More day. Up early. Getting up early just gives me more time to waste. I think, no I know, that this sentiment turned a certain correspondent against me. I guess I can’t blame her, though the conversation was getting rather long in the tooth anyway. I have not missed it.

Interesting crowd last night. One woman was Polish-Nigerian, and seemed accustomed to the oohs and ahs that followed this pronouncement. Beautiful enough but other than that I couldn’t get much of a read on her. Pediatrician who had to get up at 5am today to start a 24-hour shift.She made what seemed at first like a strange comment, saying that she peeled back a lot of foreskin. This word came up in the context of a game of Cards Against Humanity. I guess she was referring to her pediatric work?

Another person almost seemed like a caricature from “Portlandia”. She was extremely particular about what she ate, asking to see the list of ingredients for every cracker and dip. I’m assuming she has extreme food allergies, which I’ve read about for being potentially deadly, but also something of a nuisance since there are so many things you cannot eat. One of my Facebook friends was the subject of a magazine story, where she and a reporter went to a restaurant and she had to make an extensive list of substitutions for what seemed like every ingredient in a salad.

If that’s what this woman’s situation was then I get it, but if it was some kind of ultra-veganism then I don’t know. She was beautiful, though.

Another character was a comedian, who as the night wore on began to remind me of Frank Zappa. There was a resemblance but it was as much his stream of consciousness ramblings that sparked the connection to Zappa.
I only ever played Cards Against Humanity one other time, maybe 4 or 5 years ago. It was a lot of fun but since then I forgot how it worked. So I had to be reeducated, which was fine. I only read the black card twice. On the second time an Asian woman said I had a beautiful voice. Everybody agreed, which was a little embarrassing but I’m OK with it. I thought of certain other contexts in which women have commented on my voice, and those situations had nothing to do with card games. Other type of games, I guess.

I was a little nervous entering into a gathering with what was at first only person I knew, and just barely at that. Everybody talked a lot louder than me, which I’ve come to expect. That didn’t matter so much when the game started but until then I had to wait for a rare lull in the chatter to get my little stories in. I told the one about the bartender with a thick Romanian accent who once asked “Do you do, uh, the coke?” I was surprised by the question but figured hey, we’re all friends here.I told her I did it one time, I felt safe because I was with friends, I musta drank 62 beers, and the next day was one of the worst days of my life. I’m never doing that again.

She looked at me, confused, then she laughed, saying that she had asked me if I COOK. That little story got a little laugh last night.

Ridgewood is kind of nowhere seeming to me. I must not be seeing the right parts of it since I’ve heard it’s an OK area. Memorable from yesterday was another reminder that my poop routines seem to have morphed. Used to be one huge dump in the AM, then a placenta/aftershit an hour or so later. Now the aftershit doesn’t seem to happen some days, and in its place is a late afternoon monster dump that just creeps up on me in such a way that I don’t even realize it’s coming. I did what I’ve been loath to do in the past, which was slip into a pizza place and let it go, skulking out without buying any pizza. I doubt they cared or even noticed, but it’s of no matters to me since I don’t expect to ever be there again.


I have other comments but no patience to type them all out. I practically begged the hostess of this event to keep me on her list of invitees for future such events, or anything else. She has an interesting circle of friends.