Starting to love this job, then hating myself for fucking it up at times. Was doing well today until a sinus event and a cough intruded on my performance. Took a break to blow out gallons of snot. I’ve been sleeping with very clear sinuses, which is fortunate. But it seems to roar back with a vengeance. I’m too new here to get sick so I came in Monday, probably contagious as hell, with a cold and constant blowing of the nose. Felt much better Tuesday and feeling good today. 

FInished taxes last night, to the strange silence of the accountant. I informed this could be our last year doing my taxes. Just depends how long I stay employed in traditional ways, at offices and regular hours.

That accountant made my lifestyle possible these past 20 years. But that doesn’t mean I intend or have any desire to spend the future living in an unstructured, unmoored life. 

I was never fully unmoored but unstructred finally caught up to me. Computer code makes me want to hyperventilate.

I made video this AM, around lower Manhattan. I make videos but don’t have the energy or focus to actually assemble and produce them. Some day maybe I’ll release the basement tapes, or whatever these would be called. 

Had lunch outside, on Gold Street. A homeless dude laid out sleeping on a bench nearby as a table of 4 well-dressed professionals engaged in an outdoor Power Lunch. 

I have to go.