I got tested again for Covid-19 yesterday. I remain negative, and had no reason to expect otherwise, save for the fact that I went to the first bar I’ve gone to in three years last week, and it was a somewhat crowded and enclosed space occupied by people unknown to me. It’s all good.

I continue getting tested for Covid-19 even after I already had it. I do not believe you can’t get it twice, and some have said that the antibody is only good for about 3 months. There’s too much chatter to keep up with on all this stuff so I just stay vigilant until I can get the jab.

A woman in line ahead of me at the testing site was very friendly, and seemed to know all the personnel there by name. She said she got tested weekly, even when lines stretched for over a mile and wait times might have been 7 or 8 hours.

Yesterday’s wait time for me was about 15 minutes but most other times I’ve been in and out in 5 minutes. I did not see fit to spend 8+ hours in line when I had no reason to think I had come in contact with the virus.

I also happened to find a testing site no one else seemed to know about, where I tested twice in January, entering and exiting the site within 5 minutes as people still waited for hours at other sites.

Lines at most sites today seem far less lengthy, I guess on account of more and more people getting vaccinated and not needing tests.

But this woman seemed to have been making her weekly testing regimen a centerpiece of her social life. Like a lot of us, she probably doesn’t have much of that these days, so it makes sense if that’s her plan.

I saw an elderly couple step out of the shot room at Walgreen’s, beaming, bragging a little about how they’d been vaccinated. I was happy for them, if a bit envious. I’m going to shed a tear when I finally get my shot(s). I do so just thinking about it.