Zany dream last night. An ex from many years ago, who has not entered my mind in I don’t even know how long, made an appearance. 

A bunch of people had gathered by a swimming pool. Context is everything but to make a long story short it became appropriate for her to stand up, throw off all her clothes, and jump into the swimming pool.

In the moment she ran in my direction, then to the pool, allowing me to see with my eyes the entirety of her body.

It was captured, every inch and every millimeter of it, in a seconds-long flash of some sort that let me see it again, a body I remember to this moment in all its idiosyncracies and eroticae. The toenails were pointy, the toes stubby. The bottoms of the toes were somewhat crinkly and paper-like. The feet were small, disproportionately so, or at I thought so. Small but sweet. 

The ankles had those little flecks of hair, and she sported that gold ankle bracelet. 

The claves were an odd mix of chubby and bow-legged. There was usually a patch of hair on the back of her left leg. I never told her about that. She shaved everywhere else but seemed to miss that spot. Maybe she just couldn’t reach it.

I remeber everything about that body, all the way up to the tiny bald spot on top of her head.

What’s crazy about it is that we dated for about 6 months but sex was infrequent. She was always busy with her job and extended family, even as the extended family never seemed like it should be her responsibility. But they were always there, interrupting our attempted trysts.

She did not like cunninlingus, and I think she only endured penetration. If we’d had more time we’d have gotten better at it but she was always so tight, at least at first.

She loved sucking cock, though. We always had that, when we had anything. 

Gotta go… Is it funny to be sitting in office breakroom writing this stuff as others walk past?