I seem to have mostly gotten over a cold, or maybe even a flu, though it didn’t seem bad enough for the latter. I don’t know, but there was a lot of snot. A very snotty couple of days it has been here.

I was reminded of college, when you could hear people in the showers blasting snot out of their noses and onto the shower floor. It seemed disgusting to me then but now I’d probably just take it in stride. It’s not like the stuff disperses and travels anywhere except down the drain, where it is followed by potentially sanitizing elements of soap and shampoo flowing after it.

What am I talking about? Snot is gross, contagious, and does not belong in a communal bathing space. But it probably gets blasted out of peoples’ faces constantly.

Dudes who pissed in the shower, though, that was unacceptable. It smelled gross and had a greater potential to reach spots where the force of the drain did not reach, thus staying around as future bathers entered.

The conventional wisdom back then was that pee was sterile but I never believed that. Unknown to me until typing these words it seems my skepticism has been vindicated. More recently pee is said to be a possible transmitter of Covid, making peeing in a shared communal shower a no-no, I would think.

The week of snot is over.

Just thought… aah nevermind.