I had a horrible Thursday. Something I ate was not good. Had to be some nasty Sweet Tarts candies, but not the usual kind. Some spinoff of the core product in a pill-like form. Had my stomach feeling like a knot, this days after I nearly choked on a sandwich and felt similarly asunder internally for the day to come.

I took the day off work Friday, leaving me a full week off the job. This will be my first full week away since starting almost 2 years ago. I like the job but I’m losing money at it. I return to work Thanksgiving Day. O, to be essential.

Today is Saturday. When I write anything at home anymore I feel unmoored, lost, drifting in an abyss. I don’t like this place anymore but I can’t afford to move. It’s not the place itself so much as the 25 years I’ve passed within. I should have been other places by now. But rent-stabilization is seductive, even under the threat of an angry and unpredictable landlord. This has never been my place. It has always been his. I don’t live here. The owner does and this is his house, not mine.

I have scary thoughts at times. But lately I’m trying to stay positive. I removed the old and installed a brand new toilet seat. What a king I feel like now. The old one never quite settled correctly by my estimate. The new one feels lower, and perfect. Hooray. I am my own superhero.

I also replaced an old dish rack with one that at least looks better. The old metal rack had accumulated coffee grounds and seemed to actually have sprouted some kind of life. I should have made video of it, since I don’t know what it was. It looked like spider webs had formed but nothing adds up for that to be the case. Does not matter now. It is gone, or at least it is curbside awaiting pickup. Probably had that uglyass dishrack for 20 years and I do not miss it.

I rediscovered Kick last night. I found it sometime earlier this year and never looked back. It was a Twitch clone with explicit sexual content. I watched a dude get buttfucked for like an hour while a woman called play-by-play and declared this individual the “King of the Internet.” Apparently I caught Kick while there was a content moderation glitch. Hell of a glitch, that…

Kick is a Twitch clone but, as I now know, it is supposed to be free of explicit content. I set up shop and unintentionally left a stream running for over 13½ hours. I was intending to document the work being done across the street, the painting of the giant side of the apartment building, as the sounds of Payphone Radio leveled through. Also audible was the sound from outside. I enjoy the spectralizer I just discovered in OBS. It’s a third-party plugin, not native to OBS, but it’s all good.

I don’t know why I am writing this. I have nothing to say.