I decided to go through this endless expanse of personal website content and clean things up a bit. I am on a dedicated webserver that far exceeds my real needs. It’s been that way for a long time.

In the early days I got an impression that being on your own dedserv was the way to go, the way to demonstrate your technical acumen. I think there really was something to that 10-12 years ago but today I feel no shame in being hosted. For the most part limitations are few, and I’m willing to compromise on some of them. At this time I simply need to clean up the sprawling squall of digital output I’ve sprayed forth for so many years.

Here is a batch of photos found at the root level of this website. Each of these was at one time featured on the home page of sorabji.com. Some of them are not bad.

I have no idea where the first and last images came from. They are certainly not from me.