Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2012 17:40:27 -0500 (EST)
From: mark thomas <***>
To: *** <***>
Subject: Re: [Contact] hi, ***

Oh, yeah, I think I remember TO. He was the drummer? The problem I had with re-connecting with
the Tower folks is that I never knew most of their last names. And as for things like Facebook
or LinkedIn well, needless to say most folks do not highlight their time as a record store clerk
in their resumé.

My Tower nostalgia was piqued a couple of months ago. I was at a Costco in Queens. Costco does
not provide bags, so you have to bring your own. I brought an old Tower Records bag, the
“Manhattan Suitcase” type, and as I took it out of the closet I thought “Man, this thing must be
a collectors item by now.” And I was wondering if I’d get any comments.

Sure enough, one of the Costco employees saw me take the bag out and we got into quick
conversation. Turns out he worked at Tower Lincoln Center for 6 years. I was there at the same
time as he, but I had no memory of the guy, as hard as I tried to remember him.

We threw some names back and forth but the most interesting tale he told was that when the store
moved up Broadway to the Ansonia building the place got robbed by a couple of disgruntled
employees, and by this fellow’s account a girl who got shot in the head almost died. That, he
said, was his cue to move on. He moved on to Costco. My cue to move on was when one of the
managers accused me of stealing from the cash register. I moved on to corporate for a bunch of
years, and did pretty well, but now I do my own thing in many different ways. It’s all good.

I used to check in at the old Tower once in a while but it always seemed like no one who knew me
there wanted to hear from me. RS was downright rude, but J. (we dated for a
little bit) at least talked to me. JB moved to Buffalo, PH (sp?) was at
Virgin Megastore last I heard, and FA is starring in a documentary about a
Filipino serenade tradition. Besides those guys I can hardly remember anyone else’s names…

Congrats on the new wife and the child. That changes everything, doesn’t it?

The music looks like fun, especially Big Green Monster and Tom Tom. Looks like good stuff for
kids! I’m composing, too, though not as much as I should. I haven’t played concerts in a long
time but I might get back on track with that if the timing seems right. Needless to say the
Internet has changed everything, even the way I think about performing.

Anyway, great to touch base again. I am glad you are doing well.