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04[12:06] * Topic is ‘Neff Log Cabin Republican: Neff <3 Sarah Palin' [12:07] <+dwightish> man
[12:07] <+dwightish> the king of swaziland has it made
[12:07] <+joeee> no doubt
[12:07] <+dwightish> his entire country spends 45 million dollars in 2 entire years on healthcare
[12:07] <+dwightish> but he owns the best sports cars in the world
[12:08] <+dwightish> (he doesnt have a jet… but almost got a 45 million dollar one last year – the same price as 2 years of healthcare for his nation)
[12:09] <+dwightish> Hundreds of Swazi women have marched through the streets of the capital to protest about a shopping trip taken by nine of the king’s 13 wives.
[12:09] <+dwightish> They chartered a plane last week to go to Europe and the Middle East.
[12:09] <+dwightish> The BBC’s Thulani Mthethwa says the protesters handed in a petition to the finance ministry saying the money could have been better spent.
[12:09] <+dwightish> “We can’t afford a shopping trip when a quarter of the nation lives on food aid,” they chanted.
[12:14] Food. Expensive.
[12:14] Oh well.
[12:19] <+Byronik> italians jsut want to fuck you in the ass
[12:20] ๐Ÿ™‚
[12:20] i was just trying to be offensive, really.
[12:20] but yeah, the italians like. actually in itally.
[12:20] italy
[12:20] are effing dirty
[12:20] like, hey, this is a dancefloor, let me fingerbang you
[12:20] <+Byronik> I expect everybody wants to fuck acceb in the ass
[12:21] :/
[12:21] i poop from there
[12:21] <+Byronik> There’s such a thing as soap and water
[12:21] too much work
[12:21] <+truth> Why use her ass when she has a perfectly functioning vagina?
[12:21] I don’t know how anyone could ever be excited about a Vice Presidential candidate, but Palin turns me on.
[12:21] <+truth> That just makes no sense.
[12:21] In a completely non-sexual way.
[12:21] ๐Ÿ˜€
[12:22] my vagina rulez
[12:22] <+truth> If you’d fuck a woman in her ass, you’d probably fuck a guy in his.
04[12:22] * Byronik changes topic to ‘[09:22] my vagina rulez’
15[12:22] * Mises sets mode: +t
[12:22] <+lorax> rulez ass
[12:22] <+lorax> ur vagina rulez ass lol
[12:23] my vagina rulez the world
[12:23] including ass, i guess
[12:24] <+Byronik> truth – If a woman’s ass looks like a man’s ass, i can’t go near it
[12:24] <+lorax> (|) > (_)_)
[12:25] <+lorax> although some here would disagree
[12:25] <+truth> I bet if we lined up a bunch of pics of ass and tested, mans vs. woman, results would be terrible.
[12:25] <+truth> That’s a great website idea, btw.
[12:25] <+Byronik> AssBook
[12:26] yay acceb2vag
15[12:26] * DSynTreo is ircing at lunch
[12:26] bored
15[12:26] * Mises sets mode: -t
[12:26] <+imfinite> republican beliefs lead to loneliness
[12:26] <+imfinite> it is proven
[12:26] <+lorax> what’s for lunch
[12:26] <+lorax> let me guess
[12:26] guess lorax
[12:27] <@bougyman> bacon chili cheese bacon burger, with a side of bacon.
[12:27] <+lorax> at least one of the stomachs is digesting bacon
[12:27] <+lorax> that’s a safe guess
[12:27] mmmmmmmmmmmm
[12:27] lorax obviously
[12:27] stomachhhh
[12:27] bougyman no, but sounds good
[12:27] <+truth> bible courses now mandatory in public schools in Texas.
[12:27] <+truth> TEXAS! TEXAS! TEXAS!
[12:28] I missed that one
[12:28] last I heard they were going to make it an option
[12:28] <@ledbetter> it is not mandatory
[12:28] thought not
[12:29] <@ledbetter> they cant even say under god in the pledge of allegiance
[12:29] <@ledbetter> i spelled that wrong
15[12:29] * DSynTreo is enjoying the view at waffle house
15[12:29] * Dejacque sets mode: -b *!hsssss@*
[12:30] couple of college chicks doing lunch
[12:30] <+imfinite> I kind of want Vista
[12:31] whuzzat?
[12:31] <@bougyman> The Bible’s history and literature will be required to be taught in public schools in Texas under a new law that has been clarified by the state attorney general to mean exactly what it says.
[12:31] <@bougyman> the school has to offer it, students are not required to take the course.
[12:31] <+imfinite> but the aren’t fucking required to offer Latin
[12:31] <+imfinite> i need a gun
[12:31] <@bougyman> latin is dead.
[12:31] <@cheez> let’s require them to teach the Koran too!
[12:31] heh
[12:32] hmm
[12:32] <@bougyman> how much english literature is derived from the koran?
[12:32] <@cheez> I can see requiring a ‘world religions’ class.
[12:32] latin would be nice to know
[12:32] <@cheez> I can’t see requiring a bible class.
[12:32] <@bougyman> there are 1,300 references to the bible in Shakespear.
[12:32] <@cheez> bougyman: enough to be taught in english lit.
[12:32] <@bougyman> how many references to the koran?
[12:32] world religion class would be interesting
[12:32] onebox: true
[12:32] <@bougyman> onebox30: it’s a literature course, not a religion course.
[12:32] <@cheez> Doesn’t matter. It belongs in a literature class, not in a class devoted to the bible.
[12:33] <@bougyman> onebox30: it’s framed solely in the context of literature
[12:33] <@cheez> It inherently becomes a religion course if it’s scope is limited to the bible.
[12:33] <@bougyman> cheez ^^.
[12:33] sounds like a sneaky way to indoctrinate to me
[12:33] <@cheez> onebox30: no doubt.
[12:33] <@bougyman> Saenz told WND the actual curriculum ? whether schools use only the Bible or another text ? is left up to the local school district boards.
[12:33] School IS indoctrination.
[12:34] yay food
[12:34] They dont need to be sneaky. They are.
[12:34] <@bougyman> you can’t get through the whole bible in even two semesters of high school in anything close to complete coverage.
[12:35] <+Byronik> It’s worth reading the bible as literature anyway
[12:35] <@cheez> Who cares? The bible has no place being taught in a public school outside of a literature class.
[12:35] <@bougyman> cheez: it _is_ a literature class.
[12:35] <@cheez> And calling this a lit. class is retarded.
[12:35] <@cheez> bougyman: if it is solely focused on the bible, it’s not a literature class.
[12:35] <@bougyman> literature and history.
[12:35] <@cheez> It’s a bible class.
[12:35] agreed cheez
[12:35] <@bougyman> arguing with the fact that it’s a literature class is silly.
[12:35] thinly veiled
[12:35] <@bougyman> have you taken it?
[12:35] <@cheez> bougyman: calling it a literature class is silly.
[12:35] <@cheez> Literature is about books.
[12:35] <@cheez> PLURAL.
[12:35] <@bougyman> they offer it in colleges around the country and it’s LITERATURE or HISTORY credit.
[12:35] <@cheez> Not The Book.
[12:35] <@cheez> Yes, colleges.
[12:35] <@cheez> As an optional class.
[12:36] <@bougyman> cheez: look at the scope of the book?
[12:36] <+Byronik> Keep creationism out of the science class. Put bible knowledge into the arts, where you need it
[12:36] <@cheez> Not as a required high school curriculum.
[12:36] <@bougyman> it’s an option class for high school jrs and seniors.
[12:36] <@bougyman> it’s not required, it’s an elective.
[12:36] <@cheez> 16:31 < bougyman (bougyman)> The Bible’s history and literature will be required to be taught in public schools in Texas under a
[12:36] <@cheez> required doesn’t mean required?
[12:36] <@bougyman> yes, required to be offered by the schools.
[12:36] <@bougyman> they have to offer it as an elective to jrs and srs.
[12:36] <@cheez> re. tard. ed.
[12:36] <@cheez> and I can’t believe you’re defending it, though I shouldn’t really be surprised
[12:37] <@bougyman> it’s simply not a religious course.
[12:37] <+imfinite> i thikn i’m getting sick
[12:38] <@cheez> bougyman, if the only book it teaches about is the bible, then it BECOMES a religious course, regardless of what label you apply to it.
15[12:38] * DSynTreo offers aspirin
[12:38] <@bougyman> cheez: because you say so?
15[12:38] * Mises sets mode: -b *!54852@*
[12:38] <@cheez> No, because it is.
[12:38] <@bougyman> cheez: as a piece of literature, the bible cannot be studied in a couple weeks.
[12:38] <@bougyman> or even a couple months.
[12:38] <+Byronik> Bible scholarship turned Bart Ehrman into an atheist
[12:39] <@bougyman> it takes a longer period.
[12:39] <@cheez> bougyman: that’s why universities offer bible courses.
[12:39] <@bougyman> Byronik: me, too.
[12:39] <@cheez> Which is where it belongs.
[12:39] offering a course on one of the most important texts in our culture is bad
[12:39] figures
[12:39] <@cheez> DSynTreo: I’d argue that we deserve a course on the constitution and bill of rights before the bible
[12:39] <@cheez> in Public Schools.
[12:39] <@bougyman> cheez: of the current AP high school literature material, fully 60% contains biblical references.
[12:39] <@cheez> Great!
[12:39] <@cheez> goodl.
[12:39] <@bougyman> i think students should be able to be exposed to the meaning behind those references.
[12:39] <@cheez> they NEED to learn about it, in a literature reference.
[12:39] <@bougyman> no, you freak.
[12:40] <@cheez> you can think whatever you like.
[12:40] <@bougyman> they need to learn about it for context into the literature that refers to it!
[12:40] <+Byronik> Aside from literature, you need to know your bible to understand a lot of paintings, sculptures and music
[12:40] <@cheez> yeah, an entire two semester 1 hour class five days a week.
[12:40] <@bougyman> exactly, Byronik.
[12:40] <@cheez> for high school kids.
[12:40] <@cheez> re. tard. ed.
[12:40] <+Byronik> In fact, a lot of good jokes don’t make sense unless you know your bible
[12:40] <@cheez> Byronik: great! that’s why I read the bible on my own tiem.
[12:40] byronik: exactly
[12:40] <@cheez> I went to public schools.
[12:41] <@bougyman> this isn’t a mandate to force kids to read the bible.
[12:41] <+Byronik> cheez – And kids should have to read it in their own time. Set them some serious essays about biblical topics
[12:41] <@cheez> read past tense, I don’t have much use for a bunch of outdated parables.
[12:41] <@cheez> ‘have to’
[12:41] <@bougyman> it’s the removal of a provision that did not allow using the bible as a literature text at all.
[12:41] I expect it’ll fall off in a couple of years due to low uptake
[12:41] <@cheez> bougyman: it’s a mandate to force the use of taxpayer dollars from the government to pay for the mandatory teaching of a christian text.
[12:42] <@cheez> It’s bullshit.
[12:42] <@bougyman> DSynTreo: 163 schools teach it.
[12:42] <@bougyman> Death_Syn: to teach it they had to have 15 kids volunteer for it.
[12:42] i went to a public school and the biology teacher was forced to present the possibility of creationism
[12:42] <@bougyman> Death_Syn: that’s a bigger uptake than most new courses.
[12:42] in order to teach evolution
[12:42] and it killed you ๐Ÿ™
[12:42] <+Byronik> I enjoy listening to Bart Ehrman’s lectures on YouTube
[12:43] <@bougyman> cheez: it’s only mandated when 15 kids want to take it.
[12:43] <@bougyman> cheez: would you deny the students the right to take the course?
[12:43] <+Byronik> Sarah Palin is a creationist
[12:43] i’m fucking sick of hearing./reading about palin already
[12:43] so?
[12:44] <+Byronik> acceb2 – Yeah, so?
[12:44] i thought that was a pretty self explanatory statement
[12:44] <+Byronik> I didn’t ask for an explanation
[12:44] <@bougyman> in one dallas school, 160 students signed up for the course.
[12:44] my “so” referred to byron’s statement.
[12:44] <+Byronik> my so referred to what the fuck you’re expecting considering the bimbo’s going to be your veep
[12:45] kids in dallas want to read?
[12:45] omg
[12:45] Byronik, she won’t
[12:45] acceb: unless she will.
[12:45] she won’t ๐Ÿ˜›
[12:45] talk is cheap.
[12:45] <+Byronik> acceb2 – All those pro-choice Hillary supporters want to vote for McCain
[12:46] not all
[12:46] <+Byronik> And they’re dazzled by Sarah Palin’s cleavage
[12:46] she seems smrt to me
[12:46] i’m pro choice, i don’t like mccain.
[12:46] <+Byronik> They’re just going to follow the vag
[12:46] the polls, little as they matter, are still nearly a dead tie. being definite about who “will” win in November is silly.
[12:46] well, i’m making a prediction
[12:46] and i say she won’t
[12:46] does it matter what a VP thinks about abortion anyway?
[12:46] <+Byronik> Silly to mention the polls if they don’t matter much
[12:47] they’re all the data we have, byron.
[12:47] <+Byronik> Durtro – It does if the prez is at death’s door
[12:47] no. teh president can’t do anything about abortion either.
[12:47] remember “Congress”?
[12:47] heh.
[12:47] we’re not electing a Caesar.
[12:47] <+Byronik> I remember Congress and how it stopped the stupid war in Iraq from starting
[12:47] thanks, non-sequitur man!
[12:47] <@bougyman> Durtro: isn’t SCOTUS still only one swing vote away from overturning roe v wade?
[12:48] <+Byronik> I think Congress woke up about 9 months into the war and said “WTF?”
[12:48] mccain says the war in iraq was a good idea and has been successful.
[12:48] and that saddam had WMD.
[12:48] <@bougyman> i think that gives the president more influence into abortion than into most.
[12:48] still maintains this./
[12:48] unlikely. and, of course, Roe was a horrible decision, and the Feds should have no power over it anyway.
[12:48] <+Byronik> Stacking the supreme court with nutters is the time honored way of fixing these things
[12:48] I think Roe _should_ be overturned, and then the States should keep abortion legl.
[12:48] <@cheez> bougyman: I’d deny them using taxpayer dollars for it unless it also taught the koran, perhaps the book of mormon, perhaps the buddhist sutras and kangyur/tengyur, the confucian five classics and four books, and so on
[12:48] byron: right, the Roosevelt strategy.
[12:48] the feds need to get out of healthcare
[12:49] <+Byronik> Impeach FDR!
[12:49] cheez: none of those are remotely as relevant to Western culture. teh Bible has immense _non-religious_ import.
[12:49] <@bougyman> cheez: what you’re describing _is_ a religion course.
[12:49] <+Byronik> I agree with Durtro
[12:49] <@bougyman> it’s not focusing on text or literary value.
[12:49] <@cheez> indeed, and that’s what this course will be regardless of what you call it.
[12:49] There’s no reason you can’t teach the bible or religion in a historic or cultural context.
[12:49] back to work time
[12:49] bbl
[12:49] <@bougyman> there is literary value in the bible to the rest of english literature an AP student will encounter.
[12:50] <@bougyman> cheez: can you make that argument for any of the other books?
[12:50] For example it’s very difficult to teach a class in rennaissance art without covering some of the subject matter.
[12:50] I can’t believe I have avoided jerking around for two weeks!
[12:50] <+joeee> cheez is this still teaching the bible instead of evolution (or as well) because they’re equally of merit?
[12:50] <@cheez> bougyman: absolutely and without a doubt.
[12:50] <+Byronik> bougyman – The complete works of Shakespeare
[12:50] <@bougyman> no, joeee
[12:50] <+joeee> good
[12:50] <@bougyman> Byronik: he was talking about other religious texts, none of which I see as English Literature value.
[12:50] <+Byronik> Throughout your education, you should be reading Shakespeare and The Bible.
[12:50] <@cheez> so what you’re saying is that even though most high schools don’t even do english literature anymore as a specific course, that they should teach the bible because it’s the foundations of english lit?
[12:50] There’s nothing wrong with offering elective courses on various religions…
[12:50] <@cheez> that’s fucking hilarious.
[12:51] catholics manage to accept both evolution and the bible. why anyone else has such a giant problem is amusing.
[12:51] <@bougyman> cheez: yes, they do, for AP courses.
[12:51] <@cheez> only for AP though.
[12:51] <@cheez> It’s not required graduation curriculum any longer.
15[12:51] * Satyricon got a 5 on the AP lit exam.
[12:51] <+Byronik> Durtro – Fundamentalism is a mental condition
[12:51] <@cheez> no more 4th year english required.
[12:51] byron: that’s nice.
[12:51] The bible is important for understanding Shakespeare
[12:51] <@bougyman> i dunno bout minimum requirements.
[12:51] <+Byronik> Durtro – Seems to be a problem in the USA
[12:51] <@bougyman> kyri’s all AP courses this year.
[12:51] …that and an understanding of 16th century English culture is useful
[12:52] <@cheez> The torah is another great one.
[12:52] “fundamentalism” means what, in your usage, byron?
[12:52] Kids who are interested in attending a real university should have four years of english, math, science and a foreign language.
[12:52] And that’s the SAMe foreign language.
[12:52] Not two of one and two of another.
[12:52] cheez: alot of Hebrew literature references the Torah?
[12:52] the bible contains the Torah.
[12:52] <@cheez> fruitbag: the majority of it.
[12:52] heh
[12:52] the talmud
[12:52] <@cheez> Well the talmud too, then, Durtro.
[12:52] :>
[12:52] I mean, if you want to understand classical Arabic literature, you need to understand Islamic culture well.
[12:53] Culture is important to understand a literature
[12:53] i went to a private jewish school and never heard of the talmud until i was in my 20s
[12:53] Understanding *
[12:53] teh talmud is rather less important to the whole of the Western canon, however.
[12:53] well. private school was only when i was very young, makes sense it wasnt taught
[12:53] but the torah was huge
[12:53] <-- well, well, well [12:54] Why am I not surprised?
[12:54] I dunno. Why doesn’t a URL surprise you?
[12:54] ewwww look at him
[12:55] <+Byronik> You’d rather kiddy porn fanatics were attractive?
[12:55] it’s not nice to make fun of the British for being Limeys, acceb.
[12:55] <+Byronik> Most Anglican priests look creepy
[12:55] Byronik: no. I was hinting at how I wasn’t surprised that another religious figure was involved in this.
[12:55] Anyway, the guy’s appreance fits a pervert’s.
[12:55] appearance *
[12:55] <+Byronik> fruitbag – I think the profession attracts pedophiles
[12:56] Byronik:
[12:56] …it’s the opression, Byronik
[12:56] <+Byronik> Scoutmasters, teachers, priests…
[12:56] More oppression, more susceptable to deviancy.
[12:56] <+Byronik> They gravitate to a position of trust where they get to spend time with other people’s children
[12:57] <+Byronik> It’s like the way California has more blonde babes at the beach
[12:57] Byronik: I was in Iran a while ago, and men are more deviant than they are here. Wearing no hijab is against the law there.
[12:57] Now, for us in the western world, no hijab is normal for us
[12:57] man the new 911 turbo is ugly ๐Ÿ™
[12:57] <+Byronik> So?
[12:58] Byronik: well, I’m just saying that the concept of the hijab is flawed
[12:58] It makes the opposite sex more pe
[12:58] …perverse *
[12:58] <+Byronik> And that has something to do with pervy priests?
[12:58] <+Byronik> I think it’s generally more to do with controlling the women
[12:59] <+Byronik> Ownership and manipulation
[12:59] Well, yes, there is a point to all this. Priests were mostly grown up in a sexually opressed environment while growing up.
[12:59] Sexually opression is unhealthy and can be dangerous
[12:59] Sexual *
[12:59] repression, you mean?
[12:59] Well, yes. That’s a better word here.
[12:59] jeremy clarkson likes the new ferrari
[13:00] <+Byronik> How about the reverse? Suppose the priesthood (any priesthood) is more of an option for boys who grow up sexually oppressed.
[13:00] <+Byronik> repressed even
[13:00] Satyricon: Jeremy Clarkson has hinted at his anti-Americanism on various occasions. I don’t like him.
[13:00] <+Byronik> fruitbag – It’s supposed to be funny
[13:00] It is? Where’s the punchline?
[13:00] Who gives a fuck?
[13:00] I don’t like america either.
[13:01] <+Byronik> Clarkson gets laughs by playing the xenophobic fogey
[13:01] Jeremy Clarkson is good at his job.
[13:01] He lives in the Isle of Man
[13:01] what does he have to give two shits about americ afor?
[13:01] Clarkson was rude to some American actors on Jonathan Ross’ show.
[13:01] <+Byronik> You should read his newspaper columns. He’s a surprisingly clever writer
[13:01] He was rude to the guy that played Ross in Friends.
[13:01] <+Byronik> Jonathan Ross is an ass
[13:01] I do Byronik.
[13:01] I know, but yes, I do agree with you, Byronik.
[13:01] Everyone involved in Friends should shunned.
[13:01] His columns are interesting.
[13:01] <@Death_Syn> I”m back!
[13:02] huh
[13:02] <+Byronik> Clarkson has been playing the same schtick for about 25 years and it plays very well to British and Commonwealth sensibilities
[13:02] <+z00p> THANK GOD
[13:02] <+z00p> DS IS BACK
[13:02] the F430 is a convertible!
[13:02] <+Byronik> We think it’s funny to hate the French
[13:02] <+Byronik> But we love them really
15[13:02] * @Death_Syn huggles z00p
[13:02] <+z00p> and apparently acceb’s vag rules us all
[13:02] <+z00p> GET OFF ME YOU PSYCHO
[13:02] <+Byronik> It’s always popular to say rude things about the Welsh too
[13:02] Byronik: sure, but I don’t see the joke of someone being rude to a guest on a show.
15[13:03] * @Death_Syn cockslaps z00p
[13:03] That’s just rudeness, it’s not humour.
[13:03] <@Death_Syn> welsh chicks seem pretty cute
[13:03] <+Byronik> fruitbag – What exactly did he say?
[13:03] <@Death_Syn> or the ones I’ve seen so far, at least
[13:03] Byronik: “Bloody Americans”, as he passed the guests in the room. He began with, “Oh, no — there are Americans in here!”
[13:03] Something along those lines
[13:03] I think the Youtube clip still exists somewhere
[13:04] <+Byronik> That’s so terrible?
[13:04] <+Byronik> Most Brits say things like that all the time
[13:04] David Schwimmer was NOT laughing.
[13:04] <@Death_Syn> david schwimmer is a failboat
[13:04] <+Byronik> David Schwimmer just doesn’t get it
[13:04] He just sat there avoiding avoiding Clarkson for the whole show
[13:05] <+Byronik> Whatever
[13:05] Fuck david schwimmer.
[13:05] clarkson >>> shwimmer
[13:05] <@Death_Syn> what’s that dude done since friends?
[13:05] Death_Syn: Since when does friends count as doing something?
[13:05] Very unfunny show.
[13:05] <+Byronik> “Bloody Americans” is not a personal attack
[13:05] <+Byronik> It’s just bluster
[13:05] It got to a point that even Jonathan Ross hintingly warned Clarkson about his behaviour.
[13:06] The Stig is now testing the f430
[13:06] <+Byronik> fruitbag – I wish Clarkson had clocked him one
[13:06] heh-heh
[13:06] You have to admit, though… Clarkson is an quite an contraversial guy.
[13:06] <+Byronik> Ross is a wanker and he probably couldn’t come up with anything clever to say
[13:06] <+Byronik> No
[13:06] <+Byronik> Clarkson is very safe and middle class
[13:06] He once made a Nazi gesture when describing a German car on one of his shows.
[13:06] <+z00p> zomg
[13:06] holy shit
[13:06] <+Byronik> That’s just crass. Not controversial at all
[13:07] <+z00p> david schwimmer = fail
[13:07] the f430 was faster than the murcielago around their track
[13:07] :(((((
[13:07] <+z00p> Satyricon = fail
[13:07] <+evenin`> hi
[13:07] <+z00p> Satyricon = David Schwimmer?
[13:07] <+Byronik> It’s artful that he plays as if he’s a big kid
[13:07] <+evenin`> i think the “fail” meme should die
[13:07] <+z00p> ^- fail
[13:07] Oh, come on, Byronik… surely, there’s a line that you could cross!
[13:07] <+evenin`> “fail” is some kind of forum-kiddie speak
[13:07] <+z00p> yea it really is
[13:07] <+z00p> i’m not going to use that anymore
[13:07] <+Byronik> fruitbag – He’s nowhere near that line
[13:08] <+z00p> thanks 4d
[13:08] <+evenin`> np
[13:08] <+z00p> DS is a cum-curtain
[13:08] <+Byronik> fruitbag – He’s comfortable within the vast middle of the road
15[13:08] * +z00p is still going to use cum-curtain though
[13:08] <+z00p> thanks howto
[13:08] no worries
15[13:08] * +z00p attacks howto with a virus
[13:08] Hmm… this discussion of ‘crossing the line’ reminds of the time when Michael Richards started a racist tirade in one of his stand-up shows.
15[13:08] * howto is tremendously damaged by the virus and takes 1182 damage!
[13:08] You know, the guy that played Kramer in Seinfeld.
[13:09] Seinfeld is also unfunny.
15[13:09] * @bougyman attacks z00p with kindness
[13:09] Satyricon: you serous?
[13:09] <+Byronik> fruitbag – Clarkson would never call a black person a N….
[13:09] MISS!
[13:09] Serious *
[13:09] Yes, quite.
[13:09] Byronik: sure.
[13:09] <+Byronik> fruitbag – He’s way safe
15[13:09] * +z00p does the matrix
[13:09] jeremy clarkson lives in a lighthouse on the isle ofman
[13:09] <@Death_Syn> howto: run for it!
15[13:09] * howto duck-and-covers
[13:09] <+Byronik> He plays stereotypes but he’s not a hater
[13:10] He’s a very good drive.
[13:10] driver.
[13:10] <+z00p> Seinfeld used to be funny when i was a lot younger
[13:10] <@Death_Syn> yeah
[13:10] <@Death_Syn> seinfeld doesn’t date well
[13:10] Seinfeld was never funny. you were just dumb.
[13:10] <+Byronik> I wouldn’t date Seinfeld
[13:10] I would.
[13:10] He’s loaded.
[13:10] <@Death_Syn> Byronik: i should hope not!
[13:10] <+Byronik> I was a big fan of Michael Richards before the melt down at the comedy club
[13:11] Byronik: yes.
[13:11] Byronik: I never see Kramer in the same light again.
[13:11] Whenever I view re-runs of Seinfeld…
[13:12] <+Byronik> fruitbag – This was two fucking years ago
[13:13] <+z00p> those fuckers got like $700k PER EPISODE of Seinfeld
[13:13] <+z00p> how many episodes were there again?
[13:13] <+z00p> Jesus H Chreezy they’re like the richest fuckers alive
[13:13] <+Byronik> “The moment it became clear that Clarkson was to steal the show was when, within a matter of seconds of sitting on the sofa, Clarkson quipped “I hate Americans” and made a hand gesture which alluded to onanism.”
15[13:13] * +z00p changes his name to Jewish Comedian
[13:13] <+z00p> ok somebody hire me for a show
[13:14] you’ll have to get your cock mutilated, z00p
[13:14] or they won’t believe you
[13:14] <+z00p> why the hell would i want my cock mutilated?
[13:14] to pass as a jew.
15[13:14] * Mises sets mode: +v xiw
[13:14] <+z00p> oh i remember you’re the jackass who thinks circumcision is some kind of dysfunctional attribute
[13:14] Of course it is.
[13:14] <+z00p> !kick satyricon not having that conversation
15[13:14] * Satyricon was kicked by Mises (z00p: not having that conversation)
[13:14] I mean, since you quite obviously have lost the function of the foreskin…
[13:15] <+z00p> cock enthusiast
[13:15] <+xiw> circumcision is one hundred percent unnatural and unnecessary.
[13:15] michael richard’s melt down didn’t make me like him any less
[13:15] <+z00p> NO
[13:15] <+z00p> XIW DON’T DO IT
[13:15] michael richards was not funny to begin with.
[13:15] <+xiw> z00p: just stating the obvious here.
[13:15] <+z00p> don’t… start that shit.
[13:15] let’s not pretend “natural” has any normative meaning, ok?
[13:15] no satyricon or malanoche.
[13:15] nice turn of events. but boring
[13:15] <+z00p> oh jesus christ now you’ve done it
[13:15] <+evenin`> i have a big face
[13:15] hey durtro. where hae you been?
[13:15] <+z00p> you’ve conjured the black hole of argument
[13:16] miaux: out for the weekend. am I the _only person here_ who went somewhere on a long holiday weekend?
[13:16] <+z00p> (downstairs for more nachos)
[13:16] it seems like you’ve been gone more than that
[13:16] i went to the beach like 4 days in a row. but it’s right down the street from my house
[13:17] <+evenin`> isn’t that where ted bundy killed two girls at the beach
[13:17] <+evenin`> women
[13:17] <+xiw> anyway, there are no real benefits to circumcision. it’s fucking weird to have large portions of the population to go through with what is essentially mild genital mutilation for the sole sake of not sticking out.
[13:17] <+evenin`> i think it is miaux
[13:17] <+evenin`> doesnt that place have bad mojo
[13:17] <+z00p> !kick xiw NO
15[13:17] * xiw was kicked by Mises (z00p: NO)
[13:17] <+evenin`> hi segue
[13:17] ted bundy wasn’t at MY beach
[13:18] hi
[13:18] but some microsoft employee drowned at this beach
[13:18] incidentally, has z00p had his foreskin tinkled with?
[13:18] seg.
[13:18] et durt
15[13:18] * Mises sets mode: +v xiw
[13:18] HERES THE NEWS on babylon A D
[13:18] <+z00p> xiw i swear to God if you don’t stop cockchat you will be removed
[13:18] its vin diesels last half decent film
[13:18] shall we switch to vagina chat?
[13:18] <+z00p> VAGINA!
[13:18] <+evenin`> ick vagina
[13:18] <+xiw> miaux: that’s even sadder.
[13:19] I hear acceb’s vagina rulez.
[13:19] <+evenin`> vagina’s are science fair experiments
[13:19] but he turns bad
[13:19] <+evenin`> always some shit festering or growing in them
[13:19] don’t be icky, seg.
[13:19] I’m just sayin’.
[13:19] so, goodbye vindiesel
[13:19] <+evenin`> some guys old used cum hanging around in them
[13:19] <+z00p> vaginas are rave parties for virus and bacteria
[13:19] <+z00p> they are actually in there with glowsticks
[13:19] <+z00p> rocking out.
[13:19] vin deisel has never ad a half decent film
[13:19] <+xiw> so, I just had a tomato salad with sun dried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, tuna marinated in tomato sauce, drenched it all in ketchup and served with a side dish of tomatoes and a large glass of tomato juice.
[13:19] <+evenin`> z00p: don’t forget funguses
[13:20] <+Byronik> I’m sure acceb’s vagina is a fine place to be when a hurricane hits
[13:20] <+z00p> yes, can’t forget that
[13:20] <+z00p> and worms.
[13:20] <+xiw> the tomato marinated tuna was surprisingly good.
[13:20] Babylon A.D. summary: “Veteran-turned-mercenary Thoorop takes the high-risk job of escorting a woman from Russia to America. Little does he know that she is host to an organism that a cult wants to harvest in order to produce a genetically modified Messiah.” <--- wtf? [13:20] <+z00p> or other parasites
[13:20] <+evenin`> the worst part about a vagina is the sloppy seconds you get
[13:20] <+Byronik> he’s a fungi to be with
[13:20] Byronik: I would feel safe.
[13:20] <+z00p> i’m a real FUN-GUY
[13:20] <+evenin`> thats just nasty to be re-using some other guy’s fuckhole
[13:20] <+z00p> har har har har har! please kill me.
[13:20] You know what would be good an topic to write an article about, Byronik?
[13:20] <+xiw> this salad would benefit from hard boiled eggs and a complimentary blowjob tho.
[13:20] <+Byronik> fruitbag – I’d have to research in depth
[13:21] <+evenin`> fuckholes are just nasty, no doubt about it
[13:21] <+Byronik> and with all investigative journalism, the main problem is usually access
[13:21] …an article about whether office workers still act like teenagers in schoool.
[13:21] school *
[13:22] <+Byronik> fruitbag – “He also managed to poke fun at Richard Hammond and his near fatal car crash which Ross gleefully joined in with. “
[13:22] <+himmy> evenin` If the curtains were thinner, you could have one for dinner.
[13:22] <+evenin`> so foul
[13:22] <+evenin`> pls stop the images of vaginas
[13:22] <+himmy> Stop defaming fuckholes.
[13:22] vin diesel had two great films
[13:23] riddick 1+2
[13:23] but now its all over
[13:23] Ahem
[13:23] <+Byronik> I’m sure acceb’s fuckholes are fragrant and delicious
[13:23] No, those both sucked.
[13:23] <+z00p> Chronicles of Riddick = only good one
[13:23] Vin Diesel movies suck
[13:23] <+z00p> Satyricon what’s his best movie then?
[13:23] Don’t get me started on xXx
[13:23] vin diesel has never been anywhere near a good movie.
[13:23] <+z00p> OK THEN SHUT UP
[13:23] <+Byronik> fruitbag – Find me Guilty was a good one
[13:23] <+z00p> since you can’t find the good in ANYTHING
[13:23] satyricon you dont know whats good
[13:23] Satyricon: Pitch Black
[13:23] <+xiw> Chronicles of Riddick is a true epic.
[13:23] <@Death_Syn> z00p: he finds it in food
[13:23] <+z00p> i don’t doubt that
[13:23] <+z00p> and gay porn probably
[13:24] <+himmy> find me guilty was great.
[13:24] And good movies.
[13:24] <------ [13:24] <+z00p> Oh yea, suck that hobbled dysfunctional circumcised cock.
[13:24] <+Byronik> fruitbag – You need to watch Find Me Guilty (2006)
[13:24] I don’t watch porn with mutilated cocks.
[13:24] <+Byronik>
[13:24] Pitch Black is where Chronicles of Riddick came from, and it was a much better movie.
[13:24] <+Byronik> Superb performance
[13:24] There was actual suspense in Pitch Black.
[13:25] <+evenin`> pitch black was ok
[13:25] <+z00p> Chronicles of Riddick > Pitch BLack
[13:25] <+z00p> more ass kicking
[13:25] anyway its all over
[13:25] Chronicles of Riddick was all formula.
[13:25] <+himmy> Find me guilty was taken from an actual court case.
[13:25] goodbye vin
[13:25] <+z00p> I like the necromonger idea.
[13:25] <+Byronik> himmy – Great film
[13:25] I kept thinking “negro-monger.”
[13:25] <+Byronik> Sidney Lumet
04[13:25] * z00p changes topic to ‘ I kept thinking “negro-monger.”’
15[13:25] * Mises sets mode: +t
[13:26] <+himmy> Necromonger is a dead issue.
[13:26] <+himmy> npi
[13:26] <+Byronik> Jackie Dee don’t rat!
[13:26] The Necromongers were essentially goths.
[13:26] Nothing interesting about that.
[13:26] <+himmy> He wooed the jury so well.
[13:26] Mmmmm internet.
[13:26] <+evenin`> intertubes
[13:26] <+himmy> I have it on my DVR.
15[13:26] * Mises sets mode: +o miaux
[13:27] <+himmy> I am gonna watch it again.
[13:27] <@miaux> i will not entertain any private discussions about bans or lack of banning
[13:27] <+z00p> NO METALCHAT
[13:27] <+imfinite> BAN
[13:27] I did not see malanourished speak about banning.
[13:27] <+evenin`> ban [Edgar]
[13:27] I miss darkride.
[13:27] imfinite: ban DEEZ.
15[13:28] * +z00p spins imfinite around several times holding on to her feet and lets her fly through a 2nd story window.
[13:28] How long did it take edgar to settle down last night?
[13:28] but go and see it
[13:28] babylon
[13:28] <+imfinite> i like windows
[13:28] just leave when they get to canada
[13:28] <+imfinite> defenestrate me, baby
[13:28] <+imfinite> for love
[13:29] about half way
[13:29] sicko.
[13:29] imfinite is indeed an OS perv.
[13:29] 1[]
[13:29] <+imfinite> what
15[13:29] * Mises sets mode: -t
[13:29] imfinite should have bought a Mac.
[13:30] <+imfinite> segue
[13:30] <@miaux> i thought you were banned, satyricon
[13:30] <+imfinite> i use macs, too
15[13:30] * segue *phew*
[13:30] <+evenin`> my stomache is quivering like mad. what’s that about
[13:30] <+himmy> spastic colon?
[13:30] <+evenin`> i can feel it shaking in there like a windup toy
[13:31] <+evenin`> no, my stomach
[13:31] <+himmy> nerves.
[13:31] Perhaps you should go to the doctor.
[13:31] <+evenin`> heh
[13:31] <+himmy> I would.
[13:31] ๐Ÿ˜‰
[13:31] <+dwightish> i can feel a meow coming on
[13:31] <+himmy> If it is something you’ve never experienced, it is your body telling you there is something wrong.
[13:32] <+evenin`> i wasnt really asking for medical advice
[13:32] <+imfinite> evenin probably ate a gram of cocaine
[13:32] <+imfinite> it will wear off
[13:32] <+himmy> It must be crummy to have a bad tummy.
[13:32] <+evenin`> miaux: can you ban himmy?
[13:32] <+himmy> LOL
[13:33] <+himmy> a little kidding shouldn’t upset you so much.
[13:33] <+himmy> Relax.
[13:33] i have left an RIP for vin on the babylon imdb page
15[13:34] * walnuts is now known as bushel
15[13:35] * bushel is now known as walnuts
[13:36] <@miaux>
[13:36] <@bougyman> “Untitled”:
[13:36] <@miaux> does this look photoshopped?
[13:36] <+imfinite> uh
[13:36] <+imfinite> yes big time
[13:37] ats the joke?
[13:37] whats*
[13:37] i dont get it
[13:37] doesn’t look obviously fake to me.
[13:38] <@miaux> no joke walnuts, move along
[13:38] <+imfinite> durtro: uh
[13:38] <+imfinite> well. maybe you’re blind
[13:38] <+imfinite> i dunno
[13:38] <+evenin`> what’s fake about it
[13:38] I have a room to clean.
[13:38] bbl
[13:38] <+evenin`> i dont notice anything
[13:39] <+imfinite> look at the “u” in luck
[13:39] <+imfinite> and the “h” in death
[13:39] look at the next row down. they’re mixing two sizes of letters.
[13:39] <+evenin`> mix and match letters yeah
[13:39] that makes it look _more_ authentic, to my eye.
[13:39] <+imfinite> no
[13:39] <+evenin`> it sure wouldn’t be worth 15 minutes of photoshopping to make the picture because it’s not funny
[13:40] thats what i mean
[13:40] theres no joke
[13:40] <+imfinite> why are they advertising for a cinema in front of a tractor type place
[13:40] <+evenin`> the intersection of people smart enough to photoshop, yet stupid enough to find it funny, is very small
[13:40] why would someone photoshopping that make those two letters different size,s and no others?
[13:40] <+imfinite> are they zoned for that?
[13:40] <+imfinite> poor zoning i think
[13:40] <+imfinite> durtro: because the photoshopper in question was lazy
[13:40] <+evenin`> bs
[13:40] it’s MORE work to make them different sizes.
[13:41] <+imfinite> what
[13:41] <+imfinite> look at the arctic cat warehouse behind it
[13:41] <+evenin`> so what
[13:41] <+imfinite> it’s not real!
[13:41] <+imfinite> poor zoning!
[13:41] <+evenin`> the sign appears to be in front of a ATV dealker
[13:41] heh
[13:42] <+evenin`> how do you figure a movie theater isn’t the same sort of zoning as a ATV dealer?
[13:42] <+imfinite> entertainment versus vehicular retail
[13:42] <+imfinite> anyways this is gay i’m right and everyone else is wrong
[13:42] <+evenin`> um
[13:42] <+evenin`> have you ever looked at zoning maps
[13:42] why would Wasillia have such specific zoning?
[13:43] also, google maps thinks there’s something there that LOOKS a lot like a theater.
[13:43] <+imfinite> all i said was that it is poor zoning
[13:43] <+evenin`> totally typical zoning
[13:43] <+evenin`> residential, commercial, industrial
[13:43] <+evenin`> those are the basic zones
[13:43] poor but utterly believable.
[13:43] <+imfinite> it’s a tiny theater
[13:43] it’s a tiny town.
[13:43] <+imfinite> that would normally be placed in a town square
[13:43] <+imfinite> the atv dealer would be on a bypass
[13:43] <+imfinite> or other access road
[13:43] <+evenin`> god next topic. it’s an authentic dealer.
[13:43] <+evenin`> er, phot
[13:44] how awful that that town doesn’t arrange every business how you’d prefer.
[13:44] <+imfinite> i know.
[13:44] <+imfinite> i feel the same way.
[13:45] it’s a cinema with three freaking screens
[13:45] who cares where they put it?
[13:46] <+evenin`> fucking visual hallucinations
[13:46] yay
[13:48] <+evenin`> man i know i got enough sleep
15[13:48] * Mises sets mode: +b *!4bf97f9f@*
15[13:48] * nachomalo was kicked by Mises (bashing of children unacceptable)
[13:49] Hey, guys
[13:49] One of the worst reading mistakes I’ve seen is reading a word at a time
[13:49] That is, concentrating on the words when reading.
[13:49] <+z00p> that’s a gay mistake
[13:50] Although reading in units, you still cocentrate on the words, and don’t understand the material well
[13:50] please unban malanoche
[13:50] <+evenin`> why
[13:50] he makes me laugh
[13:51] don’t you like him too?
[13:51] <+evenin`> he’s a familiar “face”
[13:51] ๐Ÿ™‚
[13:51] ๐Ÿ™‚
[13:51] <+evenin`> being banned from here is about the best thing that could happen to a person
[13:52] corkys dad is a drunk driver
[13:52] getting banned from here takes some doing.
[13:52] yes the malanoche ban isn’t good
[13:52] tonight is the night the season of bones begines
[13:53] <@miaux> bougy will unban when he feel like it
[13:53] <@miaux> but not if you bug him. he’s very stubborn
[13:53] (begins) as well as the project runway show and some top design program
[13:53] and who the hell are you, the bougyman oracle?
[13:53] <+evenin`> when does the new season of cops start
[13:53] is cops still in production?
[13:53] <+evenin`> was last year
[13:53] Ive seen the new mtv show thats like cops and I like it better
[13:54] I mean if all he did was point out that certain children were actually born out of wedlock…
[13:55] it isn’t malanoches fault he calls a spade a spade and when you asshunt on irc for your next baby daddy that isn’t a bannable offense
[13:55] <+evenin`> miaux is in the market eh?
[13:55] oh yes
[13:55] she’s back isn’t she?
[13:55] <+evenin`> never woulda guessed
[13:55] <@Death_Syn> market for what?
[13:55] <@miaux> huh?
[13:55] <+evenin`> who the fuck is asshunting for a baby daddy
[13:56] <+evenin`> b-diddy
[13:56] <@miaux> it’s hilarious to watch trina change when i op myself
[13:56] uh huh
[13:56] hilarious
[13:56] put the rig down
[13:57] Ah
[13:57] My brain is about to explode
[13:57] <+evenin`> me too
[13:57] I’m currently fighting between two thought pattern habits
[13:58] miaux should come with a tattooed warning across her forehead that reads “will fuck your life 4ever”
[13:58] (if you live)
[13:58] <+evenin`> whats the deal trina
[13:58] <@Death_Syn> uh
[13:58] <@Death_Syn> the guys I’ve known about her being with were already fucked up before she got to them
[13:58] <+evenin`> everyone’s been up all night tweaking
[13:58] of course they were
[13:59] <+evenin`> phunistle was way fucked
[13:59] no one in their right frame of mind would involve themselves with her
[13:59] <+evenin`> shrug
[13:59] <@miaux> no i’m a siren
[13:59] <+evenin`> miaux seems pretty nice
[14:00] <@miaux> or maybe a succubus
[14:00] <@miaux> trina figured it out
[14:00] appearances can be deceiving
[14:00] <[ufo]> new peter bjorn and john album is different.
15[14:00] * Mises sets mode: +b *!4bf97f9f@67.207.141.*
15[14:00] * nachomalo was kicked by Mises (bashing of children unacceptable)
[14:00] <@Mises> [nachomalo] I am teh poop.
[14:00] <@miaux> different how
15[14:00] * [ufo] is now known as gregor
[14:00] no vocals for one. much more spacey in general.
[14:01] less geared toward hooks and riffs.
[14:01] more toward tonal progression.
[14:01] <+evenin`> sounds faggoty
[14:01] it’s good, but unexpected.
[14:01] <@Death_Syn> i’d consider involving myself with miaux, but i’d have to meet her and get to know her more first
[14:01] <@Death_Syn> she seems pretty cool
[14:02] <@Death_Syn> despite some of her hippy tendencies
[14:02] sure, isn’t that why you made her an op?
15[14:02] * Overand was kicked by Dejacque (idle 1440 min)
[14:02] eat me, idlebot
[14:03] cute script overand is running.
[14:03] not a script
[14:03] ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
15[14:03] * Mises sets mode: +v Overand
[14:03] <+Overand> I was actually sitting here in this window as that happened, heh.
[14:03] panblanco all night last night my alarm system kept beeping and today I got up to find the battery was low and had to be replaced
[14:03] <+z00p> ^- script
[14:03] amusing.
[14:03] can you believe it?
[14:03] <@miaux> i’ve been an op on these bots for about a decade
[14:03] <+Overand> gregor: actually it is a script
[14:03] that sucks trina
[14:03] <+Overand> i’m just a really sophisticated markov chain ot
[14:03] <+Overand> bot
[14:04] trina, did you watch 90210
[14:04] <@Death_Syn> annebonny: she was an op before me
[14:04] <+Overand> im written in lisp
[14:04] <@Death_Syn> she’ll likely be an op AFTER me
[14:04] panblanco no ๐Ÿ™
[14:04] you win turing.
[14:04] it was on CW or whatever
[14:04] I watched most of it
[14:04] lithp
[14:04] <@Go> op diddy op op…. op op
[14:04] <@Go> hi
[14:04] hi
[14:04] <@Go> i’m watching real life hauntings
[14:04] brb gotta get some lunch
[14:04] <@Go> but it’s just called “HAUNTING”
[14:05] <@Go> kid has imaginary friend, mom: what’s your friends name, honey? kid: satan
[14:05] ive been trying to download dune for the past week, and i’m only at 7%.
[14:05] <@Go> dune???
15[14:05] * pantydrop was kicked by Dejacque (idle 1440 min)
[14:05] i just read it for the first time.
[14:05] <+evenin`> understanding torrents is definitely something of an IQ test
15[14:06] * Mises sets mode: +v pantydrop
[14:06] i use public trackers for movies. it usually takes a while to download films that are older than 2 years.
[14:06] <+imfinite> only if the zoning is right
[14:06] Im looking for a movie to download and I dunno what its called and the only way I know to find it is to search for all the movies with sean penn and ed harris
[14:07] <+evenin`>[gx]
[14:07] <@bougyman> “Dune.1984.Extended.DVDRip.Xvid.AC3-[gx] (download torrent) – TPB”:
[14:07] <+evenin`> 80 seeders and a mess of peers
[14:07] does anyone have an idea of what movie it is Im looking for?
15[14:07] * Mises sets mode: +v mujahadin
[14:07] hi
[14:07] that’s the torrent im on, evenin`.
[14:07] <+evenin`> 80 seeders, 90 peers, on tpb’s tracker alone
[14:08] <+evenin`> then something isn’t working right
[14:08] <+evenin`> on your end
[14:08] <+bmc> you pirate you
[14:08] doubtful.
[14:08] <+evenin`> it’s not “doubtful” it’s obvious
[14:08] <+evenin`> i’ll give it a shot myself jussec
[14:08] <@Go> man, everytime i use liquid bleach, i break out in this terrible rash
[14:08] <+evenin`> dude there are 200 peers and 90 seeders
[14:09] <+imfinite> dude
[14:09] <@Go> trina, state of grace
[14:09] <+imfinite> is the zoning good
[14:09] Go I think thats right
[14:09] <@Go> it is right
[14:09] <@Go> also has gary oldman in it
[14:09] and another sean penn movie I want to see
[14:09] <@Go> i’ve never see the zoning
[14:09] <@Go> trina, have you seen sean penn in carlito’s way?
[14:09] <@Go> i love him in that movie
[14:09] yes
[14:10] <@Go> i think it’s the perm that does it for me
[14:10] I like most movies with sean penn in it
[14:10] <+evenin`> gregor: yeah you are having serious problems on your end, this torrent works great
[14:10] <+z00p> they made a new and gay version of “Carlito’s Way”
[14:10] what downspeed are you getting?
[14:10] <+sdfkljsdf> does anyone expect to grow, intellectually or spiritually, today
[14:10] <+z00p> i accidentally bought it from the $5 bin at Walmart and then almost killed myself
[14:10] <@Go> z00p, i will not watch it
[14:10] <@Go> i would have killed you too
[14:10] i really dont think i’m having serious problems on my end, because all of my down/up speeds are great.
[14:10] sdfkljsdf someone does but I refused
[14:10] <+imfinite> z00p you owe me six sandwiches now
[14:10] <+z00p> i also bought what appeared to be the old hulk movie, and it turned out to be a few hour long episodes of the TV show
[14:10] <+evenin`> it’s up to 30kB/sec which would be a couple days downloading, not “over a week”
[14:10] <+z00p> which, i actually enjoyed more than the movie anyway
[14:10] <@Go> shit, imfi… i haven’t mailed your stuff yet
[14:10] <+evenin`> still climbing
[14:11] <@Go> i’m a failure….
[14:11] <+evenin`> 40kB/sec
[14:11] <+z00p> imfinite how about 6 cheeseburgers?
[14:11] <+imfinite> go: well you remebered
[14:11] <+imfinite> that’s pretty great
[14:11] <+sdfkljsdf> there’s a new brian eno / daid byrne album out
[14:11] <+imfinite> do you still have my address
[14:11] <+sdfkljsdf> WOOHOO
[14:11] I have a present for my friend that had a birthday that I need to send
[14:11] <@Go> it will be my first thing to do this weekend!
[14:11] <+imfinite> ok!
[14:11] its full of delightful fun things to do
[14:11] <+evenin`> 50kB/sec
[14:11] <+imfinite> i’v ebeen so busy with the hospital i didn’t think abou tit
[14:11] <+evenin`> 60
[14:11] <+imfinite> ttti
15[14:11] * @Go makes a note on calendar
[14:11] <+imfinite> t
[14:11] <+evenin`> 70
[14:11] <@Go> imfi. me too
[14:11] ahh birthdays
[14:11] <@Go> my hubby has to have “minor surgery” on monday
[14:11] <+evenin`> 90… 130
[14:11] <+evenin`> 150kB/sec
[14:11] <+imfinite> ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™
[14:11] <@Go> i’ve been freaking out over it
[14:11] <+imfinite> what kind of minor surgery
[14:12] well i’m open to suggestions as to what could be “seriously wrong”
[14:12] <@Go> well, there are issues. and they’re doing a colonoscopy/minor surgery thing
[14:12] <@Go> for biopsies
[14:12] mmmm there’s good tennis today
[14:12] <+imfinite> oh ok
[14:12] mmmmm, heck
[14:12] <+imfinite> well jeez. he will be fine w/ the procedure, but i hope the results turn out OK
[14:12] <+imfinite> good luck to you both
[14:12] <@Go> it’s the results that have me on edge
[14:12] <+imfinite> yeah i know how you feel
[14:12] <@Go> he’ll be knocked out for the procedure
[14:12] <+imfinite> that’s not a fun time
[14:12] <+evenin`> gregor: well, set your number of connections to like 200. turn on DHT. make sure your firewall is letting through connections on the right port
[14:12] my husband told me the worst part about that colonscopy procedure is the stuff you drink beforehand
[14:13] <@Go> i just picked up his “juicy juice” today
[14:13] <@Go> the pharmacy guy said that just recently they’ve made it more “flavorful”
[14:13] <@Go> whatever that means
[14:13] he says its 10 times worse than eating shrooms
[14:13] <@Go> well, he has to do it
[14:13] <+imfinite> uhh
[14:14] <+imfinite> i wouldn’t want to make it MORE flavorful P:
[14:14] <@Go> i’ve decided that every anniversary gift from me to him from here on out will be a colonoscopy
[14:14] <+imfinite> flavorless would be preferrable wouldn’t you think
[14:14] <+z00p> they make you trip balls and then put something up your ass?
[14:14] <@Go> i would prefer flavorless
[14:14] <+imfinite> z00p your balls aren’t low enough to trip
[14:14] z00p: doesn’t it sound fun?
[14:14] <+z00p> !kick satyricon gay
15[14:14] * Satyricon was kicked by Mises (z00p: gay)
[14:14] <@Go> z00p, yes. he’s getting the ass cam
[14:14] my husband put his colonscopy results up on the family photo board at his work
[14:15] <@Go> i was going to go into the room with my husband
[14:15] <+Overand> I had a colonoscopy. Woo.
[14:15] maybe you don’t know this about my husband but he’s hilarious
[14:15] <+imfinite> we’re getting pictures of my friend’s adrenal tumor soon
[14:15] <+imfinite> i can’t waaaait
[14:15] <+imfinite> i will share
[14:15] <@Go> i think everyone should have them done
[14:15] <@Go> imfinite, i want to see it
[14:15] <+z00p> me too
[14:15] me 3
[14:15] <+imfinite> they said it’s the size of one of those bean-shaped hospital dishes
[14:15] <+imfinite> and it’s all white
[14:15] <+z00p> those glands are on top of your kidneys right
[14:15] <+imfinite> doesn’t that sound crazy?
[14:15] <+imfinite> yes
[14:15] <+imfinite> renal means relating to the kidney
[14:15] <@Go> there is a lecture video out there somewhere of my cancer surgeries
[14:15] hence the renal in adrenal
[14:16] <@Go> they use them at Mayo’s
[14:16] <+imfinite> that’s cool, Go.
[14:16] <+imfinite> we’re thinking they’ll do that with my friend’s cancer, too
[14:16] <@Go> imfinite, i never watched it.
[14:16] <+imfinite> because it was so rare
[14:16] <+imfinite> why not
[14:16] <@Go> rare cancer sucks
[14:16] Cancer = minge-coin.
[14:16] <@Go> imfinite, i’m afraid to
[14:16] <+imfinite> yeah i’m a big minge coin collector
[14:16] <@Go> like it would be bad luck
[14:16] <+imfinite> well fair enough
[14:16] <@Go> sometimes its best to leave your past in the past
[14:16] <+imfinite> i’d be way too self interested to NOT watch it
[14:17] <@Go> i’ve wanted to.
[14:17] <@Go> maybe someday
[14:17] <@Go> my mother watched it
[14:17] <+imfinite> well don’t forget the lovely prizes because when my friend gets out of the hospital i want to make her a giant batch of delicious foods
[14:17] I met a man that works on cancer research at UCSF and he told me it costs nearly 800 million dollars just for a cancer therapy to get to one patient as an approved med
[14:17] <@Go> imfinite, for sure
[14:17] for just one pill
[14:17] <+imfinite> ๐Ÿ˜€
[14:18] <@Go> trina, that’s because of population control
[14:18] and that rare cancer depends solely on govt financing for the research because no major pharma company would take on such a money losing proposition
[14:18] <@Go> i’m very interested in the japanese way of herbally treating cancer
[14:19] <@Go> trina, i guess i was lucky. they’d NEVER seen a child with the kind of cancer that i had
[14:19] <@Go> nor had they ever seen it in an adult
[14:19] but come on, whens the last time any of us heard about the govt spending 800 million bucks for a possible cure for rare cancer?
[14:19] <+Vikash> selenium reputedly has anti-carcinogenic effects
[14:19] <@Go> i need to feed my fish
[14:19] <@Go> they’re staring at me
[14:19] looks like my port forwarding is fucked.
[14:19] <@Mises> [miaux] VAGINA! KIDS! DRUGS! BREAST MILK!
[14:20] <+Overand> heh
15[14:20] * Mises sets mode: +o miaux
[14:20] <+Overand> sounds good to me
[14:20] =D
[14:20] <@miaux> i now have to microsoft contract job offers
[14:20] <@miaux> hrmmm
[14:20] lets hope neither are for a spell checker position
[14:21] <@miaux> two
[14:21] <@miaux> word and outlook spell check anyway
[14:21] <@miaux> recruiter guy was like, do you know how to use office 2007? and i said of course i do. i have it on all 4 computers at home and i have the book!
[14:22] <@Go> miaux, good luck!
[14:22] <@Go> okay, so who watches House here??? and did you watch lastnights episode?
[14:22] <+evenin`> house is intolerable
[14:22] spell checking won’t fix “to” vs. “two” or “too”.
[14:22] was it the season premiere?
[14:22] <+evenin`> same plot every show, annoying actors
[14:23] go: no, and no.
[14:23] thats why a human would be doing that job, Durtro
[14:23] <@Go> okay, well, his woman was going to die. nothing they could do to fix her… if they woke her back up, she would only have three hours to live
[14:23] thanks for completely missing the point, trina!
[14:23] back at you, Durtro … back at you
[14:23] <@Go> NOW…. if i’m ever on my death bed and someone is selfish enough to wake me out of a coma to tell me i’m going to die….
[14:23] <@Go> in three hours.
[14:24] <@Go> i’d be a little upset.
[14:24] <+evenin`> there’s no escuse for that show to be popular
[14:24] <+evenin`> grade a crapTV
[14:24] <@Go> hugh laurie is hot
[14:24] <+z00p> Durtro is one to talk about missing points.
[14:24] oh I would be so mad at my husband if he coulda woke me up to tell me one more time how he adores me and I didn’t get it
[14:25] <@Go> and Kumar is on there now
[14:25] I would haunt him
[14:25] <+Overand> Id want to be woken up
[14:25] <+Overand> say “I love you” to the people i need to
[14:25] <@Go> Overand, i wouldn’t
[14:25] <+Overand> and get a TON of morphine
[14:25] <+z00p> He must be the most big-picture-challenged person I’ve ever seen.
[14:25] <+Overand> or ketamine
[14:25] <+Overand> mm
[14:25] I’m gald I’m so important to you, zoop.
[14:25] <+Overand> yes, k-hole out into oblivion
[14:26] <@Go> 4D, why do you hate House so much?
[14:26] really Go … one more time to say bye to your babies and you wouldn’t want it?
[14:27] “a mother is only as happy as her saddest child”
[14:27] <+evenin`> like i said. same plot every show. bad acting. annoying main character. weak or nonexistent research on the medical aspects. like often the “possible” causes they toss out obviously don’t fit the symptoms.
[14:27] <@Go> it’s not reality tv
[14:28] <+evenin`> it’s not even realistic tv
[14:28] <@Go> trina, what a lasting memory
[14:28] <@Go> “i got to watch my mom cry for the life she’ll never have with us while she was dying”
[14:28] house does kind of suck
[14:28] <+Overand> relativistic TV.
[14:28] of = shat-shaver
[14:28] <+Overand> House- Redshift Edition
[14:28] <@Go> House isn’t that bad
[14:28] hint: the way to do that would be to do it in the .login or .profile or equivalent, rather than in motd. or more relevantly, don’t bother because it’s pointless.
[14:28] ack
[14:29] <+Overand> heh
[14:29] oh Go, it is … did you know I was the last person along with my sister to sit with my brother when he died and it was so very important to us
[14:29] <+Overand> Durtro: I agree!
[14:29] hi annebonny!
[14:29] you should!
[14:29] hi peskypez
[14:29] <@Go> well, living is harder than dying
[14:29] hi / bye ?
[14:29] doubt it
[14:29] <@Go> and i’m glad you were there.
[14:29] dying is black
[14:29] I dunno, go, ahve you ever tried?
[14:29] ya never died, maybe it’s super hard
[14:29] HAH
[14:29] <@Go> Durtro, just once
[14:29] high five.
[14:29] i died once, it was really nice
[14:29] <@Go> took them four minutes to get me back.
[14:29] go: but you didn’t actually do it!
[14:29] i only stopped it because my mom was sad
[14:29] Durtro = president for life of #philo police
[14:29] <@Go> they said i was
[14:30] <+z00p> he’s the hall monitor.
[14:30] <+Overand> DELETE YOUR RC.CONF MAAAN
[14:30] <+z00p> Do you have your pass?
[14:30] <@Go> i’m sure i wasn’t breathing too well at the bottom of that pool
[14:30] wait, durtro with no ops?
[14:30] oh, look, some random wanker obsessed with me.
[14:30] omg opz!@#!
[14:30] oh i’m anything but random, old buddy
[14:30] most peaceful thing that i ever experienced
[14:30] <+z00p> peskypez you know what happens when he has ops right?
[14:30] anonymous shitholes, yay!
[14:30] z00p: +b ftw? ๐Ÿ™‚
[14:30] now zoop’s going to go down on you!
[14:30] what’s that acceb2?
[14:30] <+z00p> +b +b +b +b +b +b
[14:30] peskypez, dying
[14:31] <@miaux> i have been eating way too much sugar
[14:31] you haven’t died, so how can you say you’ve experienced it acceb2
[14:31] <+z00p> acceb you died?
[14:31] acceb: you didn’ do it right.
[14:31] <@miaux> just shoveling sweet stuff in my mouth
[14:31] <@Go> miaux, it’s that time of year
[14:31] <+evenin`> a lot of these fuckers need to make more earnest efforts to die
[14:31] it’s the time of year to go out into the wild and go camping!
[14:31] <@miaux> more like that time of the month
[14:31] not breathing/no pulse for a few minutes.. out of body experience
[14:31] willed myself to breathe so i could tell my mom i was okay
[14:31] <@Go> or that…
[14:31] <+Vikash> should i go to 8,3subway
[14:31] <+evenin`> OOB lolzer
[14:31] No.
[14:31] acceb2 ! ๐Ÿ™
[14:32] You should *neveR* go to subway
[14:32] i like that closeups of nerves with “short circuit” crackling figures prominently in nearly every episode of house.
[14:32] i walked away from it
[14:32] <@Go> i was 8 when it happened. i don’t remember an out of body
[14:32] broken neck and three ribs
[14:32] <@miaux> vikash. are you going to bet on whether palin steps down or is forced out of her current VP candidate spot?
[14:32] bad concussion
[14:32] i remember everything
[14:32] <@miaux> i heard the odds are 8:1
[14:32] <@Go> just what the bottom of the pool looked like
[14:32] <+Vikash> there’s no good fast food besides the indian fast food restaurant i’m building
[14:32] can they force her out ?
[14:32] why would she be, miaux?
[14:32] <+Vikash> miaux: Betting is a hassle, they don’t take credit cards online. I’ll have to send a wire or something annoying like that
[14:32] have you started constructioin yet, Vikash
[14:32] i think the notion of palin dropping out will depend on her speech at the RNC today. it’s basically sink or swim, whether anyone wants to admit it or not. either way, mccain is toast.
[14:32] A ‘meme’ running around the media is that Palin was a bad judgement call by McCain
[14:32] <@miaux> i dunno durtro. but there are odds on it
[14:32] neither have even been confirmed at the convention yet
[14:33] Vikash: You can use your debit card or an e-check
[14:33] maybe ron paul WILL BE the nominee!
[14:33] there are odds on all kinds of shit.
[14:33] the only reason i say out of body was because i was staring at this sign and i remembered the phone number and stuff on it.. but we went back later and there’s no way i could have seen it from there, i would’ve had to be standing up
[14:33] <+Vikash> panblanCOIN
[14:33] maybe a pig will fly out of your ass, too.
[14:33] <+Vikash> not yet..
[14:33] Vikashmoney
[14:33] <@miaux> i would vote for ron paul
[14:33] what’re the odds on pigs flying out of miaux’s ass
[14:33] trina’s ass.
[14:33] oh
[14:33] trina’s ass
[14:33] that’s another story
[14:33] ๐Ÿ˜›
[14:33] <+Vikash> haha
[14:33] ๐Ÿ™
[14:34] I have a small ass
[14:34] <@miaux> skurred him away
[14:34] it can be a small pig.
[14:34] <@Go> i have no ass
[14:34] ๐Ÿ™
[14:34] <@Go> just a back with a crack
[14:34] mmmmm, small pig
[14:34] Go has killer tits and legs but no ass
[14:34] <@miaux> my eldest daughter had a crooked crack at birth
[14:34] <+evenin`> way TMI go
[14:34] <@Go> right
15[14:34] * +z00p is amped up
[14:34] <@miaux> but then she got chubby
[14:34] do not share, miaux.
[14:34] <@Go> Sat, did you watch bizzare foods lastnight?
[14:34] she had a crooked crack?
[14:34] Go: no.
[14:34] what did he eat?
15[14:34] * annebonny plugs into z00p
[14:34] <@Go> they were roasting baby pigs
[14:35] Go: YUM
[14:35] <@Go> in madrid
15[14:35] * +z00p shocks annebonny
[14:35] meh.
[14:35] <@miaux> weirdo
[14:35] what? who said I’m scared
[14:35] Oooo
[14:35] !!!
[14:35] <+Vikash> hahaha
[14:35] i know one of you did!
[14:35] !!*#~%*~#
[14:35] <+Vikash> .seen bonky
[14:35] it was go, wasn’t it
[14:35] <@Go> no PUjol, it wasn’t
[14:35] <+z00p> howto give Vikash the Lame of the Year award
[14:35] rofl oh boy here we go vikash… is this where everyone keeps thinking I am bonky?
[14:35] you’re fucking retarded, vikash.
15[14:35] * howto gives Vikash the Lame of the Year award
[14:35] <+Vikash> DuNno
[14:36] dude, if I’m bonky then I hope god strikes me down with lightning and ends my life this instant
[14:36] who is bonnky
[14:36] yeah who is bonky?
[14:36] Satyricon: i have no idea
[14:36] <@Go> who cares?
[14:36] <+Vikash> yeah who IS bonky
[14:36] Go: good answer
[14:36] what a retarded nickname
[14:36] <+Vikash> may be one of the funniest ones ever
[14:37] <+Vikash> its like hey bonkster ltns
[14:37] I took a picture of these fabulous french jeans I found at a resale shop for 10 bucks
[14:37] I took a picture of my camel toe
[14:37] do they fit ya
[14:37] omg yes
[14:37] you got me… maybe they made up the whole “bonky” scenerio, you know people are always looking for a reason to mess with others *cough gothchick cough*
[14:37] they are amazing
[14:37] no, bonky is a real “person”, and an annoying retard.
[14:37] they have dedazzled pockets and stuff
[14:38] V&S
[14:38] <+z00p> Durtro do you think anything positive about any chatters (except the ones you believe to have vaginas)?
15[14:38] * +z00p waits for Durtro to answer with a question
[14:38] ahahah
[14:38] he likes Timur
[14:38] yep. and negative things to say about ones with vaginas, too.
[14:38] that’s awesome you think bedazzled pockets are a good thing
[14:38] I do?
[14:38] <+evenin`> i dont see why someone like durtro even bothers with the ladies.
[14:39] acceb2 for real!
[14:39] project a little, fourdee?
[14:39] I am so fashion challenged its a riot in itself
[14:39] <+z00p> haha
[14:39] <+Vikash> what in gods name I took a picture of my camel toe
[14:39] let’
[14:39] <+Vikash> hahah
[14:39] s invade annebonny’s closet
[14:39] processing… PROCESSING*~*$!*@^%$%@
[14:39] it’ll be like one of those makeover shows
[14:39] so we’re somewhere and I have these goofy shoes on and these men are staring at me and one goes “nice shoes” like Im too retarded to know they aren’t
[14:40] sarcasm confuses you. noted.
[14:41] I want us all to go back to SF together and see it again
[14:41] we can stay with millicent and richtroye
[14:41] and Go if we rent cars
[14:42] <@Go> i go christmas shopping in the city every year
04[14:42] * z00p changes topic to ‘<+Vikash> what in gods name I took a picture of my camel toe’
15[14:43] * Mises sets mode: +t
15[14:43] * +Vikash brb food run
[14:43] <+z00p> bahahaha
[14:43] <+Vikash> mm food delishus
[14:43] And then we can make reservations at the french laundry and you can find some reason to ditch them, annebonny?
[14:43] but now I have to go to the courthouse and get copies of birth certificates because our insurance company audited us and want proof we aren’t insuring illegal aliens and calling them our kids
[14:43] byeeee
[14:43] bbiaw
[14:43] I’m not going to SF with you lot!
[14:43] oh YOU ARE
[14:43] YOU WILL
[14:43] ONE DAY
[14:44] Google searches turn up 3,810 results for โ€œclbutticโ€, 5,120 for โ€œconsbreastutionโ€, and 1,450 for โ€œButtociated Pressโ€, a corruption of the US news agency the Associated Press.
[14:44] lol
15[14:45] * Mises sets mode: +v wofopewp
[14:45] <+wofopewp> trina send cameltoe pics
[14:45] wofopewp you deserve so much better
[14:45] <+wofopewp> haha
[14:45] <+wofopewp> i know
[14:46] gees I really have to go get this done now
[14:46] bye for real (mmm stoned)
15[14:46] * Mises sets mode: -t
[14:48] <+wofopewp> why is it so dead today you guys
[14:48] <+wofopewp> for real
[14:48] <@Go> it is boring today
[14:48] let’s make it more exciting!
[14:48] <+wofopewp> YOU’RE Boring today
[14:49] <+wofopewp> ok
15[14:49] * +wofopewp takes off pants
[14:49] <+wofopewp> youre no paperboy
[14:49] <@Go> how do you know?
[14:49] <@Go> i had a paper route for 10 years. true story…
[14:50] <+wofopewp> in indiana?
[14:50] <@Go> my first route consisted of 10 homes. it was ONE DOLLAR for two weeks
[14:50] <@Go> wofo, yes
[14:50] <@Go> my parents owned the newspaper
[14:50] <@Go> i had my route until the day i turned 16
[14:50] <+wofopewp> ha
[14:50] <@Go> although, i didn’t really give it up until after Jan. 1st so i could get the last of my christmas tips
[14:50] <@Go> that was the year i made over $500 in tips
[14:51] <@Go> i had the same route for 10 years
[14:51] <@Go> my customers loved me
[14:53] <@Go> lol, john mayer playing van halen’s panama in concert
[14:53] <@Go> Dear John, please don’t ever disgrace me like that again or i’ll break both of your hands. Love, Eddie Van Halen
[14:53] rip vin diesel
[14:54] <@Go> he’s not dead. get over it
[14:56] <+wofopewp> haha go what was that
15[14:57] * +z00p reverse piledrives wofopewp
[14:58] hes dead
15[14:58] * +z00p headbutts walnuts into a hanging plant
[14:58] <+wofopewp> awww snap
[14:58] <+wofopewp> who is this walnuts fellow
[14:58] <+z00p> howto activate identity scanner
[14:58] <+sdfkljsdf> The percentage of 26-year-olds living with their parents has nearly doubled since 1970.
15[14:59] * howto brings identity scanner online
[14:59] <+z00p> .identify walnuts
[14:59] <+sdfkljsdf> hahahga
[14:59] losers
[14:59] <+sdfkljsdf> im 26 and livign with parents
[14:59] <+sdfkljsdf> youre jealous of mym anger
[14:59] loser
[14:59] <+sdfkljsdf> u r
[14:59] <+wofopewp> of your manger?
[15:00] <+z00p> walnuts is an Irish beer drinker, so far I support that identity
[15:00] <+sdfkljsdf> i was wanting to unleash my anger on someone
[15:00] <+sdfkljsdf> but this isnt working
[15:01] <+gothchick> that’s probably bananas, ban evading
[15:01] <+wofopewp> who is bananas?
[15:01] <+wofopewp> i’m so confused
[15:01] <+z00p> bananas is that true?
[15:01] i am bananas
[15:01] <+z00p> !kick walnuts
15[15:01] * walnuts was kicked by Mises (z00p: Requesting.)
[15:01] <+z00p> haha
[15:02] <+wofopewp> this shit is bananas
[15:02] and vib diesel is dead
[15:02] <+wofopewp> o r a n g e s
[15:02] vin
[15:02] and oranges
[15:02] <@Go> wofo, it’s a letter to John Mayer begging him to never ever ever attempt to play eddie van halen live in concert EVER AGAIN
[15:02] <+wofopewp> S. EPATHA MERKESON
[15:02] <+wofopewp> haha
[15:02] <+wofopewp> nice
[15:02] victory for howto~@#~~$$*#ยฃ%$~ยฃยฃ#
[15:02] <@Go> i’m sure once eddie sees this youtube, he’s goign to go back on the juice
[15:02] <+wofopewp> eddie van halen is a douche, but john mayer is a bigger douche
[15:02] <@Go> right
[15:02] <@Go> this is true
[15:02] <+wofopewp> and unlike john mayer, eddie van halen at one point did play good music
[15:03] <@Go> but when you’re already a big douche and you unsuccessfully try to copy another douche, that makes you a GINORMOUS DOUCHE
[15:03] <@Go> AMIRITE?
[15:03] <+z00p> ding ding ding Go wins a price
[15:03] <+z00p> prize?
[15:03] <@Go> do you have a treasure chest like at dentist offices?
[15:03] waCHOO *sniff*
[15:03] <@Go> i like treasure chests…
[15:04] <@Go> i want one of those parachutting army guys
[15:04] <+z00p> me too where can i get one of those
[15:04] <@Go> i dunno….
[15:04] <+z00p> howto when did you start sneezing?
[15:04] Yesterday.
[15:04] <@Go> lol
[15:04] <@Go> howto is sick
[15:04] <+z00p> …
[15:04] <+wofopewp> i bet you can get those army guys at a toy store
[15:04] <+wofopewp> i should go look
[15:05] <@Go> they do have them at the Discovery Store
[15:05] <+z00p> i’m going to get one of those USB missile launchers for my cube
[15:05] <+z00p> i have the perfect spot for it
[15:05] <+wofopewp> what the hell is the discovery store
[15:05] <+wofopewp> is that some california thing
[15:05] <+wofopewp> because i live in the REAL WORLD
[15:05] <+z00p> “Hey, when I do this what does this do and this and that and… AAAH SOMETHING SHOT ME”
[15:06] <@Go> wofo, you’ve heard of the Discovery Channel, right?
[15:06] <@Go> they have a store.
[15:06] <@Go> they sell all kinds of cool shit
[15:06] <+gothchick> ooh show me the video
15[15:06] * Mises sets mode: +v cylob
[15:07] <+wofopewp> the discovery WHAT NOW
[15:07] <@Go> i bought this projector there. it contains all the countries in the world
[15:07] <+wofopewp> yes we have cable inthe real world
[15:07] <@Go> the discovery channel has a discover STORE
[15:07] <@Go> discovery store is to the discovery channel as national geographic magazine is to the national geographic channel
[15:07] <@Go> DOES THAT HELP?
15[15:07] * howto falls over
[15:07] <+wofopewp> no.
[15:07] <+wofopewp> BUT THANKS.
15[15:08] * @Go gets in the closet to look for the caveman club she bought at the DISCOVERY STORE
[15:08] <+gothchick> come out of the closet, go!
[15:08] <@Go> i do actually have one. but i had to hide it cuz the boys were clubbing each other with it
[15:08] <+gothchick> it’s not worth it!
[15:08] <@Go> goth, my closet is cozy and smells like magnolia!
[15:08] <+gothchick> oh
15[15:08] * +gothchick hops in
[15:09] <@Go> and i have a floor safe with a bunch of cool things in it!
[15:09] <+wofopewp> my niece picks up this plastic kids croquet mallet and hits herself on the head with it and says BONK while she is doing so
[15:09] <@Go> wofo, she’s going places…
[15:09] <+wofopewp> yes, but which places
[15:09] <+gothchick> aww
[15:09] <@Go> maybe to the olympics someday for crouet
[15:10] <@Go> er croquet
[15:10] <@Go> that’s such an indiana game
[15:10] <@Go> along with lawn darts….
[15:10] <@Go> nobody in california plays with lawn darts or croquet
[15:10] <+gothchick> weird
[15:10] <@Go> i had to get rid of both of those games too.
[15:10] <@Go> F BOYS
[15:10] <+gothchick> hahaha
[15:10] <+gothchick> croquet is so civilized, too
[15:10] <+wofopewp> no, EUCHRE is an indiana game!
[15:10] <@Go> YES
[15:11] <+z00p> i’d rather cut my left nut off than play croquet
[15:11] <+wofopewp> haha i knew that’d get you excited
[15:11] <@Go> and nobody here is smart enough to play it in california!
[15:11] <+z00p> it’s like some extremely gay form of golf
[15:11] <@Go> f stupid ppl from california
[15:11] <+z00p> mixed with polo
[15:11] <+z00p> lawn darts = death
[15:11] <@Go> lawn darts and hackey sac
[15:11] <+z00p> my friends and i used to throw those straight up in the air as hard as we could and run
[15:11] <@Go> that’s all we did in college
[15:12] <+z00p> AM NOT
[15:12] <+z00p> nobody died.
[15:12] <@Go> ARE TOO
[15:12] <+z00p> i’m not the guy who killed his kid throwing those!
[15:12] <@Go> i was the greatest hackey sack player in college
[15:12] <@Go> i could catch it between my boobs, roll it down my leg, kick it up and catch it on the bill of my hat
[15:13] <+cylob> i cant beliee they arrested amy goodman
[15:13] <@Go> cylob, i’m talking about ME here….
[15:13] <+gothchick> who?
[15:13] <+cylob> oh, my bad
[15:13] <+cylob> hackey sacks are good exercise
[15:14] <@Go> who is amy goodman? john goodmans fat daughter?
[15:14] <+cylob> omg
[15:14] <+cylob> the host of democracy now!
[15:14] <+gothchick> oh
[15:14] <@Go> like i watch that shit
[15:14] <+cylob> its only the best american news show
[15:14] <+cylob> but whateer
[15:14] <@Go> according to whom?
[15:14] <+cylob> she got arrested at the rnc
[15:14] <+cylob> and somebody has to pay
[15:15] <+cylob> no one messes with amy goodman and gets away with it
[15:15] <@Go> she’ll go down in history as that girl from teh best american news show that can’t contain herself in public
[15:15] <@Go> yay for her
[15:15] <@Go> i mean, look what such antics did for sinead oconner….
[15:15] <@Go> think about it.
[15:16] <+cylob>
[15:16] <+cylob> thats her being arrested
[15:16] <@Go> i’m not watching unless it involves a strip search
[15:16] <+cylob> sinead just ripped up a picture of the pope right?
[15:16] <+gothchick>
[15:16] <@Go> she spit on it after she threw it down
[15:16] <@bougyman> “Giuliani says Palin ready to handle 9/11 crisis – Yahoo! News”:
[15:17] <+cylob> god im fuckiun pissed at this
[15:17] <+gothchick> go sinead
[15:17] <@Go> goth, haha
[15:17] <@Go> i applauded.
[15:17] <+gothchick> me too
[15:17] <+gothchick> if people had known why she was doing it, she would’ve gotten a better reaction
[15:17] <+akhenaton> amy just walked up and the cops arrested her as she was inquiring about her two producers who had just been arrested
15[15:18] * walnuts is now known as boots
[15:18] <+gothchick> weird
[15:18] <@Go> well, if she has a great lawyer, she’ll be fine
[15:18] <+akhenaton> nah. just republicans and their jackbooted thugs
[15:18] <+cylob> they fucked with the wrong woman
[15:19] <@Go> cylob, what’s she going to do?
[15:19] <+cylob> the question is what am I going to do
[15:19] <@Go> i’m sure you won’t get as much publicity as your friend
[15:19] <@Go> unless….. and i’m full of ideas here…..
[15:19] <+akhenaton> democracy now! is an awesome radio show tho
[15:20] <@Go> ak, i have never watched/listened to it
[15:20] <+gothchick> that is an outrageous video
[15:20] <@Go> i prefer reading or watching my election/political material from the BBC
[15:20] <+gothchick> i’d love to know what came before it
[15:20] Amy’s great.
[15:20] <+akhenaton> Giuliani says Palin ready to handle 9/11 crisis. awesome.
[15:20] <+gothchick> yeah he’s a hoot
[15:21] She has more experience than Obama.
[15:21] Quiet.
[15:21] More executive experience, at least.
[15:21] He’s a fucking legislator.
[15:21] <+gothchick> she has just as many years… where do you get “more?”
[15:22] yes she was the executive of a little town in alaska!
[15:22] <+cylob> bush had enough experience to be president
[15:22] <+Vikash> “experience” is no subsitute for signficantly greater intelligence. Now if you say it’s the experience of having consistently made highly intelligent decisions, that’s different. “Experience” per se is meaningless
[15:22] <+gothchick> the gop’s math is getting worse… maybe they shouldn’t be cutting education funding
[15:22] <+cylob> and look at what this so-called experience is good for
[15:22] <+Vikash> substitute even
[15:22] <+cylob> obama lacks experience is sucking satan’s cock, he’s not ready
[15:22] <+gothchick> dubya had one of the weakest gubernatorial positions in the country
[15:22] <+cylob> in
[15:23] <+cylob> i wanna personally bitchslap anyone that has attacked obama on lack of experience, because those people are fucking retarded
[15:23] <@Go> that video only shows her being arrested
[15:23] <@Go> didn’t show the antecedent
[15:23] <+gothchick> yeah
[15:23] <+cylob> this 2 part video explains what happened
[15:23] <+cylob>
[15:23] <+gothchick> they’ve shot themselves in the foot by picking palin, in that respect… they can’t attack obama’s experience anymore
[15:24] <+wofopewp> gothchick but they will
[15:24] <+cylob> people dont even understand what it means to really lead, as evidenced by bush’s election
[15:24] <+cylob> so how can people know what experience is necessary
[15:24] <+gothchick> they may, but they’ll look even more stupid
[15:24] <+gothchick> yeah
[15:24] <+cylob> it’s a subtle argument for all the death and espair of the status quo
[15:24] <+gothchick> obama has the qualities, if not the years
[15:25] <+akhenaton> palin wa sin charge of a town with a population smaller than many public high schools
[15:25] i am on a diet
[15:25] <+akhenaton> and then she was governor for 2 years
[15:25] <+akhenaton> that isn’t exactly better than obama
[15:25] <+gothchick> can someone get rid of bananas?
[15:26] <+akhenaton> let them go brown, and make bananna bread
[15:26] im gonna fall ill if obama does not become president
[15:26] <+gothchick> no, boots = bananas = ban evader
[15:26] <+wofopewp> !banip boots
15[15:26] * Mises sets mode: +b *!*@
15[15:26] * boots was kicked by Mises (Banned: wofopewp: Requesting.)
[15:26] <+gothchick> thanks
[15:26] what does bananas do that is banworthy? (just curious)
[15:26] <+gothchick> what do you care? you’re in mexico.
[15:27] <+gothchick> he doesn’t, now, since he’s banned.
[15:27] heh
[15:27] <+Vikash> .seen boots
[15:28] <@Go> hi onebox
[15:28] <+Vikash> one of these days boots is gonna walk all over u?
[15:28] Gothchick: More executive experience.
[15:28] hi Go
[15:28] <@Go> or should i say, HOLA
[15:28] He has no executive experience.
[15:28] Senators write laws, vote on them, and give speeches.
[15:28] <+Vikash> wassup Goey
[15:28] <+gothchick> obama ran the harvard law review… palin went to university of idaho and no one remembers her
[15:28] A governor is a managerial role, as is President.
[15:28] it is beyond ridiculous that McCain attacked Obama for lack of experience and then picked a nobody for VP
[15:28] <+akhenaton> they cracked her one male producer’s skull and hurt the other one’s arm or something and they called her asking for help.
[15:28] <@Go> nothing. i’m in pain from this push up challenge i’ve decided to commit to
[15:28] That qualifies him as an intellectual and probably a great lawyer.
[15:29] <+akhenaton> the footage of the riot cops in that second video look like something out of star wars
[15:29] <+gothchick>
[15:29] <@bougyman> “University of Idaho professors remember little of Palin – Breaking News From Oregon & Portland –”:
15[15:29] * himmy is now known as Himbbl
[15:29] i heard that Palin didnt get a friggin passport until 2007. I fucking have more foreign policy experience.
[15:29] <+Vikash> Go whats a push up challenge? see how many cup sizes you can go up?
[15:29] <+Vikash> hahahah
[15:29] <@Go> no. just upper body strength
[15:29] <+Vikash> ok nm
[15:29] <@Go> want to see the challenge?
[15:29] Source, onebox.
[15:29] <+Vikash> sure
[15:30] <+Vikash> pic me
[15:30] I heard that Obama smokes crack, too.
[15:30] <+akhenaton> dddave rush limbaugh can make those points to people who listen to him. when you say it, it just looks silly. honestly.
[15:30] But that’s hearsay.
[15:30] <+gothchick> oh no wonder they don’t remember her… she went to three different colleges
[15:30] When you criticize the way I say something, you look silly.
[15:30] Why don’t you criticize what I say.
[15:30] gimme a second dddave
[15:30] <@Go>
[15:31] And I don’t like Limbaugh. I like Hannity and Mark Levin.
[15:31] hahahahaha
[15:31] hannity is an assclown
[15:31] Limbaugh is a pompous jackass.
[15:31] Well, we’re on the topic of conservative radio hosts.
[15:32] he’s a real piece of shit
[15:32] <+akhenaton> dddave: i did. i’m telling you rush can shovel bullshit into the troughs of his radiohogs. but when you repeat such codswallop to people who aren’t ditto-heads it just falls flat.
[15:32] So you’re not a ditto head. Okay, point.
[15:32] <@bougyman> “Democrats search for evidence of Sarah Palin’s inexperience – Times Online”:
[15:32] <+gothchick> Ms. Palin appears to have traveled very little outside the United States. In July 2007, she had to get a passport before she visited members of the Alaska National Guard stationed in Kuwait, according to her deputy communications director, Sharon Leighow.
[15:32] <@Go> this election has me very excited. i mean, the political aspect of the entire thing is a bit crazy from time to time… but my 7 year old daughter summed it all up for me with this, “mommy, how cool is it that our country will accept a black man and a woman as possible leaders. Who knows, maybe i’ll be president in my lifetime”
[15:32] <@Go> how cool is that?
[15:32] But how is what I’m saying about her executive experience of a governor in any way false?
[15:32] <+akhenaton> so the first problem is that its bullshit. the second problem is that you don’t have a radio show broadcasting to people who already agree with everything you’re going to say
[15:32] <+gothchick> that’s from
[15:33] thanks gothchick
[15:33] <@Go> times are a changin’
[15:33] She’s a nobody, but only for the reason that her time to shine in the spotlight (which is all that Obama’s been doing since his ’04 convention appearance) is coming at the same time that her nomination.
[15:33] <+akhenaton> dddave: her 2 years of experience as a governor have not made her more capable or qualified than obama.
[15:34] <+akhenaton> especially the tiny tiny state of alaska
[15:34] but she has a retarded baby. you have to like her.
[15:34] I never said she was more qualified or more capable. I said she had more executive experience.
[15:34] Managerial experience.
[15:34] i dont have to like her
[15:34] <+akhenaton> no, we have to like the baby
[15:34] she should have had so many goddamn babies
[15:34] the tiny STD and teen pregnancy ravaged state of Alaska
[15:34] <+gothchick> a mcdonald’s manager might have comparable experience
[15:34] if she would’ve stopped at two like a responsible human, there would be no retarded baby
[15:34] Alaska is one of the country’s most resource full states, chock full of industry.
[15:34] <+akhenaton> dddave: i could say the same for hussein at my local 7-11. still wouldnt make any more sense.
[15:34] <+gothchick> she’s also in the middle of that scandal with her brother-in-law
[15:35] <+gothchick> haha acceb
[15:35] and yet she raised the sales tax dddave
[15:35] Hey! hey! HEY! hey over here, my tallest! my tallest! my taaaaaalllesst!
[15:35] Obama was born out of wedlock.
[15:35] <+cylob> palin supported a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, the one that bush proposed
[15:35] That’s why he now has white parents.
[15:35] <+gothchick> obama’s first reaction to palin’s child’s pregnancy was that children should be strictly off limits
[15:35] <+gothchick> huh?
[15:35] <+wofopewp>
[15:35] <+gothchick> he has white parents because his parents weren’t married?
[15:36] <+akhenaton> palin brought the child issuei nto the mix ddnt she
[15:36] I don’t see why your nearly adult kids should be off limmits.
[15:36] limits.
[15:36] <+gothchick> you’re not too swift
[15:36] raising sales tax is a good thing for a right-winger to do, as the poor pay more as a percentage of income than the rich
[15:36] Obama is to classy to go after the kids. He knows the damage is done anyway.
[15:36] <+gothchick> ak: she told the media that her kid is pregnant because they were accusing the kid of giving birth to trig
[15:36] You’re going to compare a US Governor to a 7-11 clerk?
[15:36] good point JohnXXIV
[15:36] You’re the one shoveling shit.
[15:36] <+akhenaton> dddave is just trying to put lipstick on a pig, or in this case, an elephant. still no improvement. except now you gotta kiss it.
[15:37] <+gothchick> yeah he seems pretty dumb
[15:37] You’re comparing Palin to a fucking clerk at 7-11.
[15:37] I once found a live student in 7-11
[15:37] oh man that would be awesome if it turned out that Trig was her grandchild
[15:37] How would it be awesome?
[15:37] <+akhenaton> dddave: a really really busy 7-11 on a main street
[15:37] scandalous dddave
[15:37] would make a juicy story
[15:37] I think fucked up families like Palin’s are the norm among the Masses
[15:37] yeah that’d be nice
[15:38] <+gothchick> it’s moot… she CHOSE to have the baby, but she doesn’t want anyone else to have a choice. fuck her.
[15:38] she will do well, the worse it looks
[15:38] <+Vikash> Palin supported the movement that wanted alaska independent..and was a pat buchanan supporter. you call this experience?
[15:38] what do you mean JohnXXIV?
[15:38] <+Vikash> i call it bad judgement
[15:38] I think a lot of people will identify with teenage pregnancy in their family
[15:39] perslaps
[15:39] <+Vikash> yes but not as conservative republicans..
[15:39] I really don’t thhink the court can afford mccain.
[15:39] But, then again
[15:39] who gives a shit about america?
[15:39] I dont think the political labels matter much to most people
[15:39] <+gothchick> clinton’s supporters aren’t going to vote for palin just because palin is female. that’s what it boils down to.
[15:40] <+cylob> that someone couldve supported clinton over obama to begin with, does not bode well
[15:40] <+akhenaton> but she’s female with troubled children
[15:40] no way. palin and clinton are totally different and the voters know that.
[15:40] <+gothchick> her husband is male with troubled children, then
[15:40] <+cylob> from the beginning there was a clear ethical distinction between ovbama and clinton
[15:40] I think it shows that McCain gets googly-eyed every time he sees a good-looking younger woman
[15:40] <+cylob> and clinton still did well…why?
[15:40] <+Vikash> bingo
[15:40] Eh.
[15:40] <+Vikash> I agree with JohnXXIV
[15:40] <+akhenaton> (perhaps due to parental neglect from a roughneck oil drilling dad and a power hungry political mom, but who knows?)
[15:40] She didn’t choose to have the baby.
[15:40] She’s bound by her beliefs.
[15:40] McCain has been a philanderer in his past
[15:40] <+gothchick> because clinton was smart enough not to get pinned down on her ethical problems
[15:41] all the Russians have to do is get a hot Svetlana as the Ambassador and McCain will give away the store.
[15:41] <+gothchick> she didn’t go to jail for whitewater, etc.
[15:41] <+cylob> gothchick: cause the voters were too dumb to care, they just saw a woman
[15:41] And minorities are too dumb to understand, they just see one of their own.
[15:41] <+gothchick> yeah, a smart woman who votes the way they want her to
[15:41] <+cylob> the voters are too dumb, base souls cant appreciate a great soul like obama
[15:42] I wonder how many people are voting for Obama simply for the reason that he’s a sharp black man.
[15:42] I don’t subscribe to the opinion that the voters are dumb
[15:42] <+gothchick> palin’s against choice, belongs to the nra, etc. and doesn’t have the same supporters.
[15:42] (By the way, I love the guy as a person)
[15:42] You don’t subscribe to the opinion?
[15:42] in the old days, God’s will was determined by wars between kings in Christendom
[15:42] <+gothchick> i’ll vote for obama because he’s smart and so far doesn’t seem dishonest
[15:42] I’m willing to bet that more than 50% of the country can’t tell you who Joe Biden is.
[15:42] <+cylob> theres no going back from hillary’s 3 am terrorism ad. how she coudlve released that will always aaze e
[15:42] now it is determined by election
[15:42] <+cylob> amaze
[15:42] <+gothchick> mccain seems to be a flipflopping moron
[15:43] What state he’s from, what his political background is, or who’s running mate he is.
[15:43] Hey, guys
[15:43] 50% of the country can’t find rhode island on a map
[15:43] I just thought of a good idea for a literary piece
[15:43] Satyricon: that’s numberwang!
[15:43] <+z00p> gothchick that’s how he keeps his entire target demographic
[15:43] <+z00p> he stays on both sides of the issues
[15:43] <+gothchick> clinton was a carpetbagger here, and i haven’t forgiven her for it
[15:43] you have to accept the will of the voters, whether they went with your candidate or noty
[15:43] Right. And you call them educated voters?
[15:43] <+akhenaton> ddddave: re minorities, thats what they thought, but knew better. they knew if they chose someone like michael steele, that the black vote would spit in their eye. because it isn’t just because obama’s black. its because they want what he’s offering.
[15:43] <+akhenaton> and the same deal with clinton voters.
[15:43] <+gothchick> zoop: centrists often end up alienating large groups of people rather than pandering to them… look at bill clinton
[15:43] What is he offering?
[15:43] clearly democracy is a bad idea
[15:44] <+akhenaton> republicans once again just don’t get it.
[15:44] He’s offering change on a platter.
[15:44] That’s his entire campaign. Change.
[15:44] if you dont like democracy, why not go live in China?
[15:44] Do you think a single one of these voters has ever looked into what exactly he’s planning on changing?
[15:44] Because I am not an ethnic chinese
[15:44] Shit, even I have a tough time reading up on his views.
[15:44] so I’d never be accepted into the meritocracy there.
[15:44] <+gothchick> yes, change, because just about anything is better than dubya.
[15:44] The guy has no track record.
[15:44] so it sucks to be you then
[15:44] Not really.
[15:44] Hold on, let me take a look at his Senate voting record.
[15:45] <+cylob> ddddave: just listening to you decreases my iq
[15:45] we just need to disenfranchise the proletariat
[15:45] <+gothchick> haha cylob
[15:45] <+gothchick> hey sat
[15:45] easier still, eliminate the proletariat, which is happening quite nicely
[15:45] Hi gothchick
[15:46] Eh. They’re good for some things.
[15:46] <+cylob> hmm, let’s see, one fundamental change might be this little thing goni around called a FUCKING WAR YOU STYUPID BITCH
[15:46] Just not voting.
[15:46] <+akhenaton> ddddave: yeah why don’t you take a look at his state senate and congressional voting records? and the bills he’s introduced and supported?
[15:46] <+gothchick> haha
[15:46] <+cylob> suck on that ddddave
[15:46] if you send the proles into war you have to give them social benefits
[15:46] <+akhenaton> You’ll see the list is longer than you were told.
[15:46] No you don’t.
[15:46] it;s the ‘social contract’
[15:46] I never signed it.
[15:47] <+akhenaton> no sign no deliver
[15:47] <+akhenaton> just ask any war vet you see on the street or living a life of hell
15[15:47] * Mises sets mode: +l 71
[15:47] doesn’t really matter what you did or didn’t do. You are just an individual.
[15:47] Oh. War. You’re one of those.
[15:47] <+akhenaton> ddddave: one of what?
[15:47] If we go by what Obama’s vice president says..
[15:47] the surge is working!
[15:47] one of millions
[15:47] There will be 3 Iraqs before we withdraw.
[15:47] <+gothchick> one of those peope who’s aware that dubya’s killed over 4000 americans
[15:47] <+akhenaton> that surge is awesome
[15:48] Kurdistan, Shia’stan, and Sunnistan.
[15:48] Eh.
[15:48] Sunni side up!
[15:48] The shiite state would just be absorbed by iran
[15:48] <+cylob> mccain will mean ww3, ,and if he wins, im fuckin movin out of fear for my very life
[15:48] <+akhenaton> ddddave: you’re sounding foolish again, just thought i’d warn you
[15:48] And so would the other two weakened states.
[15:48] Really?
[15:48] Read.
[15:48] Turkey would annex Kurdistan
[15:48] <+gothchick> he’s tottering on his last legs
[15:48] I find it unlikely.
[15:48] <+wofopewp> hey i’ve got an idea
[15:48] <+wofopewp> !banip ddddave
15[15:48] * Mises sets mode: +b *!*
15[15:48] * ddddave was kicked by Dejacque (Banned)
15[15:48] * +gothchick cheers
[15:48] <+akhenaton> ddddave: thanks. what ELSE shall i read?
[15:48] hat would be a much bigger hassle than the turks want
[15:49] <+wofopewp> sorry folks
[15:49] <+wofopewp> but he is dumb
[15:49] <+akhenaton> aww..i wanted to talk at him somemore
[15:49] <+wofopewp> with a capital DUH
[15:49] the Turks can just exterminate them all, as they did to the armenians
[15:49] <+akhenaton> wofo: its cool. good call.
[15:49] iraqi kurds are fat less docile than their turkish cousins.
[15:49] <+akhenaton> he can take that shit back to #politics where he got it.
15[15:49] * Mises sets mode: -b *!4bf97f9f@*
[15:50] <+gothchick> the end of that ny times article is hilarious
[15:50] <+gothchick> As recently as last month, Ms. Palin appeared to dismiss the importance of the vice presidency in an interview with Larry Kudlow of CNBC, who asked her about her prospects for the job.
[15:51] <+gothchick> .I still can.t answer that question until somebody answers for me, what is it exactly that the V.P. does every day?. Ms. Palin told Mr. Kudlow. .I.m used to being very productive and working real hard..
[15:51] <+gothchick> *giggle*
[15:51] <+bmc> i take it youre not a fan of McCain/Palin
[15:51] <+akhenaton> “I’d be ready to be President. Yup, Yup. Especially with a good team behind me.”
[15:51] <+truth> gothchick votes blindly based on her sharing genetalia with whom she’s voting for.
[15:51] <+gothchick> hahaha
[15:51] Heh
[15:51] truth: be nice, please
[15:52] <+gothchick> truth knows me so well
[15:52] <+bmc> what DOES the VP do everyday anyway
[15:52] all I wanna know is why her family wasn’t off limits last week when the pregnant 17 yr old was holding corky (triggy) and this week its off limits because the daughter mightve been holding a little triggy of her own inside
[15:52] <+gothchick> i’m just dying to elect more nra members
[15:52] <+akhenaton> bmc: leader of the syn’odd
[15:52] <+truth> if you’re Dick Cheney, you basically run the country. If you’re Sarah Palin, you might as well be first lady.
[15:53] <+bmc> Cheney seems like a very powerful man
[15:53] <+gothchick> as letterman said last night, “a vice president who likes guns… what could go wrong there?”
[15:53] <-- gothchick! [15:53] <@bougyman> “Untitled”:
[15:53] Is that really you?
[15:53] <+truth> nobody knows
[15:54] <+truth> gothchick is a ghost.
[15:54] <+wofopewp> alright im heading out now
[15:54] truth whats the free site you told me about to host photos I never want to keep forever available to everybody?
[15:54] <+truth>
[15:54] ty, thats it
[15:54] Im going to put my camel toe on there
[15:54] <-- OMG! [15:54] <@bougyman> “foot alarm – models – patrizia – nylons’n’latex”:
[15:55] <+bmc> patrizia is pretty hot
[15:56] she sure is
[15:56] <+wofopewp> okay that one actually IS gothchick
[15:56] <+akhenaton> fruitbag: pretty good. love those nylons.
[15:56] what the fuck is up with the feet on them
[15:56] that’s ugly
[15:56] and impractical
[15:57] <@miaux> her butt doesn’t look nice in latex ๐Ÿ™
[15:57] akhenaton: that’s as hot as hell!
[15:57] <+akhenaton> acceb: what about the feet?
[15:57] <+truth> BAD TIMING
15[15:57] * Mises sets mode: +l 67
[15:57] <+truth> didn’t need that open.
[15:57] heh
[15:57] boss?
[15:57] ๐Ÿ˜‰
[15:57] bmc: that’s the hottest goth girl I’ve seen in a while
[15:58] akhenaton, you think normal nylons have feet like that?
[15:58] Shit — I really need to be alone now
[15:58] <+bmc> hah
15[15:58] * fruitbag is now known as fruitbag`
[15:58] <+bmc> i like the red streaks in her hair also
[15:58] <+truth> I bet in the daytime goth wears jeans and t-shirts, then puts on amazing gowns at night to tear it up.
[15:58] There’s another amazing goth chick on that site wearing nylons
[15:58] <+gothchick> no
[15:58] <+akhenaton> acceb: they’re called cuban heel type nylons. and they were once prevalent
[15:59] akhenaton: very sexy indeed
[15:59] <+akhenaton> aye aye
[15:59] <+truth> no gowns?
[15:59] <+truth> diamond incrusted armani dinner dresses
[15:59] <+gothchick> potato sacks
[15:59] akhenaton, they’re ugly
[15:59] <+wofopewp> i eat bags of fruit like you for breakfast
[15:59] <+wofopewp> speaking of food though
[15:59] <@miaux> a foot fetish site?
[16:00] brb
15[16:00] * tripedal was kicked by Dejacque (idle 1440 min)
15[16:00] * Mises sets mode: -b *!4bf97f9f@67.207.141.*
[16:00] <+truth> potato sacks ass
15[16:01] * Mises sets mode: +v tripedal
[16:01] <+truth> I bet you got some one of a kind nikey sneaks
[16:01] <+truth> nike
[16:01] <+truth> man, what kind of american misspells Nike.
[16:01] <+gothchick> i’ve never had nikes
[16:01] <+truth> adidas?
[16:02] <+gothchick> k swiss, for tennis
[16:02] <+truth> k swiss’s are good
[16:02] <+truth> cute
[16:02] <+akhenaton> they are.
[16:03] <+truth> I like addidas. They are my favorite.
[16:03] <@miaux> i like asics and new balance
[16:03] <+gothchick> they’re german… i don’t buy german stuff
[16:03] <+bmc> im wearing nike
[16:03] <+bmc> a rather old pair though
[16:03] <+rsTheo> I like Rodeo brand
[16:03] <+akhenaton> acceb2: i like them.
[16:03] <+Vikash> why not gothy
[16:03] <+Vikash> gothchick rolls in her benz and says she doesnt buy german shtuff
[16:04] <@miaux> mabye gothchick is a joo
[16:04] <+gothchick> nope
[16:04] <+Vikash> joos buy bmws
[16:04] <+bmc> bmw are suppose to be very high quality
[16:04] <+bmc> probably not a bad buy
[16:04] <+gothchick> nazi staff cars
[16:04] <@Mises> [dionysus] WARNING: chatter is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.
[16:04] hi
[16:05] HI
[16:06] <+akhenaton> hey..there were good nazis too
[16:06] <+gothchick> ha
[16:06] <+akhenaton> good and dead that is.
[16:06] <+akhenaton> rrrimshot
[16:06] <+bmc> you ever drink decaf
[16:07] <+gothchick> *badumbum*
[16:07] <+bmc> its not actually decaffeinated
[16:07] <+bmc> its got me all jittery
[16:07] <@Death_Syn> i really wanted to try that german cheeseburger in a can
[16:07] <+gothchick> you should
[16:08] <+akhenaton> i wonder if germans make the best hamburgers
[16:08] <+akhenaton> considering
[16:08] hint: they don’t
[16:09] are burgers even named after the city
[16:09] i was not aware of this
[16:09] yes, sort of
[16:09] <+akhenaton> yah i think
[16:09] <+bmc> ground burger in the shape of a patty, its not really rocket science
[16:09] it comes from a kind of manufactured steak associated with hamburg
[16:09] like a salisbury steak
[16:09] ahh
[16:10] <+akhenaton> a sandwich in the style of the city of hamburg
[16:10] i want to see some little meat skyscrapers
[16:10] i’m not even sure they have skyscrapers, but. yaknow.
[16:10] you can make meatloaf i n any shape you want
[16:11] <@Death_Syn> The word hamburger comes from Hamburg steak, which originated in the German city of Hamburg. Contrary to what folk etymology might lead one to believe, there is no actual ‘ham’ in a hamburger. However, there might be various other animal products depending on the quality of the meat.
[16:11] That’s what I said.
[16:11] <+akhenaton> animal waste products amirite
[16:11] no it’s not a poopburger
[16:12] the average pound of hamburger meat can contain material from 6000 cows
[16:12] Mine comes from at most two cows.
[16:12] One for the lean, one for the fat.
[16:12] <+akhenaton> sat: upton sinclair may disagree
[16:12] that is a scary supply chain
[16:13] I avoid eating industrial beef.
[16:13] <+bmc> probably best to buy a fresh side of beef and have it prepared the way you want
[16:13] a side of beef is a bit much to buy.
[16:13] it’s hundreds of pounds.
[16:13] <+bmc> would last awhile
[16:14] not unless you have a meat locker.
[16:14] <@Death_Syn> hmm, hamburgers originally made with coffee and brown sugar
[16:14] <@Death_Syn> now THAT i must try
[16:14] A friend of mine is a butcher who cuts the most awesome steaks
[16:14] I like the six week dry aged ribeye.
[16:15] <+bmc> is that really true, 6000 cows?
[16:15] <+bmc> no telling what you might get in there
[16:15] probably an exaggeration
[16:15] yeah it’s because much meat processing is done by few firms
[16:15] but the point is, yuck.
[16:15] it CAN contain up to 6000 cows
[16:15] want some meat man
[16:16] <+bmc> i was not aware of that
[16:16] just get your beef from agood butcher
[16:16] apparently McDonald’s loses money every time you buy a double cheeseburger
[16:16] problem solved
[16:16] so buy as many of them as you can!
[16:16] nah man we need to boycott popeyes they shit too expensive
[16:17] we have this place up here in Canuckistan called Mama’s Pizza which is by far the best fast food
[16:17] fast food pizza?
[16:17] yuck
[16:18] “five brothers” makes a good burger.
[16:18] these slices are awesome
[16:18] and fries as a matter of fact
[16:18] “five niggers” makes excellent fried chicken
[16:18] lol
[16:18] <+bmc> roy rogers has decent chicken, for “fast” food
[16:18] <+bmc> still better fried at home
[16:19] omg wait a second. did someone use the n-word?
[16:19] do fat chicks have camel toes or skinny chicks?
[16:19] <+bmc> i think most women do
[16:19] bmc I think some chicks don’t
[16:19] its all related to tightness of clothing.
[16:20] nasty mofos
[16:20] bmc check out this photo and see if I do please
[16:21] <+bmc> not with blue jeans on ๐Ÿ˜›
[16:21] ha!
[16:21] annebonny go wash ur cunny it stinks
[16:21] chicks with camel toes have them no matter what they are wearing
[16:22] <+bmc> demin isnt very revealing
[16:22] <+bmc> denim*
[16:22] CokeAdict ๐Ÿ™
[16:22] I can’t wash my cunny, it keeps me from getting raped
[16:23] (wise advice I got from verushka)
[16:23] <@Death_Syn> it has stopped me
[16:23] <@Death_Syn> ๐Ÿ˜›
[16:23] haha
[16:23] i’m not giving up… i’ll destroy you##!#!*ยฃ$%
[16:23] howto are you my insurance carrier??
[16:23] Only because my napkin bounced off.
[16:23] annebonny wat if u get a bf and he wants to eat ur cunny
15[16:23] * CokeAdict was kicked by Mises (Retarded word detected. (* u *) :: [Wed Sep 3 15:23:58 2008] – Banned 0 minutes ยท7158ยท)
[16:23] hes gonna puke
[16:24] well, that would be embarrassing on a lot more levels than just the puke
[16:24] <+z00p> Get out.
[16:24] <+akhenaton> what a strange like of conversation
[16:24] <+akhenaton> line
[16:24] go put some vagisil on it to take the stench away
[16:24] <+xartet> hi
15[16:24] * +z00p Robert Patrick T2 “GET OUT”
[16:24] <@Go> who the
[16:24] <@Go> who is CokeAdict???
[16:24] <+xartet> z00p is watching dumb commercials.
[16:24] <@Go> hi xartet
[16:24] <@Go> how’s dongs?
[16:24] <+akhenaton> some asshole
[16:24] <+xartet> i dont know
[16:25] CokeAdict is an up and coming stand up comic, cant you tell?
[16:25] Oh you have to see these shoes I walked in from union sq to pier 1
[16:25] <@Go> he’s about to be “#philosophy’s next banned”
[16:26] Hey
[16:26] So, where was I, guys?
[16:26] I was so crippled the next day it wasn’t worth it
[16:26] Oh, yeah — goth girls in lingrie
[16:26] lingerie *
[16:27] <@Go> how in the hell did you walk in those????
[16:27] I DON’T KNOW
15[16:28] * fruitbag` gives gothchick stockings as a present.
[16:28] there was no cabs in the city so I guess I did it because I had to
[16:28] <+akhenaton> trina: foxy heels
[16:28] oh crud! he ate my suit!
[16:28] foxy but cruel … so cruel
[16:29] <@Go> trina, you look like you’re ready for a night on the town
[16:29] <@Go> and your husband looks like he’s going to a rodeo
[16:29] <@Go> not that that is bad
[16:29] haha
[16:29] <@Go> but as someone who lives in california, i’d peg you for texans
[16:29] well its sand francisco and you can dress however you want
[16:29] i would have gone with “going to a rodeo” or “hoping to sneak off to the drag show”
15[16:29] * zuckling was kicked by Dejacque (idle 1440 min)
[16:29] mainly its the open collar that does it
[16:30] <@Go> he’s not really wearing pucca shells, is he?
[16:30] <@Go> or is that a leather bollero tie?
[16:30] haha
[16:30] now I would go ask him but then he’d get self conscious and he liked whatever it is
[16:30] does his buckle have a word on it?
[16:31] <@Go> i like him
[16:31] oh man I dunno, lemme look
[16:31] <@Go> he seems like a really cool dude
[16:31] r u a homosexual Go?
15[16:31] * CokeAdict was kicked by Mises (Retarded word detected. (* u *) :: [Wed Sep 3 15:31:35 2008] – Banned 0 minutes ยท7159ยท)
[16:31] <@Go> i am homosexual
[16:31] thought so
[16:31] there are a lot of lipstick lesbians in napa valley
[16:32] immigrants and faggots they make no sense to me
[16:32] they come to our country and think theyll do as they please
[16:32] <@Go> why don’t you go troll one of the other 12 channels you’re in
[16:32] shut up cock boy
[16:32] <+akhenaton> they all already have him on ignore
[16:32] go suck a cock
[16:32] <@Go> !banip CokeAdict
15[16:32] * Mises sets mode: +b *!*
15[16:32] * CokeAdict was kicked by Mises (Banned: Go: Requesting.)
[16:32] <+akhenaton> he was threatening to flood someone in here the other day
[16:33] <+akhenaton> it was funny
[16:33] there is this new renee’s salad dressing tangerine lime i highly recommend it
[16:33] hardc0re floodage.
[16:33] <@Go> i’m going to put this in all my ban msgs from now on:
[16:33] <@Go> trina, you’ll appreciate that
[16:34] <+akhenaton> that was my first exposure to sexy alice in wonderland costumes
[16:34] <@Go> great song
[16:34] <+akhenaton> summer vacation, watching videos on vh1
[16:34] <@Go> yep
[16:35] yay tennis
[16:35] everyone watching this tiebreak?
[16:36] <+akhenaton> tom petty, are you high?
[16:36] i cant really stand competetive sports.
[16:36] tom petty was greatness
[16:37] <+truth> agreed
[16:37] really if I didn’t think it would bore you to tears I would show you pictures from that concert
[16:37] man britney spears is so good
[16:37] I have photos from cake like 20 feet from the stage
[16:37] its like electronic then electro then i pulled a full circle straight into britney spears
[16:37] yikes.
[16:38] i heard someone say britney spears’ 2007 single got its inspiration from uk dubstep.
[16:38] <+akhenaton> roy: yael naim does britney’s song Toxic better than brit ever could
[16:38] gregor i wouldnt be surprised!
[16:38] i dont like toxic that much
[16:39] i hpe she makes a big come back and blow rihanna out of the water
[16:39] <+akhenaton> yes. brit didnt do it justice. yael naim transforms it into something awesome
[16:39] lol
[16:39] <+gothchick>
[16:40] <+akhenaton> rihanna is hotter
[16:41] <+evenin`> i’m going to demand a big klonopin perscription tomorrow
[16:41] <+akhenaton> brit’s image wold need an overhaul to get her back into sex symbol sttaus
[16:41] benzos are never a good idea.
[16:42] <+evenin`> prescription
[16:42] <@Go> goth, lol
[16:42] <+evenin`> also
[16:42] <@Go> they were both snickering
[16:42] <+evenin`> i need something done about my OCD
[16:42] even worse idea, since you’ve got a regular supply with an Rx.
[16:42] they’re wildly addictive.
[16:42] <@Go> evenin`, suggest dexedrine to your psych
[16:42] <@Go> or upping your risperdal
[16:42] <+gothchick> yeah, great segment
[16:42] <@Go> i told you this yesterday
[16:43] <+evenin`> fuck risperdal
[16:43] <@Go> “she’s qualified to be vp because she sold the state plane”
[16:43] <@Go> “she’s got guts”
[16:43] id be nervous about developing tardive dyskinesia on risperdal.
[16:43] <@Go> gregor, that’s mellaril
[16:43] <@Go> not risperdal
[16:43] <@Go> sheesh
[16:43] <+gothchick> on ebay, no less
[16:43] i’m pretty sure risperdal is a neuroleptic as well.
[16:43] <+akhenaton> go: total damage control mixed with denial
[16:44] <+evenin`> you could get TD on any antipsychotic
[16:44] yes.
[16:44] <@Go> evenin`, some quicker than others
[16:44] I really think you just need a gf instead of new pills
[16:44] yo
[16:44] <@Go> i think he needs to really consider mellaril
[16:44] FredExley hi
[16:44] <@Go> drop all your other shit and take your chances on one pill
[16:44] perhaps marijuana?
15[16:44] * Mises sets mode: +v FredExley
[16:44] <@Go> you can even couple mellaril with dexidrine
[16:44] <+evenin`> wack
[16:44] <+FredExley> annebonny hi
[16:45] <@Go> maybe even a .01 clonopin
[16:45] <@Go> your cocktail needs to be fixed 4D
[16:45] <+evenin`> all i want is the klonopin
[16:45] and a gf
[16:45] <+evenin`> go you have a poor understanding of how it’s treated
[16:45] dont get on klonopin unless you plan on being on it for the rest of your life.
[16:45] <@Go> you’re right, i haven’ had the joy of medicationg a paranoid schitzophrenic lately
[16:46] <@Go> but, i’m aware of what cocktails work
[16:46] <@Go> and your’s need fine tuning
[16:46] <+evenin`> they would never use dexedrine for something like this #1
[16:46] <+evenin`> completely off label
[16:46] <@Go> yes, they would
[16:46] are you paranoid?
[16:47] <@Go> mostly in patients with aspergers
[16:47] <+FredExley> Go: what is “a paranoid schizophrenic?”
[16:47] <@Go> dini, I DUNNO WHY ARE YOU ASKING? MOM?
[16:47] <@Go> =)
[16:47] <+bmc> tardive dyskinisia is the least of your worries
[16:47] <+akhenaton> i knew it
[16:47] <+FredExley> I’m just curious if you can define the words you use.
[16:47] <+FredExley> Most people can’t.
[16:47] <+akhenaton> or maybe i didnt
[16:47] <+bmc> worry about neuroleptic malignant syndrome
[16:47] paranoid schizophrenia is a curse
[16:47] <@Go> dini, would you like my version or the dsm’s version?
[16:47] <+FredExley> Also, dexedrine is usually used for ADD and dieters and nothing more.
[16:48] <+FredExley> Go: Either will do.
[16:48] nothing you would want to have
[16:48] <@Go> dini, not true
[16:48] <+evenin`> i’ve tried Geodon, Abilify, Risperdal and i like risperdal the best of those
[16:48] <+FredExley> Go: The DSM’s “definition” is an admixture of nonsense.
[16:48] <+evenin`> it’s hard to get on any of them for me, very uncomfortable
[16:48] <@Go> dexedrine is very very common for ocd, aspergers, autistim
[16:48] homosexuality was classified as a mental illness in the dsm
[16:48] <@Go> as a matter of fact, now that i think about it, dexedrine is a hot ass drug used for ocd
[16:49] <+evenin`> nah
[16:49] <+FredExley> A little.
[16:49] <@Go> and not only that, it’s used for depression sometimes as well
[16:49] <+bmc> i think the risks associated with second generation atypical antipsychotics is substantially less than with first generation varieties such as Haldol
[16:49] <@Go> so is ritalin
[16:49] <+bmc> or so thats the common thinking anyway
[16:49] <+FredExley> THe majority of users are prescribed the drug because of ADD.
[16:49] I think most the women I know that are depressed are that way because they know they don’t have options in life
[16:49] I dunno why men get depressed
[16:49] <+FredExley> annebonny: Because consciousness is hell?
[16:50] <+bmc> I’ve been on Risperdal, Ability, Seroquel and Invega
[16:50] <+FredExley> Or because other people are hell.
[16:50] this sounds suspiciously like an “it’s all in your head just get out and enjoy the sunshine” line of reasoning about mental illness.
[16:50] <+FredExley> Usually one of the two.
[16:50] <@Go> dini, it is a fact that it is not used soley for add
[16:50] <@Go> that is a fact
[16:50] <+bmc> Risperdal has the least amount of negative affect for me
[16:50] <+FredExley> Go: I never said it was a fact.
[16:50] <+evenin`> well I could complain of ADD symptoms but i doubt asking for both dexedrine and klonopin is going to be reasonable to the doctor
[16:50] <+FredExley> Go: I said the MAJORITY of users
[16:50] <+FredExley> Go: FUcking learn how to read.
[16:50] <+evenin`> in fact, i’m sure he wouldnt think it was cool
[16:50] <@Go> i’m just restating what i said earlier
[16:50] <+akhenaton> men get depressed because sometimes that little ant doesn’t always have those high hopes
[16:50] <+FredExley> gregor: “mental illness” doesn’t exist.
[16:50] Um mental illness *is* all in your head
[16:50] heh.
[16:50] akhenaton is that true?
[16:50] <+akhenaton> but that fucking rubber tree plant is still standing there
[16:50] its disallusionment?
[16:50] <@Go> i think that 4D would benefit from a dexidrine/mellaril cocktail
[16:51] <+FredExley> Go: that’s fine. but it has nothing to do with what I said.
[16:51] <@Go> i think it’s something he should bring up with his psych as a possiblity
[16:51] <+evenin`> totally outlandish “cocktail”
[16:51] the main cause of mental illness in males is female vocal chords
[16:51] FredExley you talk like somebody who’s never worked with anybody who’s got serious mental illness.
[16:51] <+FredExley> hahaha john
[16:51] but heads are complicated things. Sometimes mere sunshine is enough to change their chemistry for the “better”; sometimes more needs doing.
[16:51] <+bmc> evenin`: maybe you could ask about Invega, its chemically identical to Risperdal once Risperdal is metabolized (Paliperidone) but has a longer duration, so only needed once a day, ive read its nothing more than a patent extender for Risperdal though
[16:51] <+FredExley> gregor: Or somebody who knows what he’s talking about. Have it either way.
[16:52] men have it all though in this world … the power, the brains, the balls (literally)
[16:52] <@Go> i <3 rich [16:52] FredExley, so how would you describe the phenomena we normally call “mental illness”
[16:52] <+akhenaton> trina: well that implies that there was illusion involved which isnt always the case
[16:52] <+FredExley> gregor: I’m not sure what you mean by “mental illness.”
[16:52] <+FredExley> gregor: Probably “abnormal behavior.”
[16:52] the balls (literally)? perhaps you means balls as metaphor for testicles, in which “balls (figuratively)” is appropriate.
[16:53] <+FredExley> gregor: Or “unwanted behavior”
[16:53] akhenaton illusion is always the case
[16:53] or perhaps you man bowling balls, or ping-pong balls
[16:53] a rough approximation would be thoughts/behaviors that disrupt a person’s ability to live life as they want to live it.
[16:53] ty richtroye I probably did
[16:53] persistent, overwhelming thoughts/behaviors.
[16:53] <+FredExley> gregor: That would be a weak approximation with numerous problems.
[16:53] annebonny it’s so much fun for me being a pedant, I’m lucky I live alone
[16:53] <@Go> !topic medicated behavior
04[16:53] * Mises changes topic to ‘medicated behavior’
15[16:53] * Mises sets mode: +t
[16:53] richtroye I wish we could’ve met
[16:53] annebonny are you planning on dying??
[16:54] <+FredExley> gregor: ALso weak, but perhaps better, would be behaviors that disrupt a person’s ability to live life as the masses want him/her to live it.
[16:54] but your city is too exciting to sit around wishing for coffee ๐Ÿ™‚
[16:54] FredExley, lol.
[16:54] we can meet sometime
[16:54] <+FredExley> gregor: there’s nothing “lol” about this.
[16:54] <+FredExley> gregor: it’s a sad fact.
[16:54] <+bmc> i refuse to take an anti-psychotic, so im only on Paxil currently, seems to work OK on my social anxiety
[16:54] <+FredExley> paxil has some awful side effects.
[16:54] <+bmc> cheap as hell too
[16:54] <+bmc> $4
[16:54] <+akhenaton> 4 a pill?
[16:54] FredExley, what’s lol is the rote, uninformed idea you have about what it means to be mentally ill.
[16:54] <+bmc> no, a bottle
[16:54] <+akhenaton> and it takes away your sex drive?
[16:54] yeah, voices in your head telling you to kill people, that’s just “unwanted behaviour”. can’t be “mental illness”, right?
[16:55] <+bmc> $4/30
[16:55] <+bmc> akhenaton: no, its actually prescribed for premature ejaculation though
[16:55] <@Go> break down it’s alright….it’s alright….
[16:55] have you ever met someone going through a psychotic episode?
[16:55] <@Go> 4D, risperdal stops working after a while… just so you know
[16:55] <+FredExley> gregor: My idea is certainly not “rote” or “uniformed.” In fact, it’s probably so contrary to what most people think that calling it “rote” betrays your idiocy.
[16:55] <+FredExley> gregor: Depnds what you mean by ‘psychotic.’ But probably numerous, myself included.
[16:55] <+evenin`> go please never give me medical advice again
[16:56] <@Death_Syn> 4d seems to be a fairly normal guy
[16:56] <@Death_Syn> except for his voice
[16:56] <@Go> Death_Syn, you should read his emergency card…..
[16:56] <+akhenaton> fleeting snatches of normalcy
[16:56] <@Death_Syn> his what?
[16:56] <@Go> and i’m giving you great advice
[16:56] <+FredExley> Durtro: No, it can’t be “mental illness,” because such a thing doesn’t exist.
[16:56] <@Go> only because i care enough to even say it
[16:56] FredExley, you’re delivering a completely rote criticism. you must not know how many amateur psychologists are convinced “mental illness” is something like, “stuff society doesnt want”
[16:56] and why doesn’t it exist? because you say so?
[16:56] your category decisions should be respected WHY, now?
[16:56] <@Go> don’t blame me for things you cannot control
[16:56] <@Go> talk to your psych
[16:56] <@Death_Syn> what’s an emergency card?
[16:57] <+FredExley> Durtro: Because I”m using the term “illness” the way it has been used by medical doctors for the past hundred years.
[16:57] <@Go> DS, a card with a list of his medications
[16:57] <+bmc> mental illness could be caused by numerous things, something physical (brain damage), something chemical, or something electrical
[16:57] <+evenin`> go: i dont want dexedrine from him because, obviously, he is not going to give me klonopin with it.
[16:57] i’m with Durtro; i’d like to see some kind of positive statement about this subject from FredExley, instead of just “nuh uh, it doesnt exist”
[16:57] <+FredExley> Durtro: not because “I say so.” That’s YOUR way of arguing.
[16:57] <+bmc> all of those things are considered mental illnesses
[16:57] Riiight. “BEcause I assert that medical doctors don’t think there’s mental illness”?
[16:57] Show us.
[16:57] <@Go> he’ll give you clonidine with it
[16:57] <@Go> and mellaril
[16:57] <+FredExley> Durtro: Show you WHAT?
15[16:57] * Mises sets mode: -t
[16:57] <+FredExley> Durtro: Show you something that doesn’t exist?
[16:57] <@Go> and as far as your addiction to klonopin… wtf?
[16:57] that the medical profession says what you do, that “there’s no such thing as mental illness”?
[16:58] you’re the one claiming you’re using the terms as doctors do, right?
[16:58] <+akhenaton> 4d knows whats best for him, which is wait. that can’t be right.
[16:58] Durtro, you are being silly and durtronian. Stop it this instant.
[16:58] surely they’ll be on record as agreeing with you?
[16:58] FredExley has no idea what he is talking about.
[16:58] dangle from a rope, rich.
[16:58] <+FredExley> Durtro: Yeah, let me go grab some examples, unless you expect me to memorize every medical paper of the past century.
[16:58] bandini NEVER has any idea what he’s talking about, unless it’s horse racing!
[16:58] <+bmc> evenin`: ever hear of Xanax XR (24 hr controlled release), sounds great for anxiety
[16:58] <@Go> but… if you do get dexadrine… lemme know!
[16:58] <@Go> =)
[16:58] fred: I don’t expect you to have anything memorized, no. Take your time. It’ll take you a while.
[16:58] :o)
[16:58] despite my awareness of how obnoxious Durtro is, i can’t help but agree with him regarding FredExley’s comments.
[16:58] <@Go> 4D, did you ever take depakote?
[16:59] <@Go> or have you ever?
[16:59] <+akhenaton> FredExley is a scientologist?
[16:59] <+evenin`> why cant you fuck off dr. go
[16:59] <+evenin`> i take depakote
[16:59] <@Go> you’re just getting mad because you know that i know what i’m talking about
[16:59] <+evenin`> no i already asked you to stop
[16:59] <+bmc> wtf, how many medications are you on
[16:59] <@Go> what mg?
[16:59] benzos = bad, that’s all i’ve got to say.
[16:59] <@Go> okay, i’ll stop
[16:59] <+akhenaton> 4d is mad because you care
[16:59] <@Go> but i’ve given you some great things to talk to your psych about
[17:00] <+evenin`> dexedrine isn’t great and he’s not going to give it to me
[17:00] i’ve seen some of the most bizarre, uncontrolled behavior ever out of people withdrawing from benzos.
[17:00] <@Go> you never know until you try
[17:00] the International Classification of Diseases has a section on “mental and behaviorual disorders”.
[17:00] but that won’t count, right?
[17:00] <+FredExley> Durtro: they DON’T have a section on “mental illness”
[17:00] people trying to titrate off of benzos take months and months to do it, and they still experience disruptive withdrawal symptoms.
[17:00] <+FredExley> Durtro: “disorder” != “illness”
[17:01] what are some of the symptoms gregor?
[17:01] <+bmc>
[17:01] oh, so you’re trying to be doctor-technical on this, when the original speaker plainly wasn’t. “mental illness” is out of fashion and thus DOES NOT EXIST! disorders, though the same thing by another name, that’s cool.
[17:01] Perhaps FredExley ‘s point is that even brain illness is physical illness, and that what we call mental, emotional, … states are in fact all physical states.
[17:01] got it.
[17:01] <@Death_Syn> i think 4d’s problem could be related to being overly medicated ๐Ÿ™
[17:01] <+FredExley> Durtro: illness refers to an organic, observable breakdown of correct functioning of an organism or comp.lex part of an organism, with a definable etyology.
[17:02] disorders have no pathological basis
[17:02] are you a medical doctor now, bandini?
[17:02] Yes, perhaps that’s FredExley ‘s point.
[17:02] <+FredExley> Durtro: No.
[17:02] <+FredExley> Durtro: Are YOU?
[17:02] onebox30, uncontrollable crying, feelings of overwhelming panic, extreme levels of frustration, unwanted outbursts of anger and shouting.
[17:02] Durtro could have discovered this by astute use of questions, but no, that would be sensible.
[17:02] <+FredExley> richtroye: durtro isn’t sensible.
15[17:02] * Mises sets mode: +b *!*@
[17:02] oddl,y the ICD says that “mental disorders” can also be “organic” and observable!
[17:02] <+FredExley> richtroye: he clearly suffers from “mental illness.”
[17:02] are they wrong or are you? I’m betting you.
[17:02] <@Death_Syn> durtro doesn’t have time for games
[17:03] FredExley yes, you’re right, durtro’s certifiable
[17:03] “This block comprises a range of mental disorders grouped together on the basis of their having in common a demonstrable etiology in cerebral disease, brain injury, or other insult leading to cerebral dysfunction.”
[17:03] name one organic mental disorder outside of downs syndrome
[17:03] <+akhenaton> i need fruity pebbles.
[17:03] <+FredExley> Durtro: Show me where they say one can OBSERVE ANOTHER BEING’S MENTAL STATES
[17:03] <+akhenaton> and i need them now.
[17:03] <@Death_Syn> howto: make akhenaton a bowl of fruity pebbles
15[17:03] * howto replicates a bowl of fruity pebbles and hands it to akhenaton
[17:03] <+FredExley> Durtro: You claim to be able to observe my consciousness?
[17:03] are you high, bandini? or just psycho?
[17:03] <+akhenaton> Death_Syn: if only
[17:03] <+FredExley> Durtro: Can you or can you not observe my thoughts?
[17:04] FredExley, typically we rely on self-reporting, which is why the idea of mental illness is bound up with a person’s idea of how they want to live life.
[17:04] I don’t have to defend claims I never made. Your making shit up just kinda makes my point about you being batshit crazy.
[17:04] <+FredExley> Durtro: if you can, I grant you the existence of “mental illness.”
[17:04] <@Go> DS, it’s very possible that he is overmedicated
[17:04] <@Death_Syn> my grunt left his cell phone at waffle house. now i gotta wait for him to reappear so i can go home ๐Ÿ™
[17:04] <@Go> shit like that happens often
[17:04] <@Death_Syn> Go: no doubgf
[17:04] <@Death_Syn> er doubt
[17:04] I think “normal” is the craziest brian disorder of them all
[17:04] (hint: nothing you said in your “definition” of illness required THAT. note that my paste showed “deminstrable etiology in … disease, … injury”. you know. OBSERVABLE things.)
[17:04] <+FredExley> Durtro: If “mental illness” is observable, and “mental illness” necessarily refers to one’s mental activity, then you should be able to observe my thoughts.
[17:04] retarded shitball.
[17:04] <+FredExley> Durtro: this is basic logic.
[17:04] you’re a fucking retard.
[17:05] <+FredExley> Durtro: Can you or can you not read my mind?
[17:05] <+FredExley> Durtro: answer the question, fucktard.
[17:05] <@Go> it helps to be able to consolidate the doctors along with the medication to one person who has faith in a persons ability to get better
[17:05] <@Go> sometimes i fear that he’s being medicated by a quack who looks at him on paper
[17:05] <+FredExley> Durtro: What else does “mental illness” refer to if not the mind?
[17:05] I don’t have to answer questions that are irrelevant because you’re batshit crazy and unable to think, bandini.
[17:05] <+FredExley> Durtro: So “mental illness” doesn’t refer to illness of the mind?
[17:05] <@Go> but hey, i don’t know what i’m talking about….
[17:05] <+bmc> when someone says “mental illness” i think theyre referring to “mental disorders”
[17:05] <+FredExley> Durtro: OK. Glad we’ve got that settled.
[17:05] “if you can’t read my mind mental illness doesn’t exist! despite it fitting the definition I pasted! because mindreading or something!!!”
[17:06] Glad you’ll kill yourself, bandini. Get to that.
[17:06] depression greatly raises the likelihood of suicide!
[17:06] doubt it
[17:06] <+FredExley> Durtro: I laid the argument out very clearly. It’s not my fault if you lack basic reading comprehension skills.
[17:06] “very clearly”. hee. yeah, with the “etyology”, and the unable to read.
[17:06] suicide is probably due more to narcissism than depression
[17:06] <+xartet> i need t go to the grocery store.
[17:06] <@Go> i’m craving a french dip sammich
[17:06] <@Go> with onion rings
[17:06] <+FredExley> xartet: will you buy twinkies?
[17:07] <@bougyman> xartet: DON’T DO IT
[17:07] <+xartet> i might
[17:07] <+FredExley> xartet: how many might you eat?
[17:07] <@bougyman> xartet: the stars are aligned against it.
[17:07] <@bougyman> if you go, you will get a funky tropical disease.
[17:07] <+xartet> where did you get a copy of my chart bougyman
[17:07] <@Go> i think you should get butternut squash soup and a loaf of dutch crust bread
[17:07] <@Go> and then go home and clean your apartment
[17:07] and a ceasar salad
[17:07] <+xartet> i do need to clean too
[17:07] annebonny, when i get depressed, i find myself fantasizing about suicide and thinking about well known historical suicides.
[17:08] <@bougyman> suicide is for quitters.
[17:08] gregor so depression is an illness that comes and goes for you?
[17:08] nothing to do with any feeling of being unwanted or not payed enough attention to.
[17:08] sounds convenient
[17:08] depression isnt always at one level of intensity.
[17:08] too bad cancer patients can’t just get that one
[17:08] <@Go> suicide is only real if you pull the trigger
[17:08] <@Go> and even then, it’s not fool proof
[17:08] <@Go> so yeah, don’t be a pussy
[17:08] go: it can be real without using a gun, come on
[17:09] “real”
[17:09] <@bougyman> yeah, there are better suicides than a gun.
[17:09] <@Go> that’s even more “pussy”
[17:09] real in a temporary world
[17:09] ha
[17:09] what the hell does that mean?
[17:09] annebonny, do you not believe in depression or something?
[17:09] <@bougyman> i think taking a leap from a few hundred feet is what I’d go with, were I in a position to consider suicide.
[17:09] <@Go> if you’re serious about it, you either jump or pull the trigger
[17:09] <@Go> the rest is just a cry for help
[17:09] jumping would be the best bet.
[17:09] <@bougyman> i’d certainly consider it when opposed to a few short weeks of miserably painful illness eating away at me.
[17:10] <@bougyman> that’s the place for suicide.
[17:10] gregor I don’t believe in most anything thats followed along with disorder or syndrome because they lack pathological and/or physiological basis
[17:10] <@bougyman> that or honorably offing one’s self to avoid shame.
[17:10] <@Go> most male pancreatic cancer patients kill themselves
[17:10] not believing in your crazy makes it go away, right?
[17:10] <@Go> this is a fact
[17:10] <+bmc> being depressed and clinical depression are different arent they? i mean you can be depressed without being diagnosed with clinical depression or manic depressive or something
[17:10] <@bougyman> the samarai had that right
[17:10] ive never threatened suicide or anything like that, i’m just saying that thoughts about suicide and death creep up on you when you are depressed.
[17:10] go: is it, then?
[17:10] believing in it cures it?
[17:10] nope, but oddly believing it’s there makes treating it possible. denial doesn’t.
[17:10] <@Go> Durtro, pancreatic cancer is the worst
[17:10] its all rubbish
[17:11] <@Go> most lingering pain in the world
[17:11] go: I know. But that wasn’t my point.
[17:11] <@Go> poor patrick swayzee
[17:11] <@bougyman> bmc: technically, if you’re more than ‘bummed’ you should be on medication and/or therapy.
[17:11] <@bougyman> for your own good.
[17:11] <@Go> no, it’s mercy killing
[17:11] yeah, i think denying things like depression reality is quite damaging to people with legitimate mental health problems.
[17:11] <+FredExley> Funny thing, you can SEE cancer cells.
[17:12] it’s already extremely underreported, especially among men, because the expected response is, “ah, just get over it.”
[17:12] <@bougyman> they taste like chicken.
[17:12] yes FredExley EXACTLY
[17:12] <+FredExley> Can you SEE “depression cells?”
[17:12] <+bmc> you can measure neurotransmitter levels in the brain also
[17:12] <@bougyman> FredExley: you can see a chemical imbalance.
[17:12] you dont need to see a depression cell. you listen to how a person describes their internal state.
[17:12] <+bmc> or see physical damage of the brain
[17:12] <@Go> depression cells….
[17:12] gregor emotions aren’t real
[17:12] <+FredExley> Yes, you can measure neurotransmitter levels. You can’t measure “depression” though.
[17:12] <@Go> well now there’s something interesting
[17:12] feelings aren’t facts
[17:12] <+bmc> and measure the electrical signals in your brain
[17:12] aren’t “real”?
[17:12] <@Go> are they coupled with mental illness cells?
[17:12] feelings most certainly are facts, about the state of the mind.
[17:12] no of course they aren’t
[17:12] they don’t physically exist do they?
[17:13] they exist just as much as any other state of mind.
[17:13] state of mind, again does not exist
[17:13] <+FredExley> gregor: which you can’t observe or measure either.
[17:13] <@Go> hah
[17:13] by that “logic” your thoughts are not “real”. which actually makes a lot of sense in your case.
[17:13] <@Go> if they exist….
[17:13] “exist” has an odd meaning in your deranged little world.
[17:13] i really cant conscience talking to people who deny the reality of emotions and states of mind.
[17:13] <@Go> well of course they “exist” as long as you’re experiencing “depression”
[17:13] <@Go> which don’t get me wrong, that shit is real
[17:13] if love was real, how does divorce happen?
[17:14] <@Go> depression is a mental illness, no?
[17:14] how fantastically stupid and ignorant of the human condition ARE you, trina?
[17:14] I mean, this is IMPRESSIVELY crazy.
[17:14] it hate was real, how does forgiveness occur?
[17:14] <+xartet> having a mind is a mental illness.
[17:14] <@Go> xartet, it is true
[17:14] everyday you awake and you are not the same mind as yesterday
[17:14] <+FredExley> Durtro: thoughts don’t require observation to exist. ILLNESS, by definition, must be observable.
[17:14] <+bmc> i think depression is *thought* to be caused by an imbalance of neurotransmitters (specifically, seratonin and norepenepherine)
[17:14] “like, uh, you can’t forgive someone if hate was “real”! because “real” things can’t change! nor can analyses of them! LOLZ!”
[17:15] <+bmc> im not sure how solid the facts are on the cause is though
[17:15] <+FredExley> anyway this is retarded.
[17:15] the transient, changing nature of mind does not preclude the existence of emotions.
[17:15] <+FredExley> what should I do for dinner?
[17:15] the person with the illness observes it, just as they do their thoughts.
[17:15] <+evenin`> fredexley: you don’t like eating alone at restaurants do you?
[17:15] FredExley I was wondering the same thing
[17:15] <+FredExley> evenin`: I do
[17:15] the person with voices in their head telling them to murder their kids observes that.
[17:15] etc.
[17:15] food is real and Im really hungry for some
[17:15] <+evenin`> oh
[17:15] nor does it preclude the existence of pathological thought/emotion patterns.
[17:15] <+FredExley> evenin`: do you?
[17:15] <+evenin`> nah
[17:15] <+FredExley> evenin`: I almost always eat alone.
[17:15] <+evenin`> i cant afford to eat out at all anyway, but it would seem embarrassing
[17:15] <+evenin`> i do occassionally at the seafood buffet
[17:16] <+evenin`> at lunch
[17:16] thats your own thoughts
[17:16] no one else thinks its weird to see someone eating alone
[17:16] but thoughts dont exist, annebonny.
[17:16] exactly gregor, exactly
[17:16] fluffy pomo garbage.
[17:16] trina just redefines “exist” to suit her. how nice.
[17:16] mental illness is created by the persons thoughts that are not even real
[17:16] <@Go> ugh
[17:17] <@Go> i quit
[17:17] they think themselves sick
[17:17] you know its bad when a person’s statements arent even internally consistent.
[17:17] “real”, again, redefined.
[17:17] <+evenin`> i was just thinking bandini talks about ordering in or cooking a microwave pizza etc
[17:17] so they ARE sick? that’s REAL, made by the not-real? maybe the problem is, again, your psycho redefinition of terms.
[17:17] <+bmc> i dont like the fact that diagnosis are mostly given on the person suffering from them description of their symptoms though, there should be a -real- way to diagnosis it without the patients input
[17:17] no they aren’t sick, their thoughts aren’t real and theres no pathological basis for mental illness much less depression
[17:17] bmc: and everyone should have a pony that farts rainbows. here in the real world, we’re stuck with what we have.
[17:18] bmc, self-reporting definitely opens the door for abuses of the psychiatric profession.
[17:18] a lot of people get on benzos by falsely reporting anxiety.
[17:18] you said they were sick. just now.
[17:18] they think themselves sick
[17:18] <+evenin`> i just want the benzos to get high off of
[17:18] drug addicts in particular are notorious for manipulating psychiatric diagnoses.
[17:18] <+evenin`> take 5 at once
[17:18] thats what I said isn’t it?
[17:18] annebonny, you cant think yourself sick if thoughts arent real.
[17:18] “like, those voices in your head telling you to kill your kids? your fault, you thought yourself sick but you’re not really sick and it’s not real lol!”
[17:18] stupid twat.
[17:18] <+evenin`> i dont want to use it as a daily medication
[17:19] seriously, do you even think about the shit you type?
[17:19] getting high off benzos is even worse than taking them daily.
[17:19] <+bmc> evenin`: i doubt youll get them with that reasoning
[17:19] <+evenin`> i just did a couple weeks ago
[17:19] trust me evenin`, your tolerance will skyrocket and youll find yourself worse off than before you started abusing them.
[17:19] <+bmc> thats abusing them
[17:19] voices in the head sounds like a convenient scapegoat
[17:19] much like gregors depression that comes and goes
[17:19] <+evenin`> it’s not abusing, i call it enjoying
[17:20] <+evenin`> i want to enjoy some klonopin is that a crime
[17:20] your opinions aren’t of a lot of value here, trina.
[17:20] <+bmc> actually, yes it is
[17:20] annebonny, like FredExley, has obviously never worked with anyone who suffers from mental health problems.
[17:20] especially since you’re batshit crazy yourself.
[17:20] major depression can lift without medication.
15[17:20] * Mises sets mode: +l 63
[17:20] and cancer cures itself
[17:20] sure sure
[17:21] no it doesnt.
[17:21] oh I see
[17:21] gregor: it does, sometimes, very, very rarely.
[17:21] just special mental illness can cure itself sometimes
[17:21] <+FredExley> gregor: Yeah, just assume things about other people you barely know from the internet. Excellent judgment.
[17:21] britney is a far more interesting alluring entertainer compared to rihanna
[17:21] but trina’s weird non-sequitur is kinda utterly irrelevant.
[17:21] roy: that’s nice.
[17:21] yes isn’t it
[17:21] annebonny, mental illness isnt cancer. o_o
[17:21] <+bmc> lots of things can cause depression, that could work itself out, probably nutrition, exposure to sunlight and other enviromental factors could have a positive impact
15[17:21] * Mises sets mode: +v acceb
[17:21] i was away cleaning
[17:21] hey, look, it’s acceb. she can tell us if things are “real” or not!
[17:22] <+acceb> what did i say was real or not ๐Ÿ˜›
[17:22] cancer is a real pathological illness that can be diagnosed clearly and treated
[17:22] nothing.
[17:22] <+acceb> oh
[17:22] <+acceb> i see, that’s what you fucks are talking about
[17:22] where, again, “real” has been defined by trina and trina alone as “being physically and directly observable by an outside party”.
[17:22] <+acceb> my vote is, it doesn’t really matter. whatever is, is.
[17:22] very convenient, that.
[17:22] yes I alone define cancer
[17:22] <+bmc> there are also natural seratonin boosters (assuming a chemical imbalance is the cause)
[17:22] whatever is, is real.
[17:23] annebonny, whereas mental illness is just a whole big made up scheme for making money, right?
[17:23] <+acceb> yes
[17:23] I am the cancer world encyclopedia
[17:23] trina evidently also can’t read, since I plainly said she defined “real”, not “cancer”.
[17:23] gregor YES
[17:23] oh, trina’s a _scientologist_! that explains it.
[17:23] annebonny, you know, that’s as bad as believing in the ‘9/11 was an inside job’ crap.
[17:23] 20th century quackery
[17:23] one braid down one more to go
[17:23] i’ll tell you, the internet has done terrible things to critical thinking skills.
[17:24] <+FredExley> gregor: Yours especially.
[17:24] 20th century quackery! sure, pharmaceutical treatment of mental illness has an excellent success rate compared to placebo, but who cares?
[17:24] <+FredExley> “chemical balance” is a subjective judgment.
[17:24] <+FredExley> Durtro: Success rate for getting people to ‘function in society,’ yes.
[17:24] success in curing made up illnesses should be pretty high
[17:25] <+FredExley> Durtro: but implicit in this is that how society functions, OUR society, is “correct functioning.”
[17:25] since no one knows what the alternative to such treatment would be
[17:25] THanks for making up some shit I didnt’ say!
[17:25] <+bmc> they know what the normal persons neurotransmitter levels are, you can measure it, not that thats usually done by a psychiatrist, probably need a neurologist or something
[17:25] “omg it’s not ME that’s crazy itz SOCIETY!!!”
[17:25] <+FredExley> Durtro: The whole point of all this is that “mental illness” is inseparable from the society in which it becomes a classification.
[17:25] annebonny obviously isnt aware of the long tradition behind seeking out and explaining mental dysfunction.
[17:25] <+acceb> i believe pharmaceutical treatment is only actually effective to keep symptoms under control while you learn to fix them
[17:25] the anatomy of melancholy, anyone?
[17:25] <+FredExley> Durtro: You DID say it.
[17:25] anne: placebo.
[17:25] <+acceb> if you resign yourself to taking them forever, no effort involved, you will never be better and therefore they don’t work
[17:25] <+acceb> they just mask it
[17:25] no, fred. I didn’t actually say that. You inferred it, invalidly.
[17:25] <+acceb> it’s a crutch
[17:26] (hint: it doesn’t take much society to make suicidal ideation or psychotic murder tendencies “bad”.)
[17:26] <+acceb> yes you arent producing the right levels of chemicals, but. what if what is a direct result of the depression ๐Ÿ˜› instead of the other way around
[17:26] <+FredExley> Durtro: “excellent success rate compared to placebo” ; from this we ask “what is ‘success?'” Answer: “correct” “functioning” “in society.”
[17:26] acceb: do you have any clinical data to base that on?
[17:26] <+acceb> ever think of THAT
[17:26] shit who really cares if someone so selfish to wish death upon themselves actually carries it out?
15[17:26] * Mises sets mode: -b *!*@
[17:26] <+acceb> Durtro, they were all common sense statements
[17:26] <+FredExley> Durtro: Pointing out what is IMPLIED by what you said is GOOD reading. I’m not sure what kind of reading you do.
[17:26] isn’t society better served letting that type weed themselves out of the gene pool?
[17:26] that YOU consideer that “success” does not mean that was what _I_ was using it to mean.
[17:26] <+acceb> but yes, it was discussed in classes and texts we read in those classes
[17:26] <+acceb> studies
[17:26] <+acceb> theories
[17:26] <+FredExley> Durtro: But in everything you’ve said, numerous things have been implicit.
[17:27] I considered it “made the problem that was reported by the subject go away or be lessened in extent”.
[17:27] so we’ve got two viewpoints on the side of “mental illness is a sham”
[17:27] your personal bugaboos are not my problem, bandininutcase.
[17:27] <+acceb> you think treating symptoms and having the disorder persist means success? versus being cured
[17:27] 1. it’s all a scheme to make money. 2. it’s all a scheme to control society.
[17:27] <+bmc> how DID they come to the conclusion on what causes various mental illnesses though? and how medication can alleviate the symptoms, there has to be real physical evidence supporting it
[17:27] Durtro you will find that non-placebo drugs are more expensive than placebo drugs. It follows that more articles will demonstrate the efficacy of the former than the latter.
[17:27] <+bmc> they all work in a similar way
[17:27] acceb: “common sense” is often wrong. and if there are no symptoms, what’s the “problem”, in that mental illness is defined solely BY teh symptoms?
[17:28] <+FredExley> gregor: You, once again, misread me.
[17:28] <+FredExley> gregor: It’s not a “scheme” at all, in the sense that SOMEONE or SOMETHING DELIBERATLEY is doing this
[17:28] <+acceb> Durtro, not to be rude, but if you didn’t already hear me loud and clear i won’t be able to convince you
[17:28] rich: too bad that doesn’t affect the point.
[17:28] <+acceb> so i hereby withdraw
[17:28] FredExley, then it’s just a strange set of coincidences?
[17:28] <+FredExley> gregor: It might follow from a long history of bad thinking.
[17:29] acceb: No, You do have a point. I just don’t think it’s quite as strong as you do. And palliation is far better than nothing, and it’s still “real” effect and if it’s better than a placebo then the treatment is “real”, contra trina.
[17:29] durtro I was just commenting on your earlier, stupid statement that ” pharmaceutical treatment of mental illness has an excellent success rate compared to placebo”
[17:29] <+acceb> oh, sure, trina is talking out of her butthole ๐Ÿ˜› agreed
[17:29] rich: it’s not stupid. it’s true. “like, placebos are cheaper so you’er wrong!!!” is not an argument.
[17:29] <+acceb> medications have definite effects
[17:29] i will grant that there is a level of “mind police” type rationale behind psychiatric treatment, but by and large it’s a system created to provide relief to people who self-report discomfort and inability to live as they choose.
[17:29] acceb actually youve been supporting my point
[17:29] <+acceb> i dont argue that at all, i’m talking long term elimination of mental illness
[17:30] <+bmc> i mean how did they decide (as an example, that boosting levels of seratonin D-whatever and dopamine D-whatever) at the synapses will alleviate said symptoms, they had to take someone with those symptoms and measure their levels of various neurotransmitters and compare, then see how the medication affected those same levels
[17:30] <+bmc> i hardly doubt theyre just taking a shot in the dark and hoping for the best
[17:30] durtro, placebos *are* cheaper, and so it follows that you *are* wrong. Do I need to privde the intervening steps in that um is syllogism the word to you, to make it a full argument? I am sure I don’t.
[17:30] <+bmc> er -hardly
[17:30] bmc: sometimes it actualyl does work out that way. say, someone who’s depressed gets a drug for some other reason and notices their deprssion goes away.
[17:30] they follow the $
[17:30] <+acceb> i don’t see how i supported your point, trina.. just because the chemical levels might be caused by the attitude? instead of vice versa?
[17:30] rich: Yes, you do. And you’ll be wrong.
[17:30] <+acceb> it’s still “real”
[17:30] s/privde/provide (stfu howto)
[17:30] <+acceb> you’re still experiencing it just as strong
[17:31] You suck at the regular expression syntax.
[17:31] “the studies are lies because money and stuff!!!” retarded assfuck.
[17:31] Durtro, when is chrome coming out for Linux, dog?
[17:31] heh.
[17:31] nul: who gives a shit?
[17:31] wha?
[17:31] durtro you will not understand, except you do, so you lie.
[17:31] Durtro pretty much has it nailed with “the studies are lies because money and stuff!!!”
[17:31] theres a lot of $ in keeping people crazy
[17:31] rich: I see. So you can’t do what you said.
[17:31] you said crazy didn’t even exist, trina.
[17:32] so how can you “keep” someone crazy if tehy can’t be crazy to begin with?
[17:32] exactly
[17:32] I said I would do what? Rub my belly and chew gum?
[17:32] <+acceb> there’s a lot of money in convincing people it’s okay to become dependent on a pill ๐Ÿ˜›
[17:32] the whole thrust of this anti-psychiatry ‘argument’ being carried out by FredExley and annebonny boils down to something like “money and power conspiracy!!”
[17:32] <+acceb> an expensive pill
[17:32] “I don’t feel crazy anymore” “thats proof you’re still crazy”
[17:32] kind of like every other amateur internet investigation into major issues.
[17:32] acceb: and a lot more money involved in a pill that actually DOES something good for them.
15[17:32] * Mises sets mode: -b *!*@
[17:32] how do you clean heavily rusted coated stainless steel parts?
[17:32] its not a dry rust its a west mucky thick rust
[17:32] <+acceb> again, medication helps ๐Ÿ˜› it helps deal with symptoms so you can see past that and get better
[17:32] wet
[17:33] roy: stainless shouldn’t BE heavily rusted… but try naval jelly.
[17:33] with a wire brush
[17:33] roygbiv with a power sander?
[17:33] is it any wonder this argument is basically the same as the entire ‘9/11 truth’ fiasco?
[17:33] <+acceb> it is not a cure
[17:33] its the inside of a watercolour canister
[17:33] <+bmc> acceb: some people do require medication for life
[17:33] its wet thick mucky rust
[17:33] acceb: sometimes there simply isn’t a cure, yes. but it’s better than symptoms forever as well as no cure.
[17:33] <+acceb> maybe if you’re schizophrenic or something ๐Ÿ˜› otherwise nah
[17:33] <+xartet> yeah stainless teel shouldnt rust
[17:33] <+acceb> that’s a half existence
[17:33] i can understand that annebonny feels empowered by cracking the case and discovering profit plays a major role in society-wide issues.
[17:33] are you sure it’s really stainless, roy?
[17:33] yes
[17:34] <+acceb> i took stuff for depression and anxiety for something like 6 years, i know their benefits
[17:34] <+acceb> very well
[17:34] <+acceb> but i also know you dont need that shit son
[17:34] I feel more empowered knowing theres no pathological basis for crazy that a pill can address gregor
[17:34] and FredExley feels liberated and unique because he’s used his high powered critical thinking to figure out power and control figure into social problems.
[17:34] <+bmc> schizoaffective disorder is also incurable, luckily episodic though
[17:34] <+acceb> “also”
[17:34] but come on people.
[17:34] While stainless steel itself rarely rusts, it is susceptible to rust staining by other objects found in the kitchen. We found a rust stain in a stainless steel sink that had a cast iron pan left in it. While removing the rust stain was more difficult than expected, there is an easy way to do it.
[17:34] <+acceb> not also ๐Ÿ˜›
[17:34] <+acceb> just incurable
[17:34] <+acceb> which is why i said it
[17:35] <+acceb> that needs constant management
[17:35] <+acceb> depression and anxiety are curable
[17:35] at least gather some legitimate knowledge about these issues before spouting off.
[17:35] <+bmc> anxiety yes, anxiety disorder, maybe not
[17:35] <+bmc> just as with panic disorder
[17:35] “emotions aren’t real” is a laughable basis for an argument.
[17:35] <+bmc> and various other behavior disorders
[17:35] <+acceb> i had depression caused by anxiety disorder
[17:35] <+acceb> with severe panic attacks
[17:35] cast iron should enver be in your sink to begin with
[17:35] acceb: is depression “cured” if it comes back in 10 years? does that count as a New depression, not a recurrence? (idle question)
[17:36] which of your emotions are real gregor?
[17:36] cast iron should be in your sink only for momentary rinsing. never soaking.
[17:36] <+bmc> it probably depends on what the cause is, as to what the prognosis is
[17:36] <+acceb> Durtro, humans are allowed to be depressed ๐Ÿ˜› there’s no rule written anywhere that means you have a disease or something
[17:36] is your anger real?
[17:36] is your passion?
[17:36] <+acceb> it’s a status, that’s about it.
[17:36] gregor once you get past the laughable part, you need to realize that we look at things with a hierarchy of stances. FredExley ‘s problem is that he refuses to consider the stance that confers personality or character.
[17:36] inasmuch as i experience them, they are all real.
[17:36] acceb: right, but “depression” so-called is not “being depressed once”, is it?
[17:36] If cast iron shouln’t be in your sink, where do you keep it when not using it?
[17:36] <+acceb> no
[17:36] nul: on the wall, hanging up? on a shelf? on the stove?
[17:36] nul hahaha
[17:36] so its a different reality for everyone that has the same emotion
[17:36] got it
[17:36] <+acceb> you could see it as an event, though
[17:37] durtro is, as usual, irony-free
[17:37] <+acceb> like if i have diarrhea for a month that doesn’t mean i’m labeled a diarrhea haver forever
[17:37] annebonny, how could you know to ask me about anger if you didnt instinctively understand what it means to be angry?
[17:37] <+bmc> what if you had diarrhea for years?
[17:37] <+acceb> it could still ease up!
[17:37] acceb and a headache. and sadness.
[17:37] <+bmc> and it never went away
[17:37] <+bmc> -ever-
[17:37] <+acceb> richtroye, see the parallel and leave it there
[17:37] not even at death!
[17:37] <+evenin`> bmc: wouldn’t it rot your colon completely out
[17:37] gregor I rarely experience anger in the real world so to me its a foreign concept
[17:37] acceb: right. and if it stops for a week and comes back, was it “cured” for a week?
[17:37] acceb no, it’s a fruitful line of reasoning.
[17:38] <+bmc> evenin`: just as example, some people are pretty much perpetually depressed
15[17:38] * gregor stares at annebonny.
[17:38] Good afternoon peoples
[17:38] <+evenin`> theres nothing quite like taking a good shit
[17:38] <+bmc> that kind of depression requires medication and therapy
[17:38] it’s a foreign concept, even though you admit that you experience it.
[17:38] <+evenin`> depression is bs
[17:38] <+acceb> Durtro, no. but if it never comes back i think it’s safe to say it was cured ๐Ÿ˜› and that has been known to happen with depression and anxiety
[17:38] <+evenin`> it’s not an illness
[17:38] depression is real
[17:38] <+acceb> among other neurotic disorders
[17:38] <+acceb> psychosis is entirely different
[17:39] acceb: known to happen, yes. but also known not to, so “curable” has to be taken as not being so for all cases, yes?
[17:39] evenin` depression is as real as a headache, and chronic depression is as real as a migraine.
[17:39] <+acceb> “known not to” ๐Ÿ˜› that’s a very silly thing to say
[17:39] <+acceb> how may people do you know who actually get off their fucking asses to better themselves
[17:39] <+acceb> many people don’t
[17:39] <+acceb> and they rely on pills forever or just :((((((((((((
[17:39] acceb durtro is a very silly person
[17:39] dionysus now has reflecting shots! ๐Ÿ™‚
[17:39] <+bmc> anecdotal evidence
[17:39] acceb: why? don’t some people have depression all their lives? my point was only that “depression is curable” does not refer to all cases.
[17:39] <+rsTheo> I put up a curtain rail yesterday
[17:40] <+acceb> Durtro, read what i said!
[17:40] gregor: the thing to remember about annebonny is that she’s crazy.
[17:40] <+acceb> curABLE
[17:40] <+acceb> able to be cured
[17:40] crazy is as crazy does
[17:40] durtro nobody but you has talked about “all cases”, so your herring is red in color and smells something awful.
[17:40] pierced cock
[17:40] <+evenin`> it sucks to be really depressed
[17:40] acceb: curable in some cases. not in all.
[17:40] trina’s obsession with my cock proves she’s sane!
[17:40] <+acceb> you’re starting to piss me off.
[17:40] <+bmc> acceb: what if they do try to better theirself? they eat healthy, excercise, socialize, get therapy and are still chronically depressed?
[17:40] your obsession with all of me proofs you’re over the edge
[17:40] <+evenin`> things that make me depressed: getting served with divorce papers while on way to prison
[17:41] surely “poofs”?
[17:41] acceb: you piss off way too easily.
[17:41] “proofs”. heh.
[17:41] <+z00p> ^-
[17:41] durtro is a poof
[17:41] <+acceb> bmc, how could i know what they should do ๐Ÿ˜› i’m not their therapist and everyone is different
[17:41] proofs haha
[17:41] <+acceb> that doesnt mean it’s impossible
[17:41] <+z00p> Durtro you’re annoying as hell what do you expect.
[17:41] <+akhenaton> 4d you have to let go of that stuff
[17:41] go fuck yourself, zoop
[17:41] <+acceb> Durtro, i dont think so
[17:41] I was trying to load my depression reliever
[17:41] <+evenin`> akhenaton what to you mean
[17:41] aka my bong
[17:41] <+acceb> Durtro, pick any other word with the -able suffix. please.
[17:41] <+evenin`> i dont care anymore
[17:41] <+bmc> acceb: its also not impossible that incurable cancer could go into complete remission
[17:41] <+acceb> i will use that to illustrate why i’m irritated with you.
[17:41] z00p it’s what durtro does. it’s the only way he can get off these days, what with his stainless-steel thingie
[17:41] <+bmc> but what are the odds
[17:41] acceb: documentable?
[17:42] <+acceb> sure, documentable.
[17:42] <+bmc> also, its still considered incurable
[17:42] <+acceb> just because you can document it. doesn’t mean you have to or that it always will be
[17:42] “X is documentable” suggest that X can be documented in all cases, not just some or most, yes?
[17:42] <+z00p> Durtro can’t get a hardon without being annoying? Well I guess that makes perfect sense.
[17:42] <+akhenaton> 4d: i dont necessarily believe that. i think you’re just numb from carrying it, not that you’ve let it go.
[17:42] <+acceb> just because an illness is not cured doesn’t mean it can’t be ๐Ÿ˜›
[17:42] <+acceb> it just wasn’t.
[17:42] see, acceb, durtro’s back to doing his “all cases” distortion, his fond red herring
[17:42] if you talk about Durtros stainless steel thingie that he sent to minors then you must be obsessed and crazy
[17:42] acceb: so nothing’s incurable in any given case? come on.
[17:42] <+acceb> this is pretty much stupid ๐Ÿ˜›
[17:42] ooh, sent to minors? lie.
[17:43] but you’re good at lying, aren’t you?
[17:43] <+acceb> Durtro, what the hell are you talking about
[17:43] delirina said you did
[17:43] <+evenin`> akhenaton i think you misunderstood what i meant
[17:43] annebonny I cannot but think of it
[17:43] <+acceb> “nothing’s incurable in any given case” ??
[17:43] its a mental image that can lead to crazy no doubt
[17:43] I don’t believe that she said that, actually. You might have thought so, but you’re crazy.
[17:43] acceb he doesn’t have to make sense, he’s durtro
[17:43] <+evenin`> i meant that msot cases of depression have some clear cause
[17:43] <+acceb> Durtro is not great with the logc thing.
[17:43] durtro doesn’t do “most”
[17:43] <+acceb> logic
[17:43] <@miaux> clear cause?
[17:43] acceb: Imagine a specific case of some disease. It might not be possible to cure that specific instance, for whatever reason. Thus, incurable in that given case.
[17:43] <+acceb> if a, then b ๐Ÿ˜› etc
[17:44] don’t make me think less of you, acceb.
[17:44] hahahaha
[17:44] <+FredExley> YOU’RE CRAZY! I WIN CHAT! LOLERZ!@#$
[17:44] <+acceb> that doesnt mean THE DISEASE is incurable
[17:44] … correct.
[17:44] <+acceb> let’s say i have a nasty staph infection
[17:44] of course, I never was talking about “The disease” in general.
[17:44] <+acceb> staph infections are curable, right? ๐Ÿ˜›
[17:44] typically, yes.
[17:44] <+acceb> let’s say i’m also a hugely obese diabetic and i die
[17:44] <+acceb> that doesnt mean it was incurable
[17:44] <+acceb> you’re being retarded
[17:44] no, you are.
[17:44] <+acceb> it wasnt curable in that instance.
[17:44] <+acceb> that doesnt mean STAPH INFECTIONS ARE INCURABLE
[17:45] <+acceb> [16:44] staph infections are curable, right? ๐Ÿ˜›
[17:45] <+acceb> [16:45] typically, yes.
[17:45] and this has what to do with lifelong depression in some people?
04[17:45] * FredExley changes topic to ‘Classic Durtro argument: 16:51 < Durtro> no, you are.’
15[17:45] * Mises sets mode: +t
[17:45] <+acceb> oh jesus fucking christ.
[17:45] dying of being fat and diabetic doesn’t change that.
[17:45] <+yuyuyup> what the hell’s with all these repubs on the radio/tv framing the palin controversy around her kid getting knocked up
[17:45] <+acceb> remember what i said in the first place? ๐Ÿ˜› about you not being able to hear me and this is pointless
[17:45] <+acceb> let’s go back to that
[17:45] <+yuyuyup> what about the ALASKAN INDEPENDANCE PARTY
[17:45] let’s get back to you not being able to hear ME, and misreading every claim _I_ make too.
[17:45] <+yuyuyup> independence
[17:46] <+FredExley> Durtro: Drawing out implications from your statements isn’t “misreading,” it’s reading deeply.
[17:46] the voice in my head just told me you’re all crazy
[17:46] <+acceb> “and this has what to do with lifelong depression in some people”
[17:46] its’ reading deeply when you make shit up, yheah!
[17:46] acceb: yes, I said that. got a point to go with it?
[17:46] <+acceb> i gave you a whole bunch of pretty direct analogies
[17:46] <+acceb> if you still don’t know, please, let this die.
[17:46] <+FredExley> Durtro: I don’t “make shit up.” I only draw logical conclusions from your nonsense.
[17:46] <+acceb> because there’s no reason i should be irritated if i don’t need to be.
[17:46] “depression is not able to be cured in some people”, thus “depression is not curable in general”.
[17:46] <+Vikash>
[17:47] <+FredExley> !kikash
[17:47] “agree with me or shut up” is bullshit, acceb.
[17:47] <+FredExley> lolololol
[17:47] <+acceb> [16:44] staph infections are curable, right? ๐Ÿ˜›
[17:47] <+acceb> [16:45] typically, yes.
[17:47] lolol
[17:47] <+acceb> “there’s on reason i should subject myself to something unpleasant” is not bullshit ๐Ÿ˜›
[17:47] <+acceb> makes perfect sense
[17:47] <+FredExley> what the shit should I do for dinner
[17:47] <+FredExley> hrmmmmm
[17:47] <+acceb> you cannot infringe on my right to be at peace, suckaa
[17:47] <+acceb> plus this is pointless.
[17:47] nobody has any such right, actually.
[17:47] <+FredExley> maybe go to the bar and get a salmon club sandwich
[17:47] <+acceb> you can’t have a debate without logic ๐Ÿ˜›
[17:47] but yes, it’s pointless.
[17:47] <+FredExley> and finish my reading
[17:47] <+acceb> and you dont like logic.
[17:47] <+akhenaton> it means that that particular infection didnt respond the the generally applied soution. it isnt necessarilly incurable, just that they need to go back to the drawing board. they have come up with some pretty novel and new treatments for extremely untreatable infections
[17:47] “logic”. oh, hilarious.
[17:48] <+acceb> that wasn’t even meant to be a shot at you ๐Ÿ˜›
[17:48] akh: “incurable in a given instance”, was what I said.
[17:48] <+acceb> but yeah, you’re all over the place
[17:48] sure it wasn’t.
[17:48] <+akhenaton> based on antiseptic properties of a certain type of clay
[17:48] <+acceb> i addressed “incurable in a given instance’ ๐Ÿ˜› obviously that is true, there are many factors that can prevent anything from being cured
[17:48] <+acceb> that doesnt mean nothing in the world is curable, right
[17:48] <+acceb> and now i’m seriously done! for the love of god
[17:48] of course not. since I wasn’t suggesting that nothing was curable.
[17:49] you’ve had a fit over my suggestion that _sometimes_ depression isn’t curable in some people.
15[17:49] * Mises sets mode: -t
[17:49] <+acceb> i’m not having a fit ๐Ÿ˜› i am just done here
[17:49] <+acceb> i agreed with that statement, by the way.
[17:49] depression is always curable because its not really a real disease
15[17:49] * Mises sets mode: -b *!*
[17:49] <+acceb> there, fight with her ๐Ÿ˜›
[17:49] something eventually alleviates it
[17:49] you agreed with it disagreeing with it and saying I was ignoring logic and not reading? interesting.
[17:50] <+FredExley> jesu
[17:50] <+FredExley> the USPS here sucks ass
[17:50] <+acceb> ” there are many factors that can prevent anything from being cured”
[17:50] <+FredExley> I just called _The Blood-Horse_ because I never got my Aug. 23 issue
[17:50] <+z00p> .google Timur the Lame
[17:50] <+z00p> bahahahaha
[17:50] <+FredExley> and they said they’ve had a slew of calls from Chicago
[17:50] i’m not giving up… i’ll destroy you$~~%~%@%$
[17:50] lolololol
[17:50] <+FredExley> .google TIMUR THE LAME
[17:50] <+FredExley> LOLOLOLOL
15[17:51] * +z00p crakcs up
[17:51] <+akhenaton> this channel i depressing
[17:51] <+bmc> annebonny: and if it doesnt go away?
15[17:51] * +z00p becomes depressed
15[17:51] * +FredExley becomes depressed
[17:51] you people are making akhenaton look clever and together. I hope you’re fucking happy.
[17:51] bmc it does
[17:51] <+z00p> akhenaton please give me other channel suggestions
[17:51] <+bmc> annebonny: not true
[17:51] <+z00p> <- happy [17:51] depression doesn’t kill
[17:51] <+bmc> how you say PTSD is “real” ?
[17:52] <+bmc> would*
[17:52] give me one death attributed to the disease depression and I will never say another word again
[17:52] <+yuyuyup> suicide ?
[17:52] <+bmc> nobody said it was fatal
[17:52] suicide is a method
[17:52] bmc: she wouldn’t say anything mental is “real”! not thoughts, not emotions, nothing.
[17:52] its not a disease
[17:52] <+yuyuyup> it’s a symptom of depression
[17:52] <+bmc> nobody claims depression is fatal
[17:52] says who?
[17:52] <+evenin`> is it me or is a crappy debate going on
[17:52] for once it’s not you.
[17:52] <+FredExley> yuyuyup: Suicide is a ‘symptom’ of the ‘disease’ ‘depression?’
15[17:52] * +z00p kicks Durtro into a cactus
[17:52] <+FredExley> Ouch!
[17:53] <+FredExley> Cactuses
[17:53] how can a symptom be the disease???
[17:53] <+yuyuyup> well who is more likely to off one’s self, a depressed person or a happy person
[17:53] <+FredExley> or is it cacti?
[17:53] <+bmc> suicidal thoughts are a symptom
[17:53] <+bmc> suicide is an act
[17:53] aww, it’s acting out. how cute.
[17:53] <+z00p> GOOD QUESTION
[17:53] <+FredExley> I’m fulll of good questions.
[17:53] yuyuyup who decides that?
[17:53] What a gay discussion.
[17:53] <+z00p> <- actor [17:53] I am happy but I get depressed
[17:53] <+FredExley> z00p: act happy.
[17:53] so who did the suicide?
[17:53] <+FredExley> I’m gonna go get a club sandwich
[17:53] <+FredExley> BYE
[17:53] <+yuyuyup> who cares about rhetoric
[17:54] <+bmc> mental ilness (disorder) is real, thats pretty much a given, my only question are on the methods of diagnosis and treatment
[17:54] people that care about whats real
[17:54] <+yuyuyup> does it really make any difference
[17:54] <+FredExley> yuyuyup: I care about clear definitions.
[17:54] <+yuyuyup> it’s just IRC
15[17:54] * Mises sets mode: +b *!?heh@*
15[17:54] * DRPONIUS was kicked by Mises (lol wuts poppin? LOLDONGS!!)
[17:54] <+evenin`> f irc
[17:54] <+bmc> disorder !- illness is just a stupid semantical discussion
[17:54] <+FredExley> hahahahah
[17:54] evenin` is depressed
[17:54] <+FredExley> lol wuts poppin?
[17:54] <+FredExley> HAHAHAHA
[17:55] we all get the blues
[17:55] I have already stuffed my normal human belly with delicious human “filth” that i could not eat another bite.
[17:55] <+FredExley> I can’t believe ponius is banned.
[17:55] its part of the experience
[17:55] <+FredExley> That dude is better than all of you combined.
[17:55] <+evenin`> i’m on two antidepressants
[17:55] <+bmc> “getting the blues” isnt depression
[17:55] but it doesnt make the blues real or deadly
[17:55] <+z00p> DONGS
[17:55] <+FredExley> hi z00p
[17:55] <+FredExley> how u?
[17:55] <+FredExley> dongs
[17:55] <+evenin`> i don’t even remember what it’s like to be unhappy after half a year on antidepressants
[17:55] <+FredExley> oh hai
[17:55] <+FredExley> loldongs
[17:55] <+z00p> people get banned for strange and unusual reasons round these parts
[17:55] <+z00p> meanwhile if you ban someone for something reasonable you get kicked by an op
[17:55] <+z00p> so…
[17:55] <+FredExley> WEIRRRRRRRD
[17:55] <+z00p> this = fux3d
[17:55] <+bmc> being depressed is not the same as being diagnosed with clinical depression or manic depressive or any other depressive disorder
[17:56] <+FredExley> Is correct parlance ‘fux3d’ or ‘fux0red?’
[17:56] <+bmc> depression is -also- a symptom of other mental disorders
[17:56] <+yuyuyup> and other physical disorders as well
[17:56] <+yuyuyup> if you have a constant pain, etc
[17:56] <+z00p> and physical disorders as well
[17:56] <+FredExley> You’re all disordered.
[17:56] <+z00p> <- [17:57] <+z00p> physical disorders ftw
[17:57] Im pretty sure thats true
[17:57] <+FredExley> You’re all. Y’all are.
[17:57] since all the sudden anything you can think of is real
[17:57] <+yuyuyup> z00p I beat your nigga ass to the punch
[17:57] <+FredExley> I like the lattter better.
[17:57] “real”
[17:57] <+z00p> What would you do… if you could fuck with me and my crew?
[17:57] <+yuyuyup> I dono
[17:57] <+bmc> if you lose your job and are depressed for a few weeks, i wouldnt call that clinical depression
[17:57] Id call it “lazy”
[17:58] <+bmc> if youve suffered with it for years and nothing seems to make it go away, that is
[17:58] <+FredExley> bmc: can you see it?
[17:58] <+bmc> FredExley: possibly
[17:58] <+FredExley> bmc: Can you see this ‘it?’
[17:58] <+FredExley> bmc: Oh yeah? HOW?
[17:58] <+bmc> FredExley: possibly
[17:58] <+FredExley> And don’t confuse the cause with its effects.
[17:58] <+bmc> FredExley: IF its caused by a chemical imbalance, that can be measured
[17:58] <+z00p> and mental disorders *cough* Durtro
[17:59] <+FredExley> bmc: What is a “chemical imbalance?”
[17:59] when a woman gets to a certain age and a certain weight and maybe even a certain marital status and she looks around and sees its her only option, that could cause a great deal of depression
[17:59] <+bmc> FredExley: improper levels of neurotransmitters in the brain?
15[17:59] * +evenin` yawns
[17:59] <+FredExley> bmc: And how would one know that this “it” called “depression” is “caused” by a “chemical imbalance?”
[17:59] <+z00p> brain not producing chemicals in favorable amounts and proportions?
[17:59] <+FredExley> bmc: What is the “proper” level?
[17:59] <+bmc> im not sure about that part
[17:59] <+z00p> chemical imbalance is ONE of the causes
[17:59] <+FredExley> z00p: What are “favorable amounts?”
[18:00] <+z00p> ask a brain doctor
[18:00] <+z00p> it’s not a pseudoscience
[18:00] <+bmc> a neurologist
[18:00] <+z00p> yea that too
[18:00] <+z00p> !kick bmc
15[18:00] * bmc was kicked by Mises (z00p: Requesting.)
[18:00] <+FredExley> z00p: So basically anyone here who makes an argument based on shit they don’t understand is a retard?
[18:00] <+z00p> hmm, i’m not sure about that
[18:00] <+z00p> let me consult the oracle
[18:00] should I dust off my neuroscience degrees?
15[18:00] * +z00p naked cartwheel
[18:01] so is it circumstances as I laid out with the woman scenario or its all chemicals?
[18:01] <+FredExley> Does the brain start to break down when there is this “improper level?”
15[18:01] * Mises sets mode: +v bmc
[18:01] <+FredExley> Do pieces of brain start falling off?
[18:01] <+akhenaton> trina: thats all social pressure BS. no one and nothing is forcing her into anything, right?
[18:01] <+yuyuyup> satyricon fix my brain
[18:01] <+FredExley> Do they deteriorate?
[18:01] <+z00p> well i don’t think so but for example, some people are overly anxious
[18:01] <+z00p> this is not favorable
[18:01] why does depression seem to affect mostly losers? don’t winners have brain chemistries too?
[18:01] <+z00p> brain chemistry can be adjusted to fix that
[18:01] <+FredExley> z00p: favorable TO WHOMM?
[18:01] <+z00p> to the person suffering from it usually
[18:02] FredExley: Somtimes, yes.
[18:02] <+akhenaton> list of options within her local social establishment
[18:02] <+FredExley> z00p: I’m short. This is not favorable to me. Does this mean my short stature is an illness?
[18:02] <+z00p> bad example
[18:02] <+FredExley> No
[18:02] Incorrect “levels” to use the language you people seem comfortable with can result in morphologic changes in the brain.
[18:02] <+FredExley> Great example.
[18:02] <+FredExley> It follows the same principles.
[18:02] Neurons change shape. Constantly. But you can do things to them that make it very hard for them to get back to a happy shape on their own.
[18:02] <+FredExley> The exact same logic.
[18:02] <+z00p> why is being short unfavorable, does it cause you to have problems functioning?
[18:02] <+FredExley> z00p: Yes.
[18:02] <+z00p> how
[18:02] akhenaton in an article I read last week women that deem themselves with no “plan B” were more than 3 times as likely to experience depression
[18:02] <+z00p> you can’t get shit off the top shelf?
[18:02] chicks don’t like to date guys shorter than they are
[18:02] <+FredExley> z00p: I tried to take the batteries out of the smoke detector and couldn’t reach them.
[18:03] less pussy = less function
[18:03] <+z00p> how often does that happen?
[18:03] <+FredExley> z00p: I have trouble with woman, as assbag states
[18:03] <+bmc> the brain doesnt function properly without the correct chemical levels, and if you even need to ask what “properly” is youre just spinning wheels trying to create an argument
[18:03] <+z00p> yet another bad example
[18:03] plan B being a man that they can (but most often never do) see as a back up man
[18:03] <+FredExley> z00p: If I can’t find a woman, I can’t reproduce and further perpetuate our species.
[18:03] <+z00p> i can only address 1 bad example at a time
[18:03] <+Vikash> But you can do things to them that make it very hard for them to get back to a happy shape on their own. ( like what?)
[18:03] <+FredExley> z00p: These things all keep me from a “functioning” member of society.
[18:03] <+FredExley> z00p: why is it a bad example?
[18:03] yuyuyup: Unfortunately I was never trained in restoraative arts.
[18:03] <+z00p> being short doesn’t affect your ability to have sex
[18:03] I know how to cut parts of you out, if they interest u s…
15[18:03] * Satyricon was kicked by Mises (Retarded word detected. (* u *) :: [Wed Sep 3 17:04:07 2008] – Banned 0 minutes ยท7161ยท)
[18:03] <+z00p> duh
[18:03] but i’m not sure that would go so well for you
[18:04] hey you’d probably live. I had a great survival rate.
[18:04] <+akhenaton> trina: yeah but thats because their comfort level is in jeopardy. life drops out from under us at random, so plan b that she didnt have before may come from the desperation of trying to save her own life
[18:04] <+FredExley> z00p: Please tell me why it’s a bad example when it follows the same logic and principles as yours.
[18:04] <+yuyuyup> well get crackin’
[18:04] <+z00p> i’m telling you why it doesn’t
[18:04] <+yuyuyup> by 5 please
[18:04] <+FredExley> z00p: You ahven’t said a word about it
[18:04] <+z00p> being constantly anxious is a constant problem, being short… well that’s just a stupid complaint
[18:04] I briefly considered neurosurgery as a career.
[18:04] <+akhenaton> trina: i understand the article, but thats all self inflicted pain
[18:04] Had I gone that route I’d STILL be in school, basically.
[18:04] <+FredExley> z00p: So “because I say so” is the reason?
[18:04] akhenaton I know I can have a plan B
[18:04] I don’t but I know I could
[18:04] <+FredExley> z00p: Sorry to pull out a Durtro response, but that’s what you’re saying.
[18:04] <+z00p> yep, becasue i say so.
[18:04] <+z00p> <- [18:04] does this ward off depression or is it something else?
[18:05] <+bmc>
[18:05] <@bougyman> “NIMH ยท Depression ยท What causes depression?”:
[18:05] <+FredExley> THAT is a bad argument.
[18:05] <+z00p> it’s a good argument because i say so
[18:05] hahahaha
[18:05] I just went for a swim
[18:05] I must be crazy
[18:05] <+akhenaton> trina: if mister plan b turns out to be a POS, maybe not
[18:05] <+FredExley> Satyricon: out of doors?
[18:05] <+FredExley> Satyricon: or inside?
[18:05] FredExley: Yes
[18:05] <+FredExley> whoa
[18:05] What causes happiness?
[18:05] no, outside
[18:05] <+FredExley> is’nt it cold and rainy?
[18:05] <+akhenaton> the feeling that you aren’t trapped in a life you hate is probably what staves off the depression
[18:05] hahaha yeah
[18:05] now cry… CRY like you’ve never cried…… before
[18:05] <+akhenaton> and you’re never ever trapped ever
[18:05] I s hould turn on the pool heater, eh?
[18:05] <+z00p> haha
[18:05] s/cry/howto
[18:05] Invalid regular expression.
[18:05] <+akhenaton> even if you think you are, so its all self inflicted
[18:06] s/cry/your mom
[18:06] s/you/suck/
[18:06] <+FredExley> ahahahahaha
[18:06] Why am i so amazing?
[18:06] so if depression can be staved off by circumstance is it even a real disease?
[18:06] <+bmc> Research indicates that depressive illnesses are disorders of the brain. Brain-imaging technologies, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), have shown that the brains of people who have depression look different than those of people without depression. The parts of the brain responsible for regulating mood, thinking, sleep, appetite and behavior appear to function abnormally. In addition, important neurotransmittersรขโ‚ฌโ€œchemicals that
[18:06] <+bmc> brain cells use to communicateรขโ‚ฌโ€œappear to be out of balance. But these images do not reveal why the depression has occurred.
[18:06] <+bmc> er, sorry ๐Ÿ˜›
04[18:06] * FredExley changes topic to ’17:12 < howto> s/you/suck/’
15[18:06] * Mises sets mode: +t
[18:06] <+z00p> neurology is a pseudo-science
[18:06] <+FredExley> Quoting shit you don’t understand does not qualify as “critical thinking.”
[18:06] <+z00p> ^- bad argument
[18:06] <+FredExley> You should all be ashamed of yourself.
15[18:06] * +z00p jerks it wildly
[18:06] <+FredExley> z00p: I never said that.
[18:07] <+yuyuyup> I’m always ashamed of myself !
[18:07] <+FredExley> z00p: I did say that ‘balance’ is a subjective judgment not free from bias.
[18:07] <+bmc> i would certainly put more faith in NIH than i would scientology
[18:07] Why do americans use the solecism “different than” and british use the solecism “different to”?
[18:07] <+z00p> you’re dissociating the fact that it takes neurological function to reach that smoke detector you’re talking about
[18:07] <+FredExley> People put their faith in Hitler too.
[18:07] <+z00p> and being “short” is not pervasive to every part of your life
[18:07] <+z00p> so…
[18:07] <+z00p> whatever
[18:07] <+FredExley> z00p: it also takes height.
15[18:07] * annebonny jerks it wildly
[18:07] <+z00p> no argument really necessary
[18:07] <+FredExley> z00p: Because it requires OTHER THINGS doesn’t discount the importance of the one thing I’m talking about
[18:07] wheeeeee
[18:08] annebonny’s cock is such a turon
[18:08] turnon
[18:08] <+akhenaton> being short is just plain old animal sexual selection
[18:08] haha
[18:08] I like it ๐Ÿ™‚
[18:08] <+FredExley> z00p: You can’t make beer without barley AND hops.
[18:08] <+FredExley> z00p: Needing hops doesn’t mean barley is irrelvant.
[18:08] <+z00p> you can’t make beer without neurons
[18:08] <+z00p> you can if you’re short
15[18:08] * z00p is now known as win
15[18:08] * +win
15[18:08] * win is now known as z00p
[18:09] <+FredExley> z00p: What the fuck is your point?
[18:09] <+z00p> there’s not enough win to go around in here
[18:09] mostly you need clean sparkling spring water to make beer
[18:09] <+z00p> my point is that semen probably doesn’t taste good in beer
[18:09] you can make beer without hops. the original beers weren’t hopped.
[18:09] <@Go> fish cum soup
[18:09] <+FredExley> z00p: I can’t reach the top shelf without neurons, yes. But equally as important is that I’m tall enough to reach the top shelf.
[18:09] <+z00p> fish cum soup ftw
[18:09] <+FredExley> Durtro: STFU
[18:09] go: noted.
15[18:09] * @Go wins
[18:09] “STFU” won’t make me less right.
[18:09] semen tastes like snotty tears
[18:09] <@Go> <--- winner [18:09] <+FredExley> Durtro: You’re missing the point, jackass.
[18:10] there’s a point with you and zoop jerking it, other than retardation?
[18:10] please.
[18:10] durtro cannot tell “can” from “could”
[18:10] I’ve had fish cum soup.
[18:10] <+z00p> aw Durtro is left out of another hot 3-way
15[18:10] * Mises sets mode: -t
[18:10] <+z00p> Durtro no pierced cocks in this 3-way, k?
[18:10] and you don’t use sparkling water to make beer
[18:10] <+z00p> it’s the rules, i don’t make the rules
[18:10] you carbonate it by priming it before bottling
[18:10] <+bmc> its accepted scientific fact that mental disorders (including depression) are real, there are numerous studies supporting it, even imaging of the brains of people who suffer from them, understanding why it happens and the methods for diagnosis and treating them are a different story
[18:10] <@Go> you guys want to hear a GREAT SONG that you haven’t heard IN A LONG TIME?
[18:10] <+z00p> plus satyricon is scared of cut penis
[18:10] <+z00p> so..
[18:11] <@Go> it’s a sing along….
[18:11] rich: too bad I used “can” correctly.
[18:11] <@Go> do ya? huh?
[18:11] <+bmc> i think there is a lot of guesswork involved and many doctors have “favorite” medicines and fail to address the issue that every person reacts differently to the medications
[18:11] <@Go>
[18:11] <@Go> you should sing along
[18:12] <+z00p> i’m scared of Go youtubes
[18:12] is go attempting a rick roll
[18:12] <@Go> no
[18:12] <@Go> it’s not a rickroll
[18:12] <+z00p> i’m still scared
[18:12] <@Go> z00p, you should watch it
[18:12] <+z00p> >:|
[18:12] <+yuyuyup> but everyone loves cut penis
[18:12] <@Go> it really is a great song
[18:12] no one loves cut penis
[18:12] <+z00p> oh jesus christ here we go
[18:13] <@Go> z00p, focus. song
[18:13] <@Go> listen
[18:13] cut penis is ugly and feeble.
[18:13] <+yuyuyup> I think my penis is worthless because it is tiny, not because it lacks foreskin
[18:13] <+z00p> please place Satyricon on /ignore if you’d like to chat about something other than penis
[18:13] well let’s put it this way
[18:13] <+z00p> hahahaa
[18:13] since it’s unlikely you’ll ever get laid
[18:13] <+bmc> yuyuyup: some women might prefer a small penis
[18:13] meats of evil! meat of EVIL!$!ยฃยฃ^~^
04[18:13] * z00p changes topic to ‘<+yuyuyup> I think my penis is worthless because it is tiny, not because it lacks foreskin’
15[18:13] * Mises sets mode: +t
[18:13] you’d enjoy masturbation more with a foreskin
[18:13] <+z00p> bmc BAHAHAHA
[18:13] <+yuyuyup> bmc liar
[18:13] <+bmc> ๐Ÿ™
[18:13] <@Go> z00p, are you listening to my song????
[18:13] <+z00p> some women with small cooters
[18:13] <+z00p> Go… not yet
[18:13] <+yuyuyup> women can’t stand men with tiny penises
[18:13] <+z00p> i’m saving it for later
[18:13] <@Go> i’m going to get very angry if you don’t
[18:14] <@Go> no, now
[18:14] <+z00p> >:|
[18:14] <@Go> <---furrowed brow 15[18:14] * +z00p turns off other music 15[18:14] * +z00p listens... angrily [18:14] <@Go> thank you
[18:14] <+bmc> well, ok some women might not put that much importance into penis size, if its freakishly tiny i guess youre just screwed
[18:15] <+z00p> some women really do have small cooters
[18:15] <+z00p> i’ve witnessed it before
[18:15] <+yuyuyup> any woman that tells you she likes small penis is a god damn liar
[18:15] <+z00p> GO GOD DAMMIT
[18:15] <+z00p> *click*
15[18:15] * +z00p turns other music back on
[18:15] <@Go> lol
[18:15] <@Go> what are you listening to?
[18:16] <+z00p> randomness
[18:16] <@Go> probably some top 40 sell out shit
[18:16] <+z00p> no way
[18:16] top 40 shit isn’t usually sellout, is it?
[18:16] my husband told me he gets sexually excited just thinking about the feeling of his dick in pussy
[18:16] <@Go> omg, my chest hurts so bad from this push up program that i just coughed and pee’d my pants a little
[18:16] <+z00p> this is a rap called “Tweakers” by Big B apparently
[18:16] is that really true?
[18:17] <+z00p> :X
[18:17] <+z00p> bahahaha
[18:17] Aaah, the stink of clean.
15[18:17] * @Go showers from teh waist down
[18:17] sometimes I think my husband makes men out to seem ridiculous so I’ll avoid all of them but him
[18:17] <+z00p> Go is totally telling the truth
[18:17] <+z00p> annebonny that’s quite common
[18:17] <@miaux> go is a muslim?
15[18:17] * Mises sets mode: -t
[18:17] <+z00p> women go along with it for a little while and then they’re like “Hey wait a minute, you think EVERYONE IS A DOUCHEBAG, I’m going to bang one to piss you off”
[18:17] <+akhenaton> trina: or your husband recognizes the ridiculous foolishness in other men because he is one
[18:18] <+z00p> or that.
[18:18] <+yuyuyup> women are really strange in the head
[18:18] <+z00p> sometimes i notice shit that i don’t like and people think i’m being Type 1
[18:18] akhenaton my husband is the representation of all men in the world to me
[18:18] trina, you don’t get sexually exciting thinking a bout dick in your pussy
[18:18] panblanco nuh uh
[18:18] ?
[18:18] weird
[18:18] <@Go> okay, all better
[18:18] <+akhenaton> go: nice song. weird video
[18:18] <@Go> z00p, that’s not true
[18:19] <@Go> ak, i didn’t watch the video
[18:19] <@Go> z00p, someday you’ll meet a woman that will love you unconditionally and take care of you for the rest of your life
[18:19] <+z00p> God i hope not
[18:19] <@Go> lol
[18:19] <+z00p> haha
[18:19] <@Go> i didn’t get to the “then” part
[18:19] panblanco when I want a really good table in a restuarant and we don’t have reservations I think about my pussy and we get treated really well so I think men can sense that
[18:20] oh man I realize now I do sound batshit crazy
[18:20] your cheeks probably get rosy and all that other stuff
[18:20] <+z00p> annebonny do you keep glancing at it suggestively?
[18:20] z00p god no
[18:20] cretin
[18:20] <+z00p> ehhh ehhh?
[18:20] <+z00p> <- [18:20] annebonny, maybe you queef without knowing about it
[18:20] haha
[18:20] <@Go> THEN, while you’re on your death bed, she’ll tell you stories of fucking the insurance man and your best freinds
[18:20] i have had enough of your smelly mouth filled with corn
[18:20] you queef a nice aroma
[18:20] <+z00p> hahaha
[18:20] <+akhenaton> phermones maybe..who knows
[18:20] prepare to meet your horrible doom
[18:20] <+z00p> !topic i have had enough of your smelly mouth filled with corn
04[18:20] * Mises changes topic to ‘ i have had enough of your smelly mouth filled with corn’
15[18:21] * Mises sets mode: +t
[18:21] <+z00p> howto shut up
15[18:21] * howto talks to onebox30 instead
[18:21] <@Go> howto is bored
[18:21] I’ll never understand why people feel the need to talk about infidelities
[18:21] even on the deathbed
[18:21] <+akhenaton> go: thats a scary thought
[18:21] <@Go> so, you’re not going to fess up trina?
[18:21] <+z00p> “Son, come here… I cheated on your mother” *croak*
[18:22] hahaha
[18:22] annebonny is down with OPP
[18:22] <+akhenaton> trust
[18:22] <@Go> infidelity…. how weak
[18:22] <+akhenaton> such a rare thing
[18:22] Go I will only ever admit to loving you
[18:22] <+z00p> annebonny is down with AKOP
[18:22] <@Go> hah
[18:22] <3 [18:22] I have a knack of posting right before trna “hahahah”S so it looks like hshei s laughing at me
[18:22] <+z00p> ^
[18:22] <@Go> it really is a weakness
[18:22] <@Go> only the strong survive
[18:23] <+akhenaton> the week breed though
[18:23] <+akhenaton> weak
[18:23] <+z00p> i’m going to work out like a caged demon tongiht
[18:23] <+akhenaton> and 20% of the time, he is not the papa.
[18:23] <@Go> bbl
[18:23] <+akhenaton> thats kinda creepy
[18:23] <+z00p> if yall don’t know how we gets it on, from 12am to the early morn
[18:23] <@Go> i’m going to go do my last sets of push ups
[18:23] <+akhenaton> go, how many per day
[18:24] <+z00p> that’s weird how Go is on a workout tip today too
[18:24] I would still be happily married to my jew of a first husband if he didn’t have to yak about his infidelities to me
[18:24] <+z00p> haha
[18:24] <+z00p> “Hey trina, check this out… the chick i cheated on you with last night can deepthroat… what you think of that?”
[18:24] <+z00p> “SHALOM!”
[18:24] <+akhenaton> he wanted it to be over i guess
[18:24] “wanna see?”
[18:24] akhenaton maybe
15[18:24] * Mises sets mode: -t
[18:25] <+z00p> i stop at 50 regulation pushups
[18:25] ?
[18:25] <+z00p> and by regulation i mean ALL THE WAY DOWN and all the way up.
[18:25] <+z00p> don’t do pushups that much tho
[18:25] maybe he just wanted me to care and thought the idea that another woman did would make it happen
[18:26] might sound lame but I am on a program to do 100 pushups now in 6 weeks
[18:26] maybe he’s just a dog
[18:26] <+z00p> 100 pushups now in 6 weeks?
[18:26] ok the sentence sucked
[18:26] <+z00p> i don’t know what that means is all
[18:26] <+z00p> <- not an asshole about syntax [18:26]
[18:27] by the end of 6 weeks you’ll be doing 100 pushups?
[18:27] yeah
[18:27] at a time
15[18:27] * Himbbl is now known as himself
15[18:27] * Viseus was kicked by Dejacque (idle 1440 min)
[18:27] <+z00p> 100 consecutive pushups going all the way down and all the way up is quite an endurance accomplishment
[18:27] hey himself
[18:27] I could use some pushups
[18:27] <+z00p> especially if you’re heavy
[18:27] yeah I think it is and I think I can do it
15[18:27] * Mises sets mode: +v Viseus
[18:27] are you heavy panblanco?
[18:28] 205
[18:28] <+z00p> i’d be proud of myself if i could do that
[18:28] do it z00p
[18:28] <+yuyuyup> who the hell is proud of themselves
[18:28] that program just gives you guidance
[18:28] <+z00p> i’m not sure i want to be able to do that
[18:28] <+yuyuyup> what does that even mean
[18:28] hah
[18:28] pantydrop so by halloween you’ll be doing 100 pushups?
[18:28] panblanco I mean
[18:29] yeah annebonny, right about then
[18:29] <+z00p> i’d like to be able to do 50 pullups though
[18:29] <+z00p> that would be pretty sick
[18:29] that’s pretty hardcore
[18:29] maybe you should get into cross fit
[18:29] z00p are you 205 too?
[18:29] <+z00p> i saw some goofy thing called “calesthetic kings” or something on youtube where this guy was like a damn monkey on the pullup bar
[18:29] <+akhenaton> John McCainโ€™s campaign threatened legal action against the National Enquirer today for running a story about McCainโ€™s running mate, Sarah Palin, allegedly having an affair with her husbandโ€™s business partner.
[18:29] <+akhenaton> oooh
[18:29] <+z00p> nah i’m about 175
[18:29] <+akhenaton> oooooh ooh ohhh. yesh.
[18:29] <+akhenaton> they’re on the trail
[18:30] oh goody gumdrops
[18:30] are you serious akhenaton?
[18:30] akhenaton she wanted the trooper that divorced her sister to get fired and she fired that guy that refused to do it
[18:30] <+akhenaton> dude they busted the john edwards thing open
[18:30] I need to remember to check out her speech tonight
[18:30] she sounds unstable
[18:30] <+z00p> they gotta be complete morons to think they’ll be able to run that and get away with it
[18:30] they have a countdown clock to her speech on FoxNews
[18:30] <+z00p> akhenaton that started with Natty Enquirer!?
[18:30] <+z00p> HAHA
[18:31] <+z00p> damn
[18:31] how long onebox30
[18:31] <+akhenaton> when it comes to infidelity, the enquirer doesn’t run stuff unless they have proof
[18:31] <+akhenaton> they’ve paid too many millions in lawsuit money
[18:31] the enquirer was the the rag that broke both the spitzer story and the edwards baby bomb
[18:31] or tehy use VERY careful language. “sources say”!
[18:31] <+z00p> ah oh
[18:32] i think in about 4 hours panblanco
[18:32] thanks
[18:32] 10:30 ET iirc
[18:32] thanks
[18:32] <+akhenaton> trina: yeah troopergate.
15[18:32] * Mises sets mode: -b *!*
15[18:32] * +z00p waits on e-mail replies so he can continue work
[18:33] <@Mises> [potemkin] unwanted advances are so annoying
[18:33] hey 4d
[18:33] cool
[18:33] <+z00p> NICE INTRO
[18:33] please lets unban malanoche now
[18:33] ty in advance
[18:33] <+z00p> yes.
15[18:33] * Mises sets mode: +v potemkin
[18:33] <+z00p> he irritated bougy’s balls though, i don’t think he’ll be unbanned any time soon
[18:33] :/
[18:35] hah hah hah! “Palin’s politics range from the absurd to the lunatic. If you were to put us both in the same room, we would disagree strongly on all the pertinent issues: abortion, creationism, stem-cell research, same-sex marriage, guns, wolves. About the only thing she has got right so far is her look (saucy secretary meets stern stateswoman), which may well be all it takes to persuade older, male Americans of her worth (it clearly
[18:35] <+z00p> wutup Austry
[18:35] z00p] ๐Ÿ˜€
[18:36] who said that Austry?
15[18:37] * z00p is now known as safe
15[18:37] * safe is now known as z00p
[18:37] Watch out Putin! American bombshell coming to ya—we gunna slap you silly with a smegma crusty thong! That’s how we gonna make you give us all the Caucasus OIL are belong to us!
[18:38] onebox30] Sarah Vine
[18:38] <+Vikash>;_ylt=ApM19zLff94JgdmxDTT3.sas0NUE
[18:38] <@bougyman> “Untitled”:
[18:38] <+Vikash> running “mate”
[18:39] <+z00p> howto give Vikash a male realdoll
15[18:39] * howto gives Vikash a male realdoll
[18:39] sup kashmoney
[18:40] Vikash] hahah hah . . . the husband looks like: “Copping a good feel there, gramps?”
[18:40] it’ll be interesting to see how they have her dressed tonight
[18:40] <+Vikash> panblanCOIN!
[18:40] <+Vikash> Austry yeah haha
[18:40] is Palinmania running wild
[18:40] <+potemkin> i thought you were going to stop bolding vikash
[18:40] <+potemkin> that’s like spam
[18:40] Mccain and Palin are usually pretty careful not to have a sexual type hug
[18:42] <+Vikash> austry where ya been
[18:43] <+Vikash> 4d does it flash on your screen?
[18:43] <+potemkin> what do you think about other men’s fuckholes being on your dick
[18:43] <+potemkin> is that gross or what
[18:43] <+potemkin> with a bunch of used cum
[18:44] <+Vikash> i like bold and colors and underline etc
[18:44] <+Vikash> 3,11is that so bad ?
[18:44] <+potemkin> i dont think you are really allowed to do that on irc
[18:44] <+Vikash> NOT ALLOWED?
[18:44] <+potemkin> if i had ops i would regulate that behavior
[18:45] <@miaux> hi
[18:45] <+Vikash> i don;t mind if people bold / colorize etc
[18:45] <+Vikash> in fact i find it somewhat interesting
[18:45] <@miaux> i have an interview at microsoft
[18:45] <+Vikash> hey miaux congratulations
[18:45] <+Vikash> <3 [18:45] <+potemkin> anyone who has been chatting here for 10 years or more is an official loser
[18:45] <+Vikash> way to show everyone how to be persistent
[18:46] <@miaux> you are an official loser 4d
[18:46] <+potemkin> yeah
[18:46] <+Vikash> i could design a better browser than chrome
[18:46] <+Vikash> software engineers still don’t know jackshti about userinterface
[18:46] that sounds unlikely as fuck.
[18:46] <+potemkin> why not make it so it compiles in 64-bit
[18:46] <+Vikash> exactly
[18:46] <@miaux> i will be interviewing with katarina
[18:47] <@miaux> i wonder if she has an accent
[18:47] <+Vikash> maybe you and i can design a better browser
[18:47] <+potemkin> there’s still no flash plugin for 64-bit IE
[18:47] <+potemkin> which is nice
[18:47] <+Vikash> yeah she does she’s from eastern europe
[18:47] you’re a fucking imbecile, vikash.
[18:47] <+potemkin> maybe she was named after the hurricane
[18:47] <+Vikash> i think chrome is gonna take over..but where the hell are the icons for “home” and “history” etc
[18:47] <+Vikash> it’s almost too skeletal
[18:47] <@miaux> i’m annoyed with chrome
[18:48] <+Vikash> i find that i’m accustomed to firefox
[18:48] <+Vikash> chrome is too barebones
[18:48] <@miaux> it said i didn’t have java and i clicked to install and it won’t run it so i can’t play my scrabble game
[18:48] chrome looked pretty shitty
[18:48] so don’t fucking use it, dipshit.
[18:48] <+Vikash> where the f is the menu
[18:48] <+Vikash> it looks great
[18:48] hah hah
[18:48] <+Vikash> and seems to run fast
[18:48] <@miaux> you don’t need a menu
[18:48] <+Vikash> yeah i do
[18:48] yeah it ran fast
[18:48] “omg dropdowns are hard!”
[18:48] <+Vikash> i want a goddam history and home icon and favorites icon
[18:48] <@miaux> i really like how it puts all your faves in little boxes on the page that pops up when yhou open the browser
[18:48] <+Vikash> well favorites is ok..cuz they’er tabbed
[18:48] so use a browser that has that stupid shit.
[18:49] <+Vikash> your most frequent pages yeah
[18:49] <@miaux> the history is on the upper right. it’s so easy to get to
[18:49] <@miaux> what are you whining about?
[18:49] <+Vikash> i don’t like that layout
[18:49] <+Vikash> i want my tabs below my favorites
[18:50] I shudder to think of the monstrosity of shit that vikash would “design” for a browser.
[18:50] <@miaux> i’m supposing i should probably not wear a cleavage showing shirt
[18:50] <------this dude is an idiot [18:50] <+Vikash> and i want a few buttons
[18:50] <@bougyman> “Have You Hugged a Republican Today? – PostPartisan – Quick takes by The Post’s opinion writers”:
[18:50] I had one of them the other week. They’re very nice, aren’t they?
[18:50] I can tell that just from the title.
[18:51] exactly
15[18:51] * himself is now known as Himbbl
[18:51] Master, where did you go? I can’t see you.
[18:52] <+potemkin> how can you have a nigger in the whitehouse
[18:52] i thought a long time ago of a browser option that takes sites you frequent and automatically favorites them
[18:52] how can fourdee be not in prison?
[18:52] <+Vikash> i read an article that with a few minor exceptions, the betting pools have been better than polls in predicting presidential election outcomes
[18:53] <@miaux> in what way vikash?
[18:53] <+Vikash> in predicting the winner!
[18:53] <@miaux> are you even allowed to vote, 4d?
[18:53] McCacain’s 1st wife was a swimwear model, 2nd wife a USC cheerleader, his 3rd pick was a beauty pageant participant. The McCacain dumped his 1st wife for his 2nd. Is the 3rd pick because of 2nd wife’s “problem”?
[18:53] <+potemkin> how can a black man own the “white” house.
[18:54] paint the white house black
[18:54] <@miaux> i mean, so the person with the most bets placed on him will likely be the winner?
[18:54] miaux: sadly, yes. oregon doesn’t disenfranchise felons once they’re out of jail.
[18:54] fourdee did his time
[18:54] <@miaux> that doesn’t make sense austry
[18:54] miaux: no, the person the _odds_ favor closest to election day tends to win.
[18:54] <@miaux> thanks for clarifying, durtro.
[18:54] also, don’t expect austry to make sense.
[18:54] don’t most people bet on the odds
[18:55] In 1989, Cindy McCain became addicted to Percocet and Vicodin, opioid painkillers,[37] which she initially took to alleviate pain following two spinal surgeries for ruptured discs,[38][39] and to ease emotional stress during the Keating Five affair.[37] The addiction progressed to where she was taking upwards of twenty pills a day,[14] and she resorted to having an AVMT physician write illegal prescriptions.[40] In 1992, her parents s
[18:55] <+z00p> then she had a stroke
[18:55] <+z00p> in other news
[18:55] austry’s going to paste to us to make us vote for Obama!
[18:55] plus, she’s reptilian
[18:55] <+z00p> that too
[18:55] <+z00p> i wasn’t voting for Obama until Austry pasted that
[18:55] <+z00p> thanks Austry
[18:55] my mind is changed as well, and has been blown
[18:56] i’m voting for osama, i mean obama!
[18:56] <+z00p> osama bin laden i mean obama n’ biden
[18:56] <+z00p> big win for the intelligence namesmaker that came up with that one
[18:58] “In April 1986, she [Cindy McCain] and her father [the other one, not the one she’s married to–lol] invested $359,100 in a shopping center project with Phoenix banker Charles Keating.[14] This, combined with her role as a bookkeeper who later had difficulty finding receipts for family trips on Keating’s jet,[21] caused complications for her husband during the Keating Five scandal, when he was being examined for his role regarding ove
[18:58] Charles Keating . . . hmm . . . wonder who that is . . . hmmm
[18:59] yeah but obama has no executive experience
15[18:59] * Mises sets mode: +v MissWhit
[18:59] also, raise taxes
[18:59] what it do MissWhit
[18:59] “difficulties”. ooh, the innuendo.
[19:00] <+MissWhit> Oh, politics is the subject? Good, because I thought it might’ve ended up being something that we always talk about and that gets old pretty quickly, like dongs.
[19:00] <+MissWhit> Hey panblanco
[19:00] miss: they always talk stupid shit about politics.
[19:00] <+Vikash> Whit.
[19:00] <+MissWhit> What.
[19:00] <+Vikash> 65
[19:00] <+Vikash> ^5
[19:00] aren’t bookkeepers supposed to keep receipts
[19:00] stupid shit . . . like picking a VP without vetting?
[19:00] <+rsTheo> no
[19:00] <+MissWhit> Vikash. Stop trying to get into my pants.
[19:00] <+Vikash> ^5
[19:00] <+rsTheo> no ^5
[19:01] <+Vikash> thats a high 5
[19:01] how was your first day at school, misswhit
15[19:01] * +MissWhit covers her chest
[19:01] slush: not when under subpoena.
[19:01] miss: try an axe.
[19:01] <+Vikash> holy mackerels
[19:01] hah hah hah . . . those are not pants. Those are called teepees.
[19:01] <+rsTheo> medium 5s, misswhit
[19:01] >_< hmmpff hee heee . . . teepees . . . [19:01] <+MissWhit> slushpump: It was okay. It was hot yesterday, but today it was cold, and it rained. I’m talking about the weather right now… um.. school… yeah. It’s aight.
[19:01] <+Vikash> haha
[19:01] <+rsTheo> honk
[19:02] you’re in milwaukee, right?
[19:02] <+MissWhit> Yes.
[19:02] cool
[19:02] i hope you do good
[19:02] <+MissWhit> Thank you.
15[19:02] * Mises sets mode: +v Boojie
[19:02] MissWhit did you make any goths laugh today
[19:02] <+rsTheo> boojie you sweet ass son of a bitch
[19:03] <+MissWhit> Not today.
[19:03] <+Boojie> yes
[19:03] <+rsTheo> how’s your sweet ass
[19:03] <+MissWhit> I made my Sociology class laugh though.
[19:03] <+rsTheo> you son of a bitch
[19:03] <+Boojie> how may I irratate you today?
[19:03] <+MissWhit> Telling about my senior prank…
[19:03] by telling funny jokes about kittens?
[19:03] <+Vikash> what did you do, take your mask off?
[19:03] <+Boojie> my ass is fine
[19:03] <+MissWhit> Close.
[19:03] <+Vikash> HHAHhahahah
[19:03] <+MissWhit> VIKASH IS SOO FUNNI
[19:03] with my mighty fists of horror, and unstoppable cruelty, i am the tool of destruction, vengeance and fury
[19:03] <+MissWhit> Shut the fuck up. your mom.
[19:03] what was your senior prank
[19:03] <+Vikash> wow
[19:04] <+Vikash> testosteroni
[19:04] <+Boojie> my prankwas I spot welded the gates to our rival school together
[19:04] MissWhit] we gunna take over Russia!
[19:04] don’t encourage vikash, even in jest.
[19:04] <@miaux> neat
[19:04] <+MissWhit> So the high school I went to was “Stevens Point Area Senior High,” – “SPASH” for short. And on the side of the building it said “Home of the SPASH Panthers” in large red letters.
[19:04] <+MissWhit> So me and some guys went in the early early morning.
[19:05] <+MissWhit> Switched around some letters
[19:05] spaz
[19:05] <+MissWhit> Added one…
[19:05] duhh
[19:05] <+MissWhit> Turned it into “Home of the ASS panthers”
[19:05] <+acceb> heh
[19:05] <+acceb> still a panther ey
[19:06] <+MissWhit> Yeah.
[19:06] was any damage done
[19:06] and did they found out
[19:06] <+MissWhit> A little.
[19:06] <+MissWhit> And of course they found out. They didn’t find out who it was, though the police were yookin’
[19:06] <+MissWhit> heh
[19:06] <+MissWhit> “This is vandalism bla bla bla”
[19:06] what is “yookin”?
[19:06] <+MissWhit> Looking.
[19:06] MissWhit] put this bumper sticker on your monster truck: “Watch out Putin! American bombshell coming to ya—we gunna slap you silly with a smegma crusty thong! That’s how we gonna make you give us all the Caucasus OIL are belong to us!”
[19:07] is this some strange midwest slang?
[19:07] <+MissWhit> Austry: That’s more like a entire-back-end-of-the-vehicle sticker.
[19:07] <+MissWhit> Jesus.
[19:07] <+MissWhit> That’s an essay.
[19:07] <+akhenaton> Wed Sep 03 2008 18:19:21 ET
[19:07] <+akhenaton> “The National Enquirer’s coverage of a vicious war within Sarah Palin’s extended family includes several newsworthy revelations, including the resulting incredible charge of an affair plus details of family strife when the Governor’s daughter revealed her pregnancy. Following our John Edwards’ exclusives, our political reporting has obviously proven to be more detail-oriented than the McCain campaign’s vetting process. Desp
[19:07] <+MissWhit> Durtro: Just MissWhit slang.
[19:07] Jeff Foxworthy couldn’t twang it better
[19:07] austry’s insane, whit.
[19:07] <+MissWhit> I know this.
[19:08] Good.
[19:09] <+akhenaton> republican power family implosion imminent. popcorn ready in 10..9..8..7
[19:10] damn! my totally hawt neighbor showed me what’s she’s got today: barefoot and tiny black shorts. Boy if it ain’t a “fuck me” come on! But I’m no homewrecker—so no, hoe, grab a cucumber.
[19:10] who the fuck is austry
[19:10] hey narcease
[19:10] i went to APOPKA HIGH SCHOOL, and one time some person, it wasn’t me, crossed out the letters so it said POP A HIGH HO
[19:10] the dick that cock slapped you
[19:10] narc.
[19:10] <+MissWhit> heh
[19:10] <+Boojie> On the republicians we have an aging carcer prone idiot who things George Bush’s policies are the greatest thing in history. This is back by a screming bitch who fires people for divoring her sister plus her daughter can’t keep her legs cross. On the other side we got a Middle age home boy who can talk, but has no clue what government means and his backed by a long term political hack who couldn’t find Russia on a map. One of these te
[19:11] that’s nice, boojie. shut up.
[19:11] stupid
[19:11] is it going to be this stupid til nov 4
[19:11] <+Boojie> Thank you and no
[19:11] I wasn’t asking.
[19:11] yes, slush. and moreso.
[19:11] wake me when obama is prez
[19:12] don’t bother otherwise
[19:12] you might be sleeping a really long time.
[19:12] Evening.
[19:12] Joe Biden “couldn’t find Russia on a map” ? Take your head out from where the sun don’t shine.
[19:12] joe biden could probably find dar es salam on a map before you could find arkansas
[19:12] <+potemkin> isn’t there a chat room just for politics
[19:12] <+MissWhit> potemkin
[19:12] yeah let’s stay on topic
[19:13] dongs
[19:13] d0ngs
[19:13] chat room? is this AOL?
[19:13] <+MissWhit> So I heard you have a picture of me on some website of yours.
[19:13] food
[19:13] link
[19:13] miss: well, he IS a crazy-ass stalker nutjob.
[19:13] <+akhenaton> someone is ramped up with a rush limbaugh rant
[19:13] <+potemkin> the boob picture
[19:13] <+akhenaton> i say help them out of a 10th story window,
[19:13] <+Boojie> actually I can find both on a series of map in one of my many atlases
[19:13] <+MissWhit> Too bad I was a dumb bitch when I first came here.
[19:13] you gave out boob pics?
[19:13] <+potemkin> i can delete it
[19:13] now abc news is questioning whether the McCain is starting these smear rumours themselves just to be able to fight them
[19:13] wtf?
[19:14] <+MissWhit> I think you should delete it.
[19:14] where was i
[19:14] <+MissWhit> It isn’t full frontal or anything.
[19:14] <+MissWhit> It’s a side profile.
[19:14] oh
[19:14] <+MissWhit> Not that great.
[19:14] <+akhenaton> whit you didnt show your boobs to these ppl did you?
[19:14] well don’t worry about it, everyone does it when they first get here
[19:14] <+MissWhit> No
[19:14] An dotting old McCaca and a wide-eyed ditz! What America can relate to! . . . hah hahahah . . . if anybody doubts America is a country of complete morons . . . well, they must be an American moron.
[19:14] <+akhenaton> oh
[19:14] <+akhenaton> side profile, thats kosher
[19:14] <+MissWhit> mhm
[19:14] it’s tastefully done
[19:15] is it profile w/ nipple
[19:15] <+Boojie> like I keep saying a county where there are more votes for a TV program than for president
[19:15] <+potemkin> a pervert could jack to the picture let’s put it that way
[19:15] hah
[19:15] <+MissWhit> Did you jack to it potemkin
[19:15] <+potemkin> you wish
[19:15] “a pervert”.
[19:15] I am pretty sure a pervert has already done that
[19:15] i can’t believe i missed it
[19:15] whit: don’t go there. please.
[19:15] Inflatable teats! That’s how we gonna get Putin’s OIL!
[19:15] <+akhenaton> 4d = pervert.
[19:15] <+potemkin> she didnt say to delete th pic
[19:16] <+MissWhit> That’s the connection I made, akhenaton
[19:16] <+MissWhit> Alright. Well now that I’m saying to delete the pic.
[19:16] <+MissWhit> Is this understood?
[19:16] <+rsTheo> TV is better than presidents
[19:16] he jacked to it, but was thinking about nineve
[19:16] we should elect a tv to run the country
[19:16] <+potemkin> give me the url i cant find it
[19:17] <+potemkin> ive never had a sexual fanasy about nineve. you must be a pervert too.
[19:17] <+potemkin> projecting
[19:17] <+potemkin> i dont remember the filename so
15[19:17] * Mises sets mode: +l 67
[19:17] <+akhenaton> Former Police Chief Says He Was Fired for Challenging Palin’s Campaign Contributors
[19:17] hah, hey einhvers
15[19:17] * Dejacque sets mode: +v einhvers
[19:17] fleee! run! skedaddle young American! You’re living in a country of inbred idiots carrying GUNS and NUKES!
[19:17] ein.
[19:18] <+akhenaton> Town Librarian Says She Was Threatened for Challenging Palin’s Plans for Book Ban
[19:18] <+Boojie> well lets flip a coin and decide whether to use the guns or the nukes
[19:18] Hi ein.
[19:18] <+MissWhit> potemkin: misswhit.jpg
[19:18] <+MissWhit> Got it?
[19:18] <+akhenaton> jeez. i knew that palin girl was trouble
[19:18] <+potemkin> check
[19:18] <+potemkin> as in check it yoseff
[19:18] oh, boy, an unsourced headline! I’m convinced!
[19:18] <+Boojie> oh we can use both the guns and the nukes and scare the shit out of everyone on the planet
[19:19] <+MissWhit> potemkin. I gave you the link in pvt.
[19:19] miss: cleanse your keyboard with bleach now.
[19:19] <+potemkin> The webpage cannot be found
[19:19] <+potemkin> HTTP 404
[19:19] <+potemkin> Most likely causes:
[19:19] <+potemkin> There might be a typing error in the address.
[19:19] <+potemkin> If you clicked on a link, it may be out of date.
[19:19] <+potemkin> What you can try:
[19:19] <+potemkin> Retype the address.
[19:19] <+potemkin> Go back to the previous page.
[19:19] <+potemkin> Go to and look for the information you want.
[19:20] <+MissWhit> Well. the link still links for me.
[19:20] <+potemkin> shift-reload
[19:21] yeah, cache and shit. etc.
[19:21] <+MissWhit> Oh, okay
[19:21] <+MissWhit> Fixt.
[19:21] <+MissWhit> KTHX
[19:21] <+MissWhit> You probably just changed the name of the photo. Ass.
[19:21] do you suggest that fourdee is untrustworthy?
[19:22] hah
[19:22] <+MissWhit> I may be suggesting that, yes.
[19:22] <+akhenaton> inconcieeevable!
[19:22] \o/
[19:22] “I don’t think that word means what you think it means.”
[19:23] i never get the titpix
[19:23] <+potemkin> me either, i didnt get the einhvers pics
[19:23] <+MissWhit> Do you really want to see it slushpump
[19:23] <+einhvers> there are no pics.
[19:23] <+einhvers> you moron.
[19:24] i dunno, does it make me creepy to say yes
[19:24] ein: you expect people here to know truth from lies?
[19:24] <+MissWhit> I dunno
[19:24] <+potemkin> i bet everyone but me has seen einhvers’s naked tits
[19:24] i’m just a very curious man
[19:24] <+MissWhit> Anyway, I was expecting you to say “yes,” but then I was going to say “LOL SORRY I DELETED IT FOREVER” to you in reply.
[19:24] <+MissWhit> So.
[19:24] that’s ok i’ll get it from potemkin
[19:25] <+MissWhit> No you won’t.
[19:25] why won’t he?
[19:25] <+MissWhit> potemkin deleted it like a good crazy stalker.
[19:25] like fuck he did.
[19:25] <+akhenaton> deleted from the net maybe
[19:25] <+akhenaton> not from his desktop
[19:25] anyway you shouldn’t play with my emotions
[19:25] <+MissWhit> heh
[19:25] <+MissWhit> Sorry ๐Ÿ™
[19:25] she’s a girl. that’s what they do.
[19:26] Girls.
[19:26] sheesh.
[19:26] <@Mises> [joeee] Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeebriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis
[19:26] narc: yeah, no shit. they’re as crazy as boys are stupid!
15[19:26] * Dejacque sets mode: +v joeee
[19:27] hey potemkin
[19:27] <+potemkin> too late
[19:27] <+MissWhit> Anyway. I’m going to go read some chapters in Psychology.
[19:27] aw, that’s too bad, i’ve got some really good exclusive pics to trade
[19:27] <+MissWhit> Too late for what, potemkin?
[19:27] <+MissWhit> You really did delete it?
[19:27] <+potemkin> iif you’re asking after it’s deleted, that’s too late
[19:27] stuff that you’d take interest in, even
[19:28] <+akhenaton> slush, you dare not show him the secret pic
[19:28] <+MissWhit> potemkin: So you’re no longer stalkishly attracted to me then?
[19:28] <+MissWhit> I’m a little hurt…
[19:28] Whit, no worries, he’ll be at your door next week.
[19:28] Don’t encourage him, thanks.
[19:28] <+MissWhit> heh
[19:28] narc: can he leave the county?
[19:28] <+akhenaton> whit: 4d = actual issues y’know
[19:29] I have a picture of my clothed camel toe I took on vacation in my 2nd hand bedazzled jeans
[19:29] <+potemkin> whit is paranoid, when she first started coming here she was afraid i was outside her window or some shit
[19:29] <+MissWhit> I know…
[19:29] <+MissWhit> ๐Ÿ™
[19:29] she _should be_.
[19:29] meh
[19:29] <+potemkin> if everyones paranoid who’s sane
[19:29] i don’t see no toe
[19:30] slushpump hi
[19:30] though, that is a delightful purse you have
[19:30] its not much of a toe Ive been told
[19:30] Why is it that the @#$!# crazy 4d just keeps getting unbanned here.
[19:30] ty I got it before I left
[19:30] <+akhenaton> trina: the trick are tighter and more elastic jeans
[19:30] narc: because death_syn thinks crazy racist stalkers are _funneeeee_.
[19:30] <+potemkin> i’m a good guy
[19:30] akhenaton thats disgusting
[19:30] <+akhenaton> thinner and tighter
[19:31] <+potemkin> hi fib
[19:31] well, well. fib.
15[19:31] * Mises sets mode: +v fib
[19:31] <+akhenaton> trina: nuh uhh
[19:31] did you dump iamasheep?
[19:31] <+fib> efnet is about half the size it used to be
[19:31] Mmm, racist nutbags. *adorable*
[19:31] <+fib> you guys are like the CB enthusiansts of our generation
[19:32] <+fib> enthusiasts
[19:32] ham radio
[19:32] <+potemkin> cb
[19:32] <+akhenaton> what replaced irc
[19:32] <+fib> no, ham radio is actually regulated and requires credentials
[19:32] <+fib> CB is the cess pool
[19:32] and you get a special license plate
[19:32] this requires credentials (identd) and is regulated
[19:32] (ops)
[19:33] and yet it remains a cess pool
[19:33] <+fib> i see people regularly practice deliberately missing one anothers points
[19:33] <+fib> thats “refreshing”
[19:33] <+potemkin> fib you should come back and chat every evening
[19:33] fib are you still handsome?
15[19:33] * +FredExley is “refreshed.”
15[19:33] * Tim-bbl is now known as Timur
15[19:33] * Dejacque sets mode: +v truth-
[19:33] <+FredExley> .google TIMUR THE LAME
[19:33] <+FredExley> Lolololol
[19:34] <+fib> trina, are you?
[19:34] <@Mises> [Olegario] Olegarrrrrrrrrrriooooo
[19:34] hey hey FredExley
[19:34] fib I never was
[19:34] hey timurthy
[19:34] <+MissWhit> I’m going to study and listen to bad music now.
[19:34] <+FredExley> hey panblanco
[19:34] hey pan, what’s up
[19:34] good luck MissWhit
[19:34] good luck misswhit … more like Mood luck gissWhit, am i right?
[19:34] <+potemkin> why do some internet connections not work, is it because of wireless?
[19:34] <+FredExley> what’s poppin?
[19:34] <+fib> are there new chatters since last year
[19:34] fib.
[19:34] fib I have a photo in some sexy shoes from last week though, do you want to see?
[19:34] <+MissWhit> fucking howto.
[19:34] not much
[19:34] o/ oh when the saints! come marchin’ in! I -won’t- be there! cuz I love my sin! /o
[19:34] how was your day FredExley
[19:34] pan: don’t ever become a gambling addict. Apparently, it makes people into irredeemable spaztards
[19:34] heh
[19:34] <+fib> look narcease
[19:34] <+FredExley> panblanco: eh.
[19:34] <+FredExley> panblanco: youRS?
[19:34] <+FredExley> whoa
[19:34] <+FredExley> caps
[19:34] pretty good
[19:35] misswhit is very nice
[19:35] <+fib> i remember some heavily pixelated black and white gif of narcease back when computers were operated by wooden levers
[19:35] yeah she is a nice lady
[19:35] hey fib, how’s it going
[19:35] the new fall season of chatters is in place
[19:35] haha, fib.
[19:35] <+fib> hey hey, the gangs all here
[19:35] good aft, eslosha
15[19:35] * narcease gets out her cane.
[19:35] fib blingcore is banned
[19:35] hey, bro
[19:35] <+fib> do i know who blingcore is
[19:35] what up
[19:35] narc: smack some people with it.
[19:35] darkride.
[19:35] oh I think you do
[19:35] fib: darkride.
[19:36] just grindin at the apartment complex. making myself a pbj.
[19:36] doing some filing
[19:36] you?
[19:36] live large, oleg. live large.
[19:36] where can i get a job where i can make pbj
[19:36] <+potemkin> heh
[19:36] i was wishing this morning that i could make fresh juice at my job
[19:36] <+fib> am i supposed to be surprised that darkride is banned because he isnt banworthy or because this place is a paragon of just and fair behavior?
[19:36] when i could not locate any real ass grapefruit j00ce
[19:36] the complex office is a covnerted apartment. with a fully funcitoning kitchen
[19:36] I sometimes make myself a cheese melt
[19:36] fib which works best for you?
[19:36] <+fib> neither
[19:36] no, it’s surprising because death_syn has no standards and therefore banning him is amazing.
[19:36] daayamn, you could take a shower there if you wanted
[19:37] fib did you marry iamasheep?
[19:37] yep.
[19:37] is a cheese melt the same as a grilled cheese
[19:37] cept that they got the tub full of extra supplies
[19:37] annebonny, do you actually try to be stupid?
[19:37] no, she’s a natural.
[19:37] <+potemkin> darkride needed to chill out
[19:37] slushpump does it matter?
[19:37] finna finish the whiteman’s dirty work, idling
[19:37] who keeps their supplies inna tub
[19:37] <+fib> annebonny, i was never dating sheep so marriage would be a bit nonlinear of us
[19:37] <+potemkin> how harsh is it to perm someone from a channel they are addicted to?
[19:38] tough love.
[19:38] hey apestate
[19:38] <+fib> more to the point, i havent heard anything from or about sheep in a long time
[19:38] fib oh sorry I thought you were involved with one another
[19:38] that would be like banning apestate
[19:38] so, a good idea?
15[19:38] * Mises sets mode: +v apestate
[19:38] <+potemkin> sheep seems to have gone radio silent after it came out she has a retarded-sounding voice
[19:38] <+apestate> hi
[19:38] maybe she left cuz irc is full of retards
[19:38] <+apestate> I went to the ocean today
[19:39] slushpump, it took her *how* long to figure that one out?
[19:39] <+apestate> has anyone noticed that NOAA is about 4 days off its forecast for ts hanna
[19:39] <+potemkin> what made you come to #philosophy fib
[19:39] which ocean
[19:39] <+fib> i have about 30 minutes to kill and remembered about irc
[19:39] the right one?
[19:39] <+potemkin> cool
[19:40] <+apestate> stupid non-technology having 2d graphics using silly ass chaotic confused war-torn dark ages
[19:40] what beach did you go to
[19:40] <+apestate> melbourne beach
[19:40] what do you want, 3d weathers
[19:40] <@Go> wow, fib
[19:40] <@Go> hi
[19:40] bunch of dudes over in melbourne
[19:40] <@Go> how nice of you to remember us
[19:40] <+fib> hi go
[19:40] fib are you happy?
[19:40] i used to know this guy that was like “MAN, DUDE… BACK IN MELBOURNE… YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW, DUDE. YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW.”
[19:41] <+apestate> it was the weirdest sound
[19:41] did you get in that water
[19:41] <+fib> annebonny i guess so
[19:41] <+apestate> fuck no
[19:41] <+apestate> that shit was green and brown
[19:41] <+apestate> seaweed was all over and it stunk
[19:41] <@miaux> hi fib
[19:41] it only stinks when you’re not in it
[19:41] <+apestate> and there was an entire like concrete foundation right under the surf
[19:41] <+fib> miaux too
[19:41] <+apestate> naw man that beach was nasty
[19:41] <+apestate> not nasty, just earthy
[19:41] it’s cool to go out to a sandbar
[19:41] and stand up out there
[19:42] <+apestate> yeah
[19:42] like king of the oceans
[19:42] <+apestate> lol
[19:42] <+apestate> the ocean is stingy and hurty
[19:42] <+fib> are there new ircers or is it the same colony slowly succumbing to venereal diseases and drug overdoses
[19:42] i hate to say it but you know all of these people
[19:42] fib its 2008, of course there are no new people on irc
[19:43] <+apestate> I don’t like water that hard getting close to my skni
[19:43] <+akhenaton> fib: you speak of this place with such love
[19:43] <+akhenaton> how long’ve you been away?
[19:43] also #1 killer of ircers: cancer/suicide
[19:43] <+apestate> wait, do fish come from seeds?
[19:43] <+fib> probably a year
[19:43] <+fib> slushpump, i heard abotu tarkus
[19:43] <+fib> i’ve been here since then
[19:43] <+fib> was there really a suicide
[19:44] nobody else has died since then
[19:44] that we know of
[19:44] frzzlfry
[19:44] verushka moved out of her parents house
[19:44] <+fib> thats just a suicide which has not yet run its course
[19:44] <@miaux> cock. hehe
[19:45] <@miaux> hey akhenaton. i have an interview at microsoft on friday
[19:45] apostate still has more AIDS than the average chatter
[19:45] <@miaux> so i gotta run. bye
[19:45] fib after your 30 minutes will it be another year until we see you again?
[19:45] Where do you want to work today?
[19:45] <+akhenaton> Cock Flavour
[19:45] <+akhenaton> nips: kill bill
[19:46] <+akhenaton> don’t forget.
15[19:46] * Mises sets mode: +l 71
[19:47] <+apestate> hurricane ike
[19:47] <+apestate> more like hurricane YIKES
[19:47] <+apestate> cat 3 in 8 hours
[19:47] hurricane sike
[19:47] as in.. SIKE
[19:47] <+apestate> as in last straw
[19:47] <+apestate> naw
[19:47] i don’t care much if it hits
[19:48] you?
[19:48] <+apestate> well, ioughnna
[19:48] uoughnna WHAT
[19:48] <+apestate> heh dude
[19:48] <+apestate> WAIT
[19:48] <+apestate> STOP I CAN’T THINKF AST TODAY
[19:48] <+apestate> damnit
15[19:48] * apestate is now known as roughshod
[19:48] <+roughshod> ok
[19:48] <+potemkin> apostate are you trolling when you are spastic or is it real
[19:48] <+roughshod> now in orlandooooo
[19:49] Where’s my money, bitches?
[19:49] <+roughshod> in orlando
[19:49] <+roughshod> when a big hurricane comes througha nd you’re there in orlando and it hits like uhhhhh whatever cocoa
[19:49] where is Paleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen
[19:49] <+roughshod> and if it comes screaming straight toward you is it like a big deal
[19:49] <+roughshod> if you’re in the middle of the state
[19:49] hey i was without power for 9 days
[19:49] <+roughshod> like, why don’t people just drive into the center of the state
[19:49] slushpump what do you mean?
[19:49] <+roughshod> or is it still fuckin windy
[19:49] we got hammered in 2k4
[19:50] it’s not the wind, IT’S THE MASSIVE FLOODWATERS
[19:50] <+roughshod> you mean the whaaaaaa
[19:50] and array of tornadoes
[19:50] coordinated..
[19:50] <+roughshod> you mean like rain
[19:50] you ever seen a grid of tornadoes moving carving out a city like a cnc
[19:50] <+roughshod> not on earth
[19:50] you have not seen shit
[19:51] <+fib> are you guys cocksizing weather
[19:51] <+roughshod> uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[19:51] <+akhenaton> yep
[19:51] <+roughshod> uhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[19:51] <+roughshod> what a stupid question
[19:52] i own the weather channel
[19:52] <+roughshod> go back to your swamp
[19:52] i control the weather
[19:52] <+akhenaton> mother nature is my bitch
[19:52] i control the weather now
[19:52] <+akhenaton> fib: join in.its fun.
[19:52] <+akhenaton> really.
15[19:52] * Mises sets mode: +v cylob
[19:52] <+cylob> corns gets a bad rap in this channel
[19:52] harsh weather is like being in the nam
04[19:53] * slushpump changes topic to ‘BROWN BUTTER’
15[19:53] * Mises sets mode: +t
[19:53] brown butter bb
[19:54] <+roughshod> oh my god. read the plot summary on this web page.
[19:54] <+cylob> my dad’s side of the famiy is full-on redneck, and one time at a famiy reunion they had a gigantic tub of mayonnaise and there were maggots in it
15[19:54] * Mises sets mode: -b *!?heh@*
[19:54] <+cylob> childhood memory.
[19:54] where do they live
[19:55] <+cylob> zavalla, texas
[19:55] <+potemkin> did you ever eat squirrel?
[19:55] squirrel pot pie is good
[19:55] <+cylob> nah, my grandpa didnt like me cause i was too citified since i grew up in a town of 30,000
[19:55] <+potemkin> i’ve had squirrel stew
[19:55] <+roughshod> right now NOAA is forecasting hurricane ike to run into now tropical storm hanna
[19:55] <@bougyman> “Untitled”:
[19:55] <+yuyuyup> huh
[19:55] could the two combine?
[19:55] <+yuyuyup> the story of rip van winkle is interesting
[19:55] if so, what would they name it?
[19:55] Need soem help. Anyone care to help out?
[19:55] *some
[19:55] <+roughshod> wow
[19:55] <+roughshod> good questions
15[19:56] * roughshod is now known as Sux2bUfuX
[19:56] <+cylob> Pyrrho: the beatles have a song called help
[19:56] <+cylob> which might help you
[19:56] Doubtful.
[19:56] <+Sux2bUfuX> I’m gonna light up TWC
[19:56] <+Sux2bUfuX> I wish I could taste stuff just by spittin on it
[19:57] <+cylob> one year for our family christmas my grandpa gave me a calendar from the previous year
[19:57] <+cylob> not that i would ever want a calendar for any reason
15[19:57] * Mises sets mode: -t
[19:58] <+fib> i cant really keep up with the scroll here
[19:59] <+yuyuyup> make your chat window bigger
[19:59] <+potemkin> i just wait for nineve to sign in
[19:59] So, I’ve rationalize suicide. Anyone know where I can purchase some barbituates?
15[19:59] * +joeee slaps Sux2bUfuX around a bit with a large trout
[19:59] you’re out of chat shape
04[19:59] * joeee changes topic to ‘ So, I’ve rationalize suicide. Anyone know where I can purchase some barbituates?’
15[19:59] * Mises sets mode: +t
[19:59] <+cylob> dude theres no way you can be more suicidal than me
[19:59] <+potemkin> i’d like some barbituates
[19:59] Fat Larry might have some.
[19:59] but you gotta call ahead of time
[20:00] ok.
[20:00] <+cylob> im so suicidal i want to live again
[20:00] Pyrrho are you in savannah
[20:00] I went through that phase, cylob
[20:00] <+fib> i’d just rather watch jim lahey on youtube
[20:00] Yes. Yes I am.
[20:00] if only there were some way to commit suicide but you could start over with a clean slate
[20:00] <+potemkin> deep abysmal depression is a bad feeling
[20:00] like a brain erase or something
[20:01] <+cylob> its called weed, slushpump
[20:01] It’s not even depression though. I’m currently on anti-depressants
[20:01] eh, i tried that
[20:01] I just have genuinely rationalized it.
[20:01] <+cylob> or any other psychedelic
[20:01] <+cylob> a good trip can renew your mind
[20:01] what antidepressants are you on
[20:01] Zoloft.
[20:01] know where i can get some?
[20:02] <+cylob> what led you to getting zoloft
[20:02] Depression.
[20:02] heh
[20:02] <+cylob> what led you to depression
[20:02] anxiety/depression I should say.
[20:02] Existential angst and
[20:02] constant self-doubt/worries.
[20:02] <+cylob> and at one point do you go from just depressed to i gotta get some zoloft depressed
[20:02] this rabbit hole better not be a butthole
[20:02] <+FredExley> yall are gay
[20:02] suicide is a legtitimate coping mechanism for some.
[20:02] and don’t let anyone tell youd ifferent.
[20:02] ah and people like FredExley
[20:02] are what lead me to depression.
[20:02] life. it isn’t for everyone at all times.
[20:03] <+fib> legtitimate indeed
[20:03] it’s not even for some of the people all the time
[20:03] <+FredExley> Why do people like me lead you to depression?
[20:03] gotta gree there Olegario. It’s a genetic lottery
[20:03] <+FredExley> Pyrrho: you’re a fag.
[20:03] or all the people some of the time
[20:03] <+cylob> ahhh look at all the lonely people, where do they come from, where do they belong
15[20:03] * Mises sets mode: -t
[20:03] life: don’t expect much
[20:04] <+cylob> i havent had coffee in like 5 days and i feel way more calm and happy
[20:04] hello
[20:04] that’s goin on my baby’s tombstone
15[20:04] * Mises sets mode: +v chibi
[20:04] hi chibi
[20:04] Yeah, cutting out caffeine could help I’m sure.
[20:04] however, it’s not depression even.
[20:04] <+cylob> caffeine is the fucking devil
[20:04] you’re already planning your infant child’s death and attending grief-coping strategies.
[20:04] The zoloft has taken care of the depression
[20:04] <+chibi> yo slushpump
[20:04] be prepared
[20:04] <+cylob> i heard in the 80s, for awhile, mdma was legal. if we had legal mdma, you could cure yourself right now.
[20:05] I can dig it.
[20:05] <+Sux2bUfuX> omfg lol bye
[20:05] I wish it were, cylob
[20:05] <+Sux2bUfuX> that’s what I want on my tombstone
[20:05] I could go for some DMT even.
[20:05] <+akhenaton> after you suicide can i have your stereo?
[20:05] <+bmc> mdma lowers seratonin levels
[20:05] <+dwightish> anyone here live in africapore
[20:05] “whatever to dying”
[20:05] <+bmc> how would that cure depression?
[20:05] If I had a stereo, yeah.
[20:05] !topic #philosophy omfg lol bye that’s what I want on my tombstone
[20:05] <+z00p> wutup
[20:05] <+z00p> haha
[20:05] DESTRUCTION IS NICE^^^ยฃ~ยฃยฃ#@^!ยฃ@ยฃ!^%
[20:06] <+z00p> they really need to keep howto from doing that.
[20:06] <+Sux2bUfuX> uhhhhhhh’
[20:06] <+yuyuyup> this song is amazing
[20:07] Right now I’m incredibly calm – as I have been the last few days somewhat – and even in the calmness I can see that I am doomed…or rather, the best and most hopeful option seems to be suicide…in that there’s at least the 1% possiblity that my consciousness carries on to some realm outside of this realm of experience (far-fetched but hopeful).
[20:07] <+akhenaton> its funny how the republicans say going after palin’s kids is so below the belt, when “chelsea clinton is ugly” jokes were the cat’s pajamas during the early and mid 90s.
[20:07] akhen: well said and observed
[20:07] That’s an infinitely more exciting possibility than
[20:08] <+akhenaton> and she was an awkward 13 yr old kid
[20:08] <+cylob> why are you doomed, ,Pyrrho
[20:08] knowing what horrors lie ahead.
[20:08] well
[20:08] <+bmc> nobody is “doomed”
[20:08] I’m so happy =]
[20:08] bmc, I should put it this way: I’ll be significantly less happy than others
[20:08] for most of my life, I’m certain.
[20:08] <+fib> pyrrho, you’re wearing string shackles
[20:08] <+cylob> what horros lie ahead?
[20:08] akhen: and didn’t get pregnant too young by a self-proclaimed redneck with a myspace page (course, myspace didn’t exist, but still)
[20:08] <+bmc> Pyrrho: join the club
[20:09] would if I could.
[20:09] <+bmc> Pyrrho: there is an easy fix for your depression, whatever it is, no matter how hopeless it seems, just keep telling yourself “fuck it”
[20:09] <+fib> pyrrho there are better ways to garner attention and validation
[20:09] <+bmc> works for me ™
[20:09] <+cylob> WHAT HORROR LIES AHEAD
[20:09] <+akhenaton> tim: hockey redneck
[20:09] bmc, I told you, it’s not depression. haha. The depression has been cured. This is just a rationalization of suicide
[20:10] <+akhenaton> and no pictures of her hugging different bottles of liquor
[20:10] <+bmc> if it doesnt bother you, then who cares? just dont let whatever it is bother you
[20:10] <+fib> insipid
[20:10] akhen: whatever. ๐Ÿ™‚
[20:10] <+yuyuyup> don’t be a faggot
[20:10] <+dwightish> .in that there’s at least the 1% possiblity that my consciousness carries on to some realm outside of this realm of experience <<<--- actually you go to hell if you commit suicide [20:10] <+yuyuyup> prob solved
[20:10] who the fuck is Pyrrho and why is it whining?
[20:10] <+akhenaton> tim: well…its a special kind.
[20:10] <+cylob> if youre not thrilled to be alive, i think youre depressed, Pyrrho
[20:10] <+akhenaton> they know how to ice skate even
[20:10] You see, this is what bothers me. Satyricon and people like him
[20:10] detest cocksuckers like him.
[20:10] <+bmc> suicide = stupid
[20:10] Jam a dick up your asshole, cum guzzler.
[20:10] <+bmc> dont be stupid
[20:10] <+akhenaton> Pyrrho: well lets talk about something other than yourself
[20:11] <+akhenaton> because you are a depressing topic
[20:11] no thanks.
[20:11] akhen: regardless, ‘bad life choices’. Granted, Chelsea’s parents are a hell of a lot more impressive.
[20:11] <+yuyuyup> satyricon is a wonderful man
[20:11] Please take it to #whine
[20:11] <+yuyuyup> although SLIGHTLY fancy
[20:11] is Pyrrho, haku
[20:11] <+bmc> also, Chelsey is pretty cute now
[20:11] <+FredExley> you ever eat iced cream and rip it on your chest and have it stick in your chest hair?
[20:11] who cares if she’s cute? She’s loaded!
[20:11] <+akhenaton> chelsea is looking good yeah
[20:11] she has some big gums though
[20:11] Chelsea’s a cunt.
[20:11] FUCK chelsea.
[20:11] Pyrrho: so, how’s that suicide thing going?
[20:12] Timur, not bad
[20:12] <+akhenaton> ok. Pyrrho is going on ignore
[20:12] I’ve got the sleeping pills prepared
[20:12] good luck with it
[20:12] and no, this is not a pity party
[20:12] jk.
[20:12] Is Pyrrho in the process of becoming an hero?
[20:12] <+Sux2bUfuX> hey
[20:12] or is this all just a bunch of whining?
[20:12] I will make sure I do it well.
[20:12] Satyricon, yes.
[20:12] <+akhenaton> Pyrrho : get to it. or rethink it.
[20:12] Pyrrho, I will always love you
[20:12] <+cylob> Pyrrho, you at least deserve to tell me what horrors you fear
[20:12] <+Sux2bUfuX> on the daily show last night, apparently, they did a spoof of the RNC like the Xcel center, where it’s being held, was the Superdome after Katrina.
[20:12] <+dwightish> The Line Between Feminist Path-Breaker and White Trash
[20:12] <+dwightish> haha these palin stories are classic
[20:12] <+Sux2bUfuX> I don’t know how to say it
04[20:12] * Timur changes topic to ‘CHELSEA CLINTON FOR PRESIDENT’
15[20:12] * Mises sets mode: +t
[20:12] <+Sux2bUfuX> but that was funny
[20:13] <+dwightish> the line between awesome and SCUM
[20:13] cylob, the fact that I have homicidal thoughts almost all the time
[20:13] <+akhenaton> Pyrrho: don’t talk to cylob. that person is suicidal too. no synergism.
[20:13] so there’s the fear of imprisonment
[20:13] the awareness that life is pre-determined (yeah yeah, I’ve already been through this angsty phase, but it has resurfaced)
[20:13] <+cylob> dont piss me off akhenaton
[20:13] <+cylob> youve been warned
[20:13] and douchebags like Satyricon perpetually making the problem worse.
[20:13] <+akhenaton> cylob: how about i piss on you then
[20:13] <+akhenaton> pish tosh.
[20:14] <+akhenaton> clob: why don’t you kill yourself too?
[20:14] I suspect that Satyricon is one of these smug kids who smile all the time and get off on their own sadism
[20:14] <+cylob> Pyrrho: why are you homicidal, is it any particular person
[20:14] then again, he is on IRC
[20:14] <+akhenaton> honest question, not a suggestion.
[20:14] so he can’t be all too smug.
[20:14] <+cylob> akhenaton: because i wont be able to stalk you
[20:14] <+akhenaton> cylob: you can’t stalk me. i’m a ghost.
[20:14] cylob, the homicidal thoughts–not sure where they come from
[20:14] <+cylob> who do you have them for
[20:14] <+potemkin> akhenaton is a crazy homicidal maniac. he threatened me with every kind of horrible torture and death because I called him a nigger.
[20:14] I guess it’s from having had so much disturbing media pumped into me.
[20:15] <+akhenaton> 4d: that was private. for you and me only.
[20:15] <+gothchick> pyrrho you get points for totally changing your troll
[20:15] <+yuyuyup> the 90’s, bitch
[20:15] Polyphonic Spree – Lithium with Sock Puppets
[20:15] lol
[20:16] my homicidal ideations are a gift from Fox News
[20:16] <+yuyuyup> everyone loves STP
15[20:16] * Mises sets mode: -t
[20:16] gothchick, what the fuck are you talking about?
[20:17] <+cylob> think of buckminster fuller who was on the verge of suicide but at the last moment decided to live, to live to see what good accomplishments he could do for the world
[20:17] Oh did I mention I’m a misogynist as well?
[20:17] ajh
[20:17] *ah
[20:17] goth: hehe
[20:17] good evening gothchick
[20:17] That was a genuine troll.
[20:17] this is not a troll
[20:17] <+gothchick> hey panblanco
[20:17] you have failed to quote the times I’ve actually prompted actual philosophical debate.
[20:17] which leads to the inescapable conclusion that trolls are suicidal assholes, or verging on so being.
[20:18] narf
[20:18] making it worse Timur.
[20:18] <+gothchick> i guess i just don’t care about you. sorry.
[20:18] <+cylob> think of hokusai…let me find his quote brrb
[20:18] <+potemkin> akhenaton yeah that was the creepy part you had to take it private
[20:18] everyone’s a bit of a troll, when it’s on the irc
[20:18] yes, trolling makes suicidal tendencies worse. .so why do it?
[20:18] This is NOT trolling.
[20:19] jesus christ, fuckwads.
[20:19] depends on the SORT of trolling
[20:19] there are many kinds of trolls
[20:19] gothchick really deserves to have her ovaries lopped off
[20:19] Pyrrho: tell you what, go ahead and do it. We’re not buying into your misery.
[20:19] Uh oh, misogyny factor: 10
[20:19] least, I’m not.
[20:19] its like the boy who cried wolf one too many times, Pyrrho. seems like such a simple and obvious lesson on the surface, doesn’t it?
[20:19] There’s no misery, douchebag.
[20:20] I came in here with the intent of getting other perspectives as to why I should NOT committ suicide
[20:20] either no one believes you, or no one cares.
[20:20] oh, you’re happy, so the obvious course of action is “oh, no, I wanna kill myself”. Gotcha.
[20:20] I guess if you want to work with that, go ahead.
[20:20] Timur, see above.
[20:20] I have no reasons.
[20:20] <+FredExley> Pyrrho: What problem(s) would suicide solve?
[20:20] don’t let me cramp your style
[20:20] Olegario, which is frightening.
[20:20] existential depression is nothing to be taken lightly
[20:20] Fred, many.
[20:20] Pyrrho: it’s frightening that they don’t believe a known troller?
[20:20] <+FredExley> Pyrrho: such as?
[20:20] my consciousness would cease to exist
[20:20] <+gothchick> he won’t get banned again, fred
[20:21] <+FredExley> gothchick: “He” doesn’t exist.
[20:21] <+cylob> nothing i did before the age of seventy was of any value at all. at 73 i have at last caught every aspect of nature. when i am 80 i shall have developed still further and will really master the secrets of arrtt at ninety. when i reach 100 my art will be truly sublime, and my final goal will be attained around the age of 110, when every line and dot i draw will be imbued with life — hokusai
[20:21] pyrrho- you claim to know what happens after you die?
15[20:21] * Mises sets mode: +v glk
[20:21] <+cylob> so my point with this is that you dont even realize your potential to do whatever the fuck you want, Pyrrho
[20:21] Raindrop, no. Which is why I said
[20:21] <+cylob> to be wahtever you want
[20:21] there’s that possibility that my consciousness carries on
[20:21] <+FredExley> Pyrrho: what are these supposed problems/
[20:21] however, I know with certainy that
[20:21] there is no heaven or hell
[20:22] I’ve long since got over that hurdle.
[20:22] how could you be sure of that?
[20:22] <+FredExley> Pyrrho: how do you know “with certainty?”
[20:22] <+bmc> Pyrrho: i already told you, suicide = stupid, dont be stupid
[20:22] <+bmc> isnt that enough?
[20:22] alright, with great certainty I’d say. Not utmost certainty.
[20:22] suicide is sad, not stupid
[20:22] <+FredExley> Pyrrho: “certainty” has no degree.s
[20:22] because I’ve had enough atheistic perspectives to pretty much solidify my beliefs
[20:22] <+FredExley> Man it’s nice and cool out.
[20:23] FredExley what’s up
[20:23] <+bmc> suicide is like the ultimate cop-out
[20:23] <+bmc> i could never do it
[20:23] <+FredExley> Pyrrho: So you’ve found your proper dogmatism?
[20:23] bmc, so what?
[20:23] <+dwightish> anyone here just do a huge bog?
[20:23] FredExley did you have a nice dinner
15[20:23] * howto shakes head
[20:23] <+FredExley> panblanco: nuttin much. just ate dinner and some iced cream.
[20:23] There’s no cop out if it helps
[20:23] <+bmc> it wont help
[20:23] i’ve been an atheist wannabe, it’s just another dogma
[20:23] <+FredExley> Pyrrho: helps WHAT?
[20:23] <+bmc> how could it possibly help?
[20:23] <+bmc> you’d be dead!!!
[20:23] what did you have for dinner
[20:23] extremely unlike that it’ll help, but there’s that possibility, as I keep saying that maybe….there’s an after-life of some kind. Who the fuck knows
[20:23] <+FredExley> panblanco: salmon club sandwich and fries.
[20:23] <+bmc> there is nothing worse than being dead im quite sure
[20:24] <+yuyuyup> time to get totally ripped
[20:24] <+dwightish> youre an idiot pyrrho
[20:24] sounds pretty good man, I am guessing you bought it
[20:24] bmc….?
[20:24] <+FredExley> Pyrrho: didn’t you just say you were “certain” there was no after life?
[20:24] so, Palin sought to ban books at the library of the town of which she was mayor. nice.
[20:24] <+dwightish> go yuyuyup!
[20:24] <+FredExley> Pyrrho: You oughta clarify your thoughts before expressing them.
[20:24] if you’re consciousness cease to exist it would be the “worse”
[20:24] <+cylob> how come i dont get even 1 reaction to my hokusai quote
[20:24] Fred, no I did not
[20:24] <+FredExley> Timur: what books?
[20:24] <+gothchick> yeesh, timur
[20:24] I clarified that above
[20:24] <+bmc> Pyrrho: thats dead, if there is an “after” i doubt youll find it offing yourself
[20:24] <+Sux2bUfuX> HAAAA daily show eysterday kicked ass
[20:24] <+dwightish> did it now
[20:24] I said with strong certainty or something to that degree
[20:25] not utmost certainty.
[20:25] <+FredExley> 19:28 < Pyrrho> however, I know with certainy that
[20:25] <+FredExley> 19:28 < Pyrrho> there is no heaven or hell
[20:25] bmc, what?
[20:25] Fred
[20:25] <+bmc> i would like to see this “after” also, but im in no rush to do so
[20:25] <+cylob> van gogh killed himself, and his final words were “the sadness will last forever”
[20:25] but then I corrected myself
[20:25] <+cylob> i think
[20:25] <+FredExley> Pyrrho: “certainty” has no degrees, first of all.
[20:25] <+FredExley> Pyrrho: secondly, I just showed you your own text.
[20:25] I know, you said that.
[20:25] <+cylob> you dont want the sadness to last forever, do you
[20:25] <+Sux2bUfuX> lol brian williams and jon stewart got into it on the daily show
[20:25] <+Sux2bUfuX> it was the best one yet
[20:25] yea tumur: which books?
[20:25] <+bmc> Pyrrho: your consciousness ceases to exist, thats dead
[20:25] oops, timur
[20:25] And?
[20:25] lol
[20:25] hehe Palin idolizes Ivana Trump:
[20:26] <+FredExley> Who the fuck is this Pyrrho faggot?
[20:26] <+bmc> the end
[20:26] Fred: looking into which ones..
[20:26] Oh god, I hope Ivana Trump chokes on a bag of semen.
[20:26] everything has degrees. language is often not equal to the task of articulating that fact.
[20:26] <+FredExley> Timur: Maybe she banned Bill O’Reilly’s books
[20:26] sec
[20:26] <+FredExley> hehehehe
[20:26] ๐Ÿ™‚
[20:26] <+yuyuyup> palin’s church removed a buncha sermons from their website
[20:26] <+FredExley> ^_^
[20:26] <+yuyuyup> DOH
[20:26] Fred, who the fuck are you, pussy?
[20:26] banning books is bad, no matter which books they are.
[20:26] ๐Ÿ˜
[20:26] a chode-bearing bastard no doubt!
[20:26] fuck him up FredExley
[20:26] <+FredExley> Olegario: No, not everything has degrees.
[20:26] <+bmc> yuyuyup: how do you think Palin will do debating Biden?
[20:27] <+Sux2bUfuX> last night’s daily show was fucking GREAT
[20:27] do you people believe that certain books should be banned?
[20:27] <+Sux2bUfuX> fucking awesome
[20:27] <+FredExley> Olegario: Language is deficient in that it doesn’t allow for the fact that material reality has degrees, but it is sufficient for describng itself, i.e. the abstract, i.e. concepts
[20:27] <+Sux2bUfuX> high point of the YEAR
[20:27] Fred: I’m afraid so. It is language, not reality, that has a problem with that fact.
[20:27] “fuck him up fred”
[20:28] jesus, what a faggoty thing to say.
[20:28] <+bmc> Bidens 30 yrs of senate experience against Palins PTA experience
[20:28] <+FredExley> Olegario: I understand language cannot grasp material reality’s shifting degreees, but we’re not talking about REALITY here, we’re talking about the CONCEPT “Belief”
[20:28] <+bmc> i dont think it will be pretty
[20:28] <+Sux2bUfuX> I totally feel like drinking right now
[20:28] <+FredExley> Olegario: “belief” has nothing to do with physica reality. It describes an intentional act.
[20:28] You, gothchick, and this Fred fuck need to just have a big circle jerk (assuming that gothchick has a vestigial dick on her vagina)
[20:28] so the concept is based on ‘nothing’?
[20:28] <+Sux2bUfuX> but then I’m trying not to drink and don’t have any good reason to drink
[20:28] <+FredExley> Olegario: No, it’s based on other concepts.
[20:28] <+bmc> she could suprise people though, i suppose
[20:28] <+Sux2bUfuX> AND I feel just as giddy and am having fun anyway
[20:28] Per the NYT: “Shortly after becoming mayor, former city officials and Wasilla residents said, Ms. Palin approached the town librarian about the possibility of banning some books, though she never followed through and it was unclear which books or passages were in question.”
[20:28] <+Sux2bUfuX> but I still want to drink
[20:28] oy, the philosophy of language got certain things wrong
[20:28] <+Sux2bUfuX> I’m in the drinkin mooooood
[20:29] esp. metaphysical things
[20:29] <+FredExley> Timur: I think it was Bill O’Reilly’s books
[20:29] concepts are -real-, fred. anything is ‘real’ the moment it has -power- to affect in some way.
[20:29] <+FredExley> hahaha
[20:29] <+FredExley> Olegario: I never said it wasn’t “real.”
[20:29] <+FredExley> Olegario: I said it wasn’t material reality.
[20:29] <+FredExley> Olegario: Get a grip, will you?
[20:30] <+FredExley> Olegario: As such, it is far different from physical reality. It is necessarily inadequate to describe physical reality, which is one of its main purposes; but it also describes other non-physical elements of reality, which are not bound by physical realities rules regarding degrees and shades of difference.
[20:30] Get a dick, will you? The cum dribbling off the corner of your cheeks is not helping you.
[20:30] <+FredExley> Olegario: The concept “Two” has NO DEGREES
[20:30] <+FredExley> Olegario: Two is TWO. Regardless of what you say.
[20:31] <+potemkin> what are you on bandini
[20:31] it is pointless to speak of ‘material relaity’a s if it were a subdivision of reality that it particularly problematic for lanuiage. language in general, unless specialized and directed with intent, is not equipped to deal with the degrees in anything it might describe or name. even if self-referential.
[20:31] <+FredExley> potemkin: I am on seltzer water.
[20:31] <+FredExley> potemkin: what are you on?
[20:31] <+potemkin> you seem very energetic
[20:31] why banning Bill O’Reilly books?
[20:31] <+FredExley> Olegario: Who cares if it’s unequipped to deal with degrees? We’re talking about things THAT HAVE NO DEGREES.
[20:31] and isn’t this against the freedom of speech?
[20:31] <+chibi> ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) – Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin told ministry students at her former church that the United States sent troops to fight in the Iraq war on a “task that is from God.”
[20:31] <+FredExley> potemkin: It’s the seltzer. Carbonation.
[20:31] <+potemkin> bickering isnt fun for other people to watch
[20:31] So, anyone here familiar with Charles Whitman?
[20:31] <+chibi> In an address last June, the Republican vice presidential candidate also urged ministry students to pray for a plan to build a $30 billion natural gas pipeline in the state, calling it “God’s will.”
[20:32] <@Go> like god doesn’t like oil….
[20:32] before I go out, do you think I should re-attempt the Texas University incident?
[20:32] You know, snipe some people from the bell tower.
[20:32] <+FredExley> Olegario: Language’s inadequacy to capture nuance and degrees of that which it is meant to DESCRIBE is irrelevant to the issue at hand.
[20:32] best way to go out, in my opinion.
[20:32] <@Go> ftr, any god loves anything that has to do with $$$
[20:32] <+Sux2bUfuX> cool
[20:32] <+FredExley> Olegario: What we’re talkinga bout is the fact that CERTAINTY has no degrees.
[20:32] <+Sux2bUfuX> I always wanted to call the cops on some internet faggot.
[20:32] <+cylob> youd murder children, Pyrrho ?
[20:32] seems a good a time as any
[20:32] Fred: Pyrrho: “certainty” has no degrees, first of all.
[20:32] <+cylob> and innocent people?
[20:32] I disagree.
[20:33] I hate children, but probably not.
[20:33] <+FredExley> Olegario: Certainty is a concept appplicable to belief and as such it entirely and unequivocally boolean.
[20:33] so many stupid things being done “in g-d’s name”… such blasphemy
[20:33] I’m saying IF
[20:33] <+FredExley> Olegario: Either A True or B False
[20:33] this is purely hypothetical.
[20:33] close enough
[20:33] I probably wouldn’t even do such a thing
[20:33] <@Go> you can type “god” here without being banned…
[20:33] it’s fun to think about though.
[20:33] do the suicide thing already, really.
[20:33] THe problem is perhaps me not qualifying my statement, or making it too general when I said ‘-everything- has degrees’. etc
[20:33] <+FredExley> Olegario: Fine, disagree, but you’re wrong, and until you can put for ANY kind of argument, you’re going to continue to appear to be wrong to others.
[20:33] Timur, shh shh. I’m getting to it
[20:33] but it’s still relevant to the question of ‘certainty’
[20:33] no time like the present.
[20:33] <@Go> Olegario is real.
[20:33] <+FredExley> Olegario: How?
[20:34] Timur, so you really would like to see another human being terminate his life?
[20:34] because you declared that ‘certainty had no degrees’.
[20:34] just curious.
[20:34] <+FredExley> Olegario: And?
[20:34] fred- in reality p and not p can exist… things can be niether true or false or both
15[20:34] * @Go giggles
[20:34] someone expressing the beliefs and considering the actions you’ve stated, yeah, definitely.
[20:34] <+akhenaton> Pyrrho is boring. one motion for a ban. do i hear a second?
[20:34] it’d be a boon.
[20:34] and Is aid everything did.
[20:34] so we were disagreeing
[20:34] Banning me for boredom?
[20:34] <+FredExley> Olegario: Well you’re wrong.
[20:34] nice reason.
[20:34] <+FredExley> Olegario: Pleas tell me HOW “Two” has degrees.
[20:35] There’s a lot of boring people out there.
[20:35] first you should be banned, then kill yourself.
[20:35] <+FredExley> Olegario: Is my idea of TWO more TWONESS than your idea of TWO?
[20:35] <+cylob> wtf is a degree
[20:35] fred – this also applies to the language – depending on context
[20:35] How old are you Timur?
[20:35] Fred: 2 in your hand, or 2 in the bush. sure, it’s still ‘two’, but the significance is different.
[20:35] old enough to know the merits of removal of bad = good.
[20:35] basically nothing can stand on its own, be self-defining.
[20:35] even numbers
[20:35] <+FredExley> Olegario: No. Not “two in your hand.” SIMPLY “TWO”
[20:35] But how old are you?
[20:35] just that old.
[20:35] <+FredExley> Olegario: I don’t want to talk about “two THINGS”
[20:35] <+FredExley> Olegario: I’m talking about “TWO”
[20:35] <@Go> hi Bli
[20:36] How old?
[20:36] <+FredExley> Olegario: There’s a difference here.
[20:36] no, I ubnderstand the ‘pure concept’ of numbers.
[20:36] hi Go-
[20:36] <+FredExley> Olegario: One describes some physical reality while the other is an entirely abstract concept regarding intentional acts.
[20:36] <@Go> what’s new?
[20:36] <+FredExley> Olegario: Same goes for ‘certainty’
[20:36] so, is ‘certainty’ a number now?
[20:36] apriori is a word you’d be banned if said here?
[20:36] right.
[20:36] not a lot. I’m just getting ready to watch Sarah Palin’s big speech!
[20:36] <+potemkin> fatdyke how goes
[20:37] the national enquirer is reporting that Palin had an affair with her husband’s business partner
[20:37] <@Go> she’s going to give that speech while breast feeding
[20:37] <+FredExley> Olegario: No. But it’s simlar in that it doesn’t describe any physical reality, or describe anything other than making a judgment regarding belief, which can ONLY have one of two outcomes.
[20:37] <@Go> are you prepared
[20:37] and that she tried to force her daughter to marry the father of her child
[20:37] So I’m a bit confused, you want me banned for talking of suicide? What a heartless bastard.
[20:37] <+FredExley> Olegario: Judgments re: intentional acts differ in quality from judgments about physical reality
[20:37] <@Go> that’s what mommies and daddies do these days
[20:38] Go: the Palin speech should be the best entertainment in a while
[20:38] <@Go> they have babies, get married, get divorced, fuck up the kids
[20:38] <+FredExley> Olegario: If you want, you can continue to say “riiiiight” and think you’re clever, but you’re only a jackass who can’t differentiate betwen two very obviously different ideas.
[20:38] Jesus, people need to quit breeding. Avoid all this family shit
[20:38] anyone know how to adjust text size in xchat
[20:38] Go: not all mommies and daddies… and if done because of political reasons it stinks
[20:38] <+FredExley> Olegario: Do you not think therr is a qualitative difference between the judgmetn “the sky is blue” and “I believe the sky is blue?”
[20:38] <+yuyuyup> everyone loves this song
[20:38] <+cylob> yeah, zabriski, it’s called reading
[20:38] <+cylob> zabriskie, there are menus, and you read them
[20:38] <@Go> RainDrop^, who are you?
[20:39] Fred: yeah. so what passes for certainty for someone, may not for someone else, despite the basic definition being the same in each case. He may have misspoken about being certain, but certainty certainly has certain degrees.
[20:39] tee
[20:39] i have done due diligence
[20:39] anyways, cylob. Why are you suicidal? Figure I’d be kind for a second.
[20:39] you mentioned that you were 73
[20:39] and what else is prompting it?
[20:39] <+akhenaton> Pyrrho: talking suicide badly, and being more of an attention whore than anything else.
[20:39] <+gothchick> hahaha
[20:39] <+FredExley> Olegario: I don’t account for people’s complete misuse of a word.
[20:39] oh i figured it out
[20:39] <+cylob> haha, im not 73, i was quoting hokusai
[20:39] fucking stupid mac os
[20:39] ah
[20:39] <+yuyuyup> yeah what a whore
[20:39] go: wish i knew
[20:39] <+FredExley> Olegario: That’d be like me saying “Two yourself out of here.” WTF does that mean?
[20:40] Go: I’m Maya, hi
[20:40] well, known as maya
[20:40] lol
[20:40] <+cylob> Pyrrho: thinking about suicide can be a blessing in that it promotes growth
[20:40] <+FredExley> Olegario: By him saying he was certain, he meant that he believed he had accurate knowledge and believed the fact that there was no heaven or hell.
[20:40] and that’s exactly what he meant.
[20:40] well cylob
[20:41] <+FredExley> Olegario: then he said he wasn’t certain.
[20:41] I’ve thought about it many, many times in the past
[20:41] <+FredExley> Olegario: Then he said well maybe he was partly certain.
[20:41] he said he had read enough ‘atheistic perspectives’ etc
[20:41] still no growth
[20:41] yuyuyup – i hate that song
[20:41] <+FredExley> Olegario: And the issue is with “partly certain.”
[20:41] I’ve actually had a gun barrel pointing in my mouth
[20:41] well, he changed his mind, yes.
04[20:41] * gothchick changes topic to ‘ Yes, but do you like gangsta rape?’
15[20:41] * Mises sets mode: +t
[20:41] <+FredExley> Olegario: Either he DOES or DOES NOT have knowledge that X is the case.
[20:41] chickened out, quite naturally.
[20:41] <+yuyuyup> wat
[20:41] <+yuyuyup> you don’t hate that song
[20:41] <+gothchick> let’s put this in perspective, folks.
[20:41] <+cylob> Pyrrho: i wouldnt go out by gun, that shit is gross
[20:41] <+FredExley> gothchick: hahah
[20:41] Cylob, not really
[20:41] <+gothchick> if he’s not trolling, do we care?
[20:42] <+FredExley> Pyrrho: WIll you kill yourself while IRC’ing?
[20:42] no.
[20:42] he has knowledge. not empirical, but he has knowledge which he thinks suffices.
[20:42] <+FredExley> Pyrrho: Will you announce to #Philosophy when it’s going to happen?
[20:42] if you’d like, yeah.
[20:42] I will even YouTube it.
[20:42] fred: logics doesnt apply to everything
[20:42] <+FredExley> Olegario: Then he’s certain.
[20:42] <+FredExley> Olegario: Not “partly certain”
[20:42] <+cylob> you seem like a decent cat, Pyrrho, id be sad if you did it.
[20:42] it may not be knowledge that would make -you- certain, but he thought it was, at first.
[20:42] <+akhenaton> not me
[20:42] <+cylob> what more i can say beyond that, i dont know
[20:42] fred: not everything is T/F
[20:42] then he changed his mind when made to reconsider
[20:42] <+akhenaton> i’ll smoke a pipe when you’re gone
[20:42] kind of shameful there’s this many heartless bastards in here
[20:42] especially gothchick, jesus. What a sadistic cunt she must be
[20:42] <+akhenaton> Pyrrho: just die already would you?
[20:43] <+FredExley> RainDrop^: Of course not EVERYTHING. But any judgments about truth and falsity is true or false.
[20:43] I’m getting to it, pal.
[20:43] <+gothchick> it smells like pujol
[20:43] <+cylob> Pyrrho: i quit caring what jaded assholes thought about me a long time ago
[20:43] <+akhenaton> Pyrrho: take cylob with you then
[20:43] I have somewhat. Still gets to me
[20:43] <+FredExley> Olegario: I don’t care whether I belivee it or not. That’s not the issue.
[20:43] <+gothchick> no… cylob’s a sweetheart
[20:43] Fred is right. He can’t be ‘partly certain’. But certainty -does- have degrees. and it involves what different people or different circumstances require of the concept.
[20:43] <+akhenaton> i quit caring about that waste of bitspace 12430 minutes ago
[20:44] <+FredExley> Olegario: How?
[20:44] well, there aren’
[20:44] <+gothchick> root beer, i say
[20:44] <+FredExley> Olegario: Either someone believes X is true and has (or thinks he has) knowledge showing that X is true, or he doesn’t.
15[20:44] * +gothchick burps
[20:44] gothchick, so how overweight are you?
[20:44] fred: if you’ll restrict your claims sufficiently you’ll almost never be wrong. ๐Ÿ™‚
15[20:44] * panblanco sniffs
[20:44] <+akhenaton> goth: cylob has been riding the suicide rail a few days in here latenights
[20:44] <+FredExley> RainDrop^: I don’t like being wrong, so I only make claims that are a priori true.
[20:45] <+gothchick> ak yeah i know ๐Ÿ™
[20:45] <+akhenaton> suicidal for the last 5 years blah blah
[20:45] aren’t ‘degrees of certainty’, really, about the existence of heaven and hell. Either it exists or it doesn’t, and either one believes it or not. One can choose not to believe either, necessarily, but that’d be a question of belief, not of fact or certainty.
[20:45] <+FredExley> Timur: EXACTLY
15[20:45] * Mises sets mode: -t
[20:45] certainty implies having facts available to validate.
[20:45] if you limit yourself to only a prioric claims… you can’t say many things
[20:45] <+akhenaton> at first the channel was sympatheic. malanoche was the only dick at the ball then
[20:45] <+FredExley> RainDrop^: I can say many things.
[20:45] <+akhenaton> but 3 nights since? jaysis.
[20:45] <+FredExley> RainDrop^: They might not be true, however.
[20:46] i meant, there are many things you cannot say
[20:46] bandini never makes claims of fact? heh.
[20:46] <+FredExley> RainDrop^: so?
[20:46] language- is it a prioric?
[20:46] certainty itself is not a universally consistent quality since it depends on understanding/nformation/self-awareness valuations by each person to set the ‘affirmative’ or ‘negative’ thresholds.
[20:46] <+FredExley> Durtro: No. I do conceptual analysis, unlike your quoting wikipedia “facts.”
[20:46] <+FredExley> RainDrop^: Some of it is, yes.
[20:46] or is it just some aspects of language which are
[20:46] right
[20:46] got my point
[20:47] oooh, “conceptual analysis”. like, uh, making up definitions? or where do you get them?
[20:47] <+FredExley> Durtro: I don’t “make up definitions.” I clarify definitions, idiot, and extrapolate that which is implied by them.
[20:47] in our uni it’s called “the philosophy of language” or continental philo.
[20:47] you “clarify”. of course. because definitions you assert are obviously correct.
[20:47] <+FredExley> Durtro: Do you have any other “criticism” with which to flail about?
[20:47] and your “implications” are also always correct. (also, implication is not a priori. you lose.)
[20:48] <+potemkin> someone needs to regulate the level of disrespect in here
[20:48] <+FredExley> Durtro: Uh, implications can be and often are a priori.
[20:48] <+FredExley> Durtro: Jackass.
[20:48] <+potemkin> durtro is a disrespectful motherfucker and he causes angry debates
[20:48] provide an example.
[20:48] <+potemkin> so he needs timeouts
[20:48] eat a pile of dogshit, fuckd.
[20:48] <+potemkin> 15 minute bans
[20:48] chew it down. now.
[20:48] yeah, he should not have said he was certain, since upon review he actually wasn’t. he misspoke. I assrted that ‘everything’ had degrees, including concepts. I was wrong to make such a blanket statement, and you showed me that with brining up the example of numbers.
[20:48] <+FredExley> potemkin: hahaha
[20:48] I like this guy Durtro.
[20:48] <+cylob> durtro supported the iraq war
[20:48] I see. So no example of an a priori implication will be forthcoming?
[20:48] <+gothchick> but he’s a dolt, olegario.
[20:48] still do, cylob. and I was right to.
[20:49] nevermind, I don’t like him then.
[20:49] <+dwightish> durtro – want me to kill ya with a gun? ya fucking fag
[20:49] <+yuyuyup> I can’t believe you guys are talking about suicide
[20:49] <+FredExley> Durtro: I’m thinking of a good one for you, simple enough for EVEN YOU to understand.
[20:49] <+yuyuyup> just hang it up, niggaz
[20:49] ooh, the roofucker thinks he’s a hard one. ๐Ÿ™
[20:49] But you’re still wrong about certainty not having degrees.
[20:49] <+FredExley> Durtro: It’s hard to dumb it down enough for you.
[20:49] watch bandini scour the internet for an a priori implication!
[20:49] <+cylob> durtro actually trustedin the bush governent
[20:49] <+joeee> did he stop?
[20:49] <+dwightish> durtro’s a poof
[20:49] I wonder how many donuts gothchick has scarfed down in the time it took me to type this out. Just wondering.
[20:50] <+joeee> dwightish you can do better than that
[20:50] <+FredExley> Durtro: Are you familiar with the ontological argument for GOd’s existence?
[20:50] <+dwightish> i hate durtro
[20:50] <+yuyuyup> you guys are so hostile
[20:50] oy, fred: in debating, taking the one you’re debating with lightly might make you lose the debate
[20:50] <+cylob> durtro as no iagination for a better world unless it involves killig for oil and a shredded up constitution
[20:50] <+gothchick> you’ll never know, since you’re going to kill yourself, right?
[20:50] <+joeee> FredExley the crap one by Descartes?
[20:50] <+FredExley> Durtro: that is an a priori bringing-out of the implications inherent in God’s definiton.
[20:50] <+yuyuyup> why can’t we all just have a male snuggle orgy
[20:50] she’s either freakishly anorexic or grotesquely overeight
[20:50] get to your fucking example, bandini.
[20:50] <+FredExley> joeee: yeah
[20:50] <+joeee> that’s shit FredExley
[20:50] <+FredExley> joeee: that’s irrelevant.
[20:50] Gothchick, no, still haven’t decidied.
[20:50] So I might know.
[20:50] <+FredExley> Durtro: I gave you an example just now.
[20:50] no “are joo familiar wif” bullshit. get the fuck to it. now.
[20:50] <+joeee> he just comes to his conclusion because he wants to
[20:50] <+gothchick> what’s to debate? you stink. go for it.
[20:50] “like uh ontological argument!” is not an example. EXPLICATE, cuntflap.
[20:50] goth: hehe
[20:51] <+joeee> no point with descartes
[20:51] <+potemkin> it’s scary how many anonymous weird people there are on irc
[20:51] <+joeee> his argument is fundamentally flawed
[20:51] There’s plenty to debate
[20:51] have you never considered suicide gothchick?
[20:51] <+FredExley> Durtro: OK. God by definition is a perfect being. THEREFORE (and here comes the implication, a priori), because existence is necessary for something to be perfect, GOd exists.
[20:51] <+gothchick> go do it in #pujols
[20:51] surely you must have
[20:51] <+FredExley> Durtro: There.
[20:51] <+FredExley> Durtro: Simple enough for you?
[20:51] oh, so by “implication” you mean “definition”.
[20:51] <+joeee> FredExley that’s BULLSHIT
[20:51] I find it hard to believe that a “goth” (that stupid fucking aesthetic) has not considered suicide.
[20:51] yay, bandini redefining word.
[20:51] <+joeee> that’s not an argument
[20:51] <+FredExley> Durtro: Or do you still eschew the possibility of implications being a priori
[20:51] <+potemkin> gothchick sleeps in a casket in a dark room
[20:52] I know she does
[20:52] <+FredExley> Durtro: How did I ‘redefine’ the word?
[20:52] <+gothchick>
[20:52] is there anything a priori in god’s defenition? can you say that any definition is apriori if it’s not a defenition about a priori things? do you say that god is apriori?
[20:52] I’m wondering how many cysts she has on her to be such a shut-in
[20:52] <+joeee> 4d do you live in momma’s basement?
[20:52] <@bougyman> “Untitled”:
[20:52] Pyrrho: knowing goth, I find it not at all incredible. However, given how you go on about considering it, I’m amazed you’re still alive.
[20:52] you’re bad at this “reading” thing.
[20:52] no less than 8 I’ll wager.
[20:52] <+gothchick> haha
[20:52] <+FredExley> Durtro: No. You’re bad at this “explaining thing.”
[20:52] <+joeee> you CAN’T fucking say god is apriori
[20:52] <+joeee> that’s fucking ridiculous
[20:52] <+FredExley> joeee: who said that?
[20:52] 17:44 : Durtro: oh, so by “implication” you mean “definition”.
04[20:52] * FredExley changes topic to ‘< Durtro> no, you are.’
[20:52] ok, enough of this attention whore.
15[20:52] * Mises sets mode: +t
[20:52] joeee- i agree with you on that one
[20:52] see where I said that? will you read it this time? is it clear enough what I meant by “redefining” now?
[20:53] <+FredExley> Durtro: Not at all.
[20:53] <+FredExley> Durtro: None ofthis “you’re a tard lolerz!@#$!”
[20:53] right, so you’re stupid.
[20:53] <+FredExley> Durtro: Why don’t you fcking explain yourself?
[20:53] Dude, attention whore how? This is clearly not a bid for attention.
[20:53] <+joeee> dude god is an apriori truth
[20:53] <+joeee> haha
[20:53] implication. as in implied. as in inferred. inference is a priori knowledge! or something.
[20:53] <+FredExley> Durtro: Definiton: God is perfect. Definition: Perfection requires existence. Implication (from these two definitions ALONE, i.e. a priori): God exists.
[20:54] <+joeee> give it up bandini
[20:54] <+joeee> that’s the stupidest “argument” i’ve ever heard
[20:54] joee: you don’t even understand what he’s arguing. shut up.
[20:54] <+FredExley> Durtro: WHere am I appealing to experience for this last claim (implication) ?
[20:54] because attention on IRC is the best approbation EVER.
[20:54] <+FredExley> Durtro: Is ther ANY appeal to experience ?
[20:54] 17:44 : Durtro: oh, so by “implication” you mean “definition”.
[20:54] Again.
[20:54] <+joeee> i understand that he’s talking shit get fuck Durtro
[20:54] Shower me with attention, oh lords of the internets.
[20:54] <+joeee> he’s basing it on descartes argument, well he’s just wrong
[20:55] he’s not arguing that god’s existence IS logically required. just using it as an example of theform of argument.
[20:55] <+FredExley> Durtro: God exists was not part of the definition. God is perfect was the definition of God. His existence is not part of his definition, and nowhere does anyone define it as such.
[20:55] <+FredExley> joeee: CHRIST SHUT UP ALREADY
[20:55] <+FredExley> joeee: You’re out of your fucking element.
[20:55] <+joeee> it’s a terrible example but it doesn’t work under any scrutiny
[20:55] People are still arguing God’s existence? Jesus fucking christ.
[20:55] <+joeee> go read descartes bandini
[20:55] <+FredExley> joeee: I ahve read descartes numerous times.
[20:55] <+joeee> apparently it’s just an example
[20:55] <+joeee> to build up his case
[20:55] Bandini, don’t read Descarte
[20:56] <+potemkin> fredexleyis on some kind of drug
[20:56] <+akhenaton> Pyrrho why don’t you go confirm it for us
[20:56] unless you want to be fucked up immeasurably.
[20:56] <+joeee> yeah well you missed the point where he’s fucking full of it then bandini
[20:56] akhenaton, confirm what?
[20:56] <+potemkin> fredexley is off the hook tonight
[20:56] <+FredExley> potemkin: huh?
[20:56] FredExley is getting hated on
[20:56] <+akhenaton> the existence of G-d
[20:56] the idea that a syllogism involves “implication” is a new one to me.
[20:56] <+potemkin> whats all this scroll about
[20:56] they musta skipped that in my degree program.
15[20:56] * Mises sets mode: -t
[20:56] confirm his existence? Why?
[20:57] aaaah i;d have to ignore someone here, you people write waY too much
[20:57] <+FredExley> Durtro: Well then you oughta go back to school.
[20:57] I assume he doesn’t exist, so why would I?
[20:57] <+akhenaton> just kill yourself already. is that too much to ask?
[20:57] lol
[20:57] <+akhenaton> i wanna see this chat log in the news
[20:57] <+joeee> the crap keeps on coming RainDrop^
[20:57] lolololol
[20:57] <+akhenaton> i wanna be labelled as the insensitive bastard that pushed you too far
[20:57] akhenaton, EAT A GODDAMN DICK, you twat-sucking whoreass.
[20:57] pyrrho: don’t you have a rope to dangle from? shoo.
[20:57] <+akhenaton> Pyrrho: why don’t you show me how its done?
[20:57] what crap?
[20:57] which crap?
[20:57] <+joeee> the scroll RainDrop^
[20:58] lol
[20:58] Show you how what is done? Twat-sucking?
[20:58] or eating a dick?
[20:58] yea, i hate scrolling up
[20:58] Both i can help you with, probably.
[20:58] <+joeee> don’t do that RainDrop^ or the terrorists win
[20:58] ๐Ÿ˜€
[20:58] first, you work the shaft ever so gently into your mouth
[20:58] and wait wait
[20:58] are you familiar with felching?
[20:58] Or santorum?
[20:58] <+akhenaton> Pyrrho: the floor is yours maestro. get to dick eating or whatever you enjoy
[20:58] i scroll up, but it usually doesnt worth it
[20:58] <+potemkin> scroll doesn’t mean scroll up, ok
[20:58] <+joeee> it’s never worth it
[20:59] Akhenaton, that’s right. Get all the smugness out
[20:59] let it all drain out.
[20:59] <+joeee> scroll means this crap they’re spewing right now RainDrop^
[20:59] ๐Ÿ™‚
[20:59] oh, ok
[20:59] <+FredExley> Durtro: see about a third of the way down where “implication” is spoken of without recourse to using experience as evidence, i.e. deriving B from A by means of definitions, i.e a priori
[20:59] <+akhenaton> Pyrrho: i just wish you could see yourself.
[20:59] why?
[20:59] that’s nice, bandini.
[21:00] I wouldn’t want to. I typically never look back at what I say, for obvious reasons
[21:00] <+FredExley> Durtro: So “implication” can result from the definitions themselves, i.e. a priori
[21:00] <+FredExley> Durtro: ergo, you’re wrong.
15[21:00] * +gothchick yawns
[21:00] i need a mousepad keychain
[21:00] that’s nice. “omg formal logic uses the word differently than mere philosophy!”
[21:00] <+gothchick> for a tiny mouse?
15[21:00] * Pyrrho hopes that gothchick throws herself down a flight of stairs
[21:00] <+joeee> due to mirror neuron activity i yawned too :\
[21:00] <+FredExley> Durtro: Fact A can be implied from fact B by mere deduction, i.e. a priori
[21:01] <+FredExley> Durtro: “mere philosophy” uses it the same way.
[21:01] <+gothchick> haha joe
[21:01] <+FredExley> Durtro: every book I’ve ever read does, anyway.
[21:01] <+FredExley> Durtro: ergo, you’re wrong.
[21:01] “every book”, huh?
[21:01] how amazing.
[21:01] <+FredExley> Durtro: Admit you’re wrong.
[21:01] <+z00p> greetings
[21:01] <+FredExley> < Durtro> no, you are.
[21:01] <+joeee> maybe there’s alcohol involved in reading
[21:01] <+joeee> hi zp
[21:01] <+akhenaton> Pyrrho: you sound like you’re winding down.
[21:01] <+z00p> Durtro never admits wrong.
[21:01] <+z00p> fyi
[21:01] Do I?
[21:01] I’m sorry.
[21:01] <+z00p> Also, Durtro can divide by 0.
[21:01] <+FredExley> z00p: I know. I’ve already SHOWN him, PROVEN it to him.
[21:01] didn’t I just do that by admitting that he was correct in the domain of formal logic?
[21:01] <+FredExley> z00p: He still won’t admit it. He squirms out of it, or calsl me names
04[21:02] * akhenaton changes topic to ‘This is clearly not a bid for attention.’
15[21:02] * Mises sets mode: +t
[21:02] I call you names because they’re accurate.
[21:02] <+gothchick> hahaha
[21:02] The “child” shrieks like a fruitbat!
[21:02] <+FredExley> Durtro: Isn’t that what we were fucking talking about?
[21:02] <+FredExley> Uh, logic.
[21:02] <+FredExley> uh, a priori implications.
[21:02] gothchick will laugh at whatever is said
[21:02] <+FredExley> I never heard of anything being proven A PRIORI WITHOUT logic
[21:02] <+FredExley> hahahah
[21:02] that was not obvious to anyone but you. (hint “logic” not the same as “formal logic” as in “theory of” same.)
[21:02] actually it’s yet a conundrum, why exactly we yawn
[21:02] but hey, just slip that word out of my sentence and pretend it was never there.
[21:03] <+FredExley> Durtro: It’s a superfluous word in this case.
[21:03] <+FredExley> Durtro: One uses logic to deduce P from Q, a priori.
[21:03] gothchick, are you dead on the inside?
[21:03] <+FredExley> Christ, you’re a retard.
[21:03] ok, tea time. too late/early for coffee. 4 am
[21:03] O_O
[21:03] <+FredExley> I”m going to shower
[21:03] <+FredExley> bbl
[21:03] <+gothchick> enjoy, raindrop
[21:03] right, because nobody ever knows any logic unless one’s taken a class in formal logic. thus the two are inseparable. because.
[21:03] slip and drown!
[21:04] <+FredExley> Durtro: evidently your grasp of any kind of logic is weak.
[21:04] are you one of these girls that reads Dostoyevsky in a Barnes and Noble cafe and cries her self to sleep every night?
[21:04] evidently because you say so. go
[21:04] i was great in logics
[21:04] “shower”. go on.
[21:04] <+joeee> i am Pyrrho
[21:04] <+FredExley> Durtro: no. not because I say so. Because you don’t believe one can deduce things a priorii.
[21:04] haha
[21:04] that’s cool, Joe. It’s respectable in your case
[21:04] well, philosophical logics
[21:04] <+FredExley> Durtro: Which is posibly the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard anyone say. Ever.
[21:04] given that I never mentioned, let alone denied, DEDUCTION, taht seems a bit odd to claim.
[21:05] “omg you weren’t familiar with that use of IMPLY, therefore you denied DEDUCTION! KUZ!”
[21:05] philo. logics is quite intuitive to some people… it was to me
15[21:06] * Mises sets mode: -t
[21:06] some people found it hard, for some reason
15[21:06] * Mises sets mode: +v pananoid
[21:06] <+FredExley> Durtro: Are you going to deny that implied by the definitons: Socrates is a Man ; and All Men are Mortal ; that Socrates is a Moral?
[21:06] <+FredExley> Durtro: That last one is IMPLIED by the defintions themselves.
[21:06] given that now I know you’re using “implied” in the sense of “is deduced from”, no.
15[21:06] * SnowDog grabs the popcorn.
[21:07] “omg you weren’t familiar with that use of IMPLY, therefore you denied DEDUCTION! KUZ!”
[21:07] See? Read it again? Think it through this time?
[21:07] <+FredExley> Durtro: You should look up this one, since you’re so fond of wikipedia:
[21:07] Go on. You can do it!
[21:07] <+dwightish> every time barack obama speaks, an angel orgasms
[21:07] <+FredExley> Durtro: What the fuck else does IMPLY mean?
[21:07] “omg wikipedia is bad except when bandini uses it! because it’s just bad! except!”
[21:07] <+gothchick> so true, dwayne
[21:07] are you people even debating on logics? O_O
[21:07] <+FredExley> Durtro: Are you familiar with the word IMPLY?
[21:07] 2:ย to involve or indicate by inference, association, or necessary consequence rather than by direct statement
[21:07] yes.
[21:07] Durtro: that’s numberwang!
[21:07] <+joeee> what happens every time palin speaks?
[21:07] <+FredExley> Durtro: Yes, there it is.
[21:07] inference, not deduction. the non-philosophical use of the term.
[21:08] A Down’s Syndrome baby springs out?
[21:08] <+gothchick> joe: someone changes the channel
[21:08] <+FredExley> Durtro: And inference cannot be a priori?
[21:08] also association, again, not logical deduction.
[21:08] <+joeee> nice gothchick
[21:08] 17:59 : Durtro: given that now I know you’re using “implied” in the sense of “is deduced from”, no.
[21:08] <+FredExley> Durtro: NECESSARY CONSEQUENCE
[21:08] see? AGAIN? can you jsut not READ what I say?
[21:08] <+FredExley> Durtro: NECESSARY CONSEQUENCE = deduction
[21:08] <+potemkin> holy shit i am tripping out
[21:08] one of the three options is necessary conseequence so the OTHER TWO DON’T EXIST!
[21:08] <+potemkin> weird
[21:08] <+FredExley> Durtro: Where did you first learn of this word “imply?”
[21:08] go shower!!!
[21:08] <+potemkin> i got really dizzy
[21:08] <+FredExley> Durtro: THe other two DO exist. But your previous claim was that the definition I was using was wrong.
[21:08] <+FredExley> Which obviously is not true.
[21:08] why debate on logical rules? ๐Ÿ˜
[21:09] <+gothchick> romney’s yapping now
[21:09] And that claim was wrong, yes. I already admitted that several minutes ago…?
[21:09] <+FredExley> OK
[21:09] <+FredExley> Now that we’re clear.
[21:09] <+FredExley> Time for my shower.
[21:09] Evidently you just didnt’ read that the first few times I said it?
[21:09] <+dwightish> wangernumb!
15[21:09] * Mises sets mode: +l 75
[21:09] <+gothchick> millicent
[21:09] <+FredExley> Durtro: I just wanted you to get to admit you were wrong a few more times.
[21:09] just like ylou didn’t just now get that “what ELSE does IMPLY mean” evidently didn’t include those other meanings you glossed over.
[21:09] and I jsut want you to kill yourself because of untreated depression!
[21:10] guess which is more satisfying?
[21:10] I need to get a desk that doesn’t cost $6000
[21:10] <+potemkin> this is either some powerful weed or i havent been sleeping right in a long time
[21:10] <+gothchick> you need to talk about your desk more
[21:10] don’t encourage him, goth.
[21:10] oh shit, would you look at that
[21:10] gothchick’s SnowDog pager went off
[21:10] every time I say something she comes running and chimes in
[21:10] like a good little girl
[21:10] you’re stupid, snowdog. she was talking on channel before you started babbling.
[21:11] <+dwightish> snowdog – wow it must be hard to find a desk that doesnt cost 6 grand :/
[21:11] <+gothchick> you wish
[21:11] <+joeee> my pager went off when you appeared SnowDog
15[21:11] * +z00p sniffs around
[21:11] <+joeee> don’t sniff there zp!
[21:11] <+FredExley> joeee: You should read the ontological argument.
[21:11] <+FredExley> hahahaha
15[21:11] * +z00p sniffs over by pyrrho
[21:11] <+FredExley> bbl
[21:11] <+z00p> !kick pyrrho
15[21:11] * Pyrrho was kicked by Mises (z00p: Requesting.)
[21:11] <+gothchick> yay
[21:11] <+FredExley> .google TIMUR THE LAME
[21:11] <+FredExley> !kikash
15[21:12] * +z00p continues to sniff around
[21:12] <+FredExley> < howto> malanoche is a cum-curtain
[21:12] <+z00p> bahahahaa
[21:12] <+FredExley> hahahahahaaa
[21:12] <+gothchick> that one’s pretty funny
[21:12] <+z00p> Pyrrho you don’t smell right.
[21:12] lol?
[21:12] <+z00p> IDENTIFY SELF
[21:12] *thunderous handclap*
[21:12] hello FRIENDS
[21:12] <+potemkin> yeah i noticed pyrrho too
[21:13] <+gothchick> tell us a story, milli
[21:13] hewwo, snugglebunny (aka potemkin)
[21:13] <+FredExley> millicent: make sure it’s NOT about female sheep.
[21:13] forget ewe
[21:13] <+FredExley> Exactly.
[21:13] <+FredExley> Forget them.
[21:13] The Beatles – Nowhere Man
15[21:14] * Timur is now known as Tim-afk
[21:14] z00p, what?
[21:14] You want me to identify myself?
[21:14] <+z00p> Sure
[21:15] that’s alright. It wouldn’t make a difference
[21:15] <+z00p> it would make a difference to me ๐Ÿ™
[21:15] <+joeee> awww
[21:16] cuz we’re the care bears
[21:16] <+z00p> yes, we are
[21:16] <+z00p> we care about things
[21:16] hmmm
[21:16] Care Bears…
[21:16] Cerberus…
[21:16] lol
[21:16] <+z00p> SnowDog is a pink carebear
[21:16] <+gothchick> with hearts on his tummy?
[21:16] ๐Ÿ˜€
[21:16] <+z00p> and has a rainbow on his belleh
[21:16] “:D
[21:16] <+gothchick> oh he’s fancy
[21:16] fabearulous
[21:17] <+z00p> gothchick is a teletubby
[21:17] <+gothchick> the one with the purse
[21:17] teletubbies are way less cool than the care-bears
[21:17] the teletubbies are just dumb
[21:18] just ask Jerry Falwell
[21:18] <+gothchick> you’re probably not the target audience, since you have language skills
[21:18] lol, is he the one who said that tinky winky’s gay
[21:18] ?
[21:18] ๐Ÿ˜€
[21:18] lololol
[21:18] yes
[21:18] and it makes you wonder
[21:18] “lol” is truly the hallmark of good chat.
[21:18] hahaha right
[21:18] how would Jerry Falwell know?
[21:18] time for another amazing plan from me… howto!
[21:19] <+z00p> Durtro is right
[21:19] <+z00p> anyone who lolz is welcome here
[21:19] <+z00p> howto give Durtro a burning bag of dog shit
04[21:19] * gothchick changes topic to ‘This space reserved for lolz.’
15[21:19] * Mises sets mode: +t
15[21:19] * howto gives Durtro a burning bag of dog shit
[21:19] <+z00p> howto shut up
[21:19] hai!
[21:19] <+joeee> lolz
[21:19] <+joeee> ?
[21:19] i’ve lived in SF when he said that… and it made me laugh so hard… i think jerry falwell is gay himself
[21:19] <+joeee> yeah RainDrop^ no lols please
[21:20] <+gothchick> isn’t he dead?
[21:20] saying tinky winky’s gay… only a gay person would say such thing
[21:20] <+gothchick> ok, which one of you did this?
[21:20] <+joeee> yeah he’s dead
[21:20] ok, no lols
[21:20] oh, didnt know he died ๐Ÿ˜
[21:21] ZakZak
[21:21] wtf is this
[21:21] Channel 23?
[21:21] <+FredExley> oh great
[21:21] <+joeee> hi BallPunch
[21:21] er, Network XXIII
[21:21] hey, look, it’s ballpunch.
[21:21] <+FredExley> OMG double great
[21:21] HSHHAS
[21:21] <+joeee> hi expers
[21:21] <+joeee> why are you here at the same time?
[21:21] what’s channel 23?
[21:21] he joins right after me
[21:21] <+FredExley> Now we’ve got BallPunch AND expers
[21:21] <+FredExley> hahaha
[21:21] hahahahahah
[21:21] thatrsfun nny
[21:21] <+joeee> weird
[21:21] wer funny
[21:21] <+FredExley> If by funny you mean dreadful.
[21:21] <+joeee> tag-team!
[21:21] lo
[21:22] <+gothchick> it’s a sign of the apocalypse
[21:22] <+joeee> again?
[21:22] tag team these nuts fag
[21:22] <+yuyuyup> crazy japs
[21:22] <+FredExley> gothchick: haha
[21:22] missing punching expers in the balls, ball?
[21:22] HAHAHA verushka is known as a fat amy winehouse..thats the funniest thing I wever heard
[21:22] shes so gross
[21:22] and doesnt shave
[21:22] and her nose is huge
[21:22] and shes covered i acn3e
[21:22] hahahahah
[21:22] <+joeee> yeah, she’s ugly
[21:22] hahahaha
[21:23] <+joeee> and she’s has a psychosis going
[21:23] <+joeee> so
[21:23] yeh that too
[21:23] <+joeee> yeah big win
[21:23] hahahahah
[21:23] yeh he wion alright
[21:23] <+joeee> well he’s not with her
[21:23] how high are you, ball?
[21:23] <+joeee> ever she is too much for any mortal
15[21:23] * Mises sets mode: -t
[21:23] im drunk
[21:23] ๐Ÿ˜€
[21:23] not high
[21:23] close enough.
[21:23] <+joeee> are you okay ashley?
[21:23] SEE BECAUSE3 IM NOT AN ALCOHILIC LIKE JUSTIN SO I can still buy alcohol
[21:23] <+gothchick> lawdy
[21:24] I have a MIGHTY NEED to use the restroom.
[21:24] they stop alcoholics from buying booze now?
[21:24] seriously, though, he’s not worth this psycho drunken display.
[21:24] <+pananoid> FredExley, I wonderi f you changed your name to FredExpers if you could trick BallPunch into giving you head
[21:24] well I wouldnt let him back in my vagina until he quit drinking
[21:24] i told him
[21:24] no qay
[21:24] fuck off
[21:24] until you qyuit
[21:24] <+joeee> weirdo
[21:24] aso he quiot for the first time in hois whole p[athwtic alco9holic life
15[21:24] * pananoid is now known as panblanco
[21:25] for me
[21:25] ๐Ÿ˜€
[21:25] <+joeee> hey BallPunch
[21:25] and now hes “:recovering”
[21:25] <+FredExley> BallPunch: will you marry me?
[21:25] ^_^
[21:25] <+joeee> type a bit sloer
[21:25] she only does it becuase she cares so little, obviously
[21:25] <+joeee> *slower
[21:25] <+FredExley> BallPunch: I need a Canadian bank account.
[21:25] <+Sux2bUfuX> god you’re a fucking mutilated pile of shit, ballpunch
[21:25] <+joeee> i know
[21:25] im sorry fred but uinfportumnately im already married ti thew aLCOH9LIC LOSER EXPWRS
[21:25] OH SORRY
[21:25] ENJOYM,ENT
[21:25] HAHAHA
[21:25] I congratulate you in recognising my superiority and choosing me to be your love pig!
[21:25] <+panblanco> what’s so special about a canadian bank account
[21:25] easy there, killer.
[21:25] capslock, thanks!
[21:25] <+joeee> ash, calm down
[21:25] <+joeee> please?
[21:25] control that keyboard! control! or it’ll control you
[21:25] hHh
[21:25] <+FredExley> panblanco: I can then participate in the UK betting exchanges.
[21:25] hahHHH HW LEFT
[21:25] HhHhHhHh
[21:26] <+joeee> you got rid of him
[21:26] <+panblanco> gotcha
[21:26] hahHhHh
[21:26] <+FredExley> panblanco: they won’t let people with American bank accounts on there.
[21:26] chill the hell out, woman.
[21:26] irl
[21:26] and sirc
[21:26] <+joeee> how come you joined at the same time BallPunch ?
[21:26] <+panblanco> I dislike BallPunch chat, a lot
[21:26] hahahah
[21:26] How can you have an operation impending doom 2 without me?
[21:26] <+joeee> that was weird
[21:26] because hes rea,ly here
[21:26] in my vagina
[21:26] right now
[21:26] I dislike drunk ballpunch chat, for sure.
[21:26] <+joeee> wow
[21:26] <+FredExley> panblanco: Worse than Durtrochat?
[21:26] <+panblanco> yes
[21:26] <+joeee> BallPunch please try and collect yourself?
[21:26] <+FredExley> I dunno about that.
[21:26] <+panblanco> heh
[21:26] <+joeee> are you really that distraught?
[21:26] ๐Ÿ™‚
[21:26] <+panblanco> joeee is pretty nice to the ladies
[21:26] <+FredExley> howto: give Durtro a ball punch.
15[21:27] * howto gives Durtro a ball punch.
[21:27] i like SUX2BUFUX, that guy is real up and up
[21:27] <+joeee> i’m nice to people who deserve being nice to pan
[21:27] <+joeee> i’ve never not been nice to you
[21:27] <+panblanco> same here
[21:27] <+FredExley> WHo the fuck is joeee ?
[21:27] <+panblanco> yeah i know joeee
[21:27] <+joeee> who’s bandini!
[21:27] <+FredExley> Is this that debris faggot?
[21:27] <+joeee> nah
[21:27] <+joeee> that’s the other one
[21:27] <+FredExley> oh, wrong faggot?
[21:27] distraiught? jahjaja
[21:27] ore like inebriated and giggling
[21:27] <+joeee> yeah
[21:28] <+joeee> easy up with that typing ashley
[21:28] joeee kinda sounds like haku. kinda
[21:28] oh youknow me, the pasycho tyling quween
[21:28] <+joeee> we don’t want you to end up typing like verushka
[21:28] <+panblanco> BallPunch, if you are drunk, you are over your daily calories
[21:28] yes i know I totally went over 200 calories with all this trum :*(
[21:28] oit makes me want to go vomit
[21:29] you should stick with clear rum
[21:29] but it makwes me giggle
[21:29] hrm
[21:29] i got appletons
[21:29] i dunno,. iu guess is not clear
[21:29] you’re not seriously back with that complete loser, are you?
[21:30] <+joeee> no she isn’t
[21:30] <@Go> i totally made chicken and alfredo sauce
[21:30] <@Go> FROM SCRATCH
[21:30] weee hehehehehehehehe
[21:30] live large, go.
[21:30] <+joeee> i spoke to expers last night
[21:30] ]sorry to hear that
[21:30] <+joeee> totally Go ?
[21:30] hahaha no im not
[21:30] i have a new guy
[21:30] did you start with a cow and an egg, go?
[21:30] ball: good.
[21:30] <+panblanco> man how’d you make a chicken
[21:30] <+joeee> you do BallPunch ?
[21:30] I do!Q
[21:30] <+joeee> it’s not apestate is it!
[21:30] too sugary that one
[21:30] why do people get with men looking fat chicks who walk around all mad? it’s hilarious when some guy like holds the door for his lady and some mean fat girl with a scowl comes through
[21:30] people/men. duh
[21:31] so, uh, why are you here rather than doing him?
[21:31] hes actuslly better looking and smartrer and more motivatr3d etc etc
[21:31] <+joeee> yeah, Durtro has a point
[21:31] maybe he’s worn out or something.
[21:31] <+joeee> why are you here BallPunch instead of with him?
[21:31] <+FredExley> BallPunch chat is even worse than verushka chat.
[21:31] or working. you know, unlike expers.
[21:31] <+panblanco> hah
[21:31] <+joeee> she’s drunk bandini
[21:31] qworse?//
[21:31] oich
15[21:31] * BallPunch cri4s
[21:31] <+joeee> BallPunch you’re drunk
[21:31] haha
[21:31] <+joeee> and it’s showing
[21:31] yes i a,m
[21:31] me/mean
[21:31] I think she knows that.
[21:31] <+panblanco> joeee, the last couple times she has come in here, she’s been like this
[21:31] hHHhHh
[21:31] <+joeee> please BallPunch type properly
[21:31] <+panblanco> and i don’t think she was drunk
[21:31] <+joeee> i haven’t seen it before pan
[21:32] <+joeee> i’d heard
15[21:32] * BallPunch was kicked by Mises (Excess CAPS detected. (70% of 102 chars) :: [Wed Sep 3 20:32:33 2008] – Banned 0 minutes ยท7162ยท)
[21:32] <+joeee> oh no
[21:32] <+joeee> BallPunch stop that immediately
[21:32] hhaha
[21:32] <+joeee> don’t turn into verushka
[21:32] why would I come here sober/.
[21:32] ???
[21:32] <+joeee> CAPS???
[21:32] <+joeee> CAPS
[21:32] unlikje veryu/3expsers i AXTUALLTY HAVE FRTIENFDS/ A FE
[21:32] <+joeee> not typing
[21:32] rainddrop… whats the haps?
[21:33] <+acceb> if you have friends why are you wasted on irc
[21:33] <+joeee> RainDrop^ got bored
[21:33] <+joeee> BallPunch it’s too verushka
[21:33] <+joeee> turn capslock off
[21:33] <+Vikash> how is 2nd life, any fun?
[21:33] becayse my friendf daphne pleft at 9 or so.. becauyse you know./.its wednesdday
[21:33] <+acceb> god.
[21:33] my explorer got stuck
[21:33] damn explorer
[21:33] ive been talking inc apslock for eyatrs
[21:33] it is not a vweru fucking inven5ion
[21:33] <+joeee> BallPunch are you still doing the 2nd life thing?
[21:33] totma;lk in vapslocvk
[21:33] <+acceb> second life is awful
[21:33] <+joeee> oh god
04[21:34] * olo changes topic to ‘ CAPSLOCK IS CRUISE CONTRIOL FOR COOL’
[21:34] <+acceb> and pathetic
15[21:34] * Mises sets mode: +t
[21:34] <+acceb> and creepy
[21:34] i might install firefox and quit using it
[21:34] <+Vikash> why becca
[21:34] annoys me lately
[21:34] <+joeee> please stop typing like this BallPunch!
[21:34] <+acceb> Vikash, i dont really see the appeal
[21:34] haha yeh iu im in voiuce chat in secind life…althiught ghats not where i met daphne…i met daphne swlling soem oif justins shit
[21:34] <+acceb> it’s not like there are even good graphics or anything
[21:34] <+joeee> why don’t you change your nick, it’s a bit reminiscent of expers period
[21:34] raindrop, you should have installed firefoxand quit using ie years ago. get with the new
[21:34] she came over yo buy his yerba mate
[21:34] <+joeee> acceb he’s only asking because BallPunch said she used it
[21:35] i cant heelpt but to typw ;ike this
[21:35] <+acceb> joeee, i know she did, i say it’s pathetic and stupid
[21:35] <+Vikash> i’m going to the gym bbl
[21:35] im reallly drunk
[21:35] wauit
[21:35] ui have ti oee
[21:35] and get moire ALCOH9LL
[21:35] <+joeee> nah, i was referring to Vikash, acceb
[21:35] right, but i need the microsoft OS because i need some microsoft programs :\
[21:35] <+joeee> ha RainDrop^
[21:35] hey vikash, go to these nuts
[21:35] IE7 never really causes me any problems. no more than firefox, certainly.
[21:35] <@Go> typing drunk is doesn’t mean you’re drunk
[21:36] <@Go> i’m not drunk and i can type drunk
[21:36] <+joeee> Durtro have you used opera?
[21:36] <+joeee> we know Go
[21:36] opera sucks
[21:36] <+joeee> but this looks authentic
[21:36] not in forever. I use firefox, IE ,and Safari regularly.
[21:36] durtro- i beg to differ
[21:36] <+joeee> i’ve never even used safari
[21:36] rain: you can’t differ with MY experience. note what I said.
[21:36] IE 7 has so many bugs in it… it’s bugged all over O_O
[21:36] maybe IE sucks for you for some weird reason. works fine for me.
[21:37] <+joeee> yeah i have to agree with RainDrop^
[21:37] any of you tried the new IE?
[21:37] so many bugs, like…?
[21:37] I’ve seen the beta on my coworker’s machine. not used it myself.
[21:37] durtro, dont you use a mac? how much ie browsing do you actually do even
[21:37] <+potemkin> durtro is probably a knowitall at work too
[21:37] <+potemkin> the other workers shun him
[21:37] ๐Ÿ™‚
[21:37] ๐Ÿ™‚
[21:37] olo: I run windows and macOS desktops at home, and work on Windows. so, quite a bit.
15[21:38] * Mises sets mode: -t
[21:38] keep trying, fourdee. hell, try getting a job.
[21:38] <+potemkin> sounds shitty
[21:38] the more i learn the less i know in certainty
[21:38] yeah, being a social parasite suits you, fourdee. it’s not like you’re worth anything.
[21:38] narc.
[21:38] <+joeee> true RainDrop^
[21:38] <+potemkin> maybe i should vote for obama
[21:38] jesus fuck
[21:39] <+joeee> how could you 4d!
[21:39] <+yuyuyup> vote islamo
[21:39] <+yuyuyup> the arabs need total control
15[21:39] * +joeee slaps yuyuyup around a bit with a large trout
[21:39] given that Oregon will go Obama by a good margin no matter what, that means little.
[21:39] Evening.
[21:39] <+joeee> hi
[21:39] BACK
[21:39] ball: good to know. what’re you mixing your rum with, anyway?
[21:40] <+yuyuyup> I’m definitely voting islamo cause palin didn’t abort her children
[21:40] <+potemkin> ok i’ll vote for him then
[21:40] oops caps
[21:40] <+joeee> please not the caps
[21:40] <+joeee> yeah
[21:40] fucking heathen.
[21:40] <+yuyuyup> us liberal islamos gotta thin the herd
[21:40] i not do8ing it ion ourpos3e
[21:40] <+panblanco> what’s up verdi
[21:40] <+yuyuyup> if that baby is screwed up, suck it’s brains out
04[21:40] * joeee changes topic to ‘ I’m definitely voting islamo cause palin didn’t abort her children’
15[21:40] * Mises sets mode: +t
[21:41] <+potemkin> oh yeah how can you not abort a retarded child
[21:41] <+FredExley> The world is your oyster, and the trash bags are your kids.
[21:41] so… Obama.. is he really a muslim?
[21:41] <+joeee> cruelty
[21:41] rain: no.
[21:41] <+joeee> no RainDrop^
[21:41] <+FredExley> The ceiling is invisible, there’s a bird sinking through the sky.
[21:41] <+joeee> god
[21:41] <+yuyuyup> nah I’m just joshing around
[21:41] <+FredExley> And every hour that passes is teaching me how to cry.
[21:41] <+joeee> how can you not know that RainDrop^ ?
[21:41] <+FredExley> ‘Cause it’s lonely here, in the ugly part of town.
[21:41] <+FredExley> The buildings are all vacant, and the telephones are down.
[21:41] <+joeee> i don’t think they’d run a muslim on the democratic ticket
[21:41] <+FredExley> There’s a police siren singing like a tiger with no skin
[21:41] <+FredExley> The sewer drain is glowing and I don’t know the state I’m in
[21:42] democrats are such bigots ๐Ÿ™
[21:42] <+yuyuyup> BURN BABY BURN
[21:42] well, i live in israel thesedays, been having exams lately, and studying a lot. a lot’s been going on in israel lately, and a lot of trash has been thrown towards Obama, hard to keep up
[21:42] <+FredExley> There river is on fire, there’s chemicals in the breeze and all the roads are blocked off, and it’s just too hard to see
[21:42] ๐Ÿ™‚
[21:42] <@Go> Durtro, you’re a republican?
[21:42] go: no.
[21:42] whats wrong with dietb caffioebe freew fcoke?
[21:42] <+FredExley> So cancel all my appointments and set up a whole new show, ’cause I’m in need of a good hot meal and a life to call my own.
[21:42] why would I be? because people like bandini keep saying it?
[21:42] not an argument i suppose
[21:42] ball: the “diet” and “caffeine free” parts.
[21:42] what should I m,ix with it?
[21:42] <+FredExley> Durtro: Let’s see a quote.
[21:42] piss>
[21:42] real coke?
[21:42] ???
[21:42] ugh
[21:42] nio nway
[21:43] <+joeee> indeed diet and caffeine free?
[21:43] <@Go> BP, water. then go to bed
[21:43] <+FredExley> Durtro: Provide some documentation, jagoff.
[21:43] <+joeee> what’s left
[21:43] well, if you’re that kinky, sure.
[21:43] i dint wanan fat
[21:43] forevere
[21:43] i try to drink only water
[21:43] <+joeee> fat!
[21:43] I bid you all a farewell. It’s been fun being anally ravaged by you all
[21:43] <+FredExley> Durtro: Or are you once again making shit up about other people?
[21:43] <+potemkin> drunk slut alert
[21:43] documentation? okay. lemme scan my voter registration card!!@#!
[21:43] <+FredExley> Durtro: yeah, you’re making shit up.
[21:43] I ONLY EAT 200 CALORIES OR LESS a day
[21:43] but i drink diet coke and orange juice from time to time
[21:43] <+FredExley> Durtro: You can’t prove it because I never said it.
[21:43] people like bandini is not the same as bandini. “logic”!
[21:43] what in hell is fred on about.
[21:43] anf it paid oiff cause my new bf is a lot hoytter than expersm
[21:43] I thought you meant “prove you’re a republican”, tardface.
[21:43] <+acceb> Durtro :>
[21:43] <+FredExley> Durtro: No.
[21:43] Why don’t you just go finally take that “shower” and jerk it a few times until you get over it.
[21:43] <+FredExley> Durtro: I’ve never said you were a republican.
[21:43] <+potemkin> my voter registration card says “OTH”
[21:43] (er, “not a…”)
[21:43] <+FredExley> Durtro: I already showered.
[21:44] <+acceb> did i hurt your feelings earlier? you are still a favorite chatter
[21:44] <+FredExley> What is “OTH?”
[21:44] not just idet coke..i also et vaffeine free,a nd haha nonname….cause i am cheap
[21:44] <+potemkin> other
[21:44] C:\Music\Leonard Cohen Discography\1969 – Songs from a room\Leonard Cohen – Story of Isaac.mp3
[21:44] <+yuyuyup> palin hunts moose via aircraft
[21:44] <+FredExley> oh
[21:44] You dare tell me what i already know?!?!?!
[21:44] <+acceb> i have had a bad day. low patience
[21:44] <+yuyuyup> that’s krazy
[21:44] <+yuyuyup> what a psycho slut
[21:44] <+FredExley> I registerd to vote along time ago, don’t have a card, and have never voted.
[21:44] lol, this should be quoted: [04:44:17] You dare tell me what i already know?!?!?!
15[21:44] * Mises sets mode: -t
[21:45] <+FredExley> There hasn’t been a change in the atmosphere.
[21:45] acceb: no. I did think that beneath you a bit, though.
[21:45] glad to see it was atypical.
[21:45] <+FredExley> Durtro: My shower was good.
[21:45] <+FredExley> Durtro: how many times might you shower in a year?
[21:45] thanks for sharing that.
[21:46] ooh, a lame troll. how cute.
[21:46] <+yuyuyup> that aint environmentaly friendly
[21:46] <+yuyuyup> just roll around in dirt
[21:46] <+acceb> Durtro, well i stand by my arguments.. just the lack of patience, i apologize
[21:46] jerk it harder, bandini. faster, too.
[21:46] acceb: it seemed there was a bit of talking past each-other, and fundamental agreement.
[21:46] <+acceb> word!
[21:47] <+yuyuyup> did palin do her speech yet
04[21:47] * joeee changes topic to ‘ jerk it harder, bandini. faster, too.’
15[21:47] * Mises sets mode: +t
[21:47] joe: someone has to tell him how to do things right.
[21:47] silly people learnt in al gore’s movie stuff i’ve learnt in the 5th grade… and yet.. people keep polluting the planet like there’s no tomorrow
[21:48] raindrop: al gore’s movie is bullshit. next.
[21:48] <+joeee> hopefully he’ll learn Durtro
[21:48] i’m not talking about the movie itself, but about the problem you cannot ignore- we’re destroying the planet.
[21:48] <+panblanco> i think Durtro brings out the best in bandini
[21:48] next?
[21:49] <+yuyuyup> you crazy bastards with your numerous alternate nicks
[21:49] except tehre is no “problem” of that. we aren’t “destroying the planet”.
[21:49] pan: that’s a terrifying idea.
[21:49] yea, i’m a leftie tree hugger
[21:49] <+yuyuyup> who the hell can possibly keep track
[21:50] <+panblanco> hah
[21:50] ruetro- how could you say we’re not polluting it, for example?
[21:51] I don’t recall saying that there is no pollution. I said we’re not “destroying” the planet.
15[21:51] * Mises sets mode: -t
[21:51] damn people, wake up- here in israel we can’t even drink the tap water anymore
[21:51] <+yuyuyup> recycle your batteries you fucking dogs
[21:51] <+joeee> i think he’s arguing that the findings are inconclusive
[21:51] I have rum and pineapple-coconut-banana juice. Suppose that would make a vaguely pina colada-y thing.
[21:51] think it cannot happen in different parts of the world?
15[21:51] * +joeee recycles yuyuyup’s dog
[21:51] <+FredExley> ok goodnight
[21:51] <+yuyuyup> it’s extremely bad for the environment to let batteries decompose into the earth
[21:51] <+joeee> okay yuyuyup
[21:51] odd, the Israeli press doesnt’ agree that you can’t drink tap water there.
[21:51] <+joeee> now blow up your tv when it dies
[21:52] <+yuyuyup> DO NOT BLOW UP MY TV
[21:52] <+joeee> and you have to totally get rid of your computer when you upgrade
[21:52] durtro- depends on where in israel you live
[21:52] oh, so it’;s not “here in israel”, but “a few places here in israel”? that changes things rather a lot, doesn’t it?
[21:52] <+joeee> it’s possible
[21:52] usually they blame it on the city’s plumming and water pools
[21:52] which places might those be?
[21:52] <+joeee> is it just in your house RainDrop^?
[21:53] <+yuyuyup> if anyone here wants to blow up my tv just stop it
[21:53] nope, many times the press comes out in warnings not to drink the tap’s water… for a few weeks
[21:53] <+yuyuyup> I don’t joke about that shit
[21:53] i just dont risk it, sometimes they inform too late
[21:53] that happens all over the world, and rarely ahs anything to do with “pollution”.
[21:53] and in tel aviv area it’s the worst
[21:53] <+joeee> i mean when it’s broken and you get a new one yuyuyup
[21:53] and i live in tel aviv
[21:53] <+joeee> that shit ain’t biodegradable
[21:54] in my mom’s place, in the moshav, the water’s way better
[21:54] Usually that has to do with e. coli. Which has nothing to do with poll..
[21:54] because sewage can leak in _anywhere_, and the EArth doesnt’ give a shit about sewage, since it’s organic and bacterial. that ain’t “pollution” as far as mommy gaia is concerned.
[21:54] narc: that’s mere logic!
[21:54] …yeah, what Durtro said.
[21:54] but soon all of the israeli water everywhere wont be drinkable, and nobody does anything about it
[21:54] <+joeee> okay but you’ve chosen a bad example for your case RainDrop^
[21:54] mmm fish tacos and surf dvd’s. a fine ending to a fine day
[21:54] why will it be? because somehow sewage leaks will happen more, everywhere…?
[21:54] -_-
[21:54] i dont know anyone in tel aviv who drinks tap water… unless they’re really poor
[21:55] ergo, the tap water is polluted.
[21:55] <+potemkin> i’m enjoying a glass of tap water
[21:55] <+potemkin> too lazy to go get soda
[21:55] so it’s POPULAR to drink bottled water. therefore tap water is bad.
[21:55] because our main water source, the kineret, is drying up
[21:55] I don’t know anyone who drinks Colt 45.
[21:55] and we dont recycle the water for some reason
[21:55] “drying up” is not “polluted”.
[21:55] maybe “recycling” it is less efficient than desalination?
[21:55] but it’s both
[21:55] maybe the plumbing in tel aviv sucks
[21:56] it’s more than just one factor
[21:56] <+joeee> next war is for water RainDrop^ get over it
[21:56] your assertions aren’t real convincing, so far.
[21:56] the tel aviv plumbings indeed suck, and the water pools are sometimes to blame indeed
[21:56] but the water isnt in high quality to begin with
[21:56] omg they put way too much avacoda on these tacos!
[21:56] says who?
[21:57] I had a hot fudge sundae
[21:57] annebonny loves her ice cream
[21:57] I sure do
[21:57] mmmm
[21:57] BECAUSE of the pollution of underground reservoir and because of the mis use of water
[21:57] mm. ice cream.
[21:57] “mis use of water” being exactly what?
[21:57] narcease its delicious
[21:57] I think there’s some americone dream that the kid didn’t eat.
[21:58] also, “says who” is not answered by “because”.
[21:58] I don’t care if I am so fat already because ice cream is worth it
[21:58] see, you CAN recycle water in order to use them for agriculture. but they don’t, for some reason
[21:58] they have sisterns
[21:58] <+panblanco> mmmm
[21:59] panblanco do you like ice cream, too?
[21:59] using it for agriculture won’t affect the drinking supply.
[21:59] too much money’s being wasted on generals’ salaries, you see. it’s all corrupted
[21:59] :S
[21:59] that’s very relevant. no, wait.
[22:00] durtro- it will affect, since the drying up of the water sources causes the pollution, didnt you study biology?
[22:00] “causes the pollution”? what sort of pollution, EXACTLY?
[22:00] it doesnt cause it, it increases it
[22:00] Russian nationalist advocates Eurasian alliance against the U.S.,0,2871108.story
[22:00] <@bougyman> “Russian nationalist advocates Eurasian alliance against the U.S. – Los Angeles Times”:
15[22:00] * Tim-afk is now known as Timur
15[22:00] * Dejacque sets mode: +v Byronik
[22:00] please to explain how “biology” shows us that a dried aquifer causes “pollution” of some nebulous sort.
[22:00] <+panblanco> i thnk Giulani is speaking now
[22:01] <+panblanco> yes he is
[22:01] is he wearing a gown?
[22:01] <+chibi> i wonder how many references to terrorism giuliani will make.
[22:01] <+joeee> is he irrelevant
[22:01] 9/11
[22:01] <+joeee> hey trina
[22:01] <+panblanco> just a thong, annebonny
[22:01] heya joeee
[22:01] <+joeee> 9/11
[22:01] <+Byronik> Well, there’s a dried aquifer in San Diego that’s slated to be filled with Mexican sewage.
[22:01] darn I was hoping he’d go all out :/
[22:01] <+joeee> does he have a 9/11 backdrop?
[22:01] durtro the drying of most of a thingie of water concentrates the minerals in the remaining water pools
[22:01] <+panblanco> he has a backdrop of NYC
[22:01] that’s rather a-causal, byron.
[22:01] <+joeee> awww
[22:01] well, they should stop the pollution caused by the factories, yea, but the problem with the aquifers is that below a certain level they’re too dry to be used, because they get salted
[22:01] concentrating minerals is pollution now? using water makes it polluted? I guess to stop pollution we gotta stop drinking!
[22:01] with or without the twin towers?
[22:02] <+Byronik> Durtro – Tell that to the Tia Juana River Valley Water District
[22:02] jalut where’ve you been?
[22:02] <+panblanco> I think it was without
[22:02] <+joeee> without trina it would have to be, but i was tempted to ask
[22:02] byron: … do you even fucking speak English? is that your problem?
[22:02] <+chibi> AHAHAHA
[22:02] Who *are* you people.
[22:03] <+Byronik> Durtro – I gave you a perfectly formed sentence with a verb, a subject and an object. Maybe you need to brush up on your comprehension.
[22:03] using too much water causes the sea water rise up and pollute the aquifers, yea
[22:03] <+lorax> eat shit dicksucks
[22:03] byron: I was not criticising your grammar, but your comprehension and ability to transmit information.
[22:03] Causes the sea water to rise up?
[22:03] How does that work.
[22:03] it ruins the balance :S
[22:03] rain: seawater is a pollutant? my GOD! the earth is 70% pollution!
[22:03] <+lorax> think about it narcease
[22:04] <+Byronik> Durtro – It’s not my fault you can’t make yourself understood.
[22:04] <+lorax> injecting seawater into Durtro’s brain wouldn’t be pollution
[22:04] byron: it’s not my fault you’re a gibbering idiot.
[22:04] <+lorax> that’s for sure
[22:04] <+potemkin> agreed lorax
[22:04] ah, durtro- our sea HERE is damn polluted
15[22:04] * Mises sets mode: +v dwightish
[22:04] good thing you’ll be getting all your water from desalination plants anyway, then.
[22:04] <+Byronik> Our beaches here are polluted because we don’t renew our old sewers
[22:04] <+potemkin> durtro is a secret nazi
[22:04] no, fourdee. that’s you. and not very secret.
[22:05] i didnt go to bathe in the sea here for ages and ages before i was religious again… due to the pollution
[22:05] <+potemkin> this is just his cover
[22:05] stop projecting yourself onto me, thanks.
[22:05] <+lorax> it’s all rearrangements of spacetime anyway
[22:05] some people dont care to bathe in crap water
[22:05] i always figured the middle east for a real clean place
[22:05] <+chibi> how many times are we going to hear the vietnam torture episode
[22:05] <+lorax> the physical laws which got us into this state work in reverse, right, so it’s just a matter of going backwards
[22:05] chibi: 42341
[22:06] guilani was tortured too??
[22:06] chibi: so why the fuck are you _watching_ that shit?
[22:06] well, anyways, i drink water only from bottles ๐Ÿ˜ for years and years
[22:06] <+lorax> why does chibi do the things he does, no one knows
[22:07] <+Byronik> I’m not watching that shit. It’s Project Runway night! ๐Ÿ™‚
[22:07] and so does anyone i know
[22:07] I hope mccain gets elected so we can finally win in vietnam
[22:07] chibi wants some timely news to discuss in the locker room tomorrow
[22:07] <+lorax> i read that as buttholes
[22:07] rain: yeah, who cares about reason and evidence. best to use more plastics so you can feel better. ah, environmentalism!
[22:07] <+chibi> what were they chanting?
[22:07] some people boil the water and then drink it
[22:07] <+Byronik> RainDrop^ – And the bottled water comes from somebody’s tap
[22:07] right, usually not somewhere in israel
[22:07] bottled water comes from the loins of jesus
[22:07] <+Byronik> And the empty water bottles are an environmental disaster
[22:08] <+Byronik> And sometimes the water in the bottles is tainted with benzine and other pollutants
[22:08] maybe it’d be better if it was israeli water, given how clean it is, as revealed by actual testing rather than your friends’ opinions.
[22:08] and usually it’s monitored and supervised
[22:08] <+Byronik> And Evian backwards is…
[22:08] which bottled water is this that’s monitored and supervised? because that’s hilarious.
[22:08] <+lorax> it’s only the palestinian water that’s a major mutagen
[22:09] you think there isnt a standards association stamp to the water here? lol. everything has to be kosher, right? well they check other things as well.
[22:09] <+potemkin> kosher water: no microbes
[22:09] <+dwightish> anyone here discover they have any magical abilities
[22:09] NUP.
[22:09] no fluoride
[22:10] plenty of fluoride.
[22:10] <+lorax> baby cakes’ father is a wizard
[22:10] toms of maine is the toothpaste of choice for semites everywhere
[22:10] <+Byronik> I thought it was Tom of Finland
[22:10] [05:10:03] <+dwightish> anyone here discover they have any magical abilities <--- someone here needs anti psychotics? [22:10] <+panblanco> nada
[22:10] haha
[22:10] yes, dwight is a nutbag.
[22:11] that is a great mental picture. thanks durtro.
[22:11] very much so.
[22:11] yea, kosher water’s better ๐Ÿ˜€
[22:11] rakshasa ๐Ÿ™‚
[22:11] rak: hey, _I_ didn’t put it in the topic.
[22:11] how about kosher nuts?
[22:11] <+Byronik> How about deez kosher nuts?
15[22:12] * +Byronik slaps a large trout around a bit with rakshasa
[22:12] <+potemkin> flaccid minnow
[22:12] unless you mean walnuts… nuts can’t be kosher\
[22:12] <+potemkin> fingerling
[22:12] ๐Ÿ™‚
[22:12] why
[22:12] bla
[22:12] =]
[22:12] how the fuck can’t mixed nuts be kosher
[22:12] <+Byronik> I prefer kosher hot dogs
[22:12] almonds are kosher because they’re really fruit
[22:12] are they unclean? wtf
[22:13] all this time i was in the dark, speculating about nuts. now my mind is at ease.
[22:13] depends on what they’re mixed with
[22:13] ๐Ÿ™‚
[22:13] :o)
[22:13] <+Byronik> Mixed with kosher shellfish
[22:13] haha
[22:13] <+lorax> why had you readopted retarded eating rules, raindrop^
[22:13] <+Byronik> served with kosher bacon
[22:13] MADNESS^~*$*!ยฃ!%*%*
[22:13] i keep getting e-mails for penis enlargement, that’s can’t be kosher
[22:13] <+lorax> why for had you
[22:14] <+Byronik> rakshasa – Me too. Only they seem to be forwarded by my wife
[22:14] <@Go> stop answering the add
[22:14] add
[22:14] haha
[22:14] i don’t have ADD go, i’m not like your husband
[22:14] <+lorax> can nobody spell tonight
[22:14] i used to be a veggetarian for 12 years… so when i lived in the us i didnt have much of a chance to eat unkosher stuff
[22:14] <@Go> wait, i said that my husband has ADD?
[22:14] <@Go> and this somehow ties into your penis enlargement adds?
[22:15] yes. when i cybersexed you last weekend
[22:15] <@Go> that was too quick
[22:15] um.
[22:15] my husband is a saint
[22:15] <@Go> you did…?
[22:15] <@Go> lol
[22:15] “ADS” not “ADDS”
[22:15] <@Go> if you did, it must have been small
[22:15] <@Go> cuz i don’t remember
[22:15] it is an ADvertisement not a ADDvertisement
[22:15] maybe YOU have ADD
[22:15] adds girth
[22:15] subliminally
[22:15] <+Byronik> Maybe it promises to ADD inches to your penis
[22:15] <+lorax> man
[22:15] you guys remember that facial hair removal product called NADS
[22:15] <+Byronik> I had assumed you were being witty
[22:16] was the best
[22:16] bryonik is like making me see the light
[22:16] well, i drank unkosher wine, i guess.. but only wine made by jews is kosher
[22:16] <@Go> i’m pretty sure that you fucked up that entire troll and should think about starting over
[22:16] <+lorax> was that advertised between silver spoons and designing women
[22:16] <+Byronik> You remember the slimmers crispbread called AIDS?
[22:16] I want to do something very special for my husbands birthday
[22:16] its in 3 weeks
[22:16] it was only a few years ago
[22:16] go, i’m pretty sure it’s spelled advertisement. ok?
[22:16] <+lorax> am i mixing up bad tv decades
[22:16] <@Go> trina, get him a new belt buckle
[22:16] unless i am in a timewarp cuz someone started doin it all backwards
[22:16] Go haha
[22:16] tell me how the truth is a fucking troll, and get a clue
[22:16] so yea, i’m restricted to only jewish wine thesedays, that’s the main differance
[22:16] “oh okay”
[22:16] no really, something great
[22:16] <+Byronik> RainDrop^ – Safer than kosher water
[22:16] <@Go> or get him a turquoise watch!
[22:16] <@miaux> guilliani pisses me off
[22:16] i’m interested in talking to a rabbi about goin kosher
[22:17] <@Go> who is guilliani?
[22:17] it’s like if i wanted to learn how to troll, i’d watch malanoche like you guys
[22:17] former mayor of NYC
[22:17] <+lorax> oh, right, i’m thinking of the AYDS diet pill or whatever it was
[22:17] i just remember at the end of the commercial, the two ladies would say in unison “THANKS, NADS!!”
[22:17] <+Byronik> Go – Former mayor of 9/11
[22:17] he was like, on TV and stuff when those big towers fell
[22:17] <@Go> rakshasa, you’re the one that fucked it up
[22:17] he’s italian
[22:17] <+gothchick> he’s yapping
[22:17] <@Go> byronik, and???
[22:17] lorax, you are too full of media
[22:17] hey go. no one cares about it anymore
[22:17] <@Go> he’s an idiot
[22:17] Just you
[22:17] and your inability to spell
[22:17] <@Go> rakshasa, then stop talking about it
[22:17] <+lorax> it will probably turn out that taco bell and 7-11 hotdogs are kosher
[22:17] <+gothchick> he keeps saying mccain and palin will keep us “safe”
[22:17] <+gothchick> hilarious
[22:17] i already dropped it, mdear
[22:17] <@Go> troll…
[22:18] the nads beach challenge:
[22:18] ahem
[22:18] you’re a troll.
[22:18] <@Go> goth, that doesn’t make me feel so safe!
[22:18] it feels like we’re already safe
[22:18] because “it takes one to know one!”
[22:18] I feel safer already with a beauty queen on my side.
[22:18] <@Go> narcease, haha
[22:18] palin has a fat eskimo face
[22:18] troll – v. to incessently bother someone for a response, not necessarily to learn something or civily communicate
[22:18] <+Byronik> kool-aid – But she’s cute
[22:18] man i will be glad when these fritos are gone
[22:18] <+lorax> First time Nad’s user!
[22:19] fritos?
[22:19] well I could use some help thinking over here
[22:19] <@Go> rakshasa, if i play trivia with you, will you stop?
[22:19] byronik marginally.
[22:19] i’ll be glad when my shipment of columbian comes in
[22:19] fritos are very bad for your health
[22:19] hahaHAH
[22:19] <+Byronik> kool-aid – You mean you’d kick her out of the igloo on a cold night?
[22:19] yup!
[22:19] you have to watch the first 5 seconds of this one at least:
[22:19] my friend invented the hybrid pollination procedure and he told me
[22:19] <+panblanco> that was good
[22:19] <@Go> blah, i can’t read fast enough to play trivia right now
[22:19] <@Go> so i lied
[22:19] you know what, fuck a health though
[22:19] yeah we know about your damn friend
[22:20] ๐Ÿ™
15[22:20] * howto downloads some porn for annebonny
[22:20] <@Go> you all seem on edge
[22:20] go, i will leave you alone because you have no idea who guiliani is, even though he’s been a major candidate for some time before the convention
[22:20] howto ty
[22:20] <@Go> when i say “you all” i mean the mentally unstable
[22:20] <@Go> is there a full moon tonight?
[22:20] i take pity on people who just don’t know stuff i take for granted
[22:20] <+Byronik> ABOUT FUCKING TIME — American forces conducted a raid inside Pakistan Wednesday, a senior U.S. military official said, in the first known foreign ground assault against a suspected Taliban haven. Pakistan’s government…
[22:20] if you have bad food around is it better to get rid of it all in one session or prolong it
[22:20] <+einhvers> yes i’m on edge
[22:21] slush: what bad food?
[22:21] Byr: yeah, course, it’s not the first time
[22:21] <+potemkin> theres bad mojo in the air tonight
[22:21] <+potemkin> dwayne is talking about magical powers
[22:21] 20 cans of dinty moore beef stew
15[22:21] * Mises sets mode: +v dwight
[22:21] dwight/dwayne is fruity
[22:21] <+Byronik> Timur – They were holding back while Mushyraf was in power
[22:21] Im not on edge but I do need ideas for my lovers birthday in 3 weeks
[22:21] <+potemkin> its bad mojo
[22:22] dinty moore isn’t bad. its not wolf’s or that other chili, but its fine
[22:22] divorce papers
[22:22] <+potemkin> see trina has lost her mind
[22:22] <+joeee> lover is different to husband trina ?
[22:22] <+dwight> whats wrong with magic powers
[22:22] haha
[22:22] that would make him so sad
[22:22] what does beef stew have to do with chili
[22:22] <+dwight> i wish i were magic
[22:22] <+einhvers> potemkin stop asking for my tit pics, they don’t exist
[22:22] dwight: show us how to make yourself disappear!
[22:22] Byr: yeah, but that deal, clearly, is off, long overdue – and Pakistan’s in worse shape than ever without Musharraf.
[22:22] <+joeee> 4d shut it
[22:22] einhvers: your tits or the pics?
[22:22] <+potemkin> i didnt ask
[22:22] ๐Ÿ˜€
[22:22] ๐Ÿ™‚
[22:22] <+potemkin> maybe an hour ago
[22:22] <+gothchick> dinty moore is good emergency food
[22:22] <+einhvers> well, stop.
[22:22] yea.. or like campbells or bags of rice
[22:22] <+gothchick> no scary crap in it, iirc
[22:22] joeee no lover is the same as husband to me
[22:23] <+panblanco> mmm dinty moore beef stew
[22:23] <+joeee> just checking trina!
[22:23] my favorite emergency food is like popcorn or crackers
[22:23] <@cheez>
[22:23] <@bougyman> “Evangelical Scientists Refute Gravity With New ‘Intelligent Falling’ Theory | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source”:
[22:23] wine has to be under damn strict laws in order to be defined as kosher… only religious jews can touch it in the process O_O
[22:23] how come everyone likes dinty moore beef stew, except me
[22:23] <+Byronik> Timur – We’re in agreement. Troll somebody else
[22:23] <+joeee> that is an old joke cheez
[22:23] <+joeee> ha trollur?
[22:23] <+Byronik> Oh Lord! Cheez and onion
[22:23] as opposed to those non religious jews who are like not jews or just ethnic jews
[22:24] <+Byronik> I was an ethnic atheist before I converted to Episocopalian
[22:24] right
[22:24] <+joeee> Intelligent Falling. hahaha
[22:24] I have had “enough” of your smelly mouth filled with corn.
[22:24] I can’t remember the last time I had dinty moore stew
[22:24] I don’t even know what that is.
[22:24] byronik that joke was over before it started
[22:24] i like rocking out
[22:25] <+joeee> Byronik did you watching the Kevin Bishop show?
[22:25] sackerson me too
[22:25] <+panblanco> do you remember the last time you saw a nonwhite cock, trin
[22:25] <+Byronik> Children starting secondary school in England this week will be the first required to stay in education or training until they are 17 years old.
[22:25] howto: corn?
[22:25] panblanco YES
[22:25] <+lorax> why do they have a picture of the woman who “got nadded” as a child?
[22:25] a bush
[22:25] last week ๐Ÿ˜€
[22:25] a WHAT?
[22:25] it’s said that whoever isnt a shomer shabat can’t touch the wine, or else it’s no longer kosher
[22:25] <+Byronik> joeee – Did I watching? No. I never was hearing about no Kevin Bishop.
[22:25] shiraz is kosher i think
[22:25] i had jewish wine once but it was old and crappy
[22:26] jewish whine
[22:26] I don’t think it’s the type of grape that matters so much as the process.
15[22:26] * +joeee de-kosher’s RainDrop^
[22:26] i’ve had HeBrew
[22:26] or more accurately- if someone is unobserving the shabbat in public- he can’t touch the wine, or else it’s not kosher
[22:26] <+joeee> – ‘
[22:26] feingold and leiberman are both jewish, and both worked with mccain
[22:26] its a conspiracy!
[22:26] He Brew is better than She Brew
[22:26] hey, i observe the shabbat lately again…
[22:27] really I don’t understand why mccain didn’t pick kay bailey hutchison for his VP
[22:27] you know i dont’ think mccain is eligible to be president. he was born in the canal zone
[22:27] don’t be stupid, rak.
[22:27] <+panblanco> he’s eligible, Durtro went over this the other day
15[22:27] * rich3 was kicked by Dejacque (idle 1440 min)
[22:27] she’s conversative gold and squeaky clean
[22:27] conservative
[22:27] the canal zone is not really the USA
[22:27] its like occupied german army bases
[22:27] i installed vlc player on linux using yum to grab all the dependencies.
[22:27] <+Byronik> But Sarah Palin is squeaky.
[22:27] or “guam”
[22:27] and i try to observe it like i was taught, the ultra-orthodox way… it’s damn hard
[22:28] <+panblanco> hey Byronik
[22:28] works good
[22:28] <+Byronik> She’s not necessarilly clean but she’s squeaky
[22:28] <+panblanco> she’s about to go on
[22:28] rak: someone born out of the country to two US parents is a “natural born citizen” no matter the location, last I checked.
[22:28] would you elect someone from Guam or American Samoa? Be honest.
[22:28] <+Byronik> and on and on
[22:28] right now??
[22:28] <+panblanco> here she goes
[22:28] politicians can’t be clean… almost by definition
[22:28] yeah, that’s the standard for citizen ship
[22:28] or being born “in the us”
[22:29] the ship has sailed?
15[22:29] * kool-aid restrains gag reflex
15[22:29] * @miaux is watching sarah
[22:29] she looks like some sort of man-eating reptile.
[22:29] and AFAIK McCain was born under such circumstances, and is thus qualified. didn’t this shit get gone over months ago?
[22:29] <+Byronik>
[22:29] <+Byronik> She’s saying thank you
[22:30] <@miaux> what a blow to feminism
[22:30] actually title 8 of the us code says anyone with one parent as a us citizen is a natural born citizen in the canal
[22:30] <+Byronik> They’re supporting her brave struggle against the nasty media
[22:30] <+potemkin> this election is fit for jerry springer
[22:30] which is odd
[22:30] I half expected her tongue to be forked.
[22:30] and green.
[22:30] <+Byronik> She said “thank you so much”
[22:30] rak: Congress likes Panama.
[22:30] <+Byronik> Oh my!
[22:30] “blow” and feminism are an interesting combination of words
[22:30] what’s coming out of her mouth was more likely written by her advisers… lol. so you can only criticize what she’s doing and how she sounds like and how well she acts like she believes what she’s saying
[22:31] more–>most
[22:31] hey, look, it’s roy.
[22:31] <+Byronik> They say the speech was written under the assumption that it would be spoken by a man
[22:31] <+acceb>,22049,24291837-5001021,00.html
[22:31] <@bougyman> “Female stripper on bucks party rape charge | The Daily Telegraph”:
[22:31] “they”…?
[22:31] <+Byronik> She’s accepted the nomination!
[22:31] bored, acceb?
[22:31] they=?
[22:31] <+acceb> not really ๐Ÿ˜›
[22:31] <@miaux> she wrote the first paragraph or two after her intro
[22:31] palin should have refused. she still has her pride
[22:32] She had pride? When was this?
[22:32] <+Byronik> miaux – The unpopular bit about Hillary etc
[22:32] She is too stupid to have ever had pride.
[22:32] <+Byronik> The hockey moms love her
[22:32] hey, where’s roy? oh, there’s roy!
[22:32] pride is stupid
[22:32] <+panblanco> obama supporters are silly
[22:32] <+gothchick> why?
[22:33] i saw a .jpg “Nobama”
[22:33] <+panblanco> the entire premise of why most are voting for Obama is to unite America
[22:33] mmm, soup.
[22:33] <+panblanco> but his supporters are so negative and full of hate towards anyone or anything not obama
[22:33] do you ahve some polling data that says that?
[22:33] rong panblanco, he’s the smartest candidate. clearly
[22:33] I mean, seriously, aren’t most doing it “because he’s the democrat”?
04[22:33] * CokeAdict changes topic to ‘violence begets violence’
15[22:33] * Mises sets mode: +t
[22:34] sck: he didnt’ say anything about obama’s intelligence. he said something about the supporters’ _motives_.
[22:34] i wonder if there’s any chance at all for a non white candidate in this time and age
[22:34] <+Byronik> Country before politics. How about that?
[22:34] (also, I don’t see how he’s “clearly” the smartest.)
[22:34] <+gothchick> dubya said he’d be the great uniter, actually. ๐Ÿ™‚
[22:34] rain: yes.
[22:34] i thought it was beautiful to watch the democrat party unite and get together like that
[22:34] how could you be certain?
[22:34] roy: that’s sarcasm, right?
[22:34] and if it takes obama to do that well so be it
[22:34] with all the racism that’s going around..
[22:34] no i thought it was inspirational how they got together and was very proud and excited for their country and their party
[22:35] <+panblanco> that’s what a convention is about
[22:35] it was better than the olympics
[22:35] <+joeee> W did unite us, we almost all hate him
[22:35] they spoke very excitedly and meant every word they were so happy
[22:35] <+joeee> hi roy
[22:35] rain: certain that there’s a non-zero chance? well, given that a fairly far-left black man is running dead even… it seems insane to claim there’s no chance.
[22:35] and anti-elitism, anti- intellectual people…
[22:35] <+potemkin>
[22:35] <@bougyman> “Untitled”:
[22:35] it was better than michael phelp’s wins
[22:35] lol
[22:36] “oh, if we lose it’s because of racism and anti-intellectualism and all that, not because our policies were actually unpopular or anytthing else!”
[22:36] <+gothchick> the rnc is full of hatred, so far
[22:36] the americans made it clear- they like their presidents to be as dumb as they get = bush and again: BUSH
[22:36] goth: hatred, huh?
[22:36] <+Byronik> Bristol and Willow and Piper?
[22:36] <+panblanco> hah
[22:36] rain: so, basically, you’re a complete imbecile? is that it?
[22:36] <+Byronik> You should judge a person by the names they saddle their children with
[22:36] <+Byronik> Trig
[22:36] <+Byronik> Poor little Trig
[22:36] <+potemkin> raindrop is an israeli secret agent
[22:36] <+gothchick> giuliani gave one of his typical speeches just now, with people yelling “zero!”
[22:37] byron: so all the british are scum?
[22:37] <+potemkin> she’s onto your nazi activities durtro
[22:37] <+Byronik> Durtro – There’s a fine non sequitur
[22:37] what insane shit are you blathering, fourdee?
[22:37] <+potemkin> raindrop
[22:37] as an israeli i was supposed to be a republican, if anything
[22:37] no, byron. have you seen teh sort of names brits use? “nigel”? please.
15[22:37] * Mises sets mode: -t
[22:37] rain: uh. you do realise that Jews in the US are predominantly Democrats, right?
[22:37] where do you get this idea that you’re “supposed to be” a republican?
[22:38] well, some people in israel think that the republicans (in the us) are better for israel
[22:38] <+potemkin> nigel is a cute name
[22:38] i disagree there, you see
[22:38] <+Byronik> He’s a world champion sewing machine racer?
[22:38] better than rigel
[22:38] <+gothchick> the people in the rnc audience are scary
[22:38] they’re right and you’re wrong. you’re good at being wrong, so far.
[22:38] i’m a leftie tree hugger even here
[22:39] hippies are so boring
[22:39] a world champion snow machine racerrr.
[22:39] my husband and I tried to count the blacks in the audience earlier but it became a game like “wheres waldo”
[22:39] and then he goes “these people are scary”
[22:39] fickbowt hi
[22:39] Oh hey anne bon ay!
[22:39] how was your day fickbowt?
[22:39] well, the republicans dont force peace here, and meddle less, that’s true… but who said it’s better for israel
[22:39] Dear interwebs can you tell me whether i should be playing video game now – or IRCing?
[22:40] <+Byronik> I saw one black guy. He was wearing a black baseball camp with an MIA logo (for which he may have been the original model)
[22:40] annebonny, it is a morning so far (40 past noon) and last night I was up until 4 – stealing.
[22:40] rain: not being destroyed is “better” tahn being destroyed, to pretty much everyone. unless you’re suicidal?
[22:40] stealing how delicious
[22:40] Rain: I think the problems there are complex enough that it doesn’t really matter as much as some think which party runs the US.
[22:40] what did you get??
[22:40] Scrap metal for art.
[22:40] hello
[22:40] hi mortifera
[22:40] Hello mort – T – fear – a?
[22:40] hey, look, it’s mort. kill some people for me.
[22:40] So what do you fear?
[22:40] morticia
[22:41] <+Byronik> Somebody held up a banner that says “we love cindy” Clearly they’re confused
[22:41] ah, you think that the democrates “ruin” israel?
[22:41] MR DURTRO
[22:41] why?
[22:41] Rain: who, me?
[22:41] <+Byronik> What’s she grinning at?
[22:41] Obama has promised ALOT of money to israel.
[22:41] only her god knows.
[22:41] no, timur, i tend to agree with you on that one
[22:41] If anyone screws with israel, it’s the party that sets off wars in the mid-east.
[22:41] why? because “peace” plans involving unilateral concessions (or notionally bilateral ones that end up unilateral; see Oslo) don’t make peace.
[22:41] just your average hockey mom, and signs up for the PTA..
[22:41] annebonny
[22:41] <@bougyman> “Untitled”:
[22:42] signed*
[22:42] fick: right. because somehow Israel’s problems are due to Iraq? somehow? how’s that work?
[22:42] fickbowt did you steal that last night?
[22:42] wow, she’s really unimpressive so far.
[22:42] oh, wait. now Hussein _isn’t_ paying suicide bombers to blow themselves up.
[22:42] No, that’s something I did last week.
[22:42] yeah, that’s a negative.
[22:42] <+Byronik> Timur – And if any of the media point that out, there’s going to be a massive cry of foul sexism
[22:42] although- clinton DID force some peace agreements in israel and it did have many ramifications
[22:42] <--- that is what I stole last night. [22:42] “many ramifications” is a nice understatement.
[22:43] <+joeee> she is fantasically unimpressive Byronik you can’t get around it
[22:43] Byr, to be fair, I’ll hear the entire speech before making an assessment
[22:43] <+joeee> they have to report some facts at least
[22:43] <+Byronik> And she delivers the line that was leaked earlier, not very well
[22:43] <+gothchick> they’re mocking obama’s community work
[22:43] <+gothchick> bad, bad move
[22:43] Byr: not only that, it kind of misses the point that Obama was also a Senator.
[22:43] yea, durtro- mostly horrible ramifications
[22:43] goth: agree
[22:43] goth: are they? or mocking its use as a qualification?
[22:43] Both candidates are so typical for their sides of politics.
[22:44] but i’m not sure that doing nothing would’ve helped israel much either
[22:44] <+gothchick> yeah, belittling all senators… hrmmm
[22:44] <+Byronik> Timur – Does a Senator beat a Governor?
[22:44] Rain: apples and oranges.
[22:44] rain: hurting less is better than hurting more.
[22:44] Byr: well, it doesn’t lose to one..
[22:44] isn’t it great how all discussion of speeches just breaks down perfectly along pre-existing preference lines?
[22:44] <+gothchick> why is her pta experience better?
[22:44] byron: In poker or life?
[22:44] truth is, without the us’s help… israel would cease to exist, i’m afraid
[22:44] <+gothchick> she just brought it up
[22:45] <+Byronik> mortifera – i was thinking poker
[22:45] <+Byronik> She’s still shaggable
[22:45] <+chibi> palin’s husband is so trashy looking not even a suit can cover it up.
[22:45] what kind of help israel needs… i have no idea about that… that’s the truth
[22:45] <+joeee> ha chibi
[22:45] but man, things are about to get messy around here, so it seems
[22:45] <+Byronik> chibi – You think he’s Trig’s father?
[22:46] Rain: it’s normal. I wouldn’t get too excited.
[22:46] <+chibi> which one is trig?
[22:46] goth: it’s not “better” in terms of qualification at all. but it sure is more “average american”.
[22:46] <+chibi> the trisomic baby?
[22:46] chibi what makes you think that?
[22:46] <+Byronik> The tiny baby he was holding before he handed it over to the little girl
[22:46] timur: i’m not excited, i’m kinda scared, i dont want people here to get killed O_O
[22:46] <+gothchick> not really
[22:46] <+Byronik> and then we saw the little girl slicking down his hair with spit from her hand
[22:46] and a serpent’s heart
[22:46] <+chibi> i’m not sure.
[22:46] <+gothchick> ptas are community organizations
[22:47] really? average americans aren’t more likely to be in or involved the PTA than leading a government-run community organization?
[22:47] i’d like to see the gloves come off after this convention
[22:47] a bloodbath
[22:47] the VP shouldn’t be ‘average’.
[22:47] <+Byronik> Out here they’re called PTSA
[22:47] as a former checkout clerk at Walmart..
[22:47] Watch your language ๐Ÿ™‚
[22:47] timur: the VP should ahve no qualities in common with the average man? good one.
[22:47] <+gothchick> you’ll have to compare membership numbers
[22:48] that’s brilliant illogic and misrepresentation. you’ve reached a new low. politics doesn’t suit you.
[22:48] not ‘no qualities’, just .. should be qualified more than the average person, who isn’t.
[22:48] <+Byronik> The veep needs to be a spare president in case the 72-year-old expires
[22:48] no, it’s a misread of what I said.
[22:48] <+dwight> durtro the vp should be qualified to be president
[22:48] <+gothchick> she’s bragging about her ebay experience now :/
[22:48] I don’t think she’s worthy of being one heartbeat away.
[22:48] hah
[22:48] electing palin is like electing me
[22:48] she’s so hip!
[22:48] timur: you don’t think any republican is worthy, do you?
[22:48] exactly.
[22:48] <+panblanco> Obama set the standard of being unqualified
[22:49] <+gothchick> hahaha
[22:49] trina: she’s crazy and stupid?
04[22:49] * gothchick changes topic to ‘ electing palin is like electing me’
[22:49] YES AND YES
15[22:49] * Mises sets mode: +t
[22:49] no, I think McCain has qualifications.
[22:49] Palin would steal HER jeans though.
[22:49] Senator, war hero, etc.
[22:49] “because she just is!”
[22:49] Palin, not.
[22:49] <+panblanco> if he had more exerience, there is no way he woudl have chosen her
[22:49] timur: so being in a war qualifies you? why?
[22:49] Timur, broken arms… freaked out.
[22:49] palin would meet her sharp shooting match over my jeans
[22:49] not just that, Durt. All of that together.
[22:49] hell, why would being a senator qualify you?
[22:49] In japan you can shoot jeans at a fashion/gun-range.
[22:49] particularly ‘having been a Senator’
[22:49] <+joeee> McCain was a POW that qualifies him as a hero, therefore president
[22:49] why is being in a war ANY part of qualification, though?
[22:49] It was ‘hip’ briefly in the 90s.
[22:49] because you have experience in Washington and know how it works? duh.
[22:49] i still wonder if there’s any chance at all for a non white candidate in this time and age
[22:50] POW! = meaningless, if anything it’s a negative.
[22:50] <+Byronik> She supported the bridge to nowhere until she didn’t
[22:50] <+joeee> from being a POW?
[22:50] I see. So being a _representative_ makes you a good _executive_?
[22:50] POW = mentally fucked up, and trapped in the past.
[22:50] I was a band officer every year
[22:50] POW = hating gooks.
[22:50] she was a huge earmark advocate when she was mayor
[22:50] mccain just turned off the ol thinker and emerged relatively unscathed.
[22:50] POW + PALIN =/= OBAMA + BIDEN.
[22:50] <+Byronik> They took half the bridge funding and spent it on other transportation projects
[22:50] It’s a fact.
[22:50] his mentals seem in working order.
[22:50] I’d think if anything a governor would be the most qualified, as being an actual executive who’s dealt with teh representative and judicial branches in the executive capacity.
[22:51] but that undermines your argument, so it can’t be accepted.
[22:51] governor for 2 years.
[22:51] leaving!
[22:51] <+Byronik> She’s made Alaska energy independent
[22:51] and…?
[22:51] 2 years > 0.
[22:51] =/= is a not-equals sign by the way.
[22:51] wonder if silly tv shows like 24 influanced the american ppl’s acceptance to a black candidate…
[22:51] lol
[22:51] <+gothchick> 21 months
[22:51] and Senator for , say, 8, or 18, or more, is .. more.
[22:52] being in the senate for 20 years provides not a bit more executive experience. and suggests sclerosis, in fact.
[22:52] didnt think he’ll be able to get this far to begin with… Obama
[22:52] according to the watchdog group Taxpayers for Common Sense, Palin hired a Washington lobbyist to secure earmarks for tiny Wasilla, Alaska when she was mayor. The town of 6,715 received nearly $27 million in federal dollars from 2000 to 2003. That includes $1.9 million for public transit and $15 million for a rail line connecting Wasilla to the hometown of Alaska Senator Ted Stevens.
[22:52] right, senators aren’t good candidates for president. Good one.
[22:52] wasilla has to pay palins family atty 95k to represent her in troopergate
[22:52] <+dwight> durtro my two years as a manager of a burger king store should logically provide me with the skills required to be the CEO of a major fast-moving retail goods corp like Unilever. What…. you mean thats not true? Then i guess GOVERNOR OF ALASKA isnt the same as PRESIDENT and not all executive experience is the same
[22:52] are you illiterate suddenly, timur?
[22:52] lol, tomorrow’s daily show’s probably gonna be real funny, and about the speech
15[22:53] * Mises sets mode: -t
[22:53] no, are you?
[22:53] palin tried to burn a bunch of ‘offensive’ books at the town library
[22:53] dwight: nope. because one store is not several, let alone hundreds. but a state is a LOT more like a country.
[22:53] Okay, you people are getting me late. I must go wash my vagina.
[22:53] night fickbowt
[22:53] running Alaska with what, 200K people? isn’t like running the US.
[22:53] <+dwight> oh yes, alaska is a lot like the entire country!
[22:53] timur: nope. but when I say “more experience”, and you say “not qualified”, that indicates you can’t fucking read what I’m actually saying.
[22:53] afternoon!
[22:53] <+dwight> *weird*
[22:53] <+lorax> nightly vagina ablutions?
[22:53] uh huh ๐Ÿ™‚
[22:53] I mean, you sure must like arguing against strawmen.
[22:53] <+dwight> its so easy to predict what durtro’s retarded positions will be on every single subject
[22:53] <+panblanco> we are gonna lay more pipe
[22:53] it’s what you said, pal.
[22:53] don’t you have a will form to fill out, dwayne?
[22:54] meh, i thought i’d be able to get some sleep tonight O_O but nay
[22:54] <+dwight> wills are funny!
15[22:54] * JuNkIe^17 is now known as toofty
[22:54] <+lorax> couldn’t disagree
[22:54] <+dwight> if i keep mentioning will ‘forms’ then i might get a laugh!
[22:54] <+lorax> what’s funnier than preparing for death
[22:54] are you a lawyer now dwight
[22:54] <+dwight> no
[22:54] <+lorax> do you at least have mad heaps of cash
[22:55] <+Byronik> I like the crack about Obama’s memoirs
[22:55] toofty, i heard you have promotional pics
[22:55] i am collecting promotional pics
[22:55] ha
[22:55] toof.
[22:55] what crack about o’s memoirs
[22:55] elect deez
[22:55] <@miaux> toofster
[22:55] <+dwight> lorax i would if i worked full time but i have to do study to get admitted so i only get part wages
[22:55] byro have youe ver been to malta
[22:55] <+lorax> did your pimp take you to glamour shots
[22:55] hey miaux! you ok?
[22:55] <+lorax> i hope your pimp is in the photo
[22:55] <+potemkin> her agent
[22:55] <+Byronik> She said Obama authored two volumes of memoirs but not a single bill of legislation
[22:55] <@miaux> of course i’m ok. why do you ask/
[22:55] he’s not
[22:56] miaux just saying hi:>
[22:56] <+Byronik> toofty – I’ve never been to Malta
[22:56] <+panblanco> hah
[22:56] miaux is toofty really a hooker
[22:56] basically all the maltese people Ive met here have been really racist
[22:56] kool-aid does it really matter?
[22:56] <@miaux> kool-aid. i’m her pimp
[22:56] <+Byronik> toofty – I only ever knew one Maltese and he was terribly racist and homophobic
[22:56] <+potemkin> racist how? against arabs?
[22:56] <+lorax> how many maltese have you met?
[22:57] malta just reminds me of milkshakes
[22:57] I met a woman from malta on my cruise last year
[22:57] she was very pleasant
[22:57] yeah very racist against arabs
[22:57] <+chibi> who was that woman that was escorted out during the palin speech
[22:57] he called black people niggers
[22:57] <+potemkin> hey i call black people niggers
[22:57] he called arabs sand niggers
[22:57] <@miaux>
[22:57] chibi: your mom
[22:57] a new friend of mine chibi
[22:57] <+lorax> anyone heard of hmong?
[22:57] <+panblanco> yeah
[22:57] <@miaux> yes lorax
[22:57] she was a dissident who will be executed shortly
[22:58] in The New Order
[22:58] re-educated
[22:58] are hispanics also called sand niggers?
04[22:58] * CokeAdict changes topic to ‘if obama wins cadillac will become the #1 company in america and kfc and popeyes stocks will triple’
15[22:58] * Mises sets mode: +t
[22:58] <+potemkin> hispanics are spic
[22:58] hispanics are called spics or beaners
[22:58] <+dwight> imagine if durtro wasnt mean
[22:58] what are spaniards called
[22:58] spcis
[22:58] <+Byronik> CokeAdict – That’s disgusting
[22:58] spics even
[22:58] <+potemkin> nothing koolaid, maybe dago
[22:58] but they’re the same color as arabs
[22:58] spics even… speven
[22:58] <@miaux> some guy from the daily show said that the repubs chose palin to get the black vote. they are all familiar with what it’s like to be a gramma at 40
[22:58] byronik what is
[22:58] Watermelon will become the national fruit
[22:59] and grape soda sales will double
[22:59] right now neff is the national fruit
[22:59] there’s an energy drink here called cocaine hehe
[22:59] those filthy spaniards should have at least a few racial epitaphs
[22:59] I mean
[22:59] wow, mccain was in the forrestal fire
[22:59] whats the word
[23:00] that was a pretty horrific fire at sea
[23:00] <+lorax> i went to see tropic thunder and was nearly fooled into visiting the concession stand for a drink called ‘booty sweat’
[23:00] toof: kind of ironic that Maltese are ‘racist against Arabs’ since their language, and much of their heritage, is from Arabs
[23:00] miaux- hahaha
[23:00] I have already stuffed my normal human belly with delicious human filth that i could not eat another bite.
[23:00] I know!
[23:00] spanish people can be called “dirty latino gringos” but i don’t know of too many bad names
[23:00] you probably were going to buy a Bust A Nut too
[23:00] I recognise so many words
[23:00] epithet. ๐Ÿ˜›
[23:00] european spics?
[23:00] <+lorax> yeah
[23:00] I have found the maltese pretty unfriendly and primitive for the3 most part
[23:00] <+lorax> ๐Ÿ™
[23:00] Cheer up lorax.
[23:00] *hugs*
[23:00] <+Byronik>
[23:00] the rain in spain falls mainly on the plain
[23:01] mccain ever did a great thing?
[23:01] toof: blame the Templars.
[23:01] <+Byronik> The Racial Slur Database
[23:01] Greeks are similar
[23:01] right
[23:01] he was captured once RainDrop^. that was quite an achievement.
[23:01] really timur?
[23:01] the Republicans are making the most of it.
[23:01] captured? i thought the point was not to be captured
[23:02] he met jane fonda and refused her autograph
[23:02] captured stoically
[23:02] yea, i know… he served his country, etc
[23:02] obama once had a black and white parentage. he’s making the most of that, i’d say
[23:02] toof: well, in general
15[23:02] * Mises sets mode: -t
[23:02] he’s the tiger woods of politics!
[23:02] he acted all tough and stuff even though he had a powerful daddy
[23:02] obamas mom was 18 when he was born
[23:02] rak: ain’t tiger half Asian?
[23:02] tiger woods, hahaha
[23:02] and, well, a really good golfer?
[23:02] <+lorax> obama baby mama
[23:02] Secret Asian Man
[23:02] god
[23:02] why tiger woods? because he’s not “black enough”
[23:02] Aw… your little robot toy is broken.
[23:03] im totally not looking forward to returning to scotland
[23:03] tiger woods is a cross like obama
[23:03] and/or “too black”
[23:03] im so glad Im leaving
[23:03] i think he’s part indonesian
15[23:03] * Yawg was kicked by Dejacque (idle 1440 min)
[23:03] “too bad” he’s not part white, uh? haha.
15[23:04] * Dejacque sets mode: +v fib
[23:04] <+Byronik> It’s probably the part he keeps zipped up
[23:04] <+potemkin> .seen fib
[23:04] native american is pretty much white
[23:04] <+potemkin> pretty much not
[23:04] he’s also part dutch
[23:04] which is whiter than fucking polar bears bitch
[23:04] right, they’re mixed with white people… were mixed in america’s dark ages
[23:04] i liked the black president in Idiocracy. id vote for him.
[23:05] lordy
[23:05] what about the black president in 24? would you vote for him?
[23:05] <+Byronik> I want an America of 57 states
[23:05] explain Byronik
[23:05] in california white people ARE the minority for ages
[23:05] <+Byronik> onebox30 – Famous Obama quote. Never mind
[23:05] Im pretty sure Im the only woman in my immediate family thats ever seen a black mans penis and that was only because he was pissing when I passed by him and looked out the bus window
[23:05] <+fib> good
[23:05] <+fib> who cares about race?
[23:05] <+potemkin> are you racist raindrop?
[23:05] morgan freeman should be president already. he has the best speaking voice of any man alive
[23:05] maybe ever in my family
[23:05] nope,. i mock racist people in my way
[23:06] <+fib> who gives one flying fuck about race
[23:06] <+Byronik> rakshasa – Now that Don Lafontaine is dead
[23:06] tigerwoods real first name is “Eldrick”
[23:06] I know… i’m scared too.
[23:06] my gramma had a lawn jockey
[23:06] Lafontaine was way better
[23:06] <+fib> DRILL BABY DRILL
[23:06] can i make a wikipedia entry for myself?
[23:06] Freeman’s voice is kind of old, scratchy and full of cobwebs
[23:06] heh
[23:06] hey fib how’s it hangin mah man
[23:06] some people say that zionnism=racism… but it’s silly, there are many jews from different races
[23:06] <+Byronik> You think Palin will pose for playboy?
[23:07] <+fib> rakshasa, not within the guidelines
[23:07] i’d buy it Byronik
[23:07] GILF
[23:07] little to the left? little to the right?
[23:07] “rakshasa rode wild elephants until the age of 18, when he visited the moon in his own privately-built spacecraft
[23:07] miaqux are you around
[23:08] is a rakshasa an evil cat wizard?
[23:08] spell it right or she can’t see
[23:08] ya doofus
[23:08] she’s only idle ten minutes, toof.
[23:08] so presumably.
[23:08] sarah palin is rockin’
[23:09] <+chibi> man, that baby’s forehead is huge.
[23:09] <+potemkin> is there a retarded baby or something
[23:09] <+Byronik> Florida elections officials are determining whether they can give their counterparts in Palm Beach County more time to certify voting results of an election last week, following the revelation that more than 3,400 ballots have vanished into thin air.
[23:10] ur a retarded baby potemkin
[23:10] leigh.
[23:10] what
15[23:10] * Dejacque sets mode: +v liveleigh
[23:10] hi. that’s what.
[23:10] <+Byronik>
[23:10] <@bougyman> “Untitled”:
[23:10] chicken butt
[23:10] chicken butt… chutt
[23:10] <+fib> liveleigh are you still a weird hippie
[23:10] heathur
[23:10] <+potemkin> i got reallllly interesting long term effects from benztropine at 8mg
[23:10] whats new fib? are you married
[23:10] <+liveleigh> yes
[23:10] potemkin try taking massive amounts of vitamin c
[23:10] <+panblanco> what kind of long term effects
[23:11] <+panblanco> like brain zaps or what
[23:11] its pretty kewl
[23:11] <+potemkin> panblanco: feel fucked up
[23:11] <+fib> no not married
[23:11] <+potemkin> seeing things, sleeping weird
[23:11] <+panblanco> how long ago did you quit
[23:11] fib do you still have a buzz cut and glasses
[23:11] are you living with a lady
[23:11] <+potemkin> dizzy. also been smoke weed
[23:11] like if you ever get a cold and you want it to be over quick just buy like a bunch of vita c and down it all
[23:11] <+potemkin> i took it ages ago, i forget when but it is really lasting. took it yesterday.
[23:11] <+liveleigh> any excess vit c will be excreted in urine
[23:11] <+einhvers> emergen-c #1
[23:11] youll pee out the extra cit c
[23:12] ein.
[23:12] <+potemkin> i happen to have orange juice on hand
[23:12] <+einhvers> hi Durtro.
[23:12] how’s it hanging?
[23:12] maybe I should have a third espresso
[23:12] I feel a dump coming on
[23:12] <+einhvers> an excess amount of B12 will turn your urine bright yellow
[23:12] i think lincoln is going to rise from the grave and talk next
[23:12] <+einhvers> i learned that the other week
[23:12] seeing things= you need anti psychotics.
[23:12] lol
[23:12] <+panblanco> einhvers you could probably sell your urine in #philosophy
[23:13] yeah, i knew that einhvers. also, black twizzlers makes your poop green.
[23:13] thanks for sharing, toof. that’s why I love you.
[23:13] <+liveleigh> the stuff that makes your poop brown is called bilirubin
[23:13] yeah I read silence of the lambs too
[23:13] query ejoyment
[23:14] <+liveleigh> bilirubin is from dead red blood cells that are broken down
[23:14] so what is green poop?
[23:14] yeah
[23:14] what is green poop anyway
[23:14] <+panblanco> what kind of blood cells are those kernels of corn in my shit
[23:14] so much laughing material, the daily show would laugh about it for an entire week.
[23:16] <+potemkin> it’s great to have fib back
[23:16] <+liveleigh> does jon stewart show a preference for either pres candidate?
[23:16] <+liveleigh> hi cylob
15[23:16] * Mises sets mode: +v cylob
[23:16] <+truth-> liveleigh, He doesn’t like republicans.
[23:16] green means the poop went too quickly through your body
[23:17] hey fib
[23:17] long time no see
[23:17] wow
[23:17] <+liveleigh> yea i guess he typically sways left
[23:17] rakshasa are you sure
[23:17] doe.
[23:17] <+cylob> seklgjdfkgldfgkljdflkjdf
[23:17] ok this musical part sucks
[23:17] <+liveleigh> i gotta bounce
[23:17] kool-aid, wikipedia has never been wrong ever
[23:17] that doesn’t explain why it turns green.
[23:18] <+yuyuyup> when I ate too many almond joys, I had green poo.
[23:18] well twizzlers is a laxative
[23:18] so..
[23:18] bbl
[23:18] must be the bile without the rubin.
[23:18] <+fib> i like bristol’s huge boobies.
[23:19] you suck so much.
[23:19] bile with no sauerkraut?
[23:19] ‘swhat I’m thinkin anyhow.
[23:19] pic
[23:19] bile / billy
[23:20] hey heather was here
[23:20] I haven’t seen that batch in ages.
[23:20] <+potemkin> heatheur
[23:21] are you saying it’s a poseur
[23:21] what now? just some silly singers?
[23:21] Rain: yeah, it’s over
[23:22] <+chibi>
[23:22] it’s still going
[23:22] <@bougyman> “The Superficial – Christina Ricci in a bikini”:
[23:22] turn on PBS
[23:22] well, jon stewart might not like republicans *much* but he laughs about democrats as well
[23:22] <+chibi> i can’t watch fox news. it raises my blood pressure.
[23:23] <@bougyman> there wasn’t much to hate about mrs. palin tonight
[23:23] clinton gave a lot of laughin material
[23:23] <+fib> bougy, really?
[23:23] <@bougyman> not as much as either bush
[23:23] <+fib> i often forget there are republicans on irc
[23:24] <@bougyman> fib: yes, not much, from a non-republican.
[23:24] <@bougyman> fib: what did you hate?
[23:24] <+panblanco> i don’t see how McCain can do as well as she did tonight
[23:24] <+fib> i dont hate her, i just find her absurd
[23:24] <@bougyman> fib: her use of god made me twitch in fear, but I only counted three references.
[23:24] <+potemkin> i’m a solid obama man myself
[23:24] <+fib> tonight was just a pep rally, not a discussion
[23:24] <+fib> its just fluff
[23:24] <@bougyman> fib: so why do you call me a repub? i’m not voting for her, i just said she wasn’t hatable.
[23:24] <+fib> i didnt mean you, but i know there are some here
[23:24] <@bougyman> you don’t disagree, are you the fucking republican?
[23:24] <+potemkin> i’m voting obama
[23:24] <@bougyman> cause i’m not.
[23:25] well, even if you’re a republican you cant deny that Bush said a lotta stupid things
[23:25] <@bougyman> shut your fucking pie hole.
[23:25] <+cylob> remember that guy from clueless that loved the cranberries and would say “solid” when he pounded fist
[23:25] <@bougyman> solid
[23:25] <@bougyman> howto: solid?
[23:25] i am not at liberty to discuss that
[23:26] haha ๐Ÿ™‚
[23:28] I think William Howard Taft was my favorite president ever
[23:28] that man got some shit done
[23:29] <@bougyman> wow
[23:29] <+yuyuyup> taft was islamo
[23:29] <@bougyman> the democratic pundits are praising palin, even.
[23:29] <+chibi> i knew a guy named taft.
[23:29] <@bougyman> they say that she knocked it out of the park.
[23:29] yup
[23:30] palin saved the convention
[23:30] <+chibi> probably the whitest guy i have ever come across
[23:30] <+yuyuyup> which democratic pundits
[23:30] it was dead awful up until her speech
[23:30] <+chibi> brothers taft and miles cotton.
[23:30] <@bougyman> yuyuyup: msnbc currently.
[23:30] miles cotton is a smooth name
[23:30] <+yuyuyup> maddow ?
[23:31] <+cylob> what was so good about her speech
15[23:31] * cylob is now known as tacosauce
[23:31] chibi: cotton?
[23:31] <@Mises> [Olegario] Olegarrrrrrrrrrriooooo
[23:31] that is pretty dang white.
[23:31] whats up olegario
[23:31] hey Olegario
[23:32] what did you think of Palin’s speech?
[23:32] <+chibi> hey american samoa, shut up
[23:32] <+chibi> man, what a disgusting people. samoans.
[23:32] yikes chibi
[23:32] why you say so?
[23:32] is there a big fat samoan on teevee
[23:33] <+chibi> i don’t know.
[23:33] somoans are pleasantly fat. not gross fat like white people and mexicans.
[23:33] <@bougyman> tacosauce: the timing was decent when she was given a chance. she’s got a great voice. she was able to dig on obama without being mean. she connected with a few distinct groups of people that make up her party’s core demographic.
[23:33] every time I see a samoan I crave noodles with teriyaki sauce
[23:34] <+einhvers> every time i see a Samoan i think, “block party.”
[23:34] <+tacosauce> bougyman: what’d she say about obama?
[23:34] <@bougyman> she did not command the crowd as well as a polished career politician would.
[23:34] <@bougyman> i found that endearing.
[23:34] <@bougyman> tacosauce: you didn’t watch it, you should.
[23:34] good summary bougyman
[23:34] ein:… why?
[23:34] yeah me too .. all the samoan football players are pretty rowdy here
[23:34] hi einhvers
[23:34] and they like their spaghetti-Os
[23:34] <+einhvers> because they enjoy throwing them.
[23:34] <@bougyman> it’s historical if for no other reason than she’s the first repub woman vp candidate.
[23:34] with spam in it
[23:35] <+einhvers> sup onebox!
[23:35] <@bougyman> you’re living in historical times, get with the fucking program.
[23:35] just convening with the convention
[23:35] <+fib> she came off catty to me
[23:35] <+tacosauce> she’s a republican and thus a FUCKING RETARD
[23:35] catty? how so?
[23:35] <+fib> i dont give a shit about how she’s better than obama. now is her opportunity to win the audience on her merits, not his weaknesses
[23:35] <+fib> but she chose not to do that
[23:36] good point tacosauce
[23:36] meantard
[23:36] <+fib> she chose the pepsi strategy
[23:36] <@bougyman> she pinpointed her merits.
[23:36] fib what planet are you on man
[23:36] yeah yeah bougyman we know
[23:36] <+fib> it was a checklist comparison against obama
[23:36] <+fib> she’d have been better off not mentioning him
[23:36] <@bougyman> half a billion in vetoes, her part in the end of alaska corruption politics, her personal choices to reduce the cost of her very own position.
[23:36] but dont forget what she’s about
[23:36] <@bougyman> i learned a lot about her tonight that wasn’t on google.
[23:36] <@bougyman> i wonder if y’all heard the same speech.
[23:37] <+fib> who is “y’all”
[23:37] <+panblanco> she did real well
[23:37] <+fib> is that really how you speak
[23:37] i did. and read the articles.
[23:37] I heard that she tried to orchestrate a book burning at the town library.
[23:37] <@bougyman> fib: yes, sir.
[23:37] I don’t need to know anything else.
[23:37] she really cleaned-up alaska. i know that much.
[23:37] <@bougyman> fib: I say and hear y’all on a daily basis.
[23:37] <+fib> she didnt orchestrate a book burning, she requested some books be removed and then fired the libririan who resisted her efforts
[23:37] I imagine they heard the same speech through their pre-existing filter of “she’s gotta suck because she’s a republican”.
[23:37] <@bougyman> fib: from ceo’s, hispanics, janitors, bellmen, waiters, and lawyers.
[23:37] <+fib> then rehired the librarian when the community supported her
[23:38] <@bougyman> it’s part of the language here, regardless of who you are.
[23:38] <+fib> bougyman, did you mean just me?
[23:38] fib yeah that’s what I mean. the proverbial book burning.
[23:38] <@bougyman> no, i meant you and tacosauce, and whoever felt like y’all.
[23:39] <@bougyman> though y’all if perfectly fine in the singular.
[23:39] <+chibi> ron paul just need 1186 more votes to secure the republican nomination.
[23:39] <+fib> i guess if you’re a cretin.
[23:39] <@bougyman> “Mayor Palin: A Rough Record – TIME”:
[23:39] <@bougyman> so everyone who speaks a southern U.S. dialect is a cretin?
[23:39] “”She asked the library how she could go about banning books,” he says, because some voters thought they had inappropriate language in them.”
[23:40] <+potemkin> in canada they are used to some books being banned
[23:40] nothing about actually banning, or firing.
[23:40] <@bougyman> cajun’s and creole and okies and ‘bamas and gators and texans?
[23:40] sourceplease.
[23:40] <@bougyman> i dunno why i apostrophized cajuns.
[23:40] <+yuyuyup> it’s still laughable
[23:40] <+panblanco> coonasses
[23:40] burn the Bible and the Koran
[23:40] <+yuyuyup> by mccain picking her, he’s making them both look like retards
[23:40] and legalize coke
[23:40] <+fib> i bet durtro supports mccain and palin
[23:40] yuyu: aren’t you predisposed to think that anyway?
[23:41] <+yuyuyup> she wants alaska to secede from america.
[23:41] <+yuyuyup> what does she have against the usa ? ? ? ? ?
[23:41] fib: as opposed to obama and biden? yes. as opposed to some notional ideal? no.
[23:41] <@bougyman> yuyuyup: she hates socialism and deficit spending.
[23:41] <+fib> you people scare the shit out of me
[23:41] fib: you scare easily, Frisco-boy.
[23:41] get out of your bubble.
[23:41] <+potemkin> i’m a solid obama man
[23:41] <+yuyuyup> well then she can get outta the usa
[23:41] <+einhvers> sure ya are
[23:42] <+fib> this isnt my bubble
[23:42] <+fib> i’m from saskatchewan, remember
[23:42] <+tacosauce> Biden also promised that an Obama-Biden government would go through Bush administration data with “a fine-toothed comb” and pursue criminal charges if necessary
[23:42] <+panblanco> 4d has a woody for Obama
[23:42] <+yuyuyup> there are other places in the world to live
04[23:42] * onebox30 changes topic to ‘ you people scare the shit out of me’
15[23:42] * Mises sets mode: +t
[23:42] ooh, canadians. yeah. that’s real perspective.
[23:42] <@bougyman> tacosauce: what a waste of time.
[23:42] <+fib> correct
[23:42] EEGL.
15[23:42] * Mises sets mode: +v rakshasa
[23:42] <@bougyman> can bush pardon himself and cheney is his final days of office?
[23:42] <@bougyman> that’d be a pickle for SCOTUS
[23:43] 4d would be cured of all his mental illnesses with just a few inches of black, veiny, hard cock
[23:43] that’d be a great precedent for Biden to make. and how can a VP promise that? he has no authority.
[23:43] <+rakshasa> UH
[23:43] <@bougyman> is there a reason you cannot pardon yourself?
[23:43] <+rakshasa> the president can pardon anyone he wants.. theres no limit
[23:43] <+rakshasa> nor is it a judicial issue unless someone challenges it.. and no one would have standing
[23:43] I believe the legal analyses _mostly_ say “yes”, but it’s not cut and dried. I don’t think anyone’s done it before.
[23:43] <+potemkin> onebox how is aids-related-cancer treating you these days
[23:43] I recall looking it up a while ago.
[23:43] bougyman probably some clause somewhere
[23:43] <+tacosauce> George Bush and his administration are going to be judged harshly by history,” said the Delaware lawmaker. “Not for the mistakes they made, but for the opportunities to unite America and the world they squandered.
[23:43] <+rakshasa> i think congress has to approve it maybe?
[23:43] <+akhenaton> Senator Joseph Lieberman, is a shomer shabbat.
[23:43] that they added as an afterthought.
[23:44] “unite the world”? oh, JESUS.
[23:44] i suppose pretty good, 4d. i’ve gained 10 lbs.
[23:44] I didn’t realise Joe was quite THAT stupid.
[23:44] <+rakshasa> onebox: i lost like 30 lbs
[23:44] but now that im doing all these drugs i may slim down again
[23:44] <+tacosauce> U N I T Y, bitch
[23:44] is that good or bad rakshasa?
[23:44] <+rakshasa> drugs dont help
[23:44] <+lorax> can a pardon be issued in advance of charges?
[23:44] <+rakshasa> pretty good.. i’m supposed to be this weight
[23:45] cool. good for you man. are you eating right and exercising?
[23:45] <+rakshasa> i think ford pardoned nixon without issue
[23:45] <+rakshasa> so.. that should have answered bougyman’s question before he posed it
[23:45] <+rakshasa> instead of sounding like typical leftist trolling
[23:46] rak: but the hearings had already been opened. and that wasn’t Nixon pardoning himself.
15[23:46] * Mises sets mode: -t
[23:46] <+rakshasa> still. i think that’s the answer. get your veep to pardon you since yer gone
[23:46] that Nixon _didn’t_ try to doesn’t prove he _couldn’t_ have. just that he didn’t think it a good option.
[23:46] <+rakshasa> as far as i know if you’re impeached you can’t pardon yourself since that’s not an option
[23:46] i think that whole thing was messed up. Nixon should have spent some time in prison.
[23:47] they probably added the non-self-pardoning clause after that nixon fiasco
[23:47] <+rakshasa> but if you’re criminally charged after you leave office that can be done
[23:47] just in case
[23:47] just in case … more like cust in jase, am i right?
[23:47] kool-aid: no, they didn’t amend the constitution.
[23:47] <+rakshasa> there *is* no exception to pardoning. its a presidential power in the constitution
[23:48] rak: the Constitution DOES have an excpetion for Impeachment.
[23:48] because the founders weren’t idiots.
[23:48] if im elected president my first move will be to pardon my buddy Satan
[23:48] <+rakshasa> durtro: yay and i said that. that almost goes without saying it hink..
[23:48] <+rakshasa> that would make the president gh0st
[23:48] <+rakshasa> GH0d
[23:48] <+potemkin> wow there are so many quality chatters here
[23:48] ah, by “no exception to pardoning” you meant “no way to get around a pardon”? right.
[23:49] <+rakshasa> hi potemkin how are you doing?????
[23:49] <+potemkin> hi
[23:49] hey what the fuck
[23:49] he new coen movie doesn’t open until the 12th?
[23:49] i watched O Brother again recently. Clooney is awesome.
[23:49] <+z00p> bak
[23:50] <+z00p> <-- [23:50] wb z00p. btw, where’s higgins?
[23:50] <+rakshasa> clooney 4 prezidente
15[23:50] * onebox30 nods towards rakshasa
[23:50] they did amend it. it’s in disappearing ink on the back.
[23:50] Eh.
[23:50] <+panblanco> 4d is a higgins nutthugger
[23:50] O Brother isn’t a very good movie
[23:50] <+z00p> i don’t know onebox, why the fuck are you asking me that
[23:50] it is nice looking however
[23:50] <+rakshasa> the constitution has sekret instructionz for the UFOz
[23:50] No Country for Old Men stands alone among their recent films.
[23:50] i thought you were buds z00p. maybe i dont have my shit straight.
[23:51] <+rakshasa> and grants the power of invisibility to whoever possesses it
[23:51] okey dokey rakshasa
[23:51] <+z00p> maybe not
[23:51] <+lorax> what was so great about no country for old men
[23:51] <+rakshasa> i thought higgins was busy fuxin n1n3v3
[23:51] <+z00p> i’m pretty sure it’s obvious you don’t have your shit straight but why are you asking me that
[23:51] <+einhvers> i have a soft spot for Raising Arizona
[23:51] night
[23:51] <+einhvers> bai
[23:51] lorax: Let’s see.
[23:51] dunno z00p. i just like him.
[23:51] <+z00p> hi einhvers
[23:51] the photography, for one
15[23:51] * Timur is now known as Tim-bbl
[23:51] <+einhvers> hai
[23:51] <+lorax> no country aint so special
[23:51] the characters are great
[23:51] <+rakshasa> knight
[23:52] it’s a very good movie
[23:52] <+chibi> the coens are nothing special.
[23:52] <+z00p> ok i’ll tell him onebox wants to get gay
[23:52] bullshit
[23:52] raising arizona was the best nicolas cage movie
[23:52] the coens are the best american directors working at the moment
[23:52] who else is there?
[23:52] <+chibi> there is nothing remarkable at all about their work
[23:52] <+einhvers> Raising Arizona was hillllllarious
[23:52] Raising Arizona was fucked-up crazy fun
[23:52] <+fib> chibi is an idiot.
[23:52] Actually a lot of their work is very very strong.
[23:52] <+lorax> mama didn’t love me
[23:52] seriously, who is making movies in america today that rivals the coens
[23:52] <+chibi> very very bland.
[23:52] vincent gallo?
[23:52] two films don’t count
[23:52] <+einhvers> onebox: Holly Hunter was great
[23:52] lynch?
[23:53] <+panblanco> buffalo 66 and his motorcycle movie
[23:53] Brown Bunny
[23:53] <+chibi> p.t. anderson
[23:53] i dont like watching movies more than once, but Raising Arizona is an exception
[23:53] who played the biker dude in that movie
[23:53] man the opening sh ot of that movie is GORGEOUS
[23:53] pt anderson is a joke
[23:53] <+panblanco> that’s it, thanks Satyricon
[23:53] <+chibi> you imbecile
[23:53] most of his movies are crap
[23:53] <+rakshasa> fargo is better tho
[23:53] he has no concept of self censorship
[23:53] <+panblanco> heh
[23:53] <+joeee> i like the topic
[23:53] magnolia could be an hour and a half leaner
[23:53] the Coens are great at creating endearing criminal characters
[23:53] Aronofsky could have potential
[23:53] fargo was annoying
[23:54] ok obviously the greatest american director working today is Malick
[23:54] but he hardly makes movies either
[23:54] and is in a league of his own
[23:54] <+joeee> yeah i much prefer millers crossing to fargo
[23:54] Fargo sucked. wtf was up with that?
[23:54] <+z00p> this chat is pretty awesome though
[23:54] <+rakshasa> millers crossing?
[23:54] <+rakshasa> fargo is like the only coen movie i liked.
[23:54] <+joeee> it’s an earlier cohen brothers film
[23:54] they said Fargo was based on a true story when it was completely made up
[23:54] oh, and dont get me started on the O Brother soundtrack. that was awesome.
[23:54] <+lorax> i’ll just imagine that this is another conversation about which foods are the ultimate, or whether circumcision is appropriate
[23:54] miller’s crossing has its moments.
[23:54] great drinking music
[23:54] lorax: Nonsense.
[23:54] Circumcision is demonstrably harmful.
[23:55] <+rakshasa> raising arizona was cute but not as good as the big lebowski
[23:55] <+lorax> nonsense what?
[23:55] <+yuyuyup> stupidass subway sandwich makers
[23:55] And quite obviously cutting parts off of someone without asking is a Bad thing.
[23:55] <+joeee> I always tell my boys, make sure to put one in the brain.
[23:55] Especially if those parts are healthy and functional.
[23:55] <+yuyuyup> I ask for double toasted and they gotta question me
[23:55] uh oh. iirc circumcision talk awakens the miaux
[23:55] <+rakshasa> “I hate the fucking eagles man!”
[23:55] <+rakshasa> “shut the hell up donnie!”
[23:55] onebox30: If you think that miaux is the hazard in circumcision debates you have obviously failed to appreciate the threat that is already here.
[23:55] <+joeee> raising arizona had the best comedy chase sequences, like through that stranger’s house as he’s running from the police
[23:55] <+lorax> are you reflexively urgeful
[23:55] I could certainly go on about it for hours.
[23:56] this agression will not stand man
[23:56] <+rakshasa> circumcision is widely regarded as the medical safe option
[23:56] raising arizona is a good movie.
[23:56] actually rakshasa that’s not true.
[23:56] No western pediatric body recommends the procedure.
[23:56] <+yuyuyup> bill clinton and bill gates reccomend it
[23:56] <+yuyuyup> I can prove that
[23:56] <+fib> thank you for reminding me why i dont irc.
[23:56] Most english speaking countries do not practice routine infant circumcision, in addition.
[23:56] <+yuyuyup> recommend
[23:56] <+yuyuyup> whatever
[23:57] <+rakshasa> i am a western body, and i recommned it
[23:57] how do we know that gates is cut?
[23:57] <+fib> try not to kill yourselves or eachother before i see you next
[23:57] I don’t think the gates penis has been a matter of speculation.
[23:57] <+yuyuyup> lemme find the news article
[23:57] Awww, we lost fib.
[23:57] <+tacosauce> janeane garofalo is awesome, i remember when she asked john stewart why he had lame humor, which he sometimes used to do
[23:57] <+tacosauce> or still does
[23:57] <+lorax> don’t you feel the tiniest desire to join in on some autistic nit picking fib
[23:57] who is fib? seems a bit touchy.
[23:57] <+lorax> oh man
[23:57] good riddance, I say.
[23:57] <+yuyuyup> satyricon,7340,L-3291902,00.html
[23:58] <+lorax> an argumentation all-timer
[23:58] yuyuyup: If this is a video of some guy taking a shit I’m going to kill you.
15[23:58] * Satyricon glares at kool-aid
[23:58] <+yuyuyup> nay
[23:58] what. I’ve always hated that fucker.
[23:58] one of my best friends is my boss. how great is that
[23:58] <+tacosauce> 
[23:58] err, my boss turned out to be one of my best friends
[23:58] tacosauce when i eat tacos with red sauce i got nasty ass diareah
[23:58] <+lorax> how long has that been going on
[23:58] <+rakshasa> “This is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass!”
[23:58] man, that fucking rules
[23:58] did u have sex with ur boss sackerson?
15[23:58] * CokeAdict was kicked by Mises (Retarded word detected. (* u *) :: [Wed Sep 3 22:59:13 2008] – Banned 0 minutes ยท7164ยท)
[23:58] CokeAdict, no. it’s a dude
[23:59] we have lots of street food here in mexico
[23:59] so
[23:59] i don’t do dudes
[23:59] <+lorax> stroganoff?
[23:59] Most cocks inmexico are uncut.
[23:59] mexican street food is good.
[23:59] Even if it is sometimes absurd.
[23:59] it tastes excellent but gives you liquid shits for several days
[23:59] do you like mexican street cock?
[23:59] Corn slathered in mayo, rolled in cheese and sprinkled with dried chile
[23:59] onebox30: Not all of it…
[23:59] goat tacos may be my favorite
[23:59] I mean you can get grilled fish and so on
[23:59] slathered in sweat
[23:59] <+yuyuyup> satyricon do you think I’m a bad person cause my meat is cut ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
[23:59] ahhh, cabrito
[23:59] si si Satyricon
[23:59] I fucking love me some cabrito
Session Close: Thu Sep 04 00:00:01 2008