Took my time with a panini today. a lingering problem here had been heartburn and feeling like my innards were on fire much of the day. Is it possible the breakfast gruel served up at a place across the street was to blame? I took a pass on the sausage/egg on a roll, after swearing off that place’s bacon egg and cheese. Today I ate better stuff and feel no fire within, not much at least.

I had been asking why the hell I don’t feel so enflamed when sitting at the desk at home.

Let’s see if inserting a photo works.

That’s a Payphone Radio card that’s been in place at a very busy subway station for (I think) 3 days, maybe 4. If you squint you can see another one on the metal beam behind it.

Walking around New York finding pieces of myself I left behind is fun, if a bit  sodden in its way. One card left at 36th Avenue has been there for almost a week. It is near the floor, though, in a place few people probably even glance at.