Thought I might have something to say this day, this gift of a day, after waking at 5am.

But no. Instead I got to deal with the monotonous, tiresome chore of cleaning up log files and freeing space on this web server. I should not be in this position anymore but I feel kind of trapped in having a private dedicated server set up as if I had hosting customers or people besides me running websites here.

Trapped because of the sprawl, the years of ever-expanding, sometimes chaotically organized (if you can even call it organized) web sites and backend projects no one ever knows about. Moving all this shit to another place would probably take me a month or longer, depending how much patience I have to just sit here and not do anything else, anywhere.

As good as I am at this stuff I doubt I’ll ever get a job at it again. I’m too old and most of what I do slips into the ephemera of thrashing keyboard input and hacking at things, always arriving at a solution but never documenting or proving it to anyone because no one is here for anything to be proven to.