Made my first legitimate attempt at artsy video today. Will likely not post it anywhere. It’s a first try. A juvenilia, if you will. I  secretly recorded video of a woman texting on the subway. You cannot tell anything who she is or anything identifying. it’s grainy and zoomed in tight, all in the name of watching her virtuosity at the texting thing. In the original video I actually did get a good amount of identifying material but would never go forward with that. People don’t realize how much they give away about themselves. For the most part I am happy to broadcast my identity in some small form or other, if it’s good for a bite. A catch. I have very little to hide. When the spam emails started coming from the wankers saying they had compromised my device and found video of me masturbating, and that they were going to send it to everyone on my contacts list, I was like “Cool! You’ll become possible to find eventually and I’ll sue your ass for all the bitcoin you have up your ass. But anyway the video was satisfying. Another one will feature another woman glued to her cell phone. The original video shows my face plainly visible in the reflection of the window behind her. Kinda creepy and, at first blush, hard to edit out. But I know what to do. Put a thought balloon over her head, erasing my face with text or other video matter reflecting what she is reading off her  device. A genius way to erase my face. As for the first woman, the texter, her fingers did not match her face. The nail polish in particular. Solid black. The face was freckled and fake happy. But you wont see that in my artsy discrete video.

I really am a bad person. A bad, selfish, miserable excuse for a human.