The previous post about the found photo from Coney Island and subsequent rambles inspired me to dust off a series of shots I got on the boardwalk there in August, 2002. I pared it down from over 200 to exactly 100, which is still too many, but hey, no sense letting something like this molder away. Some of these are decent shots. The complete set of 100 is over at the photo dump, but here are my favorites from the set. Most interesting, to me at least, are the people pictures, and I’m also fond of the sequence showing the little girl running around among the mostly empty trash cans. One of those photos was my “Big Picture” for August 21, 2002, in a cropped version I felt a little guilty for having altered. Such doctoring of photos does not bother me as much these days, assuming there is legitimate æsthetic merit in the alteration, and not deception or other chicanery.

One photo, of a wood picket fence, not in this set but over at, was lifted by a Chilean publishing house and used as a cover image for one of their books.