Just pulling out old KML files at random. No meaning to this first one, from June 2016. I will probably do a walk like this on Monday or Tuesday, for a trek to the 181. I had a USB 3 hub+card reader sent there when I should have just had it sent here. Trying to make the 181 relevant again, what with little reason to hold on to it after 30 years. I thought of setting up a “Mail Me” thing, where anyone could mail me anything they desire so long as it’s legal and USPS-compliant. But that sounds too predictable. Maybe I could solicit people’s receipts?

This next KML file comes from Google Location Tracking. Within the Google tracking web interface Google Tracking is actually pretty good for GPS tracks so long as you don’t mind the Big G knowing every step you take and everywhere you eat, sleep, and breathe. Google tries to determine every location and place you stopped at. This is not always successful, and attempts to correct the mistakes can be onerous and time consuming.

You can export the KML file and do with as you please. This is the first time I’ve tried that. Here’s how one of them looks. It does, indeed, save the locations, but the white line meant to illustrate my track is hard to see. Probably the OSM WordPress plugin has a variable for that? The line showing my path may be nearly invisible but clearly visible are the markers showing where I went on 9/11/2021, with a new friend I met from that internet place.

I’ve been trying to find a map from 2014, the day and night of my murdered heart when I walked something like 18+miles from here through Calvary to Maspeth and on to Forest Hills. I would have walked the distance back but, at Queens Boulevard around 61st Street my feet were bleeding and it was getting dark to where I felt like a chicken shit for taking a Q60 bus to Queens Plaza for a transfer to an N or W.

I would not say I want to relive that day but it would be settling to know that I documented it, to simply prove that it happened. My heart felt tightened and my brain squeezed to its tiniest.