I have not done authentic .MOBI in a while. Last posting COMPROMISED MY INTEGRITY by posting from home. At present I am out to see what activity circles around the eclipse. I made an effort yesterday to procure a set of the eclipse glasses but no one in Astoria had them. I made it as far up as the Best Buy, where the dude told me they sold out 4 days ago and I was probably the 200th person to ask about them that day. As I should have guessed plenty of people out and about are happy to let me use their glasses for a few seconds. It’s not like they’re going to say “No, fuck you, I paid for these!” It’s cool, I guess. I put it in the same category as New Years Eve, which I consider a harmless, arbitrary holiday that everyone can agree on. It’s free of politics and, with a few exceptions, even nationality. An eclipse is in that same category of events which everyone can agree on as being worthy of a party.

I spent yesterday doing the most boring shit ever, but it felt like good work. I discovered that my site backups were spiraling out of control in terms of disk usage. I neglected to craft a script to prune backups I don’t need anymore. It was tedious but in its way it felt like a nod to mortality. If I get sick or die or can’t take care of the web server those backups would eventually take over the whole server. I’ve thought about getting hosting for the bloggy stuff and using the dedicated server for other things. But that’s a project I don’t necessarily relish.

Having said I have not gone .MOBI lately I remembered later that my friend and I finally made our long-discussed epic walk over the RFK/Triborough Bridge to Randalls Island and then on to the Upper East Side. Somehow I managed to overshoot (by probably a half mile or more) the pedestrian bridge that gets you to Manhattan. But it was all good. We had a nice time of it, though he seemed tense at times, and getting over the bridge was actually kind of scary at times, especially at the topmost part where the fences are lowest. And the bicyclists illegally racing past on the lower portions was just a fucking nuisance.

This friend’s life has completely changed since a few months ago, when he was shitcanned from his job as CEO. It’s a hard adjustment to be such a smart and formerly in-demand person to being a full time family man with nothing else to do. I read once that presidents are known to become severely depressed after they leave office, with Eisenhower in particular singled out as an example. It makes sense to me that this could be a pattern, since there is not much in lie that equals the stature of being POTUS. I sometimes wonder how Hillary feels these days. I think, like so many others, believed the mainstream media’s assumption that she had it in the bag. i’ve had similar thoughts about Al Gore. How does it feel to get so close to the promised land only to have it snatched away from you in the most spectacularly public way?

Speaking of presidents I find that last week’s presidentia was enough to make me think about leaving the country. I think that whatever capacity I had to let this guy prove himself was erased when, standing at my formerly beloved Trump Tower, he stated that some of those nazis are decent people. There have been a lot of utterly unbelievable and unpresidential things he’s said but until now I cannot say I found any of it particularly surprising. The buffoonery and ignorance displayed thus far seemed consistent with his personality and what I think I know about him. This was not only not only inconsistent with what I thought I knew of his character but it was completely ham handed attempt at being a suave politician. He just does not know how to play that game. I found the comments nauseating.

Speaking of nauseating I had a strange dream. I was at an office of some sort, working next to a woman who had just started at the job. I think we were listening to a presentation when her clothes gradually started coming of and she started stroking me and resting her legs on mine. The touching seemed perfectly normal as my hand moved to between her legs and she was completely naked. she got up to go do something in another room. She came back and put her breasts on my ace. I said “Do you want to hang out after work?” she said something like “We might as well.”  had to go out of the office for a while, I don’t remember why. I went back upstairs to the office, expecting to find this woman in the same room. Instead I found a man wearing the red bathrobe the woman had been wearing when I left. I felt sick and said “You’re not who I expected.” He said something along the lines of “Yes, I am.” I turned to leave. As I walked down the stairs I realized that this was a person whose gender would change unexpectedly. He had been a woman earlier but, in a manner akin to The Incredible Hulk, she sprouted a penis and a beard and it happened so quickly s/he did not even have time to change out of his effeminate bathrobe. In the dream I considered it fact that this kind of unwanted transformation had become more and more common as transexual surgical procedures performed by unlicensed quacks from the Dark Web started going horribly wrong.

Yeah, seeing the Dark Web has tainted my innocence. Hah.

At the Windmill, where a couple of people are swapping eclipse glasses to get a look at the sun/moon confabulation. Think I’ll go ask if I can try. Then I’ll go home.