I woke up, barely, thinking I needed to pee. Guess I did not have to go too bad, as I went right back to sleep. I dreamed that I had gotten up to pee but the toilet was gone, with no trace of it ever having been there. I though I must have put it in the closet. I checked the closet. It was not there. Not in the kitchen cabinets, either. Suddenly I had to shit, real bad. Panic overtook as I contemplated my options in a toilet-less living quarters. Most of my neighbors are new and I do not know them at all. It would be awkward and uneasy knocking on their doors asking if I could defecate. I snapped awake from this dream, which felt as real as any I can remember. Approaching the bathroom I wholly expected the screaming empty space where the toilet used to be. But no. It was there, gaping, waiting. Relieved, I peed freely.