I never think there will be enough time. 10 minutes is not enough. But then 10 minutes feels like too much. Time is frustratingly elastic like that.

At my job I’ve reached a point of virtual rapture. I love the sounds. Sometimes they are erotic, other times mysterious. But every voice matters. Every voice is unique.

It makes me want to try other things. I’ve done phone sex with personal lovers and even strangers but never for pay and never with that element of keeping the customer satisfied with money on the line.

I could not be fake like that, though. I never entered into those phone calls with anything but genuine interest. Typically there was no expectation, at least not at first.

But I love being on the phone. As Margot once said about me on the old Apology line: I like to interact with the world “from a discrete distance.”

Coming at you from a discrete distance.