I thought about narrating this one but couldn’t think of anything to say, except to add that video recording on the St. Michael’s Cemetery grounds is not allowed but I assume it’s OK to film from outside. Not much to see in that portion of this video anyway. The approach to the first staircase is on a narrow strip of sidewalk to also leads to a Q19 bus stop.

The walkway goes over the Grand Central Parkway, connecting Astoria Boulevard South to Astoria Boulevard North. You land not far from the Jackson Hole Diner, which was a filming location for The Sopranos. This area is also a site for one of Astoria’s many street-numbering vagaries. There is 49th Street, then Hazen Street, then the next numbered street jumps to 71st. Baffling!

I once heard someone on the radio, an urban planner for New York, say that some highways are called “parkway” not because they have lush foliage and trees along them (although they might) but because they ultimately lead you to a park. This was a credentialed person who sounded like she knew what she was talking about but I’ve never found precise corroboration for that comment.

I have some money coming so I might be able to splurge on a gimbal, to further steady the video recorded by this Galaxy S9+. I made about an hour of walking video last week that was unusable for its shakiness.