Someone messaged me at my radio FB page. I don’t know what they said. Not yet.

Listening to humming and whirring of the vending machines in what they call the “vendeteria,” so-called because there is no café, only vending machines.

And tables. Vending machines and tables.

Vending machines can be fun to watch, the machine itself and the interaction between it and the person using it. I watched one woman insert two dollar bills, make her selection, then get a message saying the product was unavailable even though it was right there in front of her.

That might have just been annoying but the funny part is when the machine returned her $2 — in nickels!.  What a brave new world this is.

I would think a vending machine is a classic setup for comedy. In the cartoon realm there are certain setups that are rich for humor: The patient on the psychiatrist’s couch. The man who walks into a bar. These setups both lead directly to a presumed interaction or conversation between individuals assumed to be on the same path or in pursuit of the same goal but with every possibility that they will in fact collide.

The vending machine comedies I’ve witnessed lately look like fodder for the old Carol Burnett Show.