Wednesday, June 24, 2009 12:02:52 PM
I should think this is funny but I do not. I was just thinking this AM how nice it is that I can turn this PC off and turn it on again in the morning without having to wait 25 minutes for it to finish starting. Saves electricity, right? Saves time? Saves energies. Nothing doing, not without a mandatory 25-minute system restore for mysterious, inexplicable reasons. System couldn’t start so I had to do a recommended restore point, which uninstalled who knows what, erased all my saved folders locations,. and generally got my day off toa nother irritating waste of time bout of aggravation in which thic computer interrupts me and does not get out of my way. I was enjoying the saved folder locations, too, it would prevent me from linking a shortcut from the desktop every day, but windows is not stable enough on this machine to allow me to relky on this useful feature to work. And you know what it is about all this, is that no one cares. cComplaining about this shit usually merits nothing more than”GEt a Mac” which is not a useful or meaningful reply. Calling a tech support line would waste another hour of my day and probably lead to nothing any less humiliating than the Dell laptop experience of yore. I will never submit myself to that shit again and would rather figure these problems out on my own anyway. Whatever, now my heart is pounding and I can’t concentrate on anything but splattering this useless anziety-0expelling screed into my own space where it will be safe from the chuckles of tech support drones in their break room and safe from the eye-rolling of people around me who do maybe not actually expect computers to work excep[tionally in the first p[lace so they never tweak them in the tiniest. Is that what I did? I offended the operating system? How did I do that? What happened? What did I do? No I don’t want to know, i don’t want to backtrack, recerse-engineer, learn how to satisfy your needs, I don’t have time for that.

Thursday, June 25, 2009 1:35:00 AM
A day that started with aggravation may as well end with aggravation. I just nearly was reducved to tears by this goddam operating system. It helpfully suggested that I perform some upgrades, system upgrades. windows updates, hardware/software… al seemed predictable enough but no, not so ewasy, you try and sooth the operating system’s needs but you get fucked up by it, just when i was getteing ready for sleep i face new exasperation when this helpful upgrade causes one of my monitors to GO TO SLEEP and then when i perfrom a MANDATORY REBOOT i find (15 minutes later) that the monitors are reversed and i have to get my propellor cap on again to remember how to manage display settings, since there is no obvious link to that obvious setting from the obvious control panel. so here i am, thinking about relaxing and ogin gto sleep but instead i am whining at the computer, pleading with it to just be like it was before it told me to reboot. Why can’t you be like you were before? Why can’t you just turn on normally again? What did I do? how did I offend you? What can I do to make you turn on like you did earlier today? Oh wait, this thing did not turn on earlier today, did it? No, it intercepted that ruefully quotidian ritual with a mandatory system restore, didn’t it? This is a bad world in which I live where a lowly OPERATING SYSTEM must routinely intrude. I imagine living in an apartment building where the landlord breaks thourhg my door every once in a while just to check on my toilet. “I know you’re not using it right now, I just need to see if it’s working, if it needs an upgrade, if it needs some attention.” Maybe it does, maybe not, but why is that damn landlord marching through here 2 or 3 times a day, every goddam day? Rapid heart beat as I try for sleep. I hope I did not wake the neighbors with my whining and table-pounding. I am going to head for some zen and look out the window.