The return to service of the Canoscan 9000F scanner means I have a slide scanner again, so I can digitize these three slides that lingered in my desk drawer for years. I don’t know where these came from but I do not think they originated from the thousands of slides I scanned and posted a long time ago.

The first one shows a classic log jam. Hand-written on the slide I find “Pulp. N.H. – Maine.” Maine and New Hampshire share a long enough border, with enough bodies of water the border cuts through, for me to make determining the exact location of this photo essentially impossible.

The next one shows a bright, smiling, impossibly happy gathering of what I assume is family and/or friends. It is dated February, 1965, and hand-written on the slide is “BRONX” and some other words I can’t quite read but it might say “Vres. pie Valas”.

You have to ask why the one guy seems to have deliberately chosen not to look at the camera or raise no more than a smirk, instead of a smile.

Photos like this make me miss masklessness all the more.

The previous two slides were Kodachrome. This last one is Ektachrome, from April, 1971, with a hand-written note: “Chris DIS group Ferry Ride – rocking & quite windy 4/71”.