…while also going through this website and fixing all the dead images. Due to changing WordPress themes and importing from other content management systems the hard-coded URLs to hundreds of images are inaccurate. Normally I can find a way to fix things like this all at once, one swell foop. But it’s not possible this time. Every single instance, it seems, has a unique idiosyncrasy that demands individual attention.

But as I go through each and every one I’m tossing some favorites up to IG. This one makes it look like I was part of this photo shoot, which took place outside the old Barney’s on Madison Avenue. In fact I am an outsider, a hovering photographic vulture plucking what pleases me from the place below.

Separated by a mere window it seemed like I was far above this situation. I was on the Q32 bus, headed to the 181. I don’t know if the dude on the right, who seems to be staring at me, would have expected me not to do this, take photos of the people taking photos.

This is from the old .MOBI, where secrets stayed safe for many years. Nothing posted to the .MOBI was publicly searchable. I even got so far as making the searchies think there was no website whatsoever at that domain. If only I could have convinced them the domain itself did not exist. I don’t think I ever pursued that approach.