I think it was my 12-letter words and big ambitions. She’s a simple sort, poor (like me), with no desires to do anything but sit at her desk 11-12 hours a day. Her voice is oddly shrill for such a timid creature. We did not have much basis save for mutual attraction. Being from the same neighborhood doesn’t bring much to the discussion when neither of us ever goes anywhere. I used to be an Astoria barfly but it’s rare for me to enter such places now. She’s claims to have never been to a bar at all. 23 years younger than me, divorced, I wouldn’t know what her sex was like. We made out for over two hours but I scared her off before we went any further. Beautiful woman.

I am wearing a t-shirt I’d given up on long ago. It did not anymore. Then I remembered: That was 20 pounds ago. This old shirt fits perfectly now. It’s the one with Snoopy and his brothers playing cards. This one got me some unexpected attention once at Rockefeller Center. A security guard, armed with what was probably just a BB gun, stopped me in the hall, looking official, making me think I was about to be randomly frisked and bodily searched.

instead he cracked a smile, asking “Where can I get that shirt?” I responded “eBay or bust, I don’t where else to get this one.”

He seemed satisfied with the response, but the encounter left me asking if he had not just made inappropriate use of his “authority” as an on-duty, armed security dude. Yes, it made me nervous at first, being stopped in my tracks by someone with a gun. Maybe I’m just a wuss. A ‘fraidy-cat.

I’m going to Secaucus, or as I keep hearing it pronounced, SEEcaucus. I don’t know what awaits but a quick look at a map shows there is a park and some bridges nearby. Looks like more fun than I would have thought. Just put on my shoes. I’m back to the old Teva sandals with holes in them. Just can’t part with them.

I just discovered, or I guess rediscovered, that I have a last.fm page.