el fine today after a few days of feeling like I’d been eating tree branches for breakfast lunch and dinner. I read some random source saying that everyone should stop taking Omeprazole immediately. I’ve taken it daily, 20mg, for years, but always with it in the back of my mind that you’re not supposed to do that. But in all those years my bloodwork is normal, kidnets are normal, liver is normal… But I took the advice of this rando columnist and didn’t stop taking it cold turkey. I used my pill chopper to cut the dosage in half. For the week or so I did this, I’d wake up with the burning in my chest and other internal discomforts that I remembered from years ago, before I knew about PPIs and acid reflux. It didn’t go away or do anything but get worse. It doesn’t help that on Sunday I nearly choked to death on a cold cut. That wrenching experience turned my innards upside down. But dropping the Omeprazole to half the dosage was having its effects well before that incident.

I’ve been cleaning up the apartment in advance of a woman coming to stay for a while. A few nights. I purchased a new toilet seat! The old one was decrepit and had some stains to explain. I also got a new dish rack to replace the previous one that had probably been in use for over 20 years. It was metal and prone to collecting coffee grinds on the plastic bottom. It looked like a big black mass of mold, but it was just coffee. I have other cleanup detail to get to. It’s not that I live in a pigsty but I haven’t had overnight cmopany for exactly a year, and with no reason to tidy up it turns into the bachelor pad of a depressed individual who showers sitting down and just leaves stuff lying around. I dispensed of the sticky thing that captures gnats and flies. A twisty column of death is not very attractive.

Yesterday I wandered around the Trump Tower for a spell. I don’t know how many people realize it but there used to be dozens upon dozens of shops in that public space. Today there is little more than a souvenir shop and some restaurants. THe upper levels are largely empty. Starbucks upstairs was recently replaced by something I can’t remember what it is.

What I always loved about the Tower was upper level garden public space. To call it a garden is being generous. Just some nondescript plants, as I recall, if there is even anything there now. We don’t know because it remains closed to the public. I submitted complaints to the City but it was to no avail. I know Trump himself personally hated having to make the public spaces available but he shouldn’t be allowed to get away with keeping it closed when it is required to be opened.

He also needs to fix his payphone.

I wnadered the Tower with a sense of nostalgia. Why did all the shops leave? I bought my mother a music box from one of the shops in 1991, I think. She loved the music box until I told her where I bought it. I don’t know why but her loathing of anything Trump started earlier than most. My distaste of Trump is what it is but my affection for the Tower has nothing to do with that.