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I was certain this shirt was for the International Brotherhood of Hamsters.

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54 fucking years old

Once in a while, i do not know why, i get obsessed with Plex. It becomes my destiny. My future. A righteous part of my past even though this is entirely not the case. It has been a presence at times. I tried to use it as a way...

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Love is about lies. Love is fantasy, malapropisms, and outright lies. I have made a new fundamental change to my diurnal routine. It involves that part of the day which saw the last major and significant change to my routines....

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I hate myself

I mean why else would I photograph myself in front of a bunch of urinals? This is enough to get...

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Face Time

Just rummaging through some old pictures, looking for something specific but finding other things....

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New york

Almost felt like New York today. Against the 80 quadrillion chance against whatever odds i crossed paths with a payphone artist. We made plans for Wednesday.  Rando connected 

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