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A Family Slide. Not My Family.

A turn of phrase crossed my radar again last night. It took a long time for it to sink into my head that thrift shops and second-hand stores are little more than treadmills for the former possessions of the dead. The slide below, like most of the thousands of such items I scanned and posted […]

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Some Found Photos

Messing around with Piwigo and a plugin that plugs your photos into any WordPress post or page. It looks good but it’s slow as hell because it grabs the full size images, which in this case happen to be enormous. It’s not the age of dialup anymore but still, things shouldn’t be so crass as […]

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Happy Birty Day

I found this on a sidewalk. What I find interesting is the nuances of the spelling error. BIRTY is obviously supposed to be BIRTH. When I see typed spelling errors I look at a QWERTY keyboard to remind myself of which neighboring keys might have caused the slip of fingers. In this case H, which […]

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I found this on an Astoria, Queens, sidewalk. I looked all around for page 2 but could not find it. I like Andrinina Andriana I like her lips, faces and her hair, I thing she’s hot like her on fire I also like About her is reading, and writing, peoms, but she is speacial, to […]

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