Have so much on my mind these days, yet so little to show for it. No action. All thought funnels, emptying into an indifferent sky. I don’t want to talk about most of it, but I do write about it offline, for my posteriority (sic).

I went into the Sam Ash (I think?) on West 34th Street on Sunday. It felt like the Yamaha showroom all over again. Back in the early days of my New York City career, I had no piano, and no room for one. In lieu of this, I sometimes stole some time at the New York Public Lirbary, where a friendly worker there let me practice.

But it was the Yamaha showroom on 57th Street, next door to Carnegie Hall, where I practically made myself at home, at least for a few months. With headphones on I played and played the hours away on what I guess were the Clavinova instruments. They felt close enough to a “real” piano to suit me.

The current iteration of my instrument of choice is a Roland. I forget the model number but it was virtually impossible to procure one because, as ROland put it, it was just so popular. It feels pretty close to a real piano but I’m not convinced.

That was part of my Sunday, a day mostly wasted despite being up and active by 5am. I had thoughts and plans that I bailed out on. Nobody was affected byt hese cancellations, If anyone was at stake I would like have followed through.