I told her “I used your POPEYES bag to transport my strawberries to work.” I then added that the statement sounded like some kind of coded messages but really, that is all there was to it. The POPEYES bag she left in the refrigerator was a perfect fit for the 1 pound container of strawberries I take to work every day.

And now I consume those strawberries whilst engaging in text message chit chat on the detritus of the days. She wants to borrow a book I’m reading, an oral history of Rikers Island, but it’s a Kindle e-book, and I’m not certain it can be borrowed. I think it probably can in some way.

Today is Thursday. I get 4 days off from Sunday to Wednesday. I’ve been here over 2 years now and never taken what I would consider a vacation. I go to Jersey or walk 12 miles but it’s not like I go someplace interesting or exotic. And I’m fine with that. This upcoming time off should see more adventuring. We made a disjointed stramble through Calvary last week. I think this time it will be on her turf.