When the Apology podcast first went live I got an email from someone with whom I corresponded years ago. She had been an Apology caller, an “Apologista”, as Allan once referred to Apology callers. I kept in touch with this woman and a few others for a couple of years after Apology ended.

I’m impressed this person remembered me enough to find my contact info. I don’t think we’d corresponded in over 20 years.

She wanted to know if the Apology podcast was my doing. It is not. I had nothing to do with it. It was interesting that she asked, though.

A lot of people who called that line probably would not want to let it be known. Even the relatively tame confessions could cause trouble should anyone make a connection to them.

The odds of someone hearing the podcast and thinking “Oh, so that’s who mugged me that night in 1989″ or “She really was cheating on me back in 1992” are pretty remote.

But you never know who might still be paying attention or looking for clues, especially with the more serious crimes.

One memorable series of calls came from a child molester, who called himself “CM”. Could his voice identify him all these years later?