I spent much of the afternoon deleting gigabyte after gigabyte of redundant content, left over as a byproduct of several server moves, content management system switches, domain name changes, etc. It is tedious and thankless and, if I let myself think on it too much, not entirely necessary. It’s a dedicated server with no other accounts. But with the hard drive coming in at 77% full it seemed prudent to do something to prevent an errant process from going haywire and filling up the drive.

It is a bit of an understatement for me to say I’ve generated a lot of content over the years, at this website and others. Much of that content is gone, as I’ve purged old projects that moldered away in SERP obscurity. I used to have a magic touch with SEO and that kind of thing but I just lost it. But I also willingly moved on and do not miss playing the games of SEO brinkmanship, chasing after keywords, and feeling like getting people to visit my websites involves trickery and lies. Knowing what you are talking about has not mattered on the Internet for a long time, but playing SEO games has.

This content, which I expect to stay at this URL for the forseeable future, had been all over the place, at different web sites and URLs. Putting it all together under this one roof at WSBJ.com seemed attractive to me on account of the 4-letter domain name and my usage of it for my radio projects. Using sorabji.com as a destination has not made sense for me for a long time, as I don’t play or even listen to the music of Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji anymore. But it’s where people go to look for me so I can’t and don’t want to just let it go.

I expect to attend a reunion of sorts with people I worked with from 1995-2002. I was a corporate mucky-muck, never a senior VP or stakeholder but I had a good reputation and knew how to fail up before finally failing out. I have good enough memories of those years but would not necessarily want to revisit them or relive them. I do, however, look forward to seeing whoever shows up at this little get together.