At the coffee shop, a ponderous and hot afternoon spent wandering the kiosks for what feels like something of an end run. I’ll keep doing it but not as determinedly, and more in keeping with how I used to do it, which was on my way to whatever else I am doing. I think I’m done evolving the techniques I use. I have reached ABSOLUTE PERFECTION in my artistry and planning. Haha.

I am still planning a trip to Staten Island, which was on the block for today but the subways and buses look fucked up enough that the 90 minute trip looked more like 180 minutes. I think I’d take the R to Bay Ridge and then the S79 to Hylan/New Dorp, or some short-circuited version of that itinerary. My interest there is in seeing if any of the advertising-free kiosks have actually been installed. I don’t think they have, and Streetview is no help as far as I can tell. Plus, it would be a bit of an adventure, as I’ve barely touched Staten Island in all these years here.

I have much to say but suddenly no patience to spend time saying it.