I went out to find the site of the only person I knew in life to be buried at Old Calvary. I found her. Some notes follow.

0:01​ – Talking about anxieties and such that I used to feel about cemeteries where I felt I had no business being there.

2:10​ – How about some Ray Liotta for your Calvary experience? One of the weirdest confluences of circumstance involving Old Calvary included, of course, Ray Liotta.

3:23​ – Patrick Sarsfield Gilmore, once among the most famous musicians in the world. He conducted monster concerts at Gilmore’s Garden, named in his honor. Today that venue is called Madison Square Garden.

4:35​ – An authentic cemetery visitor

5:00​ – Looking for Lucy

12:00​ – Sometimes these graves are hard to find. Some cemetery rambles from my forensic genealogist days.

13:14​ – I said “Urban Cowboy” meant “Midnight Cowboy”. Hah, imagine the sight of John Travolta out here riding a mechanical bull at Lucy’s grave. She would have loved it.

13:45​ – The Devlin monument, a marble product of the Draddy Brothers.

15:06​ – Is the chapel open?

16:25​ – Who was she? I can’t even find her name now.

17:57​ – Alsop Family Cemetery, where I once fell asleep and woke up, confused about my whereabouts. Remembering the last conversation I had with my father.

22:00​ – Solar powered grave ornament? Indeed, it turns out solar powered cemetery decorations are a thing. I guess this would never have registered with me as I don’t remember ever being at a cemetery after dark.

23:00​ – The time I got a request for a gravesite photo when I was standing 20 feet away from the site.

24:17​ – This is the 9/11 corner at Calvary. The Champion Tree Project, and burials of two who died that day.

26:43​ – Among my favorite markers at Old Calvary. Is she climbing up, or pulling the stone down?

27:56​ – Here’s a marker that always gets a laugh. If only it had an exclamation point. MORRISEY ROCKS!

30:15​ – Will Calvary rename the Pope John Paul II section?

30:47​ – Getting late…

31:47​ – Those eyes…

32:23​ – HELLO MY HONEY, HELLO MY DARLING, HELLO MY RAGTIME GAL. Joe Howard wrote that immortal song. He is interred in this mausoleum.

32:45​ – WALK

33:29​ – Remembering the B29 bus. Actually, the B29 pre-dates me, so more like commemorating that now-defunct bus route.