I take my breaks by the payphone. That is what I do. Makes me feel right at home. If anyone asks why I choose this break room when the other is closer I will offer no explanation. My payphone past has no place in this environment. It could even be a liability.

I like seeing it, though. It is in good shape, as an indoor phone would be expected to be. Its number is listed on my website from the olden days. I don’t know who submitted it or what company was here way back in the 1990s.

Today I do things normally. I’ve been eating a sandwich during the 15-minute morning break, giving me the full hour lunch break to saunter about and plug radio cards into the payphone and LinkNYC machines. The perceived leisure ends up making the day feel panicked, though. Maybe that’s an OK thing.

Found a rotted banana at the bottom of my leather bag. That is entirely anger-inducing. When vendors make you buy 3 bananæ and you only want one, this is what happens. You forget the extras and they rot in your bag, rot in your soul.