I kind of randomly ended up at the Linden Hill Jewish Cemetery a few weeks ago, grabbing a few pictures before moving on to Williamsburg. I was, to be honest, hoping they had a bathroom. They did not, at least not that I could find.

Linden Hill Jewish Cemetery

Linden Hill Jewish Cemetery

I added the few pictures I got to the Linden Hill Jewish Cemetery page on my Cemetery Photography gallery, to which I had not added a single photo in over 10 years. To the Linden Hill page, that is. I posted other boneyard photos more recently, though the photos themselves are not new. The King’s Chapel Burying Ground in Boston photos are from 2014, as are the photos from the Granary Burying Ground in Boston.

I file all my cemetery pictures under “Calvary Stories”, even when they are not from Calvary in Queens.

I used to make some side money as a cemetery photographer, also known as a “forensic genealogist“. Then my link rank went to hell and no one found me in searches for NYC cemeteries. I used to turn up #1 on all the searchies for any of the NYC cemeteries from which I’d posted photos. One day all that changed and I never figured out why.

Relevance doesn’t seem to matter to the searchies as much as being new. The internet is obsessed with The New, even when what’s new is garbage content. My stuff is far from new, but farther still from irrelevant.