I can read enough to tell that only the young are allowed at speed dating events. Age bias is such an accepted and even default quality of American society. I wouldn’t know how similar that is in other cultures.

This email, in its slanted avalanche of text, indicates that a speed dating event is only open to people in their 30s and 40s. Why disenfranchise and refuse to do business with those who have no prejudice about age? I’m 53. I don’t feel old, don’t look old, don’t act like some kind of elder when in the company of people ½ my age.

The last two women I had dalliances with, within the past year, are ½ my age. Neither of them came after me for my money, because I don’t have any. I don’t think it was my looks, although I’m no dog. To be honest, in both those instances and in others from years earlier I’m left asking why? Is it some kind of validation? A fucked up father situation?

For all that, it’s not like I was intending to go to a speed dating event. I just noticed the age qualification and felt a little piqued. I’m happily single these days, feeling safe. Safe at home.

I wonder if someone at Eventbrite saw my last posting about how unreadable their emails are when viewed through my favored Alpine email client. This needs line breaks but at least it’s missing place holders for zillions of little gifs and jpgs that track whether or not you read or even open the email.