The dude who cuts my hair, I cannot tell if he seriously has a beef with how long I wait between haircuts. Today he said something like “Why don’t you wait another three months?” Then he commented on the quantity of hair left on the… what do you call the sheet he puts over me? An apron? A bib? Pretty big for a bib.

So I just got a haircut and see a man who looks exactly like Gerald Levin walk past outside the ghetto coffee shop. I am feeling my senses come back to order after popping 2 panic pills. I am getting a refill on these pills and will request the dosage be upper from .5mg to 1.0mg., because I always end up taking two of these anyway, so why not make an efficiency of it.

I started working at home but the anxiety of being there again took over. I’ve been out and around this week, working in the real world, but today is my day off for haircut and doctor and other self-service needs.

This is funny, maybe only to me, that I have a receipt from SUNAC NATURAL at 600 West 42nd Street, where this week I bought a San Pellegrino and nothing else. The word SUNAC had been a fixation for me, seeing as ANUS appears when the word is spelled backward. I take words and make as many other words as I can using only the letters of that word, with a goal of making something that is reasonably coherent or even meaningful. It’s a mental machination that does not always translate well into type-written text. But CANUS was reasonably rich for only 5 letters:





Mmmm, canned anus. Is there any animals whose anus is considered edible, or even a delicacy? Probably so. Strangely enough it was hours later, across town on the subway, where I saw someone wearing a SUNAC t-shirt. I guess she worked there.

I’m seeing this caller ID thing of “SCAM LIKELY” showing up almost daily, as is just about everybody with a phone. It turns out these robocallers make money even when no one answers. There is an obscure fractional of a cent fee collected whenever a call invokes the Caller ID function. I don’t quite get it but somehow someone collects $0.004 when Caller ID successfully identifies a caller. I sorta get the how but what I don’t get is the WHO. Does someone or some entity get checks from the FCC with the memo “Here’s your caller ID payment for the month.”?

Hmmm, battery is running out and I should go home anyway to get the emergency room paperwork to show my doctor, not that there is much to be learned from it. There is something about mild erosion of some part of my spinal system, but it seems about right for someone my age.

Going back to work after this doctor visit. Work is good. The payphone playlist format is a quality start to something I should have done a long time ago.