Someone at my PO Box post office, home of my 181, must have had some reason to do this, but I didn’t think to ask until I had left the place. Why would they place a flyer into my P.O. box inviting me to get a P.O. box when I obviously already have one?

I Already Have Another Address

I Already Have Another Address. It’s the one you sent this to.


If there’s a clue to be gleaned it’s the hand-written word “UPDATE”. I don’t know what that means but I recently paid the recurring 6-month fee for this box so I don’t know what would need to be updated.

Maybe they got me mixed up with someone else and though I needed to add names of other people who would be authorized to pick up mail for, but I never initiated any such discussion because I have no reason to.

Just my luck. A fresh little mystery.

If it’s a matter of verifying that my identity is still what they have on file that hearkens back to post-9/11, when the contact info they had on file for me was quite old. As a security measure they made everybody who picked up packages at the counter verify and update the info if necessary. I had to do that and remember the security (I think he was Homeland Security) treating me with real suspicion.