I discovered something I have not encountered in some time. A mystery injury. I have no idea where a red sore spot came from. Is it a burn? It looks like a burn, but from what? Is it a blemish?

I have committed only minor self-harm this past year, unlike a previous span of time where I expected to one day wake up dead. I think of it when I pass the fusebox, in the hallway. Did I smash my face onto the corners of that fusebox, causing what looked like a fist-fight-induced black eye? How lucky am I that I didn’t gouge out the fucking eyeball itself?

I don’t understand where a burn could have come from. I’m guessing instead it’s a scrape. Strange looking scrape.

Forgot to mention that I rode the LIRR yesterday for the first time in probably 2 years. I didn’t have to, and kind of wished I hadn’t.  I wasn’t thinking about it but man, their communication is excellent. Most of the voices are human but an occasional robot intrudes on that. I also wasn’t thinking about it until I got there but I got some sweet video of the trains roaring past. That’s a favorite of a friend of mine. It’s incredible to think how quickly those express trains would destroy your body should you leap into its path. I am sure it happens far more than is reported. If all suicides were reported you would think it was an epidemic. You’d be right.

It was fun meeting up with old friends last night but it did impede my ability to go for the person I was there for. It’ll be fine. She was looking my way but that might just be her thing.