I spotted Jackie Kennedy somewhere in New York. She knew me, a little bit. We made chitchat before she went along her way with another person.

Her left eye was a black hole. The blackness made it look like an ashtray. Its shape and texture, which I knew even though I did not touch it, was that of an anus.

Still, she could see through that eye socket and wink at me with it. Her nose was colorful, and sizable. Like a mini toucan beak.

Her right eye seemed fine. It was painted around with yellow butter and sprinkled with live gnats.

After we parted ways I started to secretly follow her. I quickly gave up on that. Suspicions would swirl. She entered a semi-underground clothing store where I think they sold Afghan garb. I briefly followed her into that place but turned around, heading to a school where I heard someone would be handing out free food to victims of an announced mass shooting. The food being served was not just the usual peanut butter and jelly they hand out after school shootings. It was said to be first-rate stuff from expensive restaurants that had excess.

At the place where the food was handed out I had to penetrate a familiar barricade. A sort of jungle jim where you enter through a door and have to climb out through a narrow opening at the top. In the past I did this ninja style but today there was a chain that made it easier.

Waiting in line ahead of me for the free food was my family. Mother, sister, father. They let me go first, even though I arrived last. At the table handing out the food was Jackie. Her one eye was still an ashtray/anus, and at first most everything about her looked the same as earlier. But as she handed me a bag of unknown foodstuffs she transformed. Her skin became darker, and her legs muscular. She grew taller, inviting me closer so we could kiss and tease each other with tickletouches

By appearances she was turning into a monster. Very tall, hair sprouting from every part of her body, her tongue was extremely lengthy, unlike earlier. There was actually no food to be had at this place. The bag she handed me was empty. All that happened here was Jackie and me falling in love.