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A Bean in NYC

I actually knew of this from having encountered it serendipitously about a year ago. But a friend...

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6, 6, and 6

I read yesterday that dating sites and apps have ruined sexuality for a majority of men. I believe it. THe 6, 6, and 6 rules says that the only men getting anywhere on those apps are 6 feet tall and muscularly handsome, have a...

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An Abruption

I used to make up words like this. I still do but not for anyone else’s bemusement. I used...

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Glass at 180

I went over to the public space at 180 Maiden Lane. As I sat at the piano trying to remember if I actually know how to play anything (my repertoire seems always to evaporate, must always be replenished) I summoned the Wichita...

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Bk Stramble

Went out to Coney Island and through Bay Ridge today. I can knock Coney Island off my list of...

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Complicated Bitterness

Do you ever have one of those moments when the person you thought was a pornographer acquaintance/friend from a masturbation website is in fact the one person from your past that you hoped never entered your life ever again? My...

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I never understood why she was in my life. I thought of her today. The Japanese Waif, I pleasantly nicknamed her without ever addressing her by that moniker. At 5’1” she might not have weighed 80 pounds but she wore it well. She...

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