to something like this.

I also originally ambitioned to have my Practice Room Piano Radio stream play in the background 24/7, but that just seemed like bad manners.

Sure wish I had a better view from here!