24-hour captures of this Astoria, Queens, New York City webcam can now be accessed at archive.org/details/@wsbj

Sure wish I had a better view from here!

This is what I guess you’d call a “Poor Person’s Webcam.” It runs off a Wyze 2.0 webcam which cost me about $30. I’ve had webcams in one form or other since the CU-SeeMe days but this is the first I’ve ever run that is not tethered to a PC and runs 24/7/365 save for power outages.

I originally set this up hoping it would inspire other Astoria, Queens, website owners to cobble together their own live streams from this part of Western Queens. As far as I can tell that has not happened but there is always hope.

I do wish I had a better view from here but then again, this is reality. This is what I used to love about webcams. Real views into real places without glamour or 1080p commercial slap-an-ad-on-this articulata. Modern webcams are typically hyperreal and abundantly professionally produced. This one is not. In fact, this cam was initially accepted by earthcam.com, probably the most comprehensive webcam directory on the WWW; but it was summarily rejected upon Quality Control review, presumably for not representing the ideal of hyperreal 1080p perfection.

Enjoy the granularity. I find it a lot more real than those hyperreal cams.

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