I encountered another waterfall last night. Avalanche. Ocean under which I drown. I may never know how many of those I have. 

Moving everything from google docs to ms365 seemed like it could be simple. Maybe it will be, but my initial survey found that I’d written a lot more stuff on that cloud than I expected.

It’s always like this with me. I an incident remember after college, looking through dresser drawers in my sister’s room, and finding some of the music I’d written throughout high school and college. 

The pages, the quantity seemed never to end. Had I really generated all this material? Was it even possible? Was any of it good?

So I summoned a poem started years ago, applying it to a recent hookup that left me feeling empty, the one with Crystal. The poem failed miserably. With words like vacuumlessness and I don’t remember what else how could it have been anything but awful.

And here I am, at it ever more. Piling up, piling up, piling up…