I don’t remember exactly where this was, but likely Pearl Street or thereabouts, in Lower Manhattan, a couple of weeks ago. The camera used, an old Sony DSC-HX50 I bought used off eBay, rarely catches GPS coordinates, even though it’s supposed to.

Not a great composition but it had potential. Too much reflection in the window of the trees outside, for one thing. I felt nervous because employees of the store stood near the window, watching as I got this photo.

I did not see the bottom reflection of me as I took the photo. Just the middle one. It looks like my face is behind left arm of the mannequin in yellow.

This post is a novelty of sorts for me. First use of the WordPress Block Editor, having stubbornly clung to the Classic Editor. I might not stay here, in the Block. I’m only here because it appears the latest update to the Classic Editor plugin has a conflict with some other plugin that makes it impossible to upload images or to use the visual editor.

This post is also new for me on account of having given up on Adobe Photoshop to process images like this. Now I’m using ACDSee, which has its jankinesses, but I’m warming up to it. At a fraction of the cost of Adobe Creative Suite, and me being poor these days, it just made sense.