It took a while for me to realize that the postings from my cell phone were not going through. The Postie WordPress plugin’s debug screens returned nothing useful, just an unhelpful message saying there was a “critical error” with WordPress. In fact all it needed was to check mail over POP-SSL, not unencrypted POP3.

So all the messages I’d sent the past weeks posted at once, including a morning grog shot of my naked self lying in bed. I’ve been naked on this website a number of times, and naked on the internet since my earliest adventures out here. It doesn’t bother me but it bothers others, so I typically delete as quickly as I remember that even nudity that is obviously artistically intended is taken to be smut by some. I don’t want to be labeled a pornographer, at least not a visual one, seeing as I don’t consider myself that.

I used to let it all hang out on my old webcam, to a delighted audience of one woman I lost track of long ago. She didn’t know how to save images from a web browser so the secret stayed safe. I don’t think she would have wanted to save those images anyway. She was more of an in-the-moment sort. We had fun with it, even though I never knew what she looked like and I was never sure I even got her real name. You’d think I’d be the one masking my identity and location but I never figured her out. She had a sweet voice, though.

I’ve been told, repeatedly, that I should do professional phone sex. I considered it but decided it would feel cheap and I’d feel used, unlike the genuine experiences I have with that stuff, which have involved some women who left me shaking for hours afterward. It was mutual.

And I’d be concerned about recordings getting out. My voice is out there and I consider it pretty recognizable, and while I don’t object to audio porn of mine being out there I would want its release to be under my control.

So much to think about after seeing my junk on this website, after forgetting I sent it here.