Something I fail to understand is how people can find my public phone number but not see the e-mail address that is posted on the very same page. Some say the email address does not work but I suspect they are spelling something wrong, because the address has worked for many years now. It’s fine. No big deal. I think another screw in the ointment of trying to contact me is that Verizon decided to make 212-255-2748 my publicly listed number, which I would have refused if they had even asked. That number, before routing to Payphone Radio, was connected to Fios VOIP phone. Getting Fios phone automatically gets you listed in public directories. I wish someone had told me that. I’ve long disconnected the number from Fios phone but the listing persists, and certain people have called it thinking they were actually talking to me until they realized it was pre-recorded.

212-203-2970 is my best contact for phone or text. mark [at] sorabji [dot] com is the email address. Texting might be the best route these days, since a lot of contacts to the email address get shoveled into spam.

Rain is the name of the next many days. I hate being in the rain but, if left to my own devices and with nothing else to do I would likely be out and around in the uncomfortable downpour. So days like this I welcome being at a desk, at a job, under the safety net of someone else taking care of everything. Twenty of years of being responsible for all things in keeping my so-called business afloat has ssent me here. And it’s boss here.