Once in a while my computer starts talking. That’s what seemed to have happened just now, when the voice of what I am guessing to be an Arab-speaking individual suddenly came blasting out of my computer speakers. At first, with the window open, I thought it might have been a livery driver outside talking on a speakerphone or listening to Arab talk radio.

But no. It was an incoming phone call to my Skype number, which has so far seen amazing luck in not receiving robocalls or junk. In this case I’m not sure if this is either of those, or if this person was delivering what he thought was an important message.

If anybody who finds this can interpret, just in general, what he’s saying that’d be cool.

UPDATE: I asked a friend, David, who knows languages way better than I. According to a friend of his it’s Haitian Creole, and the person is talking about political unrest in Haiti. It’s good to have friends who are cunning linguists.