Have I gotten everything I wanted from this job? What would happen if I quit today? Could I walk into a bar and get a job? I’ve never worked a bar, but I know the culture. The benefits here have not been as magical as they were made to sound. In fact they kinda suck.

I should not act as excited as I’ve appeared about Z. There is no good reason to assume anything in terms of mutual attraction, although the direct eye contact is definitely attention-getting.

I am at an overpriced shithole on mAIDEN lANE. i WAS BRIEFLY CONFUSED ABOUT WHAT STREET THIS IS BECAUSE THE MEDIAN MAKES THINGS INTERESTING. Not going to go back and un-scream that. No easy way, like in Word, to shift case in this YMail app.

I’m going to walk. I wanted to sit and write and drink this overpriced coffee but I think I shall walk instead.